How cheap is the price of three thousand dollars in Vietnam?

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  1. In our impression, we all think that the price of Southeast Asian countries is cheap, and it is always heard that people in Thailand can only eat a few dollars a pound in Vietnam. No one knows how low the price is.
    The editor specially found a Vietnamese beauty. She said to me like this. As long as you bring 3,000 yuan, there must be no problem for a month. That kind, it is difficult to live in my country for half a month, can you play in Vietnam for a month?
    If in Vietnam, the price is really cheap, and the most consumed every day is to live on it, but it is also very cheap to live in Vietnam. If you do n’t have any requirements, you can find a youth hotel in Vietnam. You can take a bath all night. If you want to live in a family hotel or something, the cap is fifty or sixty yuan. Of course, every place is different. If you are lucky, you can live in two or three -star hotels at 50 yuan. No problem.
    If you eat it, a meal can basically be solved by about ten yuan. In addition to cities such as Nha Trang Ho Chi Minh, eating is still very cheap, but it should be noted that their weight will not be the weight. Many, if a bowl of noodles is five dollars, you may have to eat two bowls of noodles to be full, but not much spent, and Vietnam is not too high in food because of tropical regions. If you want to play, you must be prepared to be vegetarian.
    has many attractions in Vietnam, but most of them do not need to spend too much money, because those who have to spend money are on some token. Vietnamese people will also do business. I will find ways to sell some of their jewelry. These things are more expensive, but it is still cheaper for us. A more beautiful jewelry (I don’t know what it is done) sells at most 30. Bargard, 30 yuan can get three dollars.
    is not only that, there are many special services of Vietnam. For example, this is the case for Vietnam's massage. It can be massaged in the barber shop in Vietnam. It can not only alleviate the tiredness of the journey, but also change the hairstyle, let alone how beautiful it is.
    In general, it is still very cheap in Vietnam. If you want to travel poorly, Vietnam is also the best choice. There are many videos on the Internet to travel to Vietnam. It does not exceed 3,000 yuan a month, but the poor travel needs reason.

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