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Bill Romanello - Student (2013)

Trying to locate an old friend of mine, Jeff Fralick, who I believe went to Pompano High, probably class of 1964. Anyone with info, please contact me at Thanks

Sent from Connecticut on 8/12/14.

Diamond Frazier - Student (2013)

Now a 2nd year Criminal Justice student at FAMU! I would like to say Thank You to my favorite teacher of all time Mrs. Blanco!!! Thanks for being a wonderful person, and amazing teacher! And I would also like to thank Ms. Lafaris Davis! Hope all is well with my fellow classmates of the Class of 2013

Sent from Tallahassee, FL on 4/11/14.

Carreon Jackson - Student (2010)

It seems like yesterday that I was walking the hallways as a freshman at PBHS. I feel so old now but I will always be a cheerleader at heart and a Tornado for life! #BlueAndGold #LetsGoTornadoes!

Sent from Fort Myers, FL. on 2/10/14.

Jeanette Lewis Jackson - Student (1973)

Hi to all my old classmates.

Sent from Miami, Florida on 1/9/14.

Glenn Morris - Student (1976)

I am looking for my biological father. My mother was Cindy Patamaia. They lived in Pompano, as well as, went to school there. His name was Robert Willis. Any information would be greatly appreciated. I have been searching for 20 years with no luck.

Sent from Washington on 10/7/14.

Ray Artz - Student (1974)

Please let me know about our class reunion.

Sent from Margate on 22/4/14.

Todd Blake - Please Select One (1980)

Looking for classmates

Sent from Jensen Beach, Fl. on 7/4/14.

Stacey Evans - Student (1980)

Hi im the daughter of Stacey Reid now Stacey Evans I am trying to surprise her with her old year book from when she graduated if anyone knows how please message me thank you soo much

Sent from on 4/4/14.

Tracey Rehm Thomas - Please Select One (1976)

Wow.. Life has been amazing.. Thinking about all the friends I had at PBHS and hope that their lives have been as full of fun, love, laughter, travel, great health and much wealth.. Cheers to all who remember me..

Sent from Palm Beach, Florida on 4/4/14.

Niles Mitchell - Student (2012)

Just wanted to give a s/o to my class of 2012 classmates. I miss yall! I also wanted to thank the faculty and staff for playing a role in shaping me into the man I am today. Even though it may not have been appreciated as much as it should have at the time, hindsight is always 20/20. I thank yall for all that you do!Last but definitely not least. Shout out to the 2009-2010 varsity and junior varsity Basketball teams! One love!

Sent from United States Military Academy at West Point on 1/4/14.

Tiffany Gagnon & Marina Salcedo - Student (2012)

BRAHH luv u mumtaz

Sent from UCF on 10/2/14.

Doug Falkinburg - Student (1984)

Please e-mail if we are having a reunion, love to come down!

Sent from Alabama! on 17/1/14.

Ollie Starkey - Student (1979)

Hello classmates of the class of 79, just writing to see if there will be a class reunion in 2014 for 35 years out of school. Please let me know by my email.

Sent from Georgia on 17/12/13.

Claudia Fernandez(Baughman) - Student (1971)

Hello to all the alumini and friends. I have the pleasure through facebook and other means to still stay in touch with many of our school friends, and attend many of the Porch Parties at Galuppis in Pompano. I finally married at age 52 for the first time. I have a 33 year old son (Ryan, he is married and made me a proud grandmother of a beautiful baby Amariyah only two months young. Life is good.

Sent from Still in South Florida on 12/11/13.

Kelli Schmidt (Ford) - Student (1967)

Forgot to include my contact info:

Sent from Dallas, TX on 5/11/13.

Becky Howell Michael - Student (1968)

Want to say "hi" and thanks for the memories!!!

Sent from Georgia on 6/10/13.

Suzy Cardner - Student (1983)

Sent from United States on 27/9/13.

Mike Burk - Student (1965)

Just checking to see who is around.

Sent from Holly, MI on 14/9/13.

Denise L. Jones Baker Dgani - Student (1974)

Left school in my Sr yr, married have 3 children And remarried and had 4 more children. Relocated Bk to So Fl after 12 yrs in NJ. Looking forward to Reconnecting with everyone.

Sent from Boynton beach, fl on 14/8/13.

John Marinelli - Student (1963)

Great to see PBHS open again and to read all the comments. I am married 31 years with two kids. Am a minister/evangelist, book author, playwright, song writer, poet and marketing executive retired. My wife, Marilyn (from the Bronx NY) and I run, a Christian Poetry Website and a local anima rescue organization called Have A Heart For Companion Animals, Inc. ( We also co-produce The Johnny Mello Show, a 50s & 60s musical show and dance featuring seven local recording artists. I was glad to be a graduate of PBSH. Be Blessed...John Marinelli...P. S. Check out my newest eBook at www.ManFood.Biz

Sent from Ocala Florida on 15/7/13.

DeAnna Burroughs - Student (1971)

See a few names I know... What a great 3 years at Pompano Sr High

Sent from Adairsville,GA on 29/6/13.

Alan Burnett - Student (1968)

Producer-writer. Animation. Have worked at Warner Bros. for the last 22 years. Before that Disney and Hanna-Barbera. Superfriends, Scooby Doo, Smurfs, Ed Grimley, Ducktales, Batman, Superman, Batman Beyond, Tom and Jerry, and others. 42 years married. 3 kids. Grandchild due August.

Sent from Burbank, CA on 14/6/13.

Susan Welman Daehler Hickmann - Student (1963)

Sent from Tennessee on 14/6/13.

Mr. Gordon - Staff (1967)

Congratulations to the Class of 2013. I know that you will bring all the qualities that made you successful at PBHS to the future needs of our great nation. See you down the road. Mr. Gordon, Principal 2006-2010

Sent from Retired on 13/6/13.

Doreen Perrault Colket - Student (1963)

We are retired and living in Bradenton, Florida. We have one daughter who lives in Idaho and one grandson. We went to my 40th reunion. Is there a 50th this year?

Sent from Bradenton, Florida on 22/5/13.

Gregory Baldwin - Student (1968)

Would like to hear from everyone

Sent from Florida on 21/5/13.

Carl Colaizzi - Student (1979)

Sent from Coral Springs, FL on 1/4/13.

Rod Caborn - (1961)

Retired in 2008 after career in marketing including Walt Disney World, Busch Gardens, Scandinavian World Cruises, Universal Studios Florida and, over the final 10 years of business career, heading PR division for the largest tourism marketing agency in the U.S., Ypartnership. Now living in Winter Park, FL, grandparenting, golf, some travel, baseball history (Society for American Baseball Research, SABR).

Sent from Winter Park, FL on 26/3/13.

AL FORAND - (1963)


Sent from CRYSTAL RIVER,FL on 5/3/13.

Bill Whittaker - Student (1967)

Married Pam Parton (class of '67) in 1971 after graduation from FAU. We have one son and 4 grandkids. Spent 29 years in the Air Force flying fighters and managing acquisition programs (B-2 and F-117A). Now retired and enjoying the Texas hill country.

Sent from Bastrop, Texas on 7/15/2012.

Pam Owen Butler - Student (1964)


Sent from Woodburn, OR on 7/8/2012.

Laura Mason - Staff (1966)

ATTENTION 1966 ALUMNI CLASS RING FOUND. I am not an alumnus of PBHS. I hope to use this guest book as vehicle to return a 1966 CLASS RING (women’s). The ring has three initials inscribed. First initial is D, third is L. To claim this ring, I will need the middle initial. Many Thanks in advance for your time and effort. If you are the owner or know who the owner of this ring, please contact me via e-mail mailto Sincerely, Laura Mason

Sent from Liverpool, NY on 7/4/2012.

David Gordon - Staff (2010)

Congratulations to the Class of 2012. I wish you the best in life and know that your teachers and staff look forward to following all your future endeavors. My time as your principal were some of the most enjoyable in my career. See you down the road. Mr. Gordon

Sent from Retired on 6/9/2012.

Dennis A. Smith - Student (1964)

I was only at PBSHS for my senior year, left for UoF, USAF, then to Tennessee, B.S in Accounting. Married to Bettye in 1970. Retired 2004 from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida, Director of Corp Accounting. One son, now in Afghanistan.

Best memories are Mrs. Gross, Pops Carlisle and good friend Joe Morici.

Currently cruising the Bahamas six months of every year, and traveling the remainder.

Sent from St. Augustine and the Bahamas on 5/7/2012.

Denise Tabor Tisdale - Student (1980)

"Wow" it seems like a long time ago. Hope everyone from the Class of 1980 are enjoying a wonderful life.

Sent from Austin, TX on 5/6/2012.

Karen Annesi - Student (1971)

I graduated in 1971. I played in the marching band. I know live In Kansas City..

Sent from Kansas City on 4/30/2012.

Kathy Procopi/Summers - Student (1963)

left my senior year but had some GREAT times-GREAT friends. Carol Zerbe, Trudy Eroh,Fran Leakey,David Schultz, Nancy Molineux. Anyone know where they are now? Hey-my email is Thanx

Sent from Pembroke Pines,Florida on 4/11/2012.

Marsha Spaulding Martin - Student (1969)

Looking for Pauline and Patti Powers. (Twins)

Sent from Sanford Fl on 4/6/2012.

stephanie mcgee - Student (1979)

seeing old friends and teachers

Sent from pompano on 4/6/2012.

Nancy Rose Kal Goddard - Student (1976)

I just found my postcard announcing this months reunion details.

Is it too late to RSVP for Friday the 27th only?

Please advise.

Nancy Rose Kal Goddard, PT, MSPT
954-294-9718 cell

Sent from Fort Lauderdale, FL on 4/3/2012.

Bruce Paulson - Student (1973)

Hi to my classmates.

Sent from Wilmington, NC on 3/15/2012.

Marianna Musengo - Student (1971)

Was good to see old friends at our 40th class reunion last October. Good Cheer to all grads and students! Peace.

Sent from Dutch West Indies on 3/12/2012.

Bob Fleury - Student (1966)

Retired and living in a small beach-side community outside of Melbourne. Spend most of my time with fellow veterans exaggerating our old war stories and helping young vets. When I am not with them, I am usually touring the statewide art shows and galleries looking for new paintings and sculptures. I visit the beach almost every day and fondly try to recapture all the surfing memories of my days at PBSHS. 45th Reunion was great, hope to see you all at the 50th.

Sent from Indian Harbour Beach , FL on 3/9/2012.

Karen A Winship - Student (1973)

Looking forward to the 40th Class Reunion

Sent from Palm City Florida on 3/5/2012.

Douglas Molitor - Student (1963)

Most of my Pompano Beach stories are about the open beaches, Doodlebug, Tommy Celland’s naming convention, plus déjŕ vu, my daughter’s 2006 (public) high school class won the state high school basketball championing beating Orange County powerhouse Matre Dei. After an interesting & exciting 25 year career in Silicon Valley we moved north to Napa Valley. All you ever wanted to know can be found at calistogagreenhouse.blogspot. Currently working with “green” start-ups in areas of waste, water and fuel.

Sent from Napa Valley, Ca. on 3/5/2012.

James R. Wirshing - Student (1973)

Full Disclosure - I was your classmate for six years at McNabb Elementary, three years at PBJHS, and 11th grade at PBHS. For a list of convoluted reasons, I went to DBHS for 10th & 12th grade. Following graduation in 1973, I served in the U.S. Air Force for 26 years. Following Prince's musical directive, I partied like it was 1999 when I retired on 12/31/1999! Lost my first wife (Marlene Emerson) to breast cancer in August 1996. Remarried in December 2006. Now living in Murfreesboro, TN. Contact welcome via email and phone (334) 391-1299.

Sent from Murfreesboro, TN on 3/1/2012.

Guilherme Felisberto Felipe - Student (2009)

being in PBHS was the best four years of my life, im grateful for all the teachers i had and helped me advance in life. im now battling through another barrier here in Brasil. hope i can make it for the reunion.

Sent from Santa Catarina, Brasil on 2/24/2012.

Sierra Hampton - Faculty (1999)

I am so impressed by the evolution of the curriculum. I would love to come to talk to your classes about simulations and games. I currently work in technology and use simulations quite a bit.

I gained my love for technology while being a teacher there when I taught emerging technology classes, java and of course Japanese. :)

If there are students who need an internship or you have a career day and need a speaker, please consider reaching out to me.

Sent from Fort Lauderdale on 2/22/2012.

Brandon Mikel - Student (2002)

Oh what a year....

Sent from Ocala, FL on 1/31/2012.

waine weeks - Student (2001)

it is great to see the school that i helped pioneered doing so well

Sent from Florida on 1/26/2012.

Micheal Curtis Dukes - Student (1963)

I often remember the great times, good friends. You may remember my band, the Catalinas, we played at a lot of the dances and at the War Memorial Auditorium (remeber that?). Actually wrote and made music my profession for 25 years. I've been in the Internet business scince1999 and am semi-retired now. Go Tornados!

Sent from Columbus, Ga on 1/21/2012.

victoria harris etienne - Student (1975)

love going to school at pompano beach high miss old john head, hey if you out their i am looking for you. love to see you again i have twenty five years with palm beach county school board.

Sent from delray beach,fl on 1/15/2012.

Edna Horne Johnson - Student (1929)

As of August 14, 2011, I turned 100 years old!

Sent from Canton, Ga. on 11/26/2011.

Garrett Beckvermit - Student (2008)

I went here years ago, played football, preformed in a play, and was active in the TV department. Seems like it has been forever since I went to PBHS...

Sent from Pompano Beach on 11/23/2011.

Kim Grinis - Student (1976)

Just wanted people to know:Kim Grinis-Brooks

ATTENTION: My heart is heavy this morning.We lost a very good friend from our class April Goldtrap Kitt on NOV 19th 2011 . May she rest in peace. She had a heart of gold and would give you the world if she could've.

Sent from usa on 11/20/2011.

Melanie E. Brown Morgan - Student (1974)

Wow! I had no idea that the school had reopened. I married in 1978 and have four children and 2 grandchildren. Would love to hear from anyone from the "good old days".

Sent from Titusville, PA on 11/16/2011.

Jon Patsy - Student (1980)

Great times at PBHS -- Allways enjoyed going around Pompano finding wood with my pick-up for the homecoming BONFIRE

Sent from Pompano Beach on 11/15/2011.

cheryl josephs zaccaro - Student (1965)

On Veteran's Day Lt Colonel Paul Connor gave a speech. He was the nephew of deceased Paul Connor, killed in the Viet Nam war. He graduated from PBHS in either 1964,65,66. Does anyone remeber him? Thanks and if you have a picture of him in a yearbook, would you mind sharing it.

Sent from pittsfield ma on 11/13/2011.

Deborah Joyce (Douglass) - Student (1976)

For those of you on Facebook that had Mr. Tavitian (Mr. T) as a teacher, please go to this Facebook link and post a message. He just celebrated his 70th birthday!! He does read the posts. Thanks!!

Sent from Pompano Beach on 11/13/2011.

William E George - Student (1964)

I have so many fond memories of my high school years. They tend to center around the basketball and football games. What great success our teams enjoyed. I've been in RI (my home state) since 1964 but 3 years ago while on vacation in Lauderdale, I drove over to our old campus and was able to walk into the gym. I saw the State Championship trophy (1963) and the memories flowed and flowed. Just found this site and am happy to sign in.

Sent from Greenville, RI on 11/12/2011.

Blake Allen Burnside - Student (1972)

After graduation, I went to Miami Christian College/Trinity International University and graduated with a business degree and a Bible & theology degree. Presently, I am a pastor, own an electrical company and am going for my Master of Divinity from Luther Rice University. I am married, have 7 children and 13 grandchildren.

Sent from Saint Petersburg, FL 33709 on 11/4/2011.

John J Hoey - Student (1961)

attended only in sr yr did graduate

Sent from williamston SC 29697 on 11/1/2011.

R. David Butler - Student (1966)

Thanks for the history, but there is a lot more. My father was class of "42 and still lives in Deerfield. I sang the Alma Mater at school functions in 1965-1966. I teach musical theater now.

Sent from Coconut Grove, Florida on 10/26/2011.

James H Daniels - Student (1967)

I left there in 1967 and went to the US Army and have not been back since. Am maybe planning on coming down there the last of this month on vacation and would like to see the school. Have a great day.

Sent from Sonora, Ky on 10/24/2011.

Hibbard Casselberry - Student (1928)

I took a number of Adult Education courses at Pompano High and other Broward schools since 1965.

Sent from John Knox Village,Pompano on 10/20/2011.

Samantha Pleeter Sagotsky - Staff (2007)

I just wanted to say hello! For those that remember me, a little update on my life. My little son Blake you might remember as a baby, is now 6 years old. I have completed a bachelor's degree and am starting my masters to teach elementary exceptional children here in NC. I had a great time there with staff and students, and miss you guys greatly. It is a great school! I am glad to see this alumni sheet to keep up to date on others. I hope to hear from many of you in the near future.

Sent from Cramerton, NC on 10/20/2011.

Linda Luebcke (Richow) - Student (1976)

I have just returned to Florida after living in New Jersey for 20 years. I enjoyed my time in high school and I am still playing tennis as I did in High School.

