Want my boyfriend's birthday to send a slightly expensive gold chain?

5 thoughts on “Want my boyfriend's birthday to send a slightly expensive gold chain?”

  1. Do not send the necklace, this is not the characteristic of girls. I suggest you buy a couple's dress and then wear it together that day, so you are the landscape, you send money, and make others feel that your boyfriend can’t get money. You buy it for him, indicating that you are raising him. I hope you will send some real wisdom things, right?

  2. Don't send it, it is meaningful to send something, it's not too expensive. Men like face. Don't make him feel like you can't go, send a wallet for a leather, or give him in private, but it may not be necessary to give him. Facts. I have experienced it before. In fact, let him buy him himself, otherwise he will always lean on you in the future.

  3. You can surprise him in this way.
    If he is a man, he should be proud of taking care of his girlfriend with such a certain individual, and he will give himself his face in front of his friends. He will not be unhappy. On the contrary, if he really blames you for his vanity, then it also shows that such a man is not worthy of your kind girl like you.

  4. The necklace still has to be sent, but your way I do not recognize it as a boy. Do you have to put it in the birthday box? He will feel faceless. The gift is best to give him when the two of you are separated alone together

  5. I think he really likes you no matter what you send or you will always be with him with him. You will be very happy. You are his best gift!

    Is your husband a happy birthday, wish you happiness

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