buying wholesale fine jewelry for resale Can virtual property become the object of theft?

buying wholesale fine jewelry for resale

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  1. wholesale swarovski crystal jewelry sets The law does not stipulate this. There are different practices in judicial practice. Some are guilty of destroying the computer information system. However, some courts were guilty of theft. Before the criminal law and judicial interpretation did not clearly stipulate this, the specific judgment still depends on the court's free tailor.
    QQ numbers, QQ coins, online game equipment and other virtual property are not considered as property. Is it a crime for the crime of virtual property? There is no clear rule at present. Over the years, the criminal criminal criminal criminal criminal criminal criminal criminal criminals of the theft and fraud often dare not dare to be qualitatively qualitative, and can only select the law that the law has clearly stipulated computer information systems "to punish those profits that are quite rich. Criminal criminals. However, for criminals, the cost of illegal illegal is too low for criminals, so that in recent years, criminal behavior against virtual property has become increasingly rampant.
    In January 2005, Cheng's Cheng's account and password for more than 300 upstream chess and cards with the convenience of serving as the leader service department of a company's game center in Shanghai was replicated to his computer, and later resigned to resign. . In March 2005, Cheng sold the above user account number, password and more than 1,500 million yuan worth more than 30,000 yuan to sell for 13,000 yuan. In January of the year, the Shenzhen Nanshan District Court made a first -instance judgment on the QQ number case that the society was generally concerned about in society. The 11 defendants used Trojan virus to illegally steal millions of QQ numbers and online game accounts and props, and on the Internet. More than 700,000 yuan in profit -making profits was identified as a fixed -term imprisonment of the crime of violations of communications of communication for 6 months to 1 year, respectively. The court believed that in accordance with the law, the criminal object of theft crime was public and private property. " However, relevant laws in my country have not included QQ numbers and QQ coins into the property protection of criminal law. Therefore, the QQ number and Q coins are not the target of property protection in the sense of criminal law.
    In the first case of the first domestic stolen virtual property in March 2007, two criminals, Chen and Chen, who illegally stole the QQ game currency profit from the phone number illegally on the phone number, was illegally stole the QQ game coin. The city court was sentenced to 13 and 10 years in prison for theft.
    I person thinks that virtual property such as QQ numbers, QQ coins, and online game equipment of other people can constitute the crime of theft.
    Qq numbers and game gold coins and other virtual property, although it is not the actual property, it should belong to other property in the criminal law. "The virtual property in online games has spent a lot of energy and financial resources and paid for labor. Its value and importance are no less than real property. It has a certain property attribute and can be managed, used, utilized, and dominated. It should belong to other property stipulated in the criminal law. It is not nothing, gamers can possess, dominate and punish them. China does not prohibit the transaction of virtual currencies in network space. Therefore, virtual property still has its value. Once there is a transaction with real property, the value of the property of virtual property has the social value of society. Truth. Therefore, the stolen virtual property has property attributes in accordance with the law. That is, these property has exchanged value. When buying these property, others need to pay for the real value with the value of virtual property. The virtual property has complete property rights.
    Therefore, there is no essential difference between theft of virtual property and theft of real property. Of course, virtual items are the same as reality items. Specific analysis of the specific situation. Whether it has economic value can be concluded by the price department and appraisal agency. For virtual property with economic value, it can be the object of theft. The virtual property of extensive transactions is legal qualitative and legislative protection of virtual property, which is an urgent need to crack down on cyber crimes under the current situation. The legal protection party of property can be right.

  2. wholesale jewelry and makeup Virtual property also has its cash value. If the theft of virtual property cash value reaches a large amount, it will constitute the crime of theft, and criminal responsibility should be investigated in accordance with the law.

    "Criminal Law" Article 264: "Theft of public and private property, large amount, or multiple theft, household theft, carrying weapon theft, pickpocketing The imprisonment, detention or control, and a fine or single fine; if there is a huge amount or other serious circumstances, it will be imprisoned for three years and less than ten years, and the fines will be punished. The above imprisonment or life imprisonment, and punish or confiscate property. "

    " The Supreme People's Court Supreme People's Procuratorate's explanation on the applicable legal issues of theft of criminal cases "
    Theft of theft If the public and private property is worth more than 1,000 to 3,000 yuan, more than 30,000 to 100,000 yuan, and more than 300,000 to 500,000 yuan, it shall be identified as the "amount compared to Article 264 of the Criminal Law. "Large", "huge amount", "the amount is particularly huge".
    Sthem people's courts, and people's procuratorates in various provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities may be determined by the region of the region in accordance with the economic development status of the region and considering the status of social security. The court and the Supreme People's Procuratorate approved.
    It theft of public transport running across regions, and theft place cannot be verified, whether the amount of theft reaches "large amount", "huge amount", and "particularly huge amount". The relevant amount standard determined by the High People's Court and the People's Procuratorate directly under the Central Government.

  3. cheap wholesale fashion jewelry los angeles Although the law does not clearly stipulate, the large amount of virtual property is still the object of the crime of theft.

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