Sent from Hobe Sound, Florida on 10/19/2011.

Gerry Zellers McCarthy - Student (1961)

I started school at Pompano in the 4th grade and graduated in 1961. In middle school we were at the old school back near Wards City and the Piggly Wiggley. Anyone remember that? No air-conditioning. It was a great time to grow up and life was simple. I am a widow with two children and 3 grands. Retired from the automotive business, travel, buy and re-do and stage homes. Also, I'm a genealogy researcher. Still a big Elvis fan and enjoy our impersonator theatre in Pigeon Forge. Very fond memories of classmates and a few excellent teachers. Life has been a challenge but certainly not boring. Gerry Z.

Sent from Naples, FL & Pigeon Forge, TN on 7/14/2011.

Angelica Chaves - Student (2008)

I'm about to graduate from the University of Florida and know that Pompano Beach High school helped me get where I am today. Thanks for everything!

Sent from Gainesville, Fl on 7/10/2011.

Colleen Stoddard McMichael - Student (1981)

So many great memories!!! Does anyone know when our 30 year reunion is?

Sent from Jacksonville, Fl on 7/9/2011.

Douglas R. Jones - Student (1985)

I was wondering if there was going to be a 25th class reunion this year. If anyone has any information please email me.

Sent from Beckley, West Virginia on 7/7/2011.

Felicia Cooper McIntosh - Student (1983)

I'm here with Katrina Wells and I'm interested in finding my old classmates.

Sent from United States on 7/7/2011.

Irene (Rene) Cleveland Manning - Student (1968)

I just want to say "hello" to my former classmates. I have been an IT Director in Palm Beach County for about 25 years and hope to retire soon. I pray you have been blessed with love, health and joy.

Sent from Lake Worth, Florida on 7/6/2011.

Ross A. Doerr - Student (1970)

I graduated from PBHS back in 1970 and spent a lot of time working and moving around. Married and divorced in Florida, where I worked as an electrician, college in Plymouth N.H., graduate school in Santa Clara CA, practiced law in N.H. for several years, then here to Maine to my wife's ancesteral home (built in 1789). I hope all of you are well. See me on LinkedIn or via my RR email Ross

Sent from Augusta, Maine on 7/3/2011.

Donald J Burroughs - Student (1975)

It's nice to see Pompano High doing so well. Congratulations to all former and future Tornados!!

Go Bean Pickers! LOL

Sent from North Carolina on 6/30/2011.

Jorge Toro - Student (2005)

I loved my time at PBHS. We had a real special group of people. I got love for Pompano. I always wear my class ring with pride :)

Sent from Incheon South Korea on 6/22/2011.

Krystal Hunt Rogers - Student (1985)

I was so excited to see that Katrina Wells Jackson was on the guestbook and Tom Ruiz, Dawn Pfeifer, please e-mail me at would love to catch up! I live in Cary, NC now and own a southern home cooking restaurant with my hubby and best friend of 18 yrs.

Sent from Cary, NC on 6/16/2011.

Peggy Walsh-Sarnecki - Student (1967)

Memories of great times.

Sent from Clinton Township, MI on 6/10/2011.

Eileen Murphy-Hamel - Student (1978)

Attended junior and senior years. Had a great experience! Many wonderful memories. GREAT TEACHER'S! Some of my favorite years. Would love to hear from friends.

Sent from Newmarket, New Hampshire on 6/9/2011.

David Gordon - Staff (2010)

Congratulations to the Class of 2011. Like the students of 2010, you made me very proud to have been your principal. Good luck to you in your future endeavors. I'll see you down the road. Mr. Gordon

Sent from Lake Worth Fl. on 6/9/2011.

Deborah Eddy Grose - Student (1973)

I miss Pompano but am happy where I am.

Sent from Mulberry, Florida on 6/8/2011.

Linda Jones-Trimble - Student (1928)

Looking to purchase a 1978 yearbook, please call me if you have one for sale. 954-254-8628. Thanks.

Sent from Miami, Florida on 6/8/2011.

Linda Jones-Trimble - Student (1978)

I graduated in 1978, looking for a year to purchase. (1978 yearbook). Please call me if you have one for sale. 954-254-8628. Thanks.

Sent from Miami, Florida on 6/8/2011.

Gail Morgenthien Logan - Student (1977)

Wonderful memories of Pompano, still have family there. Really enjoy catching up.......husband, two great kids, what more can you ask for.

Sent from Port St. Lucie, FL on 6/5/2011.

Jean Nelen Cowie - Student (1979)

Married 1981, moved to Ft. Benning Ga, also lived in Ft, Brgg N.C. Raised four children, The youngest of whom is 25. I currnetly live in Bristol Tennessee, I currently work as a nurse in Long term care.

Sent from Bristol, Tennessee on 6/4/2011.

Gary Hargrove - Student (1974)

Hey All! Hope "Life is Good!"

Sent from Pompano Beach on 6/3/2011.

Gail Steen Hall - Student (1973)

PBHS awesome memories!

Sent from Fleming Island, FL on 6/3/2011.

Dawn Pfeifer Karlecke - Student (1985)

PBHS closed the summer between my sophomore and junior years. I was so sad to leave all of the wonderful I had made. But I guess it was worth it... I was sent to Deerfield Beach High where I met my sweetheart. We have been happily married for 20 years now!! He is my BEST friend!!

Sent from Loxahatchee, FL on 5/31/2011.

Klaus Kastner - Student (1968)

I was a guest student from Austria in the year 1967/68. Now, almost 45 years later, I am retired an live in Austria (as well as Greece because my wife is Greek). All told, I had 11 different positions in 7 countries.

Sent from Gmunden, Austria on 5/31/2011.

Cathy Jones Willett - Student (1970)

Left PBSH two weeks before graduation to travel. Attended BCC and then moved to Lilburn, GA. Moved to Denver in 1997 and do FF&E home installations. Still go to Pompano twice a year. It was a wonderful time to be in that area "growing up".

Sent from Denver, CO on 5/30/2011.

Gale M. Kooser - Student (1961)

My last name at school was Barrows. Am now retired & still a wildlife artist.

Sent from frostproof ,fl on 5/28/2011.

Geralyn Theobald-Ashburn - Student (1982)

I'm a professional violinist/teacher w/ a wonderful hubby (David) and 4 great kids.

Would love to reach others from the class of 1982!
It's time to plan a 30 yr reunion ;-)
It might be fun to include some nearby classes ('79, '80, '81, '83).

Sent from Tallahassee, FL on 5/24/2011.

Kristina Larsen - Student (1973)

Had a great time at Pompano High!

Sent from Atlanta, Georgia on 5/21/2011.

Patricia McDowell - Student (1984)

Hey ..was looking up news on PBHS.. Miss those days! I have a beautiful daughter, 16..I am a chef and love it...

Lets Go Pompano!!

Sent from Atlanta Ga on 5/16/2011.

Richard Webster - Student (1967)

Joined the Marine Corps in 1968, came to California in 1969 and never left! Where has the time gone? Good luck to all.

Sent from Lakewood, California on 5/13/2011.

Karen M Trehy - Student (1977)

Hello all,
On facebook, come find me, kari trehy-thompson

Sent from San Antonio, Texas on 5/12/2011.

Anne K Pirazan - Student (2009)

PBHS was the best high school anyone could ever go to. It made my high school experience the best one ever. I loved the faculty and staff that helped me get through some of the most important years of my teen life.

Sent from Colombia, Pereira on 5/10/2011.

Tory Larkins - Student (2001)

I would love to know about any reunions for the classes of 2001 and 2002.

Sent from Pompano Beach Florida on 5/10/2011.

Rebecca Rawlinson Lenahan - Student (1971)

I was a graduate of '71. Now live in California. I'm looking for information about the upcoming 40th reunion. Thanks!

Sent from Paradise, CA on 5/9/2011.

Tod Cottrell - Student (1961)

Great memories, especially the tennis team. Retired after owning my own business for 17 years.

Sent from Magnolia, Texas on 5/8/2011.

Ricky D Christian II - Student (2002)

Familiar Face Saying Hello

Sent from Atlanta, GA on 5/7/2011.

Susan Teague Samuel - Student (1983)

Hello fellow tornadoes! Nice to read everyone's comments about where you are and what you have been up to. After graduating from Tampa U I joined the Air Force and completed 20 years of active and reserve time. Have been married to my husband for 20 years and have two teenage daughters (so now I drive alot). Still singing in a Methodist Church each week. Blessings to you all!

Sent from East Granby CT on 4/26/2011.

Gale Parsons West - Student (1966)

Graduated in 1966, still living in South Florida and loving it!

Sent from Plantation, FL on 4/21/2011.

virginia m wasser - Student (1967)

Well I bought the farm....or should say I ranch in Loxahatchee. Almost makes me feel like I have returned to my roots as I was living in Parkland when I at PBHS, only about a dozen houses then. Well, my friends and I have named the ranch WWR (Wild Woman Ranch) Still playing music and running jam sessions about once a month at the ranch....y'all come now!!!! Also moved my office to the east side of West Palm Beach.

Sent from west palm beach florida on 4/19/2011.

Caitlin Marie Hanley - Student (2008)

Attendng FAU in Boca Raton. Major is Geology.

Sent from Florida on 4/11/2011.

Edna Horne Johnson - Student (1929)

This August I will be 100 yrs old and still proud to be a class of 1929 alumni. My children were PBSH graduates and now my great-grandson will be counted as a member!

Sent from Canton, Ga on 4/9/2011.

Steve Brown - Student (1974)

Hi everybody. Great web site. Many great years in Pompano. Married and father of four girls and one son. Still visit the old place. Miss the hovel and the pros from dover..NOGAF

Sent from Crystal River, Florida on 4/6/2011.

Joyce Ann Horton Bass - Student (1970)

It really is nice to see familiar names. My sister, Linda Kathleen Horton graduated in 1967 and went on to become a Lawyer in Pensacola. She is retired and is very involved in the Church. I would be happy to pass along messages from the class of '67 members to Kathy. I am very proud of my sister and of being a Golden Tornado. Go Blue and Gold!!

Sent from Pompano Beach, Fl on 4/5/2011.

John Jolinski - Student (1964)

Simple mistake on my earlier post. I graduated in 1964 but left Pompano Beach in 1966 when I left to attend USF. Returned in 1969 to work at the Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel. Relocated to Orlando in early 80s.

Sent from Orlando, FL on 4/4/2011.

John H. Jolinski - Student (1966)

Finally had a chance to review my old yearbook on DVD. It brought back a lot of fond memories and the recollection of old friends who I've been out of touch with for years. Currently living in Orlando where I have my own public relations consulting business, but will soon be relocating to Tallahassee. Have three children, four grandkids and another on the way. Sorry I missed the last reunion in October.

Sent from Orlando, FL on 4/4/2011.

Robert Meehan - Student (2010)

Go Pompano

Sent from USF on 4/4/2011.

Joyce Ann Horton Bass - Student (1970)

It is with great pride that I remember the years at PBHS. I was married and divorced, no children (just cats). I'm living in my childhood home. Over the years I have been lucky enough to meet up with several classmates. I had the pleasure to work with another of our "clan", Nancy McElroy, at Ramblewood Elementary School. It certainly is a very small world.

A big hello to all of our classmates.

Sent from Pompano Beach, Fl on 4/3/2011.

Debbie Dull - Student (1967)

Glad to have found this website. I loved high school and hope folks will find me for the next reunion.

Sent from Virginia on 4/2/2011.

marina genova - Student (1967)

high school was fun

Sent from oakland park, florida on 4/2/2011.

Joseph W. Corace - Student (1978)

GO Tornadoes

Sent from Coral Springs, Florida on 4/1/2011.

Steve Berman - Student (1980)

My time at Pompano was one of the highlights of my early life and I continue to talk of my time there.

Sent from Denver, Colorado on 3/28/2011.

Elaine Williams Efird - Student (1958)

I loved my time at PHS....had a lot of friends...I would have graduated in 1960, but...I got married and left. BTW..still married to the same wonderful guy. Would like to come to a reunion sometime.

Sent from Salt Springs, FL on 3/17/2011.

Phil Kniskern - Student (1978)

Proud to have my son entering PBHS next year!

Sent from Lighthouse Point, FL on 3/16/2011.

Richard Ballentine - Student (1971)

How can I get a year book from 1971 orto view one?

Sent from 13617 Admiral Ct Ft. Myers fl 33912 on 3/14/2011.

Susan Sloan - Student (1968)

Reunion anytime?

Sent from Asheville, NC on 3/12/2011.

Carolyn Warner Viviani - Student (1980)

Oh how I miss high school, life was so much simpler, less stressful and a lot of fun. My daughter graduated exactly 20 years later from PBHS! Miss those days, anyone remember the Water Boggan, Diversions! Those were the days!

Sent from Boca Raton on 3/10/2011.

Antwon Higgs - Student (2009)

OH, Pompano High I miss all the faculty and staff that helped and supported me through my four years. I'm currently a jr at purdue university playing linebacker for the varsity squad #5...... hope all is well will come back and visit soon

Sent from west lafayette IN on 3/7/2011.

Jim Dickson - Student (1963)

Graduated from FAU (Accounting) 1967, spent 21 years in the Air Force; Retired as a Lt. Col. in 1988. Currently self employed as a consultant for major aerospace firms

Sent from Cocoa Beach, FL on 2/19/2011.

Susan Reed - Student (1967)

Hi everyone. Glad to see all the alumni. Think you remember me....get in touch.

Sent from Pompano Beach on 2/18/2011.

Christine Scott - Student (1970)

Lets see ... college, married, graduate school, divorced... currently live on capitol hill and still working

Sent from Washington, DC on 2/18/2011.

Jeff Keoskie - Student (1981)

Wow.. amazing how time flies by hard to beleive its been 30 years. I have two boys ages 12 & 15 whom live with their mother In Jupiter.

Sent from Palm City, Florida on 2/15/2011.

Rick Gillespie - Student (1982)

Waiting for that reunion. 2012

Sent from Seminole Tx on 2/15/2011.

cynthia m, cumbess-stratton - Student (1982)

i married harold stratton we had 5 children together he passed dec.25 2oo8. checken in on south fla. miss home

Sent from valdosta ga on 2/14/2011.

Dorothy Diane Kemmler (Shear) - Student (1972)

Just getting into the 21st century. Have had comments from my husband's facebook friends who went to PBHS. He graduated in 1969, the year I was a sophomore. Eric Kemmler has gone to be with our Lord (1/11/2011). He was a wonderful husband, father and grandfather and I miss him desperately. God is good and definitely carrying me through all that ensues. Looking at PBHS stuff brings back fond memories. Very glad to see The Golden Tornadoes are back up and running!

Sent from Merritt Island, Florida on 2/3/2011.

Libby Peck - Student (1969)

Hello Class of 1969! The Golden Tornadoes live on!! I landed on our reunion committee, so if anyone from the GREAT Class of 1969 finds this, and is not on our current list of alumni, contact me by clicking on my name, or register on our class web site at Next reunion is our 45th in 2014!

Sent from NC on 1/30/2011.

Patricia Bankhead Ryan - Student (1967)

I could not believe it when I found out they closed the High School. It was in great condition when I went there. Glad they left the Tornado.

Sent from Merrill Wi on 1/29/2011.

Kevin Collier - Student (1980)

Was a student, Graduated in 1980, Joined the Marine Corps. Now living in Palm Beach

Sent from Loxahatchee, Fl on 1/29/2011.

Raymond Martyn - Student (1964)

Went to college, grad school, on the faculty at Texas A&M University for 20 years, then to Purdue Univ as department head.

Sent from Purdue Univeristy, West Lafayette, IN on 1/24/2011.

Ed Hardy - Student (1970)

Hey to all my fellow clasmates, would love to hear from all of you

Sent from Lake Worth, FL on 1/23/2011.

Wendy Zalman Bourgault - Student (1980)

Married 27 years with 3 sons. Mike graduated PBHS in 08, Danny is in the class of 13' (plays on the football team and runs track), and Chris is the class of '14 and plays 4th bass in the band is on drumline.

PBHS is getting better everyday.

Sent from Deerfield Beach, FL on 1/22/2011.

Barry Ellenberger - Student (1962)

Member of DCT Class. USMC 1962 to 1966.

Sent from Hummelstown, pa on 1/21/2011.

Roger Dygert - Student (1977)

I'm glad to see the school is open again

Sent from Jacksonville, Florida on 1/21/2011.

Diana Myers Spence - Student (1965)

We just had the most wonderful 45th reunion in October of 2010. I wish everyone could have come and I'm hoping you'll hear how much fun we had and begin to make plans to join us at the next one. Sadly we mourned as we heard about all our old friends that can't be with us anymore, but we won't let them go - we'll remember them and the impressions they made on our lives forever. Go Tornadoes! Keep in touch! is our class website - please go there and sign in!

Sent from Pompano Beach, FL on 1/18/2011.

Rob Robson - Student (1972)

Had more fun in the last year than all the previous years combined.

Sent from Chillicothe, Ohio on 1/17/2011.

Jason Lobel - Student (1982)

I will always remember the discolored water fountains.

