How can Shijiazhuang recycle gold jewelry

2 thoughts on “How can Shijiazhuang recycle gold jewelry”

  1. Shijiazhuang recovered gold jewelry in Shijiazhuang's golden shop or Shijiazhuang's pawn deeds can be repurchased by gold jewelry. Today's gold price is 275.89 yuan per gram. That is, about 270 yuan per gram, the price of gold recovery fluctuates with the price of gold, and the regular gold recovery should issue a purchase of gold jewelry invoices.

  2. Many places are gold -recovery stores. Common merchants who recycle gold include, large and small gold recycling companies, pawn banks, gold jewelry processing stores, etc. Some brand stores also have new services with old replacement. Generally speaking, the activities of brand gold shops have not always available. They may need to encounter holidays, and only the same brand can be replaced by the old, there are many restrictions. The recycling price of pawn and small companies will be low. In contrast, large recycling companies are valued at international gold prices, so it is more reasonable.
    The recycling price of gold is mainly determined by the gold price of the day. It needs to see the weight of the gold jewelry, the content of gold, the real color, and so on. The recycling company will estimate according to the actual situation of gold. You can compare a number of comparisons, and you feel that it is appropriate to sell it. It is recommended to choose a large recycling platform with physical stores and the process is more formal.

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