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  1. During the Southern Song Dynasty, the Song Dynasty had executed a Jin Kingdom spy Liu Yungu, who was an official in the Song Dynasty, but when he was arrested and sentenced to death, he had successfully lurked for about four years in the Southern Song Dynasty, and sent countless money to the Jin Dynasty. Intelligence.
    In “History”, in 1161 AD, Liu Yungu “is a jewelry to traffic jewelry, travel to Shouchun”, and use the jewelry dealer as a cover to the Shouchun to collect intelligence to collect information for the Emperor Jin Kingdom. Liang attacked the Song Dynasty for preparation. In the process of frequent interaction with the people of the Southern Song Dynasty, Liu Yungu always hung Song Jin politics on his mouth intentionally or unintentionally. Today, how much Jin Guo is like a paper tiger, and how strong the strength of the Song Dynasty will be tomorrow. Xiao Jin Guo’s spirit. When the wine is a thousand cups of confidants, Liu Yungu often “has no blocked mouth”, talking about the gold domestic scene he knows, and even burst.
    This generals stationed in Shouchun heard that Liu Yungu’s political tendency of foreign businessmen was obviously beneficial to us. Therefore, he wrote a report on the way, saying that this person could use it.
    The investigators sent by the court quickly found Liu Yungu. Liu Yungu was rehearsing in advance, and as soon as he came up, he pulled his hands to talk to others. All in all, they are suffering. The two younger brothers in the family are “all in the north”. They are smooth in their studies and the spring breeze on the career. In contrast, he was repeatedly despised, and even a sesame official was not mixed. With a snot and tears, Liu Yungu put himself into the world’s first bitter person in front of the investigator, and expressed the idea that he did not want to mix in the Jin Dynasty and wanted to go to the Song Dynasty to seek development. At the same time, Liu Yungu promised that “use it to see, take the Central Plains, and destroy the big gold.”
    The news spread to Song Gaozong’s ears. This emperor who loves calligraphy is very happy. He immediately appointed Liu Yungu to prepare for Di Gonglang and Western Zhejiang Shuai Division. Although it is only equivalent to scientific -level cadres, after all, the official Song Dynasty officials have been obtained. With this good beginning, Liu Yun has officially started his latent career in the Southern Song Dynasty.
    , although Liu Yungu covered a large number of senior officials in the Southern Song Dynasty with his superb acting skills, individual officials still doubted his identity. For example, Doctor Youwu Wei Zhongchang. As a military official, he was very vigilant about outsiders such as Liu Yungu. In addition, Liu Yungu’s rashing action was revealed and was aware of Wei Military Officials.
    It in Wushan, Hangzhou, there is a temple of Wu Mountain. A luxurious plaque of a wealthy person donated a huge sum of money. After Liu Yunu’s ancient ancestral prayer, he said that he had a spirit of heart with him, so he donated Lulu to his life and his life. People re -make plaques and engraved their names and positions on it.
    This move surprised the local people, and folk public opinion questioned: “With the new and easy old, the evil is not the ears. The plaque replacement is just the same. As a result, this new one is not as good as the old one. What is the purpose of changing it?
    The Wei Zhongchang appeared at this time. He made a bold judgment based on the excellent military literacy and the ability of Superman: “Liu Yun ancient, real treacherous!” He said, Liu Yungu hanged out this The sign with a job and name is clearly notified to notify other Golden State partners here, and you can pay attention to finding opportunities to contact himself. In today’s words, this is a secret traffic station.
    . Unfortunately, in the era when the South Song Dynasty was light and martial arts, the listeners used the words of officer Wei as a joke. Liu Yungu was so blessed by everyone, and he took a cold sweat to escape.
    The mouthful of lurking in Liu Yungu’s lurking, but the internal crickets occurred inside the Jin Dynasty. Wan Yanliang was chopped by the coupmists. The plan to invade the Song Dynasty naturally followed the soup. Liu Yungu only continued to lurk, and tried to strive for the greater trust of the Song Dynasty as much as possible in order to wait for the opportunity.
    March 1163, tens of thousands of people in the north were recruited to the northern land. After hearing about it, Liu Yungu put up a look of loyalty to the court, claiming that “the apostle is not old”, and under the slogan that could not let these people grow old, he took the initiative to ask for training this team. His request was widely supported by officials. However, it is not a voice without opposition. The representative of the opponent is Shi Hao.
    this time, Shi Hao resolutely stood on the side of the officer Wei Zhongchang, determining that Liu Yungu was an undercover sent by Jin Guo. In order to prove his judgment, Shi Hao also organized a “interrogation” in public. He sent someone to find Liu Yungu, and he didn’t even let people breathe. When he asked, Fan Ye applied for 100,000 soldiers and horses to flatten the Huns. What miracle?
    Liu Yun rushed to rush, thinking that all the chiefs had a blue eyes of his eyes, but he did not expect Shi Hao’s words to go straight into a single knife. He was frightened and hurriedly answered himself. They will not make my old Liu for my old Liu for my old Liu, I just plan to train them well.
    Thentes after hearing, “I do n’t know how to make prosperity, where is it now?” It means that these tourists are not here, where are your family members? This question is in the middle, because at that time, Liu Yungu’s family members lived in Jin Tong District. Liu Yungu knew that he said something wrong, and he retreated.
    This, Shi Hao was lingering, but he did not persuade colleagues. Everyone thinks that with these questions alone, it is really difficult to judge that Xiao Liu is the spy of Jin Guo. After all, training people and horses are self -denial, and it seems that it is not a matter of principle that family members do not follow.
    Liu Yungu escaped the calamity for the second time. Maybe it was to avoid the trouble. After a month, he transferred his work and went to Taiping Prefecture to take military officials. This was another few years. Perhaps it is to protect the secret, maybe to protect the face, and the detailed records of the number and severity of the leakage are difficult to find in the history books. Therefore, it is unknown how much information Liu Yungu sent to Jin Guo over the years.
    often walking by the river without wet shoes. Although Liu Yungu has been promoted in just a few years, the official to the right Tong Zhilang, but at this point of bones, he reached the end of his life. In 1165 AD, the Great Song Dynasty captured the servants who sent Liu Yun to send intelligence to Jin Guo. Under the punishment, the servant chose to confess the road of widening, revealing the task of leaders and the true identity of Liu Yungu.
    TOC, Liu Yungu was completely exposed. According to the “Song History” records, he “sent a military weapon to the north and Fu Ji” was sentenced to death by the Great Song Dynasty. While ending his life, he also ended his lurking career for up to four years.

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