Sent from Deerfield Beach on 1/16/2011.

Randy Hayes - Student (1965)

left for service in back from vietnam 68..retired from us airways in 2004 now living outside pittsburgh..have 5 grown kids and 3 grandkids good luck to all....

Sent from midland, pa on 1/15/2011.

Karen Mary Ward - Student (1976)

I am an animal lover by heart!
I believe in GOD
I am married to Chales Edward McComas
My daughters name is Tara Elizabeth McComas (born 1983)
My sons name is Charles Edward McComas II"Chad" (born 1985)

Sent from Palm City, Florida on 1/15/2011.

Katrina Wells Jackson - Staff (1985)

I'm proud mom of 6 beautiful kids (no surprise) and 5 wonderful grandchildren. Was so happy to see Krystal Hunt and Tom Ruiz's names on the site! I miss and love you all so much God Bless!

Sent from Brandon on 1/7/2011.

Janice Yates Butler - Student (1966)

Haven't seen anyone from Pompano in years. Married for 43 years, with two children, and one grandchild on the way. Am retired from teaching, just enjoying life. Hope everyone has a great time at reunion.

Sent from Travelers Rest, SC on 1/5/2011.

Linda Eileen Elliott Clark - Student (1962)

I graduated in 1962; left the area to work for Fed Gov't - first for US Coast Guard and remaining years with Dept Army in The Pentagon. Retired in 1997 with 35 years service. Have worked for past 10 years (part-time 4 days week) for Women in Military Service for America Memorial Foundation in Arlington, VA. This is the only national organization to honor women in the military. My husband Bill and I have been married for 36 years and we have one son, also Bill, and he has two children - son Jordan 10, and daughter Hannah 8 in Mar. Would love to hear from other Pompano alumni members.

Sent from Alexandria, VA on 1/5/2011.

Tina Shahan Williams - Student (1971)

The PBHS Class of 1971 is having a 40th reunion!!! The date is Sat. Oct. 1, 2011 at Hyatt Regency Pier 66. Go to for complete details and to register. Please pass this information to all 1971 classmates you may be in contact with. The reunion committee would love to see a great turnout!!!

Sent from Pompano Beach on 1/2/2011.

Janell Coleman - Student (2001)

Truly ejoyed being a part of the 2001 class. Great memories!

Sent from Houston, Texas on 12/29/2010.

James Almond - Student (1979)

I actually left in 77 but would have graduated with the 79 class. I moved to Okeechobee prior to my junior year. I left behind some very good friends whom I still think about occasionally to this day.

Sent from Okeechobee, FL on 12/28/2010.

William Bob Moore - Student (1966)

Not too sure if anyone will remember me, I lived in Margate & went to PBHS for 10th grade, would have graduated in 1966, but moved away. I would like to attend the 45th Reunion this April.

Sent from Winter Springs, Fl on 12/24/2010.

Judy Wakefield Sawyer - Student (1968)

Recently retired from 40 yr nursing career. Two daughters both engineers and two grandaughters. Married 38 yrs.

Sent from Wylie, Texas 75098 on 12/17/2010.

isman hoffsmire - Student (1980)

i wish i was still a studient at pompano beach high schol. grat times. i will send my sun kaled here when he is old enough. best wishes

Sent from america on 12/13/2010.

Pete Pascia - Student (1978)

Got thrown out of school by VP & Dean Smith! LOL! I was his best buddy! Life's just great!

Sent from around on 12/12/2010.

Sharon Heddle - Student (1977)

1977 seems so long ago that I hardly remember it. I remember first names of people but not many full names. If you remember me I would love to reconnect.

Sent from CT on 12/4/2010.

Lenora Jones Neeley - Student (1970)

Got married. went to nursing school and became a nurse. I have 2 children and now a Grandmother. Have a Granddaughter at the University of Chicago in her last year. I was just remembering the blue and gold, and I heard you could reunite with Facebook so I'm here.

Sent from Washington DC on 12/2/2010.

Doreen Dolores Thwaites - Student (1974)

I am a high school librarian and I stumbled upon this website. I had no idea that my high school reopened. Awesome!

Sent from Georgia on 11/30/2010.

Don Hughes - Student (1959)

Sunny and I are retired, full-time rv'ers and have been married 50 years.

Sent from Idaho on 11/15/2010.

Anna Carolina Melo Siqueira - Student (2005)

I Miss High School so much!

Sent from Boca Raton, Florida on 11/9/2010.

Richard P. Ridgely - Student (1970)

Wow, how the years flown by. Remember PBHS like it was yesterday, for those of you that remember, I had the gold Roadrunner with the custom body work by "Crash". Hi to all...

Sent from Oklahoma City, OK. on 11/9/2010.

Beth Calloway (Scott) - Student (1973)

I am married to an Asheville City firefighter I have 4 children 1 stepdaughter and 6 grandchildren. We raise llamas and have a few goats would love to hear from a classmate.

Sent from Swannanoa NC on 11/8/2010.

Michelle Meyer - Student (1985)

I was the homecoming queen the last year that Pompano Beach High School was open. I have a 8th grade student that goes to Highlands and I really want him to attend PBHS for high school.

Sent from Pompano Beach, Florida on 11/3/2010.

Todd M. Marriott - Student (2006)

Just putting my name up here. I was in the last class when Mr. Bell was principal and the one of the first Command Sergeant Majors in the JROTC program. Im now a Seaman Apprentice in the US Navy. Im currently in school to be a public affairs specialist. My official rate (job) is a Mass Communication Specialist. Being apart of the informational technology program is going to help me there. Thank you to all my teachers and staff for getting me through high school.

Sent from Fort George G. Meade, Md. on 11/3/2010.

Kathy Perrault Harlow - Student (1967)

Attended the 20th - didn't find out in time for the 40th. I was married 33 yrs, was widowed 6 yrs & remarried a nice christian man. I have 3 grown children, 6 grandchildren.

Sent from McConnelsville OH on 10/26/2010.

Ricardo Paul - Student (2000)

class of 2000 woo

Sent from 4638 nw 58 ct on 10/25/2010.

Jason Armstrong - Student (2001)

I just came across this guest book as I was looking in to the 10 year reunion. It is crazy that it has been a decade already. I have been in the Air Force for the last seven years, as a TV and Radio news reporter. I am now married and we are blessed with a two year old son. We are stationed in Italy and enjoying it very much. I have been to Turkey, Germany, Afghanistan, and Korea as well. Looking to get my commission as a Civil Engineer officer here in the next few years. Been able to do a lot of youth ministry volunteer work over the years, currently I am the youth coordinator for the base chaple here. Life is good, God is good. I probably won't be at the reunion, but wanted to say hey to anyone that came on here, and hope you are all doing well.

God Bless,

Sent from Aviano, Italy on 10/25/2010.

Diana Hargrove - Student (1969)

I was tryin to find some ole classmates I was actually in 5th grade when left Florida.

Sent from Dallas, Texas on 10/23/2010.

Shawn Anita Humphrey - Student (1981)

I had the best memories at pbhs with tracey, sheri, monica. I want to say hi to allen, tico. It's too bad we can't go back in time and relive our days huh guys and ladies you know you all would in a new york second. ha-ha we might even do a few things different if we could. I must admit I love all of you who were a part of my life back then and think of each of you with the deepest of sentiment. Email me guys I would love to catch up. I am a mother of two beautiful creations god blessed me with. A son 14 a daughter 20. How time flies, hope your lives have blessed each of you.

Sent from Denver, Colorado on 10/22/2010.

Bruce Paulson - Student (1973)

Hi everyone.

Sent from Wilmington, NC on 10/21/2010.

Teresa Lewis Ace - Student (1970)

It was so much fun seeing former classmates at the 40th reunion over the weekend. We really need to do that again in a few years. Still live in Pompano with my husband of 16 years. Am a culinary arts teacher, soon to retire. Would love to hear from old friends.

Sent from Pompano Beach, Florida on 10/18/2010.

Lorine Davey - Student (1985)

...Can see the football/soccer field from my classroom. ...Great times... Awesome friends! ... Miss 'em both...

Sent from Pompano Beach on 10/7/2010.

Sindy Morales - Student (2006)

P B H S. . . It was the greatest experience ever. There I learned that I could really be somebody in life. Thanks to all the staff that made my graduation a success.

Sent from Atlanta, GA on 10/6/2010.

Cornelia Richards - Student (2001)

Enjoyed my time at Pompano Beach Institute of international Studies.

Sent from Sunrise, Florida on 10/1/2010.

Elizabeth Heyns - Student (1931)

Full name: Elizabeth Heyns Anderson Asowitch - deacesed 1975

Sent from Deceased on 9/29/2010.

Rex Gerbracht - Student (1984)

Happily married 21 years with 2 kids girl 15, boy 13. My daughter Alexis attends Cardinal Gibbons and my son Canyon attends Saint Coleman's. Currently residing in Pompano Beach.

Sent from Pompano Beach on 9/22/2010.

William F Arseneau jr - Student (1970)

When is our class reiunion some told me october but i heard that something was going on at gullupies.

Sent from Deerfield Beach, FL on 9/19/2010.

Joyce C. Melvin - Student (1968)

no comment

Sent from Waterloo, Al. on 9/17/2010.

Linda Eileen Elliott Clark - Student (1962)

I attended Pompano Beach High School from 1959 to 1962. I graduated on June 8, 1962. Left area and returned to Washington, DC, area. Worked for Federal Government for 35 years -- first for Coast Guard Headquarters in Washington, DC, from July 1962-September 1964 and then for Department of the Army in The Pentagon until retirement in April of 1997. Currently work 4 days a week for Women's Memorial Foundation in Arlington, VA. Have been here for the past 10 years. We register women who were, or are, in the military. The actual Memorial is at the entrance to Arlington National Cemetery. Call us at 1-800-222-2294 to register a woman veteran. Have been married for 36 years to my husband, Bill Clark, Jr., and we have one son 32, also Bill Clark III. He has two children, son Jordan 9 and daughter Hannah 7 -- the loves of our lives. Regards to all at Pompano Beach High. Love the new look of the school -- totally different than when I attended.

Sent from Alexandria, VA on 9/17/2010.

Chris Hellegaard Quinn Lorenz - Student (1970)

Loved my HS days. Went to the 10 and 20 year reunions, hoping to attend the 40! Sure would like to see some of the folks that I haven't been able to keep in touch with. Thought Doc Canfield was great! Many fun people in Orchestra. Have 2 grown daughters and 2 grown step-sons, and 2 grandchildren. Have 4 horses and 2 dogs.

Sent from Ocala, FL on 9/11/2010.

Susan Lawrence D'Hont - Student (1964)

Would like to hook up with old surfing buddies like Skip Moody, "T-ball" Marty Snow, Stephanie Holland. Remember trips "up the coast" and skipping school when "surf's up"? I retired to S/W FL 10 years ago after career in hi-tech marketing. Lived many places including The Netherlands. Am currently married to a "dutch guy" and we are raising my 11-yr-old grand-daughter. This time around as a parent I have the time and patience. Anyone else in this boat? Other surfers--check out how famous Jack Reeves has become through Google. Would love to hear from other '63,'64,'65ers. How about "bonehead" Tom Carroll? Anybody know where he is?

Sent from Port Charlotte, FLA on 9/11/2010.

Cory Stewart - Student (1985)

Hello, My senior year 1986 was the year of the closing....

Sent from Tampa, FL on 9/10/2010.

Frederic Griffin - Student (1970)

Just wanted to see if anybody is still around that i went to school with. Email me if want to thanks fred griffin.

Sent from Chandler, Texas on 9/8/2010.

Ilka Tataryn - Student (1971)

I would love to see some of my old classmates. I have lost touch with old friends and have not gotten any notices of class reunions. Please add me to your mailing list.

Sent from Columbus, Ga on 9/8/2010.

Steven Le Chot - Student (1968)

Stumbled on to this site and found alot of familiar names. Missed our last reunion but I guess our next one will be in 2013, unless the world ends before then.

Sent from Homestead, Fl on 9/4/2010.

Lawrence W. Mosher - Student (1967)

Retired, Married to high school sweetheart, Janice Wohrley Mosher, 40 years this past April 4th. Two grown daughters & four grandchildren.

Sent from Kennesaw, GA on 9/2/2010.

Gibby Cooper Lawson - Student (1965)

This is so much fun seeing where everyone lives. so happy the school has reopened!- happily married to the same wonderful guy for 38 yrs. and have a lovely daughter, Sara, who is 35 - live on the coast just outside Wilmington and love it. Have lived all over the usa - looking forward to the reunion in oct. 2010

Sent from Southport, NC on 8/31/2010.

Linda - Student (1970)

Currently teaching K-2 Computer Lab/ETF at Red Bug Elementary in Casselberry, FL. Married to Roger Paul since 1974. We have two daughters, Amy,31 & Kati, 28. We have a grandson, 4 & a granddaughter, 1. We spend lots of time at the beach at Ponce Inlet. Life is Good.

Sent from Ponce Inlet, Florida on 8/28/2010.

Susan Cash Parker - Student (1976)

Its been a long time since I thought of High School and seems my memory has taken a turn for the worse. Does anyone know where I can get a yearbook (1976)I lost mine due to a house fire, if you would let me know that would be great. Now that the school has reopened maybe there is one in the library. Does anyone know if they have one? Thanks Susan

Sent from Lynnville, Tn on 8/23/2010.

Pam Coppola Mendenhall - Student (1967)

Pompano High holds some great memories for me. We had really great times. Living in NC now but moving back to Fl, asap. Miss the lifestyle. Guess I am just a fl. girl at heart. Glad that Pompano has reopened.

Sent from Lake Lure NC on 8/21/2010.

William Vaughn Longstreth - Student (1970)

My son is an incoming freshman this year. I found this sign in while reviewing the site.

Sent from Deerfield Beach, FL on 8/20/2010.

Kathy Perrault Harlow - Student (1967)

I attended the 20th reunion, none since. I went to school in Pompano until 10th gr then my parents moved so I actually grad in SC but never called that home! I'm married to a great guy, between us we have 5 kids, 6 grand kids and 1 great on the way! I was married 33 yrs & became a widow. Remarried 2 yrs ago. Would love to attend the next reunion

Sent from McConnelsville, Ohio on 8/18/2010.

Kathryn Busby Houser - Student (1965)

45 years ago! Wow.

Sent from Austin, TX on 8/17/2010.

Kathy Weist Roberts - Student (1972)

Married to a wonderful Christian man, we have two children and 6 grandchildren. So blessed by God. my how times flys!

Sent from st cloud, fl on 8/17/2010.

Pat Clark Adams - Student (1971)

Living in the mountains and loving every minute of it. Selling a "Peace of the mountains" to all of the Floridians who just can't take it any more. Don't miss the heat and humidity. Have a son 33 and he still lives in FL. Been here since 2003.

Sent from Murphy, NC on 8/14/2010.

Danny Lobato - Student (1972)

Had some great years at Pompano High. Married to my lovely wife Gina for 13 yrs. With no children. Have a business called Mailbox Creations selling mailboxes and signs to builders, developers and HOA's. Would love to hear from old classmates and friends.

Sent from Tampa, Florida on 8/13/2010.

Lynn Avasso (Andrews) - Student (1964)

Many years have past, but many good memories still remain.

Sent from Marysville, Ohio 43040 on 7/30/2010.

Nancy Harnist - Student (1971)

Will there be a 40th class reunion next year for the 1971 graduates?

Sent from Kent, Ohio on 7/30/2010.

Barbara Cross - Student (1962)

just arrived in Fairbanks from New York and plan to stay with my son and his family for a while. Worked in fashion and design for federated corp. Loved all areas of fashion and will always be involved in that life, time sure does fly but I'm loving life. Looking for bunny forman has anyone seen her?????865

Sent from FT.wainwright Alaska on 7/30/2010.

Frank J Schepis - Student (1964)

Hello all ~ 'tis nice to read about fellow classmates doing well and remembering pompano beach high school ~ my brother, nick, taught there before retiring.

I met my wife of 40 years, Kathi, when i was in the army, 1969-1972. we have to great kids (well, they're grown of course, but still our 'kids'), and we are retired now living in my wife's hometown near Gettysburg.

i sure would like to hear from one and all ~ i have been in contact with Jon Greenwood, Dick Clarke and wish everyone well.

best.. .. ..frank

Sent from Chambersburg, Pennsylvania on 7/30/2010.

Geneva Carol Matthews - Student (1972)

I left in my senior year. Did not graduate from Pompano Beach, but would like to hear from classmates.

Sent from Thomson, Georgia on 7/26/2010.

Carol Baldwin Staples - Student (1968)

Looking for other classmates.

Sent from Charlotte on 7/26/2010.

James Steven Ellis - Student (1980)

Living the slow life as an artist in Ocala with my wife, Anne, daughter Julie (12), daughter Sara (15) and sometimes my son Jimmy (24). Miss the days at p.b.h.s.

Sent from Ocala, FL on 7/23/2010.

Michlle Goyette - Student (1982)

So glad to see PBHS open! Left Florida in 1990 and have never been back. Would love to get back in touch with anyone from class of 1982. Is there a 30 year class reunion in the works? Send me an email. I'd love to hear from you!

