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  1. Can be retired.
    Golden jewelry can be replaced within seven days. However, the gold jewelry purchased in a physical store is best to ask the teller to return in person to replace it, and it is necessary to indicate that it can be replaced within a few days on the sales list. Gold jewelry can be returned and exchanged within seven days without affecting secondary sales. Because the purchased gold jewelry is not customized, consumers can return the goods within seven days from the date of receiving the product.

    The items need to be refunded gold
    . The time limit for returns

    The return from 7 days from the date of receipt of the product, 15 days of replacement.
    . The cause of return and exchange

    1, product quality problem,
    2, no reason for 7 days without reason for returns and exchanges.
    3, precious metals, jewelry and inlaid products are not consistent with invoices or accessories.
    4, the jewelry (except diamonds, 18K gold, silver) products with a price of 2,000 yuan (except diamonds, 18K gold, silver), the packaging of the goods and the goods itself is well -sold and the accessories are complete, which will not affect secondary sales. You can apply for returns.
    3. Return and exchange process

    1, first confirmed that non -human damage was confirmed.
    2. For the appraisal certificate issued by the National Treasure Jade Appraisal Center with high -end jewelry, if you have any questions about this, please go to the appraisal agency issued by the certificate for re -inspection.
    3. The attachments, instructions, invoices, shopping vouchers, packaging, packaging, goods and binding gifts will be returned to our company to go through the return and exchange procedures.
    4. If the customer is suspicious of the quality of the product when using it, please issue a written appraisal, and we will deal with it in accordance with national laws.
    . Note

    1. If there is a missing attachment, it cannot be returned.
    2, accidentally cause discoloration, spots, pollution, discounting, deformation, cracking, looseness, stones, rubbing marks, etc. when wearing jewelry.
    3, all gold products will not be returned and exchanged;
    4. According to relevant national laws and regulations, jewelry jewelry products are special products. You will be 3 months from the date of receiving the product (subject to the invoice date) for 3 months. Inside, if quality problems occur, please go to the local quality supervision department-Jewelry and Jade Quality Inspection Center for testing. If the test report is confirmed to be a quality issue, please contact our (or merchant) to apply for returns and exchanges.
    5, the anti -pseudo code containing the anti -pseudo code is scraped and refunded.
    The operators shall return the commodity price paid by the consumer within seven days from the date of receiving the return of the goods. The freight of the return of goods shall be borne by consumers; if the operator and consumer have another agreement, it shall be according to the agreement.
    Musting gold Note:
    Is when buying gold jewelry, try to choose a brand store with good business reputation, and check the product quality qualification certificate. After purchasing, you must retain the shopping voucher.

    , within 7 days of buying gold jewelry, it is found that the quality problem of the jewelry can be replaced. For example, when encountering some of the fighter clauses such as "rules and store regulations", consumers must actively seek rights protection methods, and they can complain to the Consumer Association or the Industrial and Commercial Bureau.

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