european jewelry wholesale Will bank cards frequently receive money? Or are there any other risks?

european jewelry wholesale

5 thoughts on “european jewelry wholesale Will bank cards frequently receive money? Or are there any other risks?”

  1. renaissance jewelry wholesale After the bank card is frequently received in a short period of time, and the cumulative amount reaches a certain amount, the bank's internal anti -money laundering alert will be automatically triggered, but it will not necessarily be identified as money laundering. If it is a frequent remittance to a certain bank card at the same time at the same time, and the quota reaches a certain maximum limit is generally about 50,000 yuan, then when the upper limit or total amount of a single pen reaches more than 100,000 yuan, it is used as a cumulative amount. The bank card of the receiver will automatically trigger the report of the anti -money laundering system inside the bank. At this time, this data will be uploaded to the Anti -Money Laundering Data Center of the People's Bank of China.

    Then the subsequent process is to be scored, and it will also track the source of funds in this frequent bank card. If you have friends who have been exposed to cryptocurrencies, you should be very clear that virtual digital currencies headed by Bitcoin are very easy to freeze bank cards whether they are on -site transactions or off -site transactions. It is because this difficult transaction method is likely to trigger anti -money laundering alert at a certain time.

    Of course, if the subsequent screening finds that the sources of funds in the bank card are legal and compliant, then the entire anti -money laundering warning alert system will be lifted. At this time, it basically does not affect our transfer or consumption, because many times the early warning of the system does not require artificial interference, and the entire screening intervention system is supporting.

    If the final discovery is indeed suspected of money laundering or evidence, then the account of this bank card frequently transfer money, including this bank card, Temporary frozen. After a period of time, the person in charge of the investigation office of a certain place will call you to notify you to assist in the investigation. At this time, the power of the police of the Economic Investigation Brigade will be involved. In this process, the bank card is always frozen. Essence

    So many friends should be reminded here that normal frequent transfer or transactions will not trigger the anti -money laundering warning system of the People's Bank of China, or it will not define after triggering the early warning. For money laundering, there will be a screening system involvement. But if there is an unknown black money dirty money flows through your account or the possibility of money laundering, then it will freeze the bank card. At this time, the bank's anti -money laundering warning system has been locked. I will contact you, and the bank will notify you.

  2. wholesale swarovski crystal jewelry It will not be identified as money laundering. If you are a legal transaction, you don't need to have such concerns. As long as you save your personal information and passwords, there will be no other risks.

  3. wholesale fashion jewelry supplies usa No, there is no risk. Because of the formal channels of their own sources, they are in line with the formal process and will not be monitored.

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