navajo indian jewelry wholesale What does IB or LB mean?

navajo indian jewelry wholesale I just bought an electronic scale called weight. There are two units on the instructions, one is KG, and the other is IB or LB, because the word is too small! Intersection Is it a heavy unit? Solve! Intersection Intersection

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  1. wholesale jewelry display stands The weight unit of the electronic scale that weighs should be LB (LB). LB (LB) is a brief for the "pounds" of the heavy unit in Britain and the United States. British -owned unit pound, plural form, pronounce Pounds (pounds). One pound = 4.4482 Newton per kilogram is about 2.2046 pounds. One pound = 0.45359 kg, which is 453.59 grams. In the past, a pound coin was indeed made of one pound of gold grains, but the proportion of gold price to gold has become a relationship that can float freely. If you write 200 LB in the European and American test questions, it means the size of a certain force. If you write 200 LBS, it means quality

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