Sent from Georgia on 7/23/2010.

Johnny Bell - Student (1978)

Hello to the Tradewinds. It seems the only time I can sing is at church and a occ sneek out to a kareoke pub. Otherwise life is good , lots of kids and grands. I traveled a good part of the world and settled down with a good job for a few more years to go. single and free until the end JC as I am known now, Bee blessed Johnny Bell.

Sent from Washington DC on 7/21/2010.

Terry Walker - Student (1974)

Tried to attend 30th Reunion but SBMC prevented.

Sent from Fort White, FL on 7/21/2010.

John Chester Campbell - Student (1981)

Hi everybody. Glad to be a part of this with you. I hope we can be friends again. We had some good teachers, and dean Smith paving the way. God bless.

Sent from Fernandina Beach FL on 7/18/2010.

Patricia l McDowell - Student (1985)

I graduated in 85.... I played soccer the first and second year, cross country and track. I sang with the chorus, yes double Wiettstiens(correct me if I am wrong). I am now a chef and divorced with one beautiful girl in high school now. I dont have too many memories of school, let alone names, so if anyone has any recall of me, please contact me..I am all over face book.

Sent from Atlanta Ga on 7/13/2010.

Mike Crozier - Student (1966)

Retired in January 2009 after 38 years in Law Enforcement. Retired as the Chief Deputy/Chief Investigator in Stephens County, Ga. Married 39 years to Karen Hockman who I met in 1970. Graduated from BCC in 1975 and FAU in 1979.

Sent from Toccoa, Georgia on 7/12/2010.

Susan C. Reed - Student (1967)

Hi to all the Bean Pickers out there. I have lots of fond memories at Pompano. I still reside in Pompano and work in Deerfield as a pharmcy tech. Have a daughter 36 and a son 33 and 4 super grandchildren. Would love to hear from any of my classmates. Hope to see you all at the next reunion.

Sent from Pompano Beach, Fl. on 7/11/2010.

Don Hoover - Student (1965)

After leaving Pompano I lived in Gainesville for almost 20 years and have been in St. Augustine for the last 17 years working as a custom homebuilder. Yea I know, who would have thought that?? I lost the wife to cancer almost 16 years ago but have a beautiful daughter and grand daughter.

Sent from St. Augustine, Fl. on 7/2/2010.

John Daniel Mcalhany - Student (1975)

I am still looking for my best friend from pompano high. His name was Robert Gallo. We used to ride our bikes everywhere after school & weekends & skateboard,surf & hang together all the time. If anyone knows him, please tell him i'm looking for him, Thanks.

Sent from Sebastian,Fla on 6/27/2010.

Debbie Padgett Smith - Student (1970)

Left in 1970 moved to raise horses in Indiana. Could not stay away tho. Now live in Winter Haven Florida. Am a Nationwide Ins agent. Have 2 fabulous daughters. Plenty of Grands. Love to fish and play with the Polk County Fishin Chicks, swim, dive, bike, tennis...I love everything. Too excited to see some friends names. Peace!

Sent from Winter Haven Florida on 6/27/2010.

Paul B. Tavitian - Faculty (1984)

Started my teaching career in 1970. Left in 1984. I have very fond memories of my years at PBHS. I loved my students and had developed close friendships with the faculty and staff. I have retired after 35 years of teaching and currently reside in beautiful NC

Sent from Fuquay-Varina, NC on 6/26/2010.

Timothy Jorgensen - Student (1970)

Anyone from class of 1970 please call me! I would love to get any information about our reunion! I would also like to really talk to Keith Davis if you know him or where I can look him up!! Wow, would love to catch up with you guys!

Sent from Belleview Florida on 6/24/2010.

Michele Ferrone Guinness - Student (1978)

Tornado power

Sent from Tampa on 6/22/2010.

Robert Farkas - Student (1966)

Joined the Air Force after graduation and returned back to paradise.

Sent from Coral Springs, Fl. on 6/20/2010.

April Kneer Lyon - Student (1984)


Sent from Raleigh, NC on 6/20/2010.

Sandra Morrissey Clark - Student (1981)

Looking forward to our reunion!

Sent from Tennessee on 6/19/2010.

Glenn Hook - Student (1982)

Moved around Florida a little, country estates in palm beach gardens was my personal favorite. Now back in Beer-field. Spent a year near Chicago...BRR. I work for Motorola and travel often, mostly Asia now. I used to get Mexico and Europe. But I still love Florida the best. on Facebook so say hello.

Sent from Deerfield Beach on 6/17/2010.

Brenda Anderson - Student (1979)

Back to Pompano again, divorced 3 children, Office Mgr.

Sent from Pompano Beach on 6/16/2010.

Linda Jones-Banks - Student (1980)

I look forward to our 30th wow 30 years and we still look!

Sent from Atlanta, GA on 6/13/2010.

Tammy Wallace Dunton - Student (1980)

Married for 24 years, have two daughters ages 17 & 21

Sent from Lake Placid, Florida on 6/12/2010.

Maureen Mullen Davis - Student (1979)

I really enjoyed seeing everyone at the 30th reunion and I hope to see some of you at the All School reunion in August.

Sent from Soddy Daisy, TN on 6/12/2010.

Nancy Overton - Staff (1960)

Attended the 50th Reunion. Had GREAT time. It was so much fun dancing with my "ole" dancing partner Paul Ellsworth. Seeing Barb Orris and Beth, Gracie(for five darn minutes), Owen S, Roy Merrit, and so many others was great. I am a Realtor here in Naples. Realtor for 42 yrs. Husband is from Alaska. Travel there often. I am also a reborn doll artist. Love to make these little ones come to life. You may remember my sister Margie. She lives here in Naples too. God has been good to us. Regards, to all, Nancy Overton.

Sent from Naples, Florida on 6/9/2010.

Mary Adreon (Nowell) - Student (1969)

Pretty shy back then so I wasn't well known. Got over! I'm now a fitness specialist at the Mission Valley YMCA and a retired belly dancer. Two children, hubby and one dog. Life is good!

Sent from San Diego on 6/6/2010.

Scott Brucker - Student (2008)

I wasn't the hardest of workers, some might of called me the laziest of '08, but I graduated :)

Sent from Pompano Beach on 6/2/2010.

Lynne Ledford (Bauer) - Student (1980)

I've moved around quite a bit since high school, but will end up back in NE GA with my family. Would love to hear from old classmates. Hope everyone is well!

Sent from Portage, IN on 6/2/2010.

Gail Seifert-Schroeder - Student (1972)

28 years since graduation. Hopefully someone from the class of 72 is planning the thirty year reunion. Lived in Chicago for four years, but have been in Florida the remainder of my life. Have two girls. One was killed by a drunk driver when she was 9 years old. This happened 10 years ago. This kind of tragedy can do damage on a family, but we pulled it together.

My husband is a builder and I am the Director of The Compassionate Friends, which is a non profit organization. Look forward to hearing from you with an email.

Sent from Boca Raton, FL on 6/1/2010.

Barry Woonton - Student (1966)

I am retired living in Maggie Valley, NC full time. I've been married forty years and have two children and one granddaughter.

Sent from Maggie Valley, NC on 5/30/2010.

Patty Morosini Huchins - Student (2008)

I have not been to a reunion since I left Florida in '81. Would love to hear if we are having a 40th.

Sent from Rutherfordton, NorthCarolina on 5/29/2010.

Pedro Rivas - Student (1962)

Pompano was a great school I remenber many nice good people good friends. I remenber Jesus Garcia, Jose Rodriguez, Linda Gleenand many more good people. Teacher Mr Gleen, good nice friends.

Sent from St. Lucie on 5/29/2010.

Mantell Mack - Faculty (2000)


Sent from ga on 5/27/2010.

Brenda Lee Remmy - Student (1972)

It's been a long time-I would love to hear from anyone that remembers me!!!

Sent from Louisville, Kentucky on 5/26/2010.

Jerry Walter - Student (1960)

Can't believe it has been 50 years! Hello everyone!

Sent from San Francisco,Ca on 5/23/2010.

Beth Scott Calloway - Student (1973)

I am a nurse have 4 grown children and 5 wonderful grandchildren my youngest son is in Afghanistan my husband is a city fireman we raise llamas and gaots.

Sent from Asheville NC on 5/21/2010.

Daniel G Lubbers - Student (1984)

I was only here for a semester, anyone remember me? If so say hello !

Sent from Fort Lauderdale on 5/20/2010.

Michelle Shipley - Student (1980)

Looking Forward to seeing the class of 1980 once again

Sent from Coconut Creek on 5/20/2010.

Chris Hellegaard Quinn Lorenz - Student (1970)

Enjoyed PBHS, Orchestra with Doc Canfield, the trips we took, like the one to Jamaica in 1969. Pompano was a great place to grow up. Attended the 10 & 20 year reunions, wondering if a 40th is planned? Sure would like to see some of my old friends, it's been too many years.....

Sent from Ocala, Florida on 5/19/2010.

Kerry G. Davis - Student (2002)

I joined the military a couple months after graduation. I served 3 yrs active and am serving 5 yrs inactive. I was honorably discharged in 2005. I spent two years attending Valencia Community College. I am currently a senior at the University of Central Florida majoring in Elementary Education. I am always working with youth. My greatest accomplishment so far is not straying too far away from my faith in the God I serve and now striving to faithfully serve him in spite of all the obstacles. opposition and temptations I face in life.

Sent from Central Florida on 5/19/2010.

Anthony Donato - Student (1978)

Still here in Pompano. Married to my wife Diane for 23 years. My daughter will be going to college next this year. For me, I have been flying for almost 26 years and still love it. Thanks for all the good times at PBHS.

Sent from Pompano Beach, FL on 5/18/2010.

John Lumsden - Student (1970)

Loved my years at Pompano Senior High!

Sent from Washington DC on 5/18/2010.

Michelle Portofee Kwart - Student (1981)

Wow! I stumbled on this website, and this is great! The school looks really good. Glad to see that it has reopened and still Tornadoes. Would love to hear from anyone that remembers me.

Sent from Atlanta,Ga on 5/14/2010.

Susan Pfeifler Bramer - Student (1971)

Checking up on folks I went to school with.

Sent from Ormond Beach, FL on 5/14/2010.

Susan Evans Blagman - Student (1980)

So glad to see a PBHS site. Since facebook I have had contact with many old friends. Living and working in Coral Springs. Married for 27 years and have 2 daughters 23 and 26. Hope to see everyone at next reunion.

Sent from Coral Springs, FL on 5/13/2010.

Shelley Moss Dylla - Student (1970)

Hi Everyone, I am looking forward to reconnecting with friends from High School. I moved back to Fl 13 years ago to help with my parents. My husband and I have been married for 36 years. We have 2 children and 3 Grandchildren. I am Retired and love visiting my Grandchildren every chance I can.

Sent from Boynton Beach, Fl on 5/12/2010.

Scott Thixton - Student (1977)

Just want to say hi to old friend's.

Sent from Jensen Beach, FL on 5/12/2010.

Sharon (Shari) Basham Wilson - Student (1973)

Hi everybody...hope everyone's finding their way through life's ups and downs. It's been interesting, that's for sure, but hanging in there, and hope you are too.

Sent from Naples, Florida on 5/10/2010.

Mark LaFontaine - Student (1977)

2 years ago I returned to Pompano Beach with my son and wanted to see if any part of the old school was still there. Needless to say I was shocked to see it open again and can only say it brings many memories with smiles.

Sent from Murrieta California on 5/8/2010.

Tedric Lamar Huff - Student (2003)

WOW! I can't believe I've been out of High school for 7 years now. This is so weird to me because I'm realizing how old I'm getting. Well, I have to give a special thanks to a group of teachers and staff members that were a driving force in shaping me into the person that I am today. Staff: Ms. Betty, Mr. Weaver, Ms. Tschirret, Mr. Hazel (I love you coach) Ms. Porter, Mrs. Kinghorn and Mr. Lotocky (Pushed me to go to film school) Mrs. Scott (Awesome English teacher) Dr. Shipe (Always saw potential in me)

Ms. Porter (Kept Ted smiling in the morning) Mrs. Roberson, Ms. Williams, Ms. Stephenson, Mrs. Vasquez, and Mrs. Pellegrino (Yeah, she helped me check my ego but I'm not sure she's aware of how humble she made me) Oh and I have to give a special hug to Mrs. Mir!!!!! Mr. Lotocky and Mrs. Kinghorn (You two are truly appreciated, seriously)

Sent from Los Angeles via Everywhere on 5/3/2010.

David Detweiler - Student (1985)

Life is good. I love this town.

Sent from Pompano Beach on 5/2/2010.

Betsy Bingler - Student (1974)

I loved going to school at Pompano from 70-74. The faculty was awesome and really dedicated to the students. I ended up being a teacher so I really appreciate all they did and the time they put in.

Sent from St. Augustine, Florida on 4/28/2010.

Paul Maggard - Student (1979)

Came across the site, looked in and saw some names that i haven't seen in a long time...

Sent from Weston, Florida on 4/27/2010.

Patricia Noller Timmerman - Student (1966)

Hi old friends. What a great site. I'm anxious to get to the 45th reunion in 2011. It's been a while since I saw anyone from H.S. Played on tennis team, swam AAU and was in Keyettes. Those were good times. I'm still here in FL., married, no children, one dog.

Sent from Boynton Beach, FL on 4/26/2010.

Barry Menzel - Student (1969)

Will try to come by and visit soon.

Sent from Seal Beach on 4/26/2010.

Cynthia Blatzer Gilbert - Student (2008)

I moved to GA in 2007 and opened my own restaurant, actually 2. Married with 2 children. Moved away in my SR year to Orlando so didnt graduate PBSH but went to school with most of the students since 7th grade, Margate, Deerfield, Pompano.

Sent from Blairsville GA on 4/26/2010.

Susan Claire Reed - Student (1967)

Hi everybody...I just came across this site by accident...this just great. I'm a pharmacy tech and work part time for the City of Pompano. I have a daughter 36 and a son 33 and 4 super grandkids. Feel free to drop a line and please remember to support Autism Speaks and your American Cancer Society. God bless all of you.

Sent from Pompano Beach, Florida on 4/24/2010.

Dennis Symonds - Student (1972)

Glad to see school doing so well and open again.

Sent from Las Vegas, NV on 4/18/2010.

Jill Andrews - Student (1977)

Does anybody happen to know where Trip Tyler may be?

Sent from Ohio on 4/16/2010.

Beth Suppes-Cowden - Student (1962)

Retired after 40 years as a Flight Attendant. Am bi-coastal between Florida and California. Semi care- giver for aging parents. Looking forward to class re-unions!

Sent from Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. on 4/15/2010.

Carol Hayes Mizell - Student (1966)

Graduated in 1966 and live between Amelia Island, Florida and Frisco, Colorado.

Sent from Amelia Island ,Fl/Frisco, CO on 4/12/2010.

Glenn W Hook - Student (1982)

I just found this site. I was just trying to find people now with all the face book frenzy.

Sent from Deerfield Beach, Fl on 4/7/2010.

Jim Danner - Student (1975)

Went to UF, married in 1979 to Susan Berry from St. Pete - we have 2 children: Jillian (27) and Jackson (11). Currently live in Valdosta, Ga. Would love to reconnect with some former PBHS students. Feel free to contact me on email or facebook.

Sent from Valdosta, Ga on 3/30/2010.

Barbara Cross DeSimone - Student (1969)

Looking for Bunny Forman, Sheri Cribbs, and Roxy Morehouse. I've been in New York for many years. Worked in the fashion business, visual arts. Have two grown children and seven grandchildren. Still in the arts and lovin life.......

Sent from New York on 3/28/2010.

Anthony Donato - Student (1978)

Always had a good time at PBHS. Still in Pompano with my wife for over 22 years and daughter 18. Worldwide flying for over 25 years.

Sent from Pompano Beach, FL on 3/24/2010.

Phil Deschene - Student (1976)

Just looking for old friends.

Sent from Loxahatchee, Florida on 3/21/2010.

Jon H. Ogden - Student (1980)

Is it reunion time?

Sent from Jupiter, Florida on 3/15/2010.

Charlie Woehler - Student (1977)

Looking forward to youngest daughters graduation from Pompano High school in June 2010. Two Noles no Gators two girl's no boy's. One wife 30 year's.

Sent from Fort Lauderdale, Florida on 3/14/2010.

Sharon Kay Morrison Boynton - Student (1959)

I looked for the school in 2001 and did not realize that a new location had been established. This is the first time that I have found a web site.

Sent from Tampa, FL on 3/13/2010.

Allison Missroon Moody - Student (1983)

I got married kinda late but made up for lost time. My husband, Greg and I have 4 children the last two are 5 year old twins.(yes do the math we are all the same age, but I bet I feel older) All in all life is pretty good, stay at home Mom and all that stuff. Still a JW too.

Sent from St Cloud on 3/12/2010.

Monica Smiley Curtis - Student (1980)

Wow - great times in Pompano. Attended elementary through high school there and have such good memories. Looking forward to the reunion this summer!

