How to do emerald micro -merchants?

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  1. First, you must consider a question if you are preparing to be a micro -business, what kind of group you are facing the customer group, what do you want to sell, and your product is mainly aimed at which group. Such as: high school students, college students, or social youth or full -time mothers, these are all considered, because only if you lock in a consumer group, you can better start your own marketing path, and you can implement your product Sales.

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    It, find a good family for yourself, a good family can play a great role in your micro -business road, then What kind of home is a good family? It is a person who can provide you with high -quality sources and is willing to share with you or train you about the knowledge skills of micro -business knowledge, because some micro -businessmen only care about it for you, and the follow -up things will not be asked. I think every micro The newcomers are also very distressed about this situation, because you just need a good guidance, a good teacher, how lucky it is to find a family who is willing to guide himself, a reliable upper top of the upper top of the family. Home, his product quality, professional knowledge, and social ability are recognized, so that you can learn more knowledge at the same time as marketing, so that you can integrate into the track of micro -business marketing faster.

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    Third, send a circle of friends, you should not think about sending product advertisements in the first day, you must have your own ideas, do not send blindly, do not send it blindly, do not send it blindly. This will easily be blocked by your friends. You can think about this problem from another angle. Try to think about it. If your own circle of friends is a circle of friends full I wo n’t be irritable or even want to see my circle of friends. I think this is yes, including myself, and I don’t like the circle of friends who are seeing advertising products all day. Sometimes I find some individuals. My friend sent too much a day, and I would also block others, because it felt really noisy. So how can you make a better circle of friends?

    It must remember not to send more. Of course, if you have a lot of customers in your hands, you can send a lot, because there are a lot of customer service at that time to know you need your product. Every time you send it A product, your customer service will pay attention and then buy it from understanding, because you have gained their trust at that time, but now you can't do it. All you have to do is to attract the attention of friends in the circle of friends. Let them want them Note you and then help you promote it, so how can you let them pay attention to you?

    is actually very simple. In addition to sending your product advertisement every day, you can send your own mood and think about happiness, such as: expose your happiness, your own happiness, yourself yourself, yourself yourself For life, you can also forward some constructive articles that you think are good, but don't post too many chicken soup, because we are not a teacher, the chicken soup is mostly the same. No one wants to listen to others' training. You have to make your friends feel that you are a person with thoughts and souls. You have to make your circle of friends full of vitality and vitality.

    instead of a robot that only replicates product advertisements for product advertising, and you can let your customer service use the feedback of the product, take pictures, so that you can attract other customers more powerful. Because some people have recognized your products, customers who are still hesitating will be more decisive to buy with you, which can also enhance others' trust in you. You will be more convincing when you sell products. Remember Don't send too many advertisements. It is best to send three items a day, let alone send a lot of advertisements at one time, which is more likely to make people disgusted or even block you.

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    Fourth, this is the most important point. You have to know enough about your own products, you must experience your own products yourself, to be responsible for your own responsibility Weishang, you need to convey your own use effects to your customer service in the form of pictures, so that you can get the trust of customer service, and at the same time you can add points to yourself, so that more customer service is willing to believe in you. The products used, so that if there is no problem, you will lose the customer relationship that you can hardly build, and it will not get the trust of the customer service. This is the most important point.

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    Fifth, micro -business is not just through the mobile phone, of course, mobile phones are very important. In addition, you can better use your computer, To let the computer play a way to pave the way, go to Weibo more, stroll around the forum, and express your own opinions. This will have more people know you, understand you and then find you through the articles you published. Continue to develop into your customers or friends, so you will have one more concerned, one more person with one more hope, why not? V:

  2. Emerald micro -business is actually similar to the agent. First of all, you must have the basic emerald knowledge and identification ability. Another is that you have to find the source of the customer yourself. This can be done from multiple channels and multi -platforms. It depends on what grade you do. If you do high -end, it is best to find the customer with sufficient funds. There are also a lot of Douyin. Seeing the Douyin they shot, you can know that you can also move on the Douyin yourself, as well as the WeChat circle of friends.
    is to go to the major forums to understand some common features that like emerald groups, and it will be better to use it later. When you encounter a customer, you must cherish, understand his needs, and provide the types and things he wants.

  3. 1. Select products. The purpose must be interested in, and you can use it yourself. 2. There is a direct relationship between the good or bad of the product to buy or not. 3. How to send a direct back to the circle of friends will affect our business, so we must run the circle of friends well. 4. For example, we are sending friends to send friends Be sure to choose the right time when the circle, choose the right peak period

  4. Our company () is to make emerald rough in Ruili, Yunnan, and to make emerald micro -quotients. First of all, we must first understand the basic knowledge of jadeite, such as water color and other aspects. Then find the source merchant of the finished emerald or emerald rough, and talk about the details of commission and operation with the merchant. If you don't want to press the goods, you can just forward pictures or videos of the source merchant; if your funds are sufficient, you can put some spot operations.

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