What is the difference between diamond ring 750 and 950

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  1. The diamond ring 750 and 950 are different materials. 750 on the market refers to 18K gold materials. This 950 refers to platinum material. The platinum material is generally softer than 18K gold, and the price is relatively high.

  2. The term "diamond ring" was used by the merchant to use how many wealth it was issued ... The 10 -point diamond mentioned above refers to: 1/10 carat diamond, which is basically called "broken for such diamonds. "Drilling", let alone 10 points. Most of the stones that are used as a secondary diamond, they are discussed in the pile. In fact, those broken diamonds left after the large diamond cut is completed. carat. The price is about 100-200 (no certificate). But why are there more and more diamond ring or 7 -point diamond ring on the market? Because the marriage person likes "diamond ring" drip, as long as there is a diamond, that is the diamond ring! Haha ... Actually, it is not valuable at all ... ==! I know how much money is it ...
    has the above introduction, so the PT950PT750 platinum inlaid appeared. If according to the manufacturing process, no one with more than 30 points is inlaid with PT950, and rich people can also be inlaid like this. Why not use PT950 inlaid? Because from the perspective of craftsmanship, the 950 will be softer than 750 or platinum, and the hardness is not enough. If you use your claws, you will not grab the stability of the diamond. Even more unstable, I would like to ask: Can Diamonds ca n’t catch it, it is dropped, is there a rotor, or is it a "diamond ring"? Therefore, generally large diamonds are rarely used in PT950 inlaid. Unless she is rich, the diamond does not care and inlaid again ... In general, in order to save costs and production costs, the jewelry dealers are more than 20 points or more. The possibility of diamonds will be used as an appraisal, that is, the diamond itself will have 4C standards. GIA or IGI will issue an appraisal certificate to identify cutting, color, clarity, and weight.
    It, if there are only 10 or less broken diamonds inlaid, it doesn't matter if it drops it off. Hundreds of one, just get a inlaid. Diamond without a certificate. It fell off. So you can use the PT950 to make a precept. This is a relatively valuable value of platinum, not a diamond of the ring, so it depends on the situation. Do not take 950 diamonds to inlaid, unless your woman will not move or be encountered every day.
    PT750 and 18K gold may have the problem of fading in the later period, but it can be supplemented and easy to refurbish. Therefore, for the producer, they will choose to use the above materials for precepts. Good production technology, 18K gold is not easy to fade! The hopes of the diamond ring are really "diamond rings", and diamond -based ring is the real eternal.

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