wholesale manufacturers stainless steel jewelry How to enter private placement

wholesale manufacturers stainless steel jewelry

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  1. wholesale polish silver jewelry How to enter a private equity company? The term Chinese private equity fund does not have corresponding words in the codes and English dictionaries of some foreign countries. Private equity () is the difference between securities issuance methods compared to public equity (), and whether the difference between whether to issue or publicly issue securities to the society is defined as public offering and private equity, or public equity and private equity securities. Fund (Fund), as a collection investment system managed by experts, is classified abroad, from different perspectives, there are dozens of fund titles, such as dividing in the form of organization, there are contract funds and corporate funds; There are closed funds and open funds; divided by investment objects, including stock funds, currency market funds, option funds, real estate funds, etc. From other perspectives, there are growth funds, offshore funds, umbrella funds, etc. Essence But selflessly. People often say that private equity funds or underground funds often refer to a non -public propaganda for securities investment funds that are supervised by the competent government department of our country and issued beneficiaries to unspecified investors. A collection of investment raised by investors. I think trust products are also private equity funds. When it comes to private equity funds, many people may feel strange, but when it comes to the infamous quantum funds and tiger funds, maybe you are no stranger. These hedge funds that wander around in the international financial market are wandering around and frequent waves, which are the most typical private equity funds abroad. These financial crocodiles have repeatedly shot in the Southeast Asian financial crisis, allowing us to clearly feel the amazing ability they have. At the 2000 China Investment Fund legislative seminar held at the end of last year, relevant persons discussed the relevant chapters in the fourth draft of the "Draft Law of the People's Republic of China". Fund, which involves details such as the number of investors, the minimum capital contribution of investors, and the management of fund establishment. Many people in the industry pointed out that this indicates that my country has put on the pace of accelerating the legalization and marketization of private equity funds on an important agenda. (How ordinary retail investors control the gold shares in a strong) so -called private equity fund refers to a fund set up by raising funds for minority institutional investors through non -public ways. Because the sales and redemption of private equity funds are carried out by the fund manager and investors privately, it is also called a fund raised to specific objects. (Analyze the true purpose of mainstream funds, and find the best profit opportunities!) Compared with public fundraising funds such as closed funds and open funds, private equity funds have very distinctive characteristics. Essence First, private equity funds raise funds through non -public ways. In the United StatesnPublic funds such as common funds and pension funds generally use public media to advertise customers. According to relevant regulations, private equity funds shall not use any communication media for advertising. Or directly understand the form of fund managers. Secondly, in terms of raising objects, the object of private equity funds is only a few specific investors. Although the circle is small, it is not low. For example, in the United States, hedge funds have very strict regulations for participants: if they participate in their personal names, their annual annual income in the past two years is at least $ 200,000; if they participate in the name of the family, the family's income in the past two years will be at least 300,000 The US dollar is above the US dollar; if you participate in the name of an institution, its net assets are at least 1 million US dollars, and there are corresponding restrictions on the number of participants. Therefore, private equity funds have a targeted investment goal, which is more like investment service products tailored for middle -class investors. Third, different from the strict information disclosure requirements of public funds, the requirements of private equity funds are much lower, and government supervision is also relatively loose. Therefore, the investment of private equity funds is more concealed, and the operation is more flexible. The opportunity for returns is also greater. In addition, a prominent feature of private equity funds is that fund sponsor and manager must invest in fund management companies with their own funds. Whether the fund operation is closely related to their own interests. Judging from the current approach of international traffic, fund managers generally hold a fund of 3 %? 5 % of the fund. Once a loss occurs, the shares owned by the manager will be used to pay the participants. Therefore, the sponsor of the private equity fund will be The manager and the fund are the community of interests of lip tooth, glory and disgrace, and the common interests of the common interests. It is precisely because of the above characteristics and advantages that private equity funds have developed very quickly in the international financial market and have occupied very important positions. At the same time, investment masters and international financial sniper like Soros and Buffett have also cultivated. In China, although there is no public and legal private equity investment fund at present, many non -bank financial institutions or individuals engaged in collecting securities investment business have long been exposed. To a certain extent, they already have the characteristics of private equity funds due to the characteristics of private equity funds. And nature. According to reports, the total amount of funds in the existing private equity funds in China is at least 200 billion yuan, most of which have used the relevant US market regulations and management charter for standardized operations, and gathered a large number of industry elites and economists. But the disadvantage of the United States is that they can only survive in the underground world without obscurity. With the approaching of the WTO, the opening of the Chinese fund market is not far. According to relevant agreements, foreign funds can enter the Chinese market after 5 years, and the fierce competition in the future can be imagined.

  2. sterling forest wholesale jewelry Become an excellent trader. This is many young people who are newer, fantasizing about the city's civilians overnight, and the road of career gold collar that countless financial industry practitioners.
    In the imagination of everyone, professional stock trader is undoubtedly a mysterious circle. Holding millions of money in your hand, and double -eyed, red and red and green stocks K -line charts, calling the wind and rain in the stock market, just stomping the market trend will shake a little. Come and go freely, sell thousands of dollars every day, BMW Mercedes -Benz is serving.
    but the above scenes that often appear in film and television works are endless. The success of the talent and wealth of the professional trader is much more cruel than that of ordinary people.
    If according to the informal statistics of industry experts, only about ten to 20 % of the stock market rookie can withstand the elimination period of more than two years and "survive" to become a formal professional stock trader. Most people are in. In less than seven months, he was overwhelmed and stayed away from the dream of the trader.

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