What small gifts and gifts are given to the hotel for guests

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  1. I don't know how you are set by gifts. I think different customers should give different things. If a couple comes to eat, of course, give a pair of exquisite small gifts, such as small couple coffee cups, two small books of two different colors, and so on. If a family of three goes out to eat, you can give children a gift directly, because the child is happy to be happy. If there are elderly people during the table, you can give away a small and touching small gift for the old mood, so that they can be able to conceive the past time.
    In short, the gifts must be exquisite, the details reflect the noble, and the rough gifts are not as good. Recommendation:
    The hotel menu with exquisite and small volume, and the door is the gorgeous feather pen with the hotel name of the hotel. The Sichuan -style restaurant gave a small bottle of kimchi, or a carved pepper crafts; the Lu Restaurant sent a hand -made small basket or a Shandong printed cloth, and so on. In fact, as long as the operator is willing to move his mind, customers will not be impressed.

  2. 1. Features of gifts: small volume, light weight, easy to carry, practical and characteristic, integrate the cultural connotation of hotels.
    2. The restaurant can be designed or invited to design gifts by itself, and it is supplied by gift manufacturers. The restaurant places samples for customers to choose.
    3. If the gifts prepared are not paid, they can be given away on holidays without forming a backlog.
    4, cost analysis: batch customized gifts, you can get the price advantage, and the cost price can be sent to the guests to the market price gift.

  3. What is the opening of the opening, what gift to give in the beauty shop, what the hotel is opened

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