pacific jewelry wholesaler Jim Beam (whiskey)

pacific jewelry wholesaler May I ask everyone, how much does Jim Beam sell in China? American whiskey is brought by guests from Singapore.
How to the market, how much does it sell?

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  1. canadian jewelry wholesalers If we enter, it is 96 bottle! Not so expensive!
    It to see if there are Chinese in the back. If it is really brought back from the New City! If you sell it in China, it will be one or two hundred yuan, and the difference cannot be too large!
    It about dozens of dollars if you are in the new city!

  2. wholesale sterling silver religious jewelry American whiskey, as long as it is not "Turkey Well", the price in China is not very expensive! It is only about four to 500 yuan! If there is a Chinese and a certain address in Shanghai on the wine box, then it is a formal genuine, the price is different! I am bartender. This price can only be said to be the price of entertainment venues!

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