Can I invoicing the gold jewelry?

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  1. Buy golden jewelry to get invoicing.
    This votes are the legal obligations of merchants. The invoice has the following functions:
    1. Shopping vouchers.
    2. Tax credential. Consumers buy gold and gold products, and merchants (including four major state -owned commercial banks) must issue invoices.

    If invoice introduction
    If invoice refers to all units and individuals who provide or accept services in all units and individuals, and the business vouchers issued and collected in other business activities are accounting. The original basis for accounting is also an important basis for the law enforcement inspection of audit organs and tax authorities. The receipt is the receipt and payment voucher. The invoice can only prove that the business has occurred.
    It simply, invoices are the original vouchers of cost, cost or income incurred. For the company, the invoice is mainly the basis for the company's accounting, and it is also a certificate of tax payment. For employees, the invoice is mainly used to reimburse.
    With the development of the market economy, the circulation of goods has continued to expand, and invoices have become more and more role in the entire socio -economic activity, especially in taxation management and financial management. Its role is mainly in the following aspects:
    1. Invoice is a original proof of recording business activities. Because the economic matters contained in the invoice are relatively complete, there are both the seal of the unit and the signed by the personnel, as well as the producer agency, the word track number, the invoice code, etc., which have legal certification effects.
    2. Invoice is an important means to strengthen financial accounting management and protect national property security. Invoices are the original vouchers of accounting accounting. Filling in the invoice correctly is the basis for correcting accounting. Only by filling in legal and real invoices can the accounting information be true and credible, the quality of accounting is reliable to guarantee, and the accounting information provided will be accurate and complete.

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