How to choose a gold bracelet

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  1. How to choose the gold bracelet:
    1. How to choose gold
    when purchasing the gold necklace, you must first understand the knowledge of gold; An precious metal with soft texture, golden yellow, corrosion -resistant. Gold is one of the rare and most precious metals in metals. Gold jewelry is divided into 24K with the amount of gold (more than 99%gold content), 22K (91.7%gold content)) , 18K (75%gold content), 14K (58.33%gold content), 12K (50%gold content), etc.; when buying a lady's gold necklace, you can identify from the following aspects. First of all, you can distinguish the color of gold. As the saying goes, gold is "Qiqing, Eight Huang, Jiu Zi, Ten Chi". The experts believe that the golden 70 % of its jewelry is yellow in the middle of the jewelry. It is yellow in the middle of the yellow, and the gold contains ten % of the gold. The pure gold is softer. Generally, it is not used for inlaid jewelry. Therefore, the inlaid gold jewelry claims to be 24K, and there must be fraud.
    It can be distinguished from the weight of gold. The proportion of gold is 19.3 grams/cubic centimeter, and the proportion is more related to the proportion. When the proportion is close to 19.3, the higher the pure gold. At 17.8, 90%of gold contains gold, and so on. As long as the proportion is measured, the color of the jewelry can be seen. But most people can have a sense of precipitation.
    can listen to the sound again. The high -quality lady's gold necklace will have a dull sound of throwing on the cement floor. Throwing on the cement floor with rhyme and sharp sound, and a little back.
    At last, you can also use the soft and hard method, (but this method is generally not allowed when purchasing) The softened by the higher, the more elastic, the real gold bite or the needle will have light marks, and the hand is folded without a broken line, and it will not change color after burning (not high temperature). R n. Gold necklace style selection
    Golden necklace as female friends is a very popular jewelry. It was very popular in ancient times. It means that any MM can wear any style of lady's gold necklace, which needs to be matched with the face shape to get satisfactory results. Generally speaking, the oval face is basically unlimited. Good -looking.
    The people with round faces should choose the kind of lady's gold necklace with a long -faced feeling. They are more suitable for long necklaces or T forms. Necklace. Do n’t wear large gems or pearls.
    oval faces are more suitable for thick ladies gold necklaces. Because the thick necklace can make the vertical length of the elliptical face look shorter, the heart -shaped face is also very thick -dressed in a rough necklace. nice. The triangular face is similar to the heart -shaped face, but the edges and corners are more clear. You can choose a more eye -catching lady gold necklace or a soft lady gold necklace to weaken the edges and corners of the face. Do not wear that kind of sharp lady gold necklace. It's not good.
    3. Gold necklace purchase skills
    Mades also have many skills when buying a lady's gold necklace. Everyone knows that wearing necklaces are mainly for beauty. The color of pure gold necklace is heavier. The feeling of the upstart is recommended to wear a lady over 40 years of age. The younger ladies can choose the 18K lady's gold necklace when choosing a lady's gold necklace. Your temperament can better set off and highlight the elegant nobleness.
    In addition to the technique of choosing the gold content, the purchase method of choosing the gold necklace is also skillful. Generally speaking, online shopping is relatively cheap. Everyone Knowing that opening online stores saving funds at the golden area, hiring clerks, transportation and other funds, the price is nearly half cheaper than the market, but when choosing an online store, you must pay attention to the reputation of the online store. The store, enjoy the discount, can also be more assured of quality.

  2. First of all, understand the influence of gold quotes. The quotation of gold bracelets is generally priced according to the bracelet. Therefore, before buying a bracelet, we must first understand the current market price of gold and the factors that affect the gold quotation. The golden king's gold is the most cost -effective.

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