Sent from Long Beach, CA on 3/12/2010.

Tim McEwen - Student (1966)

I just wanted to post a new email address and invite anyone who may remember me or good times at PBSH to check in. I am looking forward to attending the next reunion. The last was an excellent production, not to be missed. See you there.

Sent from St. Augustine, Florida on 3/10/2010.

Phil Deschene - Student (1976)

I have great memories from those days even though I didnt participate in a lot of school activities. I only remember a few names, Herb Samuels, Louie Didonna, Brenda Mellelo sp??, Dianne Simmons, Terry Delmonico. I went to the 30th and had a great time. Looking forward to the 40th.

Sent from Loxahatchee, Florida on 3/8/2010.

Jay D Barrett - Student (1962)

Hi to all my fellow hurricane party friends...looking for anyone who might remember those good old days.

Sent from Washinton State on 3/7/2010.

Lisa Allmendinger - Student (1975)

Hi Suzanne Baughman and Lee Havens, see you at the next reunion.

Sent from Pompano Beach, FL on 3/6/2010.

Kay Shelly - Student (1973)

Planning a return to Broward and looking for HS options for my kids. Very fun to read up on Pompano High and some of the folks on this guest book that I remember.

Sent from Jacksonville on 3/3/2010.

Madge Carty - Student (1977)

Miss everyone, hope all is well. i am ok. Single doing well. One son 15 years old. Miss the good old days. God bless everyone. Peace out.

Sent from Gadsden, AL on 3/2/2010.

George Hopper - Student (1968)

I am a pastor in New York. I have had the chance to travel the world speaking and teaching. Taking Russian in my senior year has been very helpful. Married with 2 kids and 2 grandchildren.

Sent from Broadalbin, New York on 3/2/2010.

Ralph Cook - Student (1968)

I went to military school in 1964 but I, to this day, cherish my friends I had in Pompano----God bless all of you---I'd love to hear from some of you.

Sent from Wellington, Florida on 3/2/2010.

Cynthia Clark Scevola - Student (1966)

Any graduates of 1966?

Sent from Lake Oswego, Oregon on 2/28/2010.

Kathy Van Fleet Carpenter - Student (1963)

I was so lucky to have gone to PBHS from grade 1(Miss Gillis) all the way to graduation. Married my high school boyfriend, Tom, for almost 45 years, two kids and two grandaughters. We have never moved more than 10 miles away from Pompano. I drive by the school and think of all the great times and great friends we all made there. So happy it is open and has become one of the schools to graduated from.....just like the old days!

Sent from Lighthouse Point, Fl on 2/28/2010.

Lynda Foster Marks - Student (1961)

I went to Pompano from 8th grade. There could have no better place to be a teen. Juke box and dancing at lunch time!! The deck by the pool and dancing!! Africa USA for strolling with a boyfriend. I just looked that up to make sure it was as I remembered. My life has been very good. Still "married with children".

Sent from Austin, Tx. & Arcadia, Fl. on 2/27/2010.

Richard S. Riker - Student (1963)

I've been living in the San Francisco bay area for the last 35 years. I'm semi-retired and work for a Law firm in Santa Fe, NM. I have good memories attending PBHS.

Sent from Santa Fe, New Mexico on 2/27/2010.

Shelley Moss Dylla - Student (1970)

I really enjoyed my years at Pompano Jr. and SR. High School. I made some strong friendships over those years that I will cherish forever. In SR. High I found the Pompano Youth Ranch a non-denominational youth group. We had so much fun and learned about Christ and what he did for us. After I graduated from PHS I attended Florida Bible College. I met and married my husband Jerry, and then we moved to Rochester, Minnesota. We have been married for 36 years. We have 2 married children with 3 Grandchildren. We moved back to Florida in 1998 to be closer to my parents. I then worked at the Palm Beach Community College as an Infant Toddler Specialist. I am now retired and helping take care of my parents. I would love to hear from anyone who remembers me and especially anyone who attended the Pompano Youth Ranch. We would like to have a PYR reunion. Anyone know anything about a PHS class of 1970 reunion?

Sent from Boynton Beach, FL on 2/27/2010.

Beth Eikenberry - Student (1975)

Oh Pompano, hats off to you, of valiant colors gold and blue; of all the schools throughout the land there's none we think is quite so grand. Hail Hail to thee!

Sent from Ocoee, Florida on 2/25/2010.

Craig S. Porta - Student (1970)

I'm on Facebook along with lots of other students.

Sent from Canton, NY on 2/24/2010.

Catherine Kay Dorrell - Student (1964)

I am now living in Marco Island for 21/2 years when we retired. We are healthy and staying active. I have 3 grandchildren.

Sent from Marco Island, FL on 2/23/2010.

Kathy Van Fleet Carpenter - Student (1963)

Went to Pompano schools grade 1 thru 12, and still live in the area. Married for almost 45 years to my high school boyfriend! Two kids and two beautiful redheaded granddaughters! Lucky lucky lucky

Sent from Ligththouse Point, Florida on 2/17/2010.

Bette Cameron Miller - Student (1971)

Married to John for 26 years; 2 children Stephanie (1984) and Michael (1989), 2 furbabies Murphy (2001) and Madison (2005)!!

This is a great site. I have enjoyed reading a lot of the entries and came to one conclusion -life is way too short.

I remember it like it was yesterday. I would love to reconnect with anyone who remembers me!

Sent from Boca Raton, FL on 2/17/2010.

Judy Annette Warkentin Bridges - Student (1970)

Married Robert L Bridges, graduate of PBHS 1969 in Nov. 2009. I have three grown children and 12 grandchildren by previous marriage. I was a member of the chorus with Mrs. Mac and attended Sheridan Vocational school year 1969/70. I was also a member of Junior Achievment from 1967-1970. Would love to hear from any classmates that remember me.

Sent from Jacksonville, NC on 2/17/2010.

Pete Broockman - Student (1983)

Hey all, had a great time at PBHS, spent to much time working and Surfing and not enough time with friends. Left Fl in 84 and went to school in San Diego, surfed mostly! Now live in the mountains of TN, what a contrast.. Been in the Environmental field since graduating. Contact me sometime, love to hear from anyone.

Sent from Maryville, TN on 2/16/2010.

Bettie Murray Goodloe - Student (1969)

Looking for classmates Gina Jacquess, Kay McAuley, Deborah Baxley, and most of all Dottie Warner.

Sent from Tampa, FL on 2/16/2010.

Sandy DeWitt Lyles - Student (1974)

Wow, it's been so long...I've been living in the mountains for 13 years now. Raised my two boys here and now I'm a grandma! Love to hear from any of the gang from 1974.

Sent from Salida, Colorado on 2/13/2010.

Mike Dolan - Student (1977)

Were is everybody from 77 at?? Still going strong four kids from college to middle school, hope all is well with all my friends!!

Sent from Pompano Beach on 2/12/2010.

Linda Watkins - Student (1969)

Hi everyone! What great memories of good times. Yes I remember bonfires on the beach with our church group, chorus with Mrs. Mac. If your skirt length was questionable you had to get on your knees and either your hem was ripped out or your mother was Remember all of the bomb threats??? Everyday for awhile, out to the football field!! Good, good memories and good people. Would love to hear from anyone. Dianne Markham if you see this I got your card but it got lost in the move! Would love to hear from you. Oh Pompano Hats Off To YOU!!!!

Sent from Stoneville, NC on 2/11/2010.

John E Thofner Jr. - Student (1966)


Sent from Vero Beach, FL on 2/10/2010.

Barbara Cross Desimone - Student (2008)

Long time living on East Coast looking for bunny forman...sheri cribbs...and roxy morehouse please email me would love to hear whats going on with all i have two great kids Devin age 34 and Justin 32 and 7 grand children still in fashion and design and free lance visual art ........lovin life......

Sent from NY on 2/9/2010.

John Hertner - Student (1962)

Greetings to all from 1962. I have been checking: this alumni site, Face Book and consulting my old yearbook in an attempt to remember who we once were and who we've become in preparation for the 60, 61 and 62 reunion in April, 2010. Best wishes and looking forward to seeing y'all.

Sent from Kearney, Nebraska on 2/8/2010.

Phil Lanteri - Student (1968)

Hello old friends. My wife Linda & I are planning to move back to fl. soon. The winters are just a little too cold here.

Sent from knoxville,tn on 2/8/2010.

Barbara Cross DeSimone - Student (1962)

Looking for Bunny Forman Sheri Cribbs and Roxy Morehouse Living in NY for many years and still in fashion and design two great kids and four grandchildren Lovin Life!!!

Sent from Rye Brook NY 10573 on 2/5/2010.

Ann Marie (Hall) Hunt - Student (1967)

Hello, to all the band members, remember Mr. Richards! Married to Air Force guy for 36 yrs, have 2 children, Margo in Peace Corps in Ukraine and Travis going to college in Omaha, he was my "late" child. Miss the band and the "Golden Tornadoes"

Sent from Papillion, Nebraska on 2/4/2010.

Timothy Alan Bell - Student (1972)

I'm thankful to have reunited with my best friend from PBSHS recently, Joe Robert's. Sure would like to run into other's I went to school with @ the greatest place on earth.

As for myself I'm currently retired. I left Southern California Edison (SCE) after working as a journeymen lineman for over 28 year's. I moved out of Huntington Beach, Ca and moved to Hendersonville, NC after I retired to help my parents in their time of need in their golden years.

My wife and I are moving back to Florida this Feb. Together we have four son's and five wonderful grandkids.

We thank God each day for the blessings given us in this life and look forward to being of service to other's God allows us to bless.

My God bless each of you and God bless all the teacher's that have teached at PBSHS as well as other schools too.

I look forward to attending a class reunion, so if anyone knows of one coming up please feel free to email me.


Tim Bell

Sent from Moving back to Fl on 1/15/2010.

Daren Williams - Student (2008)

Hey freshmens i miss you guys

Sent from lake city on 1/13/2010.

Wayne Allen Claspille - Student (1982)

I just found this web sight. Glad to see PBHS re-open. I am trying to find old yearbook from the school days. I no longer have any of my rear books. I have been around the block and around the world, Thanks to Uncle Sam.. And I have 1 great daughter..

Sent from North Carolina on 1/13/2010.

Teri R Gelatt - Student (1977)

Would love to go back and work at the school.

Sent from Pompano Beach, FL on 1/12/2010.

Owen Schwaderer - Student (1960)

Pompano High School (first class in the new school) 1960, then Univ Fla finishing in 1964. After college, lived in NYC, Ft Lauderdale and Danville, Calif. Retired now in Stuart. Met and married Linda Horner (Miami) at UF; have three daughters and 13 grandchildren.

Sent from Stuart, Fl United States on 1/11/2010.

Mark Lazenby - Student (1981)

Here I am...

Sent from Lawrenceville, GA on 1/11/2010.

Richard P. Condon - Student (1961)

It was done in '61.

Sent from Tampa, Florida on 1/9/2010.

Ron Cramer - Student (1964)

Attended PBHS 63-64 and moved back to washington state. Would have graduated class of 65. Played Varsity Basketball. Like to contact a big guy on team named Chris ...... Also would like to find Liz Larame (sp)

Sent from Eugene, Oregon on 1/7/2010.

Patricia Bollen Svorinich - Student (1965)

Had a wonderful time @ PBSH. Loved the football & especially homecoming. Brings back good memories when I pass the old school. Still married (40) yrs. Two sons & two grandsons! Loving life. Getting ready to retire!! Going to travel some. Looking for Mary Jo Draffin.......anyone seen her????

Sent from Newberry, Florida on 1/7/2010.

Sean Duffy - Student (1985)

wow It's really cool to see all you people on this site. What a great time in life... If we only knew how short it would be.

Sent from Southwest Ranches, FL on 1/6/2010.

Kay Cowen Minter - Student (1969)

I left south Florida in 74 as a young bride. My husband, Mike, and I moved to Reston Va. and started a Bible Church (non denominational). It has grown to be a large community of believers in Christ. We are now 35 years old, and this june we are moving into our second building. Four grown children, two grandchildren. Life is good.

Sent from Northern Virginia on 1/6/2010.

Deborah Huntington Crocetti - Student (1978)

I am a licensed psychotherapist, working as a member of the Quality Improvment Team with LifeSynch, Inc, a wholly owned subisdiary of HUMANA.I conduct treatment record reviews of our HIGH VOLUME providers, and I travel 26 weeks per year. In addition, I work with my husband, nationally recognized jazz artist, Eddie Crocetti, doing weekly concerts and performances across the US.

Sent from Dallas, TX on 1/6/2010.

Mary Early Thomas - Student (1978)

I left shortly before my senior year and moved to NC. I loved so many wonderful memories at Pompano Beach HS. I would love to reconnect with some of my friend.

Sent from Greensboro, NC on 1/5/2010.

Thomas E Adams - Student (1972)

I haven't been down to Pompano in a long time. It was fun back then!

Sent from Mexico Beach, Fl on 1/5/2010.

Elaine Aronson Smith - Student (1962)

Hi Guys,
would love to hear from any of you! So much fun in those years!

Sent from Captiva Island, FL on 12/19/2009.

Michele Ferrone - Student (2008)

luck to all

Sent from Tampa on 12/19/2009.

William K. Beatty, Jr - Student (1966)

Would enjoy hearing from any classmates. Looking forward to next reunion.

Sent from Lebanon, CT on 12/18/2009.

Tad Miller - Student (1980)

I grew up in Pompano Beach, went to Pompano High my freshman year and moved out of town. Would like to connect with some old friends.

Sent from Fort Myers Fl on 12/16/2009.

Darlyn Perry Hill - Student (1973)

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I enjoyed my time in Pompano Beach, I'm married we have 4 children and 1 grand daughter Kali. We now live on the West Coast of FL. It is a more slower life than Pompano. PS I'm on FB.

Sent from port charlotte fl on 12/16/2009.

Larry B. Friend - Student (1970)

Just found this website. Currently living in Ohio, Married 2 children. Hello to the band.

Sent from Rocky River, ohio on 12/13/2009.

Kathleen Pocklington - Student (2008)

It's been a long time.

Sent from Merritt Island, FL on 12/13/2009.

Darren Troy Miller - Student (1983)

GO TORNADOES!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sent from West Palm Bch, Fl. on 12/7/2009.

NAtOYA hAll - Student (2008)

hey tornardos just passinq thru to wish yu luck

Sent from sunrise on 12/6/2009.

Dale Moore Allison - Student (1971)

I recently retired after 25 years at the Hollywood Police Dept. as Supervisor of the Crime Scene Investigations Unit. Retirement is great.

Sent from Hollywood Fla on 12/6/2009.

Serena Stanley - Student (1997)

i was a student in 9th grade when the school was namws Pompano Instutie for the international

Sent from sunrise ,fla on 12/6/2009.

Tim Brucker - Student (1985)

I'm Still in Florida. I have three children and Married. It's really great to see where everyone has ended up. I would like to say Hello to Anthony Gulino, John Rod, Danny Rubino, , Lance Penny and all my Friends that I played Baseball with. I see coach Johnson around town still.

Sent from Sunrise, FL on 12/5/2009.

Karen Moreland - Student (1984)

I was a Student Government Rep., Cheerleader and on the Softball Team.

Sent from Pompano Beach on 12/2/2009.

Steve Berman - Student (1980)

Just checking in to see the old place

Sent from Denver Colorado on 11/18/2009.

Liz Barnes Marquardt - Student (1973)

Hey every one, Liz here, Married with children, 2 of my own, four by marriage. Four grandkids of my own, ten more by marriage! Some of you are not on FaceBook and you need to be. People are sharing pictures from "the day". You will only hate it for the first two weeks and that is only because ALL those people will show you the love! :) Feel free to contact me if you would like to talk old time or new!

Sent from Lawrenceburg, KY on 11/16/2009.

Barbara Van Fleet Bender - Student (1961)

great looking at all the comments. lots of fond memories from pbhs. does anyone remember my mom? she taught 5th grade for many years until her retirement.

Sent from daytona bch. fl on 11/16/2009.

Kathy Hebsacker Schena - Student (1965)

I enjoyed reading about old friends. Became a Dental Hygienist moved to Auburn Al for 20 yrs. moved back to Pompano 2008. Have 3 children 4 grandchildren. Retired and looking for forward to next reunion.

Sent from Pompano Bch. on 11/15/2009.

Elizabeth Booth Carideo - Student (1965)

Hi everyone in the class of 1965. After I graduated, I worked for good ole Southern Bell and then went on to fly for NorthEast Airlines which merged with Delta. Had fun and saw many places. Met my husband and have been married for 38 yrs. in Feb. We have 3 beautiful adult children and 3 grandsons. Thank you Diana and others for connecting everyone. Liz

Sent from New England on 11/15/2009.

June Barber Tegenkamp - Student (1965)

I miss the good times we all had in high school! I love Virginia and my life here. A husband (over 40 years), 2 children and 3 (so far) grandchildren. I hope to see everyone next Fall at the reunion!

Sent from Roanoke, VA on 11/15/2009.

Joanne Maxson Cerrito - Student (1984)

Great to see familiar names! divorced and happy, living in O-town with my 2 kids, Alyssa,20 and Nick,17. Hoping to move to Alabama soon:) Hope All are happy and Healthy!

