How about Huobi Wallet?

I heard that Huobi sent his own decentralized wallet. What do you think, is it easy to use?

2 thoughts on “How about Huobi Wallet?”

  1. The Huobi Wallet personally thinks it is better to use.
    , on the one hand, my personal currency includes BTC, ETH, ETC, BCH, these fire coins wallets are supported, one wallet can help me keep all assets.
    On the other hand, safety is always the most important factor in money and assets. I have been using fire coins for many years, and I have lost money. Now with Huobi Wallet, I believe in Huobi, so I am willing to use Huobi Wallet.
    It listening to the team said that Huobi Wallet will also integrate with other businesses of Huobi in the future, and will also be connected with the trading business to reduce handling fees. This is a big benefit for Huobi users.
    of course, the current wallet does not support EOS, it is regrettable. But I heard that it is already developing, I hope Huobi Wallet will support EOS as soon as possible

  2. Recently, some people have lost hundreds of thousands of D0T in Huobi Wallet. I do n’t know how to deal with Huobi Wallet? Intersection Intersection Looking forward to the answer.

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