wholesale yoga jewelry The development of Dinghui Investment

wholesale yoga jewelry

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  1. chain for jewelry making wholesale The predecessor of the Dinghui Investment Fund Management Company is the direct investment department of China International Financial Co., Ltd. (CICC). CICC is the earliest investment bank in China to conduct direct investment business. During the CICC, the management team in the five -year practice was in the practice of five years. , Achieved remarkable investment performance, the total investment of investment reached 120 million US dollars, the average annual return of investment exceeded 30%, and cultivated a management team with rich experience.
    2001 The China Securities Regulatory Commission issued a regulation of prohibition of bosses to invest in the insurance investment in the event, and CICC decided to split its direct investment department and investment business. The Dinghui Investment Fund Management Company was jointly established by the management team and the Singapore Government Investment Corporation (GIC), CapitalZ, and China Economic and Technological Investment Guarantee Company.
    The Tinghui Investment Fund Management Company was initially launched and responsible for managing an overseas fund with a total amount of about 100 million US dollars and a RMB fund of about 300 million yuan. The major fund investors include some famous investment institutions at home and abroad. Daily consumption
    The network industry
    The telecommunications
    environmental protection energy saving
    It other industries have achieved remarkable investment performance in investment practice, mainly invested in Mengniu Dairy, Li Ning, Li Ning Sports goods, Shuanghui Foods, Belle Women's Shoes, Focus Media, LDK Solar Energy, Jiuyang Xiaocheng Appliances, including more than a dozen well -known Chinese brand companies, many of them have successfully listed, creating huge value for the invested companies and gaining good Investment returns.
    Investment area: Liaoning Chaoyang Member Information
    Investment institutions/Personal name: Dinghui Investment Fund Management Company

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