Sent from Orlando, FLorida on 11/10/2009.

Gail Coursey O'Donnell - Student (1964)

So many miles ago. I wonder about all of the people I went to school with from first grade to graduation. I hope you all have great lives. Heck I hope you are still alive. ;)

Sent from St Michaels, Maryland on 11/10/2009.

William Cochran - Student (2007)

Married with two sons and two grand children. Retired from Gainesville Housing Authority as Director of Finance for 28 years. Currently working part time for a CPA office in Deland. My hobby is bike riding(the kind you peddle). I have ridden across Oregon 3 times, Arizona once, Virginia three times, and Georgia once. Looking forward to hearing from old friends from PBHS.

Sent from Palm Coast/Gainesville, Fl on 11/8/2009.

Linda Vennell - Student (1980)

Looking forward to seeing old friends at the reunion next year.

Sent from Northern NJ on 11/7/2009.

Donna Weyd - Student (1980)

**REUNION JULY 30-AUGUST 1, 2010**

Hello everyone. If you want to be kept updated on the 30th reunion of the Class of 1980 combined with 1981, please use these e-mails:

please send me your current address, phone & e-mail for the combined 1980 & 1981 PBHS reunion info to come planned for July 30 thru Augusy 1, 2010.

send to: for class of 1981.

or for class of 1980

Sent from Pompano Beach on 11/3/2009.

James Fielding - Student (1970)

Funny thing...I was sorting thru a storage box of old papers when I ran across a piece of paper that looked like it was printed yesterday. My old PBHS Driver's Ed certificate! Wow...that brings back some memories! My history...went into the US Air Force, used my GI Bill to finish college, became an Aerospace Engineer for twenty or so years, had a couple of marriages, I have 2 sons, one finishing college,FSU, one just beginning FSU, worked as a Medical Engineer up until 2008, came down with lung cancer, now retired. Miss everyone back a PBHS...seems so long ago. At least we had a short-lived series "Class of 1970" a few years back. Anyone can reach me at if you want to talk old times. Long live the Blue and Gold!

Sent from Orlando, Florida on 10/31/2009.

gary stern - Student (1982)

looking for former classmates that are on facebook.

Sent from lake worth florida on 10/31/2009.

Carol Hunn Bogart - Student (1961)

Moved to North Carolina in 1983. I have four children and 9 grands ages 21 - 3. This is a beautiful place to live!

Sent from North Carolina on 10/30/2009.

David Paul - Student (2007)


Sent from Brunswick, Maine on 10/28/2009.

Brian E. Skiff - Student (1974)

Its been long time

Sent from Bora Raton on 10/24/2009.

Mark Petracca - Student (1980)

It's been a long time and those were a really foggy 4 years.

Sent from Coral Springs on 10/24/2009.

Donna Weyd - Student (1980)

Erin Perry Scwarb & Beth Heuser Aseere have been busy working on the combined class of 80 & 81 reunion.....

Save the date > July 30th & 31st, 2010!!

More details coming soon.....

Please share this info with your friends & ask them to join our class/groups on facebook, so they'll get all the details directly.....

Sent from Pompano Beach on 10/24/2009.

Marilyn Bourne Hodges - Student (1963)

Looking for Vaughn Meister

Sent from Maryville, TN on 10/22/2009.

Virginia (Ginny) Schramm Husen - Student (1964)

Trying to catch up with everyone. It seems I live the furthest away, first Ga. and now Palm Desert, Ca. Love it here. Would love to catch up with any or all of you. When is the next reunion???

Sent from United States on 10/22/2009.

Robert P. Wagner - Student (1962)

Hi, just had a friend sign me up on this facebook stuff. Been doing well and hope you all are. I do remember some of the names.

Sent from Palm City, Fl on 10/13/2009.

Allen McCartha - Student (1965)

Would love to find all the "lost" beanpickers! Thanks to all that do such a great job trying to get & keep us together! Does anyone know anything about Bill "Willie" Sedmack? Not sure of spelling. He played on varsity track team & he & I ran all through Deerfield together!

Sent from Pompano Beach on 10/3/2009.

Daniel A. Dahl - Student (1981)

Long time

Sent from Atlanta, GA on 10/1/2009.

Richard Decker - Student (1962)

Just made my first trip back to Pompano in 25 years and could not believe the difference in the city. Did not recognize the city or the high school. The trip brought back many fond memories of life in Pompano during the 50's, 60's, and 70's, and the many friends and former classmates, some no longer with us. I am retired now and enjoying life with my wife of 38 years. Would enjoy hearing from my old friends.

Sent from Palm Coast, FL on 10/1/2009.

Pail J Roy - Student (1978)

Hay John Patsey, if your out there, send me an email.

Sent from Cornelia, GA on 9/30/2009.

Andy Hodges - Student (1983)

Tight Lines

Sent from Sunrise, florida on 9/29/2009.

Lauren Cassidy - Student (2007)

It's crazy to see how much the school has changed in the two short years that I've been gone.

The ridiculous tardy/absence policy came into effect my senior year, and I see it's even more strict now. I can't believe some of the best teachers are gone: Sesti, Barak (Turek), DAVIS, etc.

It's crazy how much has changed since we've graduated. You go from seeing the same faces every day to seeing them very seldomly...if ever again at all.

Hope everyone is doing well. Get out there and make something of your lives!!

Here's to '07... last of the old school, and first of the new! :)

Sent from Lake Placid, FL on 9/28/2009.

Richard Berquist - Faculty (1984)

This is a wonderful web site. 35 years ago I stated at Pompano Beach High School and now I am back. It's funny when some of the kids look at the old yearbooks and see my picture with longer hair.. all I can say is " that's a good looking guy... right."

The Alumni need to come visit the school... they would be proud. I always loved working at Pompano Beach and I am happy to be back. Please feel free to contact me it would be nice hear from you.

Sent from Pompano Beach High School on 9/26/2009.

Jeannette Wright - Student (1964)

I was only at PBHS for my senior year, following a move from PA. I remember "A Man Called Peter" as the senior play, classmates Richard Wright '64, Bobby McKinnon and Bev Smith '65.

Sent from California on 9/16/2009.

David Hutchinson - Student (1971)

Retired Deputy Sheriff from Glades and Levy Co's. AMF Pinspotter Master Mechanic. Currently Head Mechanic @ Alley Gatorz bowling center in Gainesville,Fl.Class of "71" is #1!!

Sent from Dunnellon,Fl. on 9/16/2009.

Craig Mawson - Student (1980)

Great to see that every one is doing well. Moved back to Pompano Beach, bought a home near the beach, and started a Marketing and Advertising company with my fiance.

I am a alumni that would like to be a active part in helping the school raise funds.To reach me

Sent from Pompano Beach on 9/16/2009.

Clark McCall - Student (1978)

Started working for Motorola after graduating from FAU. Still working for them today. Have 3 children, my son & oldest faughter are in college and youngest daughter just started middle school. Would love to hear from old friends.

Sent from Eustis, FL on 9/15/2009.

Linnee Steffens Kendall - Student (1973)

Married in 1979. One son. One grandson.

Sent from Port Saint Lucie, FL on 9/12/2009.

James Michael Balistreri - Student (1980)

i saw the link

Sent from lighthouse point on 9/11/2009.

Donna Mason Miget - Student (1960)

I graduated from hs in 1960. While in high school, I was a majorette and vice president of my senior class. I received my masters degree in educational administration and became a principal in tx.

Sent from taft tx on 9/10/2009.

Susan Grissinger - Student (1975)

After reading everyone's comments I found out there is a reunion next year! Fourth of July? I will do my best to make it this time.

Sent from Winter Garden, FL on 9/9/2009.

Susan Grissinger - Student (1975)

Hello out there

Sent from Winter Garden, FL on 9/9/2009.

William E. Collins - Student (1978)

Go Tornadoes!!!

Sent from Pompano Beach on 9/7/2009.

Allen Measel - Student (1980)

was a great time and a great school

Sent from Tampa on 9/5/2009.

James McDonald - Student (1962)

I'am putting this on here in hopes that someone has some information on my father. He was a baseball player and was drafted his senior year.

Sent from Jensen Beach,FL. on 9/2/2009.

Nicole Destimas - Student (2000)

i am proud of my school

Sent from florida on 9/1/2009.

Kassandra Lansing - Student (1967)

I am looking for a friend that went to Pompano class of 1967 and then Michigan State ..her name was Carol Fairchild if anyone can help me Please I'd like to locate her.

Sent from Tampa,Fl. on 8/27/2009.

Michael Forte - Student (1979)

Received my educational foundation at PBHS then off to Auburn University and eventually obtained my dream job as a commercial pilot. I have lived all around the country and I am now back home! It is great to see the high school excel.

Sent from Boca Raton, Florida on 8/26/2009.

Roger B. McNine - Student (1965)

Hello to all my 1965 classmates. Send me an e-mail

Sent from JONESBOURGH TN. on 8/24/2009.

Catherine Hollingsworth - Student (1982)

I gratuated from Pompano High in 1982. Great memories, great school. My sister and I were known as "Frenchies". Miss those good all days!

Sent from Pompano Beach on 8/24/2009.

Evan Carroll - Student (2006)

Oh the things I could write in here. It would be therapeutic.

All kidding aside, '06 was clearly the superior year, and anyone from that year that doesn't already have my contact email should get it. I miss you guys.

Sent from Broward College on 8/15/2009.

Carol L Twitty - Student (1965)

Went to high school '62 thru '65. Work now for the state of NC in Raleigh. Live in Cary, NC on the same street as my sister, Pat.

Sent from Cary, NC on 8/12/2009.

William Dean - Student (1971)

Class of '71 graduate

Sent from Marietta, GA on 8/10/2009.

Rebecca Hill Moore - Student (1983)

just wanted to change my comment: Have a daughter, 9, and a son, 8. Left FL in 1989 for school in Tennessee, returned 1993. Missed Florida too much. Now happily married (since 1998). We go boating a lot, work a lot, and drive kids to dance studio and ice rink a lot.

Sent from Atlantis, FL on 8/9/2009.

Barbara Rabette Beatty - Student (1959)

Where do I find out about class reunions? This year will be my 50th.

Sent from USA on 8/3/2009.

Tom Hedges - Student (1981)

Graet Times at Pompano Beach High School. The Band Trips, Parties, Band Directors and Dr.Myers putting me on the switch board 4th period. But thanks to the teachers and staff for getting me thru school After the Army and 22 years at the Bay County Sheriff's Office so far life is great with a 4 yera old and a loving wife and 17 year cancer survior

Sent from Panama City, Florida on 8/2/2009.

Lindsey Ostrosser Mills - Student (1966)

Hi there - just surfing around Facebook and noted that Pompano Beach High was there! Have kept in touch with a few people but it's amazing how fast the years go by and how quickly we lose touch! Hope this finds everyone well - my husband and I are retired and have a lot of interests and we make it back to FL quite a bit since both my kids live down there and NOW one grandson!

Sent from Chino Valley, AZ on 8/1/2009.

Anthony Gulino - Student (1985)

this is a great site for pompano alumni,class of 85 was extremely i still reside in pompano i would love for my children to graduate from P.B.H.S.

i would love to here from some of my old crew from the 80's.

Sent from Pompano Beach on 7/30/2009.

Jessica Rogers - Student (2006)

Class of '06 baby!!!!! woo hoo =)

Sent from Pompano Beach on 7/30/2009.

Dianne Markham Warren - Student (1969)

Those were the days at Pompano High! I skipped a class on occasion, especially algebra, but other than that I was a good student. High school was fun with great memories to last a lifetime, tornado's and all.

Sent from Dunnellon, Florida on 7/29/2009.

cee jaa - Student (1975)

hello class 75 miss all the great times we had

Sent from coral springs on 7/27/2009.

David Eberhart - Student (1980)

Great to read all of the posts on this brings back a lot of memories. Just completing my 25th year in law enforcement with the City of Delray Beach and currently hold the rank of Lieutenant. Married with two boys(17 & 12) who keep me busy year round with travel baseball. I would love to hear from old friends. I missed the last few reunions so, keep my posted next time around.

Sent from Boynton Beach on 7/25/2009.

Greg Cote - Student (1976)

hope to hear form all you had a great time in school wasnt there much but it was fun email me if you know me

Sent from Margate Fl on 7/24/2009.

John Baxter - Student (2007)

I attended Pompano in 1979 for the 9th grade, left and went to the military. I stayed in the military for 22 years and retired. I'm looking for some old class mates that may remember me or Pete Gipperich. If you do please contact me to get an update/ and see when the next reunion is going to take place.

Sent from Texas on 7/23/2009.

Patricia Niemczyk - Student (1964)

My maiden name was Devine and I only attended PBHS for my senior year having moved to FL at that time.

Sent from Richmond,VA on 7/22/2009.

Patricia A. Niemczyk - Student (1965)

I only attended my senior year at PBHS having moved down to FL at that time.

Sent from Richmond,VA on 7/22/2009.

Donna Slocum Willis - Student (1965)

I am now living in Port St. Lucie.. Looking forward to our mini reunion in October.

Sent from United States on 7/20/2009.

Anthony Gulino - Student (1985)

nice little web site for the Pompano alumni. would like to say hello to my old friends Joe Demelia,John Supple,Dana and Jerry Sullivan,Lance Penny,Tim Brucker,John Rodriguez,Kathy Motzner,David and Danny Maund my partners in crime for many years.Hope to hear from some old friends

Sent from Pompano Beach on 7/19/2009.

Peggy Miceli Malone - Student (1973)

I went to Pompano Jr High and Pompano High, and made great friends. Those were the days..My mom worked as a secretary in the office at PBHS, so i used to get pink slips all day long to leave campus and go to McDonald's for lunch. I was in DECA for junior and senior with Ms Anne Hickman..she was a really wonderful lady. My first job was at Pompano Fashion Center, at Hollywood Travel, and guess what, I'm still a travel agent 38 years in Boca, but would like to move back to Broward...if anyone remembers me..give me a shout by email...

Sent from Boca Raton on 7/16/2009.

Amelita Buchelt Rickards - Student (1975)

I work for Blue Cross of Florida as an RN case manager, now an empty nester, my husband Mike and I raised 5 kids and have most of our sanity left! Great times at Pompano, looking forward to our 35th reunion, our last one was great! Hope to see you all there!

Sent from Royal Palm Beach,Florida on 7/14/2009.

Mike Hyde - Student (1981)

Would enjoying hearing from my old friends, especially band buddies!

Sent from Mt. Airy, NC on 7/12/2009.

john willie coney - Student (1974)

go pompano high school i miss you guys so much,hit a classmate e-mail address is or phone me at 239-440-5904 fill free to call anytime go pbhs.

Sent from fort myers fla. on 7/11/2009.

Dwayne Brown - Student (2004)

Man.... It's been just over 5 years since I graduated from P-NO. I couldn't imagine going to High School anywhere else! I had so much fun in high school and sometimes I wish I could go back. Anyone from the class of 2004 knows that we were the realist class to come through that institution lol.
I miss the random brawls with the seniors during our freshman year, the petty drama that some people STILL WON'T LET GO lol, and of course my lucrative CD business lol. I graduated from The University of Central Florida in 2008 with a B.S.B.A in Management Information Systems, a minor concentration in Accounting and an Enterprise Resource Planning Certificate. I am currently pursuing an M.B.A. with a minor concentration in Technology Ventures... Anyone that knew me at Pompano knows that I am doing exactly what I was born to do lol.

Shout out to all official and honorary members of D-Unit and the Island Boys! Ya'll know who you are! lol

Hit me up whenever! (954) 817-2691

Sent from Orlando, FL on 7/8/2009.

Amelita M Rickards - Student (1975)

Good times remembered and also Dean Durbins hard wacks!

Sent from Royal Palm Beach, Florida on 7/8/2009.

Judy Rishel Mizro - Student (1962)

Looking for Alumni from 1962

Sent from Destin Fl on 7/5/2009.

Larry Groom - Student (1963)

Looking for old friends

Sent from Sebastian, Florida on 7/3/2009.

maryann camp cox - Student (1973)

i was a student at pompano for 2 years. it was one of the best times in my life. if you were there then email me.

Sent from largo florida on 6/30/2009.

lesa pilon pagano - Student (1984)

do we have a reunion coming in july?

Sent from pompano beach on 6/26/2009.

Kevin Snyder - Staff (1979)

Love to hear from any students, faculty, and/or staff. Seeing the school after graduating 30 years ago was just as shocking as seeing my very first part time job, which happened to be Pompano Bowl. Now its called something else, and, that too has totally changed. I have always fought change, and, I came to realize some years ago that you cannot stop it.

Feel free to e-mail me anytime. I would love to hear from you.

Sent from Lehigh Acres, Florida on 6/24/2009.

James ason - Student (1985)

hello to all

Sent from Georgia on 6/18/2009.

Janet Nederlanden - Student (1975)

Just found out we are having a 35th reunion next year around July 4th. Kerry Jewel is in charge. Will do my best to be there this time!

Sent from Deerfield Beach, FL on 6/17/2009.

Sandy Kozuch-Glasco Thompson - Student (1973)

Hi All, What a hoot to see some old names. CMoore,Kathy Hendrix, JJ & Dolores King. Not sure if anyone remembers me, but our family who used to own Pompano Bowl, we moved to NC in 1969. I graduated up there. I live in Boca now and work for Tri-Rail. My daughter just graduated FAU and moved away. So now I am an empty nester. I would love to chat with you sometime. Keep in touch.

Sent from Boca Raton, Florida on 6/14/2009.

Mark K. Block - Student (1979)

After graduation, I went to the Plumber/Pipefitting Program, graduated from that in 1983, & have been with Local Union #719 ever since. Married, with 3 children--oldest is in college over in Tampa, USF & the other two are small at Norcrest Elem. Enjoy activities in the LHP area with the kids. Have lot's of great memories from PBHS

Sent from Lighthouse Point, FL on 6/13/2009.

Erin Duffy MacDaniel - Student (1982)

Hello to all my fellow golden tornadoes! My fondest memories were of marching band, winter guard (go Stage Left) and changing tides choral group. If anyone wants to write to me go ahead!

Sent from Pittsburgh, PA on 6/10/2009.

Karen Coates Hufham - Student (1971)

So glad to see PBHS is alive and doing well -makes me proud! I was in Orchestra with Doc for 3 of those 4 years, and I think we had the best group ever.

I'm an R.N., working in the AIDS research field. I've been in NC since 1980, but I've got sand in my shoes and plan on retiring in Florida someday. I have 2 daughters and 2 granddaughters - there's nothing better than being "Grama".

Please keep me on the list for the next reunion. Granddaughter was very ill and receiving chemo during our 30th, so I missed it. But she's doing well now, and I'd love to see everyone again!

Sent from Wilmington, NC on 6/9/2009.

Pat Miner Warbritton - Student (1967)

I'm glad my sister (Bobby) told me about this site. Nice seeing some names from my past. After graduating for the U of F I married Scott. We moved to Brandon where we raised 2 sons. They have blessed us with 5 grandchildren - 1 boy and 4 girls. I retired from the American Cancer Society, but recently went back to work with the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation in Tampa as their Executive Director. I was in Pompano last month and could not believe Oceanside Shopping Center is gone, as well as Miner's Chevron! And Pompano High looked different as well. Changes!!!!!

Sent from Apollo Beach, Fla (near Tampa!) on 6/9/2009.

Frankie Gene Brewster - Student (1971)

Hi Gang Just Feeling Nastalgic
Hope To Hear From Some Of My Old Classmates.
Please E-mail Me.
Go Gold & Blue

Sent from Sunrise Florida on 6/9/2009.

Veronica Reininga - Student (1976)

PBSH years were wonderful! Great seeing so many old friend at our FANTASTIC 30 yr. reunion. Look forward to the next get together. Old friends I welcome your e-mails.
Life is Good!

Sent from Charlotte, NC on 6/9/2009.

Patsy Sutton Runyan - Student (1965)

I left the Summer before our Sr. year. My mother moved back to Mississippi. Only had 75 students in my class. It was such a big change. Hope to hear from all the 1966 class.

Sent from Wesson, Mississippi on 6/5/2009.

Linda Perrry Docteroff - Student (1966)

Pompano held tons of memories for me. Some good, some not so good. Wish I had really studied, however now I know the difference. I'm married to a wonderful person, Marshall, 5 children and 8 grandchildren. Our home looks out onto Grandfather Mountain. We hike, bike toured Alaska and Nova Scotia in our motorhome. Life is very very good right now. Hi to anyone who remembers this little wallflower.

Sent from Boone, North Carolina on 6/4/2009.

Richard L DeBusk Sr ( AKA Ricky ) - Student (2007)

So many great memories. I hope everyone is doing well, I have been involved with Real Estate Law and devolopment to which has led me to the investment side of things. I have been very fortunate over the years. I have wondered what everyone is up to. Please Feel free to drop me a line anytime I would love to hear from everyone.

Sent from Deerfield Beach Florida on 6/2/2009.

William T. Hurt - Student (1980)

Still in Pompano, but my work has me traveling often. Very happy to see Pompano reopen. Tom Ferris e-mail me.

Sent from Pompano Beach, Fl. on 6/1/2009.

Jeanie Ruback McDaris - Student (1980)

I moved to the Atlanta area shortley after graduation. I have been married for 23 years and have a son who is a sophmore at UGA (GO DAWGS)

Sent from woodstock, ga on 5/25/2009.

Stephen Baker - Student (1966)

Looking for lost friends from years past. Be well to all who remember.

Sent from Quebec, Canada on 5/24/2009.

Lisa Kimmey Grosso - Student (1976)

What a fabulous site! Wish I had found it sooner, definitely before the reunion. It's great to see PBHS and the class of '76 are doing so well. Where has the time gone? My kids are all grown. I've been teaching English in the area for years. I'd love to catch up with old friends.

Sent from Fort Lauderdale on 5/23/2009.

Lynda Ward - Student (1969)

Hello All,

It is our 40th. Searching for Darlene Reis. Last seen in Buffalo, New York. Too many parties; too much fun. Where for art thoU?

Sent from San Francisco, CA on 5/23/2009.

Hugh Catlett - Student (1959)

Looking forward to 50th calss of '59 reunion this summer.

Sent from Lake Placid, FL on 5/21/2009.

Carl Bick - Student (1955)

I was a "Beanpicker" in the 1954-1955 school year and was proud to play for the baseball team. We didn't win many games that year but had fun in our relaxed practices and traveling thru out the state to play games.

Sent from Palmdale, California on 5/19/2009.

Brian Angleovich - Student (1977)

Good times, having fun when going to the strip was fun. Shop class with Mr. Board

Sent from Columbus, Georgia on 5/18/2009.

Roy Briggs - Student (1971)

My wife Denise and I have been married for 29 years. We have a golf course and sports field construction company that. that deals mainly with private country clubs and large sports venues. I have 2 children from my wifes first marriage my son works with the company and will take it over ASAP. I am tired of working. We have homes in Ellijay Georgia and will sell our homes in Jupiter as soon as the market turns around come on market.
we have 4 labs that we have trained for retrieving .

Sent from Jupiter, Fl. on 5/17/2009.

Edna Horne - Student (1929)

Still a Bean Picker

Sent from Georgia on 5/14/2009.

Kitty Osborn - Student (1979)

Hello, class of 1979, looking forward to catching up at the reunion. Feel free to email me, it would be great to reconnect with old friends

Sent from Birmingham, Alabama on 5/13/2009.

Spencer Manley - Student (1982)

I attended high school through 1982 at Pompano beach high school and would be interested in reunion information and such.

Sent from Fitzgerald, Georgia on 5/10/2009.

Dawn Josett Carney - Student (1978)

I was a student for 2 years. Meet a lot of new and interesting people. I came from a very small country town in south western New York.

Sent from Delray Beach, FL on 5/7/2009.

Susan Higerd - Student (1979)

Oh, Pompano, hats off to you!

Sent from NE Georgia on 5/5/2009.

Ellen Downie Langer - Student (1979)

Hi to all the 79 Grads

Living in Sarasota, married, 9 year old daughter. Teaching and Personal Trainer. Love working out still. Spend my summers on a beautiful farm in Iowa. Looking forward to seeing some of you at the Reunion in June. Contact Carl Collaizi for more information.

Sent from Sarasota and Iowa on 5/3/2009.

Joyce Voorhies Glas - Student (1980)

Married my high-school sweetheart Mike Glas and have been married for 26 years, We have 3 boys ages 25,23 and whoops(our miracle)7. Looking forward to a class reunion and hearing from any of our classmates!

Sent from Atlanta, Ga. on 4/28/2009.

Susan Burris Woods - Student (1983)

After graduating from PBHS I went to FSU and studied Music education. In my junior year I met my husband and we have been married 20 years. We have 4 children, and I have been homeschooling them for 2 years now. God has been very good to me and my family. I'm thankful for the 4 years I had at PBHS.

Sent from Apopka, Florida on 4/27/2009.

Wilbert J. Jones - Student (1972)

Pompano Bch, Sr High a great school and I have great memories. I would like to known of any class reunion trips or social events in the future.

Sent from Tampa, FL on 4/25/2009.

Patti Singleton Ayers - Student (1969)

Go Tornadoes

Sent from Winter Haven, FLorida on 4/25/2009.

marsha koff katz - Student (1965)

I am currently retired and enjoying my life. I have a daughter and now have two grandsons who take up a lot of my time. I look forward to hearing from some of my old class mates

Sent from margate new jersey on 4/25/2009.

Manny Yessi - Student (1980)

Wow, it has been over 28 years I step in my graduating class. I kind of wonder how everyone turned out from the class of 80. I only wish I know now what it meant to apply my self even though I did graduate. Because as it is now I go to the University of Phoenix with a GPA of a 3.82 If anyone from my graduating class of 1980 please e-mail me. I like to get involved with my alumni. If you was in the band during that time I really like to hear from you.

Sent from Portland Oregon on 4/23/2009.

Debbie Hill - Student (1976)

Hi tornado fans. It's great to get in touch with old friends. e-mail me.

Sent from Cocoa Beach on 4/15/2009.

Wendy Espir Roberts - Student (1985)

Can not believe this many years have gone by, I have three children and I am a stay at home mom.

Sent from Boca Raton, Florida on 4/11/2009.

Alberto Rapaport - Student (2007)

I have been a gator for 2 years now, but i never forget that before a gator I was a Tornado. Memories I will never forget have lived with me through high school: the soccer team, classes, teachers and friends, will all live in my heart forever. GO TORNADOES!!!

Sent from Gainesville on 4/11/2009.

Warren Clark - Student (1967)

I hope to find old friends

Sent from Gainesville, FL on 4/10/2009.

Ron Collier - Student (1957)

Great Times, John Hill, Gary Stillman, Vonnie Merrick wow!!

Sent from Florida on 4/9/2009.

Barbara Bishop Brown - Student (1960)

I graduated in 1960 - first class in new location. Loved south Florida but somehow have ended up in North Carolina.

Sent from North Carolina on 4/8/2009.

Cristine Harding Pacetti - Student (1971)

Still teaching theatre after 17 years. Looking forward to more time to play and less time working. I've been married to Derald for 28 years. We married in Tallahassee after grad school. It's great to catch up via internet. Drove by the Pompano High and Pompano Middle Schools not too long ago. Time sure does fly!

Sent from Ft. Myers, FL on 4/7/2009.

Richard William Berry - Student (1961)

I retired as of July 2007 after 35 years with the Dept of Defense. Returned to Georgia after 7 years in Texas, currently remodeling house, golfing and travel. Had a wonderful time at the 2006 class reunion - hope to hear from classmates.

Sent from Marietta, GA on 4/3/2009.

Andy Wright - Student (1985)

I went to PBHS for freshman year-1981/82. I was on the JV Football team and the Varsity Soccer team. Coach Cousineau was a cool guy-I know his son Tom Cousineau who lives nearby. I was friends with Harvey Sheller '82 and Randy Randolph '83 who lived on the same street as me. I too was a member of the 'Shade Brigade' for a little while anyway. Moved to Ohio after freshman year. I remember Jeff Deegan and Se Chuk O from the soccer team and Tevvy Washington from football and elementary school. Soccer coach was 'Dash Lippert' who was a really good coach. My sister Alison '80 and brother Douglas '79 went to PBHS as well. I would love to find/buy a yearbook from 81/82 if anyone can help-please email. Great times and people-too many to mention-at PBHS! If any clasmates would like to email me-that would be awesome-take care-Go Tornadoes!

Sent from Akron, OH on 3/30/2009.

Janet Harlem Messer - Student (1968)

I'm looking for Carol Giles should of gradated some time between 1957-1959,also from my class 1969 Pam Kennady, Linda Ryan, Linda Baxter would love to hear from any of them ,living in S.C but going back to S. Fl soon Janet

Sent from Simpsonville S.C on 3/29/2009.

Beverly Towles - Student (1969)

40 yrs, hard to believe! Still working part time as a Dental Hygienist...Did you floss today?

Sent from Dallas, Texas on 3/29/2009.

Mary Schweitzer-Burgmeier - Student (1970)

So nice to see you have this site. Thanks for all the hard work.

Sent from Syracuse, NY on 3/28/2009.

Robert Jodway - Student (2007)

Just searchin around for old friends

Sent from Greeneville, TN on 3/28/2009.

David Territo - Student (1985)

I didn't graduate in 85' I was only a sophmore when they close our school down.

Sent from Punta Gorda fla on 3/27/2009.

Rick Sorrentino - Student (1979)

still alive and well

Sent from fellsmere florida on 3/27/2009.

Alan Scott - Student (1974)

Best wishes to everyone. I'm just working, I still live locally, but i never run into anyone at the store. But i do see a few of the old alumnus around town, some of the best folks you would ever want to know. Hi to everyone else; hope everyone reading this is doing okay- feel free to drop me an email. take care

Sent from Pompano Beach on 3/26/2009.

John Stanley Hines - Student (1959)

Neat website. Just found out about it from Ann Lassiter Camp. I retired end of 2007. Been in Huntsville since 1979, Texas since 1963. Heard about the 50 reunion from Hugh Catlett who is coming as am I,my wife and Coco(who runs the place). Daughter in Austin,son in Amarillo, son in Lawrenceburg,Tenn. Would love to hear from you guys. Cant wait for the reunion.

Sent from Huntsville, Texas on 3/23/2009.

Dorothy Turner - Student (1967)

I was looking for my class web site. I can't seem to remember what it was called. We had a reunion in 2007. (40 year)

Sent from Boca Raton, Florida on 3/22/2009.

Bonnie Jean Crawley - Student (1964)

Please contact me concerning any reunion information.

Sent from 2623 College St #7 JAcksonville Fl 32204 on 3/22/2009.

Charlene Edwards Honeywell - Student (1975)

Attending high school at Pompano Beach Senior High was great!!!

Sent from Tampa, FL on 3/22/2009.

Gina Corallo - Student (2003)

hey every1.. dont even know how i ended up on this website but i hope every1 is doing well... i am now engaged and still working in retail... lol, i graduated from fau with a bachelors in psychology and a minor in criminal justice.. looking for a new job... please feel free to e-mail me with any suggestions... xoxo class of 03' !!

Sent from Coconut Creek on 3/18/2009.

Joseph Petritis - Student (1983)

Only went to pompano beach last 2 years of high school got transfered from coral springs high never realy fit in well peace out.

Sent from New Jersey on 3/18/2009.

Darlene Samuel - Student (1984)

Maybe someone from my class can email me.

Sent from Fort Lauderdale on 3/14/2009.

David Septoff - Student (1979)

Some of my fondest memories and lasting friendships began at Pompano High.

Sent from Maryland on 3/14/2009.

Kathy Warner Jalivay - Student (1981)

Wow, Fond memories of good ole' PBHS. Glad to see the school is still creating those memories, I speak of it often with my children. I spent several years in Television as a sports reporter, producer, then on to Professional Basketball in Marketing and PR, now I am a director at Brand Communications Firm in the Twin Cities, I am married for 16 years now to a wonderful man from Chicago and we have two great children a 12 year old son and 10 year old daugther - they are both outstanding athletes, which keeps us busy. Life is wonderful!

Sent from Minneapolis, Minnesota on 3/13/2009.

Janet Carswell - Student (1970)

I have lived abroad and traveled extensively in the past years. I am not aware of any reunion group, if there is one, I'd love to be contacted. Hello to Bill Bateman, Jeff,Linda Totterdale, I'd have to look through the yearbook for more names, I still have the "BeanPicker"

Sent from Pompano Beach on 3/10/2009.

Suzanne M. Cardner - Student (1983)

I really enjoyed Mrs. Van Rider's English class. I was in her class my sophmore and junior year. I wish my high school experience was a lot more memorable.

Sent from Wesley Chapel, FL on 3/7/2009.

Mark Steven Elam - Student (1977)

So glad the school reopened in the 90s. Would love to hear from anyone from the class of 77. Great memories.

Sent from Atlanta, GA on 3/7/2009.

Jessyka Barbosa - Student (2007)

I was just passing by looking for all the good memories, I miss the school a lot and much more the JROTC team. Love you all. Kisses and Hugs

Sent from Brazil on 3/6/2009.

Carlin Cantrell Bass - Student (1968)

Hi to old friends from Pompano. would love to hear from you!

Sent from Newnan, Ga on 3/6/2009.

Julianne Victoria (Kisela) Chadsey - Student (1979)

Enjoyed wonderful teachers, great band program and lots of spirited cheer-loving fans and activities! Best memories-Band initiation, Bonfires, Friends and the Beach :) Attended Broward Community College and NOVA. Migrated to UF for a summer, transplanted in Virgina and graduated from Marymount University in Arlington Virginia, the last class before MU went coed-Go Saints! Married to local restauratuer, adore three children, & work as a Laboratory Consultant for a Hospital Outreach program.

Sent from Alexandria, VA on 3/2/2009.

Bob Mayne - Student (1964)

Hello to all-I have been to just 1 reunion-the 40th -and loved it. Hope all is well with you & yours--it After years in Atlanta, then Kennebunkport, ME now living in Woodstock GA . Drop me an email and I will respond..

Sent from Woodstock,GA on 3/1/2009.

Cathy J LoTempio (Pokriots) - Student (1985)

I graduated in 1986, However the school closed in 1985. Wish we could have all been together in our Senior Year!!!!

Sent from Sanford, Florida on 2/27/2009.

Fran Russo-Hoffman - Student (1980)

Hi everyone, so glad to find that PBHS is still alive and going. Had a great time here. Hope to hear from "old" friends, I'm on facebook and classmates. Go Tornadoes!!!!

Sent from North Carolina on 2/26/2009.

Tawni McWhinney - Student (1979)

Hi class of 79 feel free to email me keep in touch

Sent from Pompano Beach on 2/24/2009.

Whitney Lovett - Student (2006)

Blue and Gold forever!!!

Sent from Miami on 2/23/2009.

Leisa Ford Pertesis - Student (1977)

This is a wonderful website. I have visited the site before, but have since updated my email address. Thank you for doing such a great job! GO TORNADOS!!!

Sent from Melbourne, FL on 2/23/2009.

Dawn Cheryl Miller Bierschbach - Student (1965)

It is terrific that Pompano is open again and is such a great school. I have a lot of great memories from high school. I now teach high school English at Jesse Carson High School in North Carolina.

Sent from Concord, North Carolina on 2/23/2009.

Lisa Stewart-Anderson - Student (1979)

Does anyone know how i can get a 1979 yearbook? Adam Steckler, Beth Spero,would love to hear from you. Hope to attend reunion

Sent from south carolina on 2/20/2009.

Lynne Booher Wall - Student (1974)

Hi everyone!! Wow, the years go by fast. After PBHS, I went to college at University of South Fla, majoring in Psychology. Married Mike, had 2 kids, Eric and Sarah, and moved to Charlotte, NC in 1991. Have been here ever since. I've been working with kids with special needs for 17 years and love it. I hope all of my friends and former classmates are doing well, and would love to hear from you!

Sent from Charlotte, NC on 2/19/2009.

Rick Newmark - Student (1980)

I'm an accounting professor at University of Northern Colorado. I have a wonderful wife and 10-year old son. Got into snowboarding. Got a mountainboard for my 40th birthday and a skateboard for my 41st.

I loved living in FL, but CO rocks. More sunny days than FL without the heat :-)

When's the next reunion?

Sent from Ft. Collins, CO on 2/19/2009.

Ollie Starkey - Student (1979)

Hello my fellow classmate, it has been a long time since 79. I am a mother of 3 children. My daughter is a teacher and working toward her Doctoral degree, my oldest son works for Disk Network and my baby boy is a 9th grader in high school. It is coming up to our 30th class reunion do anyone know if there will be a class reunion? If so please write me and let me know.

Sent from Georgia on 2/19/2009.

Joyce Giannini Roberts - Student (1969)

Loved PBHS!! I remember lots of my friends.. recently have made contact with a couple of very close friends from 1969... I am a realtor I have 1 beautiful daughter, Heidi, and a beautiful grandaughter soon to be going to Florida Atlantic University. Life has been wonderful for me.. and it started with POMPANO BEACH SENIOR HIGH! I am going to try to make it to th 40th reunion... takes me back to say 40th woooo. Hope to hear from more classmates soon. God Bless All

Sent from North Georgia Mountains on 2/16/2009.

Rick George - Student (1975)

Left and went in the USMC, finished school later. Live in Peru,In, former sheriffs deputy, presently pastor if the Revival Center, and a Colonel with the Dept. Of Chaplaincy, and attached to Governor Mitch Danials office

Sent from United States on 2/15/2009.

Cheryl Jones Doubrava - Student (1964)

Married to Ron Doubrava, Class of 66, for 40 Yrs in June. Two children, Randy and April. Was still horse crazy and owned several until 1999. Still car crazy, we have 2 street rods we love to drive to shows in SE US.

Sent from Citra, Florida on 2/14/2009.

Thomas H. Boal - Student (2002)

Glad to be a Golden Tornado. I hope all of you will try and contact all of our missing alumni. Tom Boal 82'

Sent from Lake Alfred, FL on 2/13/2009.

Ken Stuart - Student (1980)

Through FaceBook, I came across this alumni page. I've been unintentionally off the grid and missed prior reunions. Many fond memories of PBHS. Graduated from FSU in 84', married (20 years now) 3 children (18, 16, 13), graduated from seminary in 90' and currently serving a multi-staff church in Huntsville, AL. By the way, does anybody know how to get in touch with Marty Suazo?

Sent from Huntsville, AL on 2/12/2009.

Lorena Sousa - Student (2003)

Graduate at FAU in 2008. Now I am working.

Sent from Still in Pompano on 2/8/2009.

Javon Powell - Student (2002)

WOW, I've been out of high school for how long? I can really say that the majority of the experiences I had at Pompano Beach Institute for International studies, aka Pompano Beach High School, i would not have had anywhere else. On behalf of myself & Jarvous Freeman i'd like to apologize for ruining the OJT class, 4 semesters of OJT & no job & still got an A. Dont ask me how it was done but hey I graduated. It's a lot of stuff that changed after 2002 that me & sum other faculty & former students were involved in. Some of the change was for good & some was good for faculty & not students, either way I proud to say I graduated from P-NO. I have a college degree in Public Administration with a concentration in Urban Management & Economic Development a good job with the Florida Department Of Revenue, at least for the economy that we live in. And in May my little girl will be born. All in all I will never forget my High School or college experiences. That FAMU trip back in '02 was off the chain to.

Sent from Tallahassee, Fl/ Ft. Lauderdale, Fl on 2/6/2009.

Sylvie LaRoche Rhodes - Student (1982)

I loved high school ! The fond memories of the marching band, winter guard, and being on the yearbook staff were the best!

Sent from Tampa, Fl on 2/6/2009.

William Wagle - Student (1964)

Hi guys

Sent from Winter Haven, FL on 2/5/2009.

Sanja Culina - Faculty (2007)

I miss and love you all!
Best regards from your former Tornado.

Sent from Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina on 2/5/2009.

Melanie Claros - Student (2007)

I miss my Pompano days!
I'm currently studying to become a teacher and busy applying to schools.
I miss everyone!
Take care!

Sent from Ft.Lauderdale on 2/4/2009.

Gerard Ward - Student (1984)

You may remember me from playing basketball and being involved in student government. Although I didn't see too many names from my graduating class, its nice to see a few old friends.

Sent from Orlando on 2/4/2009.

Antwon Higgs - Student (2008)

Wats up everyone back at PBHS i miss yall already. but im loving it up here too though. thanx Mr.Mumtaz
email me some time keep in touch i may send u some tickets to a game!!!
C/O 09 all day ere day

Sent from West Lafayette IN on 2/3/2009.

Alan Dixon - Student (1979)

Hi Class of seventy-nine, When is the next class reunion? Hoping that everyone is doing well. It would be great to see some old high school friends.

Sent from Royal Palm Beach, Florida on 1/29/2009.

Peggy Moss Curcio - Student (1964)

Long ago....married forever to best friend Freddie, happy & content as ever, loving life & cherish great memories of all you old friends from the past!!!

Sent from Parkland, FL on 1/21/2009.

(Big) Dave Levine - Student (2003)

Graduated Pompano in 2003. Graduated from UCF in 2007 and now a law student at Boston University. Dating fellow alum Sara Petrie (c/o 2005) for 4 years now. Looking to practice in South Florida after graduation (Spring 2010).

Sent from Boston, MA on 1/20/2009.

Grace Showalter Eris - Student (1960)

I am not sure how it would be to grow up in the area now, but I believe when I grew up there it was awsome. I Graduated in 1960. Hello to all of my old buds.

Sent from Pensacola Fl on 1/13/2009.

Bonnie Dritsas - Student (1964)

Have lived in Raleigh for 11 years coming from PA Grandmother of 7

Sent from Raleigh, North Carolina on 1/12/2009.

Brian Cox - Student (1977)

Lots of great people, times, and memories from Pompano Beach High School.

Sent from Mechanicsville, VA on 1/11/2009.

Ellen McLaughlin O'Connor - Student (1983)

Great to see the names of old friends from Pompano High. I had been in Broward until 2 years ago when I married and moved to Orlando. My daily is still in South Florida so I'm down there a lot! Journalism and communications major at U of F and after 20 years in the newspaper business I now have my own ad agency. Would love to hear from you!

Sent from Orlando, Florida on 1/10/2009.

Toni Zenker Koenke - Student (1983)

After graduation, I bought a house with my now husband, got married in 1989, had three kids, 2 girls and a boy. Bought and sold houses until 2001, moved to martin county. LOVE IT HERE! Work for my husbands roofing company, Check out Facebook, I'm on it. Hope to see everyone soon!

Sent from Palm City, Florida on 1/8/2009.

Patricia J Buczek - Student (1976)

High School wow it's been a long time. We had a great marching band when I went to school. Also 1972 was the first year for busing.

Sent from Weedsport, NY on 1/7/2009.

Wendy Fifer Meder - Student (1970)

Hello friends,
Living in the Raleigh area, I have a custom rod building company and will celebrate our 39th year of married to my high school sweetheart; Dale Meder. We have 2 children and five grandchildren. Our son, Mason is 33 living in the Atlanta area with wife/3 kids he builds golf course all over the country. Our daughter is back in the Stuart area w ith husband/2 kids. She and husband own/grow/sell sod and tree's for the country in the Palm City area. We are having a wonderful life, look forward to seeing as many of you all as possible at the next reunion.

Sent from 300 South Dixon Av.,Cary, NC 27511 on 1/4/2009.

Debbie Dimon Murry Walker - Student (1972)

I was so excited to find this site and reading brought back many memories. I have one daughter named Melanie who is now 27 and in college. I live right outside Nashville and would love to hear from other alumni like Paula, Luanne, Nancy and others.

Sent from Lebanon, Tennessee on 1/4/2009.

Michael Paul Stone - Student (1961)

Would love to contact anyone from this year to catch up!

Sent from San Pedro, California on 1/2/2009.

Hope Barreiro - Student (1980)

Mark Barreiro, my son, was a freshman in the 78-79 school year. I would like to find a copy of that yearbook, or possibly a copy of any pages with photos or information about him. Thank you and best wishes.

Sent from Jacksonville, FL on 1/1/2009.

Elizabeth Laramie Dunham - Student (1965)

May the students in the class of '09 have wonderful memories too. Remember that we were State Champions in many sport-- first as the "Beanpickers" then the "Tornadoes"! PBSHS is indeed a special school.

Sent from Tampa, Florida on 1/1/2009.

Fred Clarkson - Student (1962)

On to UF after graduation, then medical school. Recently retired after 37 years Family Medicine. Met my wonderful wife Sharon (from St. Louis). Two boys (live less than a mile from us) 2 grandchildren, third on way. Still enjoy golf, tennis, boating, snow skiing. Traveling a lot right now. Like to hear from golf team and "old" friends!!

Sent from Belleair, Florida on 12/30/2008.

Karl Huber - Student (1983)

I work as a school psychologist in an urban, public high school. I am married to Chris Reasbeck (PBHS 85). We have two girls (8 and 12); I still play a little tennis. I don't get back to Fla much, it is nice to see info about people and the old high school.

Sent from Baltimore, Maryland on 12/29/2008.

Ron Streck - Student (1981)

I only went to PBHS for 9th grade but all my friends went there..Cary Stanger..Tom Loughlin ..I do see some names here I remember from Pompano middle..I'm now living in Greenville SC..hope to hear from some old friends.

Sent from Greenville SC on 12/26/2008.

Karen Trehy - Student (2007)

Great to see so many names I actually remember!

Sent from San Antonio Texas on 12/26/2008.

Jahdie Wooten - Student (1985)

I married my high school classmate Kimberly Troutman. We have been married for sixteen years and have two wonderful boys Elijah (10) (EJ) and Jeremiah (4). I am currently an Economic Development Consultant with the City of Lauderhill, FL and live in West Palm Beach, FL. My wife and I also own a women's clothing Boutique in Lauderdale Lakes, FL. I look forward to hearing from my classmates.

Sent from West Palm Beach, FL on 12/25/2008.

Ed Kotch - Student (1964)

Nice web. site Ed

Sent from NC on 12/22/2008.

James Burgess - Student (1985)

Pompano Beach. Lets play some golf

Sent from Pompano Beach on 12/21/2008.

Michael Clark - Student (1967)

I am married to Sandy for 34 years, we have 3 kids, 9 grandkids and all are doing well. I don't see any of my old friends listed yet, Joe Coates, Eddie Phillips, Marc Stephens we were always cutting school to go surfing, those were the good old day.

Sent from Texas on 12/17/2008.

Danielle Gunter Vann - Student (1980)

Stumbled across this site from facebook and happily relived many memories through reading fellow alumni posts. PBHS gave me some of the best memories of my life. Go Tornadoes!!!

Sent from Pompano Beach, FL on 12/14/2008.

Lisa Stewart - Student (1979)

Who is attending the 30yr reunion? :>)

Sent from south carollina on 12/13/2008.

Kay Blevins Thomas - Student (1968)

I still live in sunny South Florida. Moved away a few times, traveled around the country a bit, but there's the draw of the warm breezes and ocean air that brings you home. I'm married for the 2nd time (26 years). I had two sons, unfortunately my oldest son died. I have three grandchildren. I audit banks and travel throughout Florida, Mississippi and NC. Great job, lot of free time. Saw a lot of classmates at the 40th reunion in Deerfield in August 2008. Great fun!

Sent from Boynton Beach on 12/11/2008.

Mike Hudson - Student (2007)

I'm attending FAMU and I'm lovin it

Sent from Tallahasee on 12/8/2008.

Karen Winther Winship - Student (1973)

I still have fond memories of my years at PBHS!

Sent from Port St Lucie, FL on 12/8/2008.

Diane Fellermann/Smith/Cole - Student (1976)

OMG...I just received a copy of the '76! I remember sooo much, sooo many names and faces, sooo many years ago! Mike Krotz - where are you? I've been up here in the panhandle for 25 wild years...watching it grow (more expensive). Stay happy & healthy!

Sent from Destin, FL on 12/6/2008.

Joyce McCulloch McGuirk - Student (1981)

I didn't graduate with this class (went to Heritage Christian) but did attend 9th grade and middle school with most of you. Some of you may remember me as Joie' or Joy - I have a daughter and 2 boys. Married for 23 years.

Sent from Lake Worth, FL. & Wolfeboro, NH on 12/6/2008.

Thomas Hertner - Student (1966)

Always fun to visit Pompano and see the old sights

Sent from Colorado on 12/4/2008.

Bill McFarlane - Student (1964)

Happy to see the school reopen, Great School, Great Times

Sent from New Smyrna Beach, Florida on 12/4/2008.

Marisol Vazquez - Student (2007)

Hey everyone from PBHS,just passing by to say that i miss my friends, and all the school staff. Hope to go back one day and visit.

Sent from Austin,Texas on 12/3/2008.

Craig Murphy - Student (1971)

Checking in to see or speak with some old friends.

Sent from Deerfield Beach Fl. on 12/1/2008.

Louis G Fifer - Student (1966)

I graduated in 1966.

Sent from Sacramento, CA on 11/25/2008.

Ricardo Valbuena - Student (2006)

I miss PBHS

Sent from Ft. Lauderdale on 11/24/2008.

Michael Caprio - Student (2004)

Whats good PBHS?

Sent from Boca Raton on 11/18/2008.

Nancy R Wolfe Smith - Student (1983)

Hey Tradewinds Alumni! Just saw a message from Chris Graham and it made me think back to all the fun we used to have! Would love to hear from you...please email.

I signed the book before a couple years ago. Still married to Heath and our daugther Mikayla is now 10 yrs old and in 5th grade. I own a State Farm Agency in Pembroke Pines.

Sent from Coral Springs FL on 11/17/2008.

Nancy Nussdorf Fiske - Student (1973)

Hi. Made it this far and if you're reading did you. I live in CT and have one son. I visit here every now and then and drive through Pompano. I know there's fond memories there somewhere...just wish I could remember. lol Just kidding. Would like to hear from other classmates.

Sent from CT on 11/13/2008.

judy johnson valicenti - Student (1973)

Hey all! I made it to 2008! Hay any one hear where Sheri Liggett went? I've lost track of my ole buddie. Still have horses and sell real estate in Palm Bay area. God Bless you all. Contact me if you like.

Judy J. Valicenti

Sent from grant florida on 11/13/2008.

kathy hendrix baker - Student (1973)

sitting here with Nancy Nussdorf and Judy Johnson talking about old times and getting ready to ride the horses! Still! I am a retired air traffic controller and am enjoying life.

Sent from lake worth florida on 11/13/2008.

Nancy Pitcher-Scricca - Student (1980)

I'm glad Pompano High was reopened.It was sad to see it closed for so long!

Sent from fort lauderdale, FL on 11/3/2008.

john farley - Student (1962)

Currently teaching at Pompano High. Would like to hear from old freinds and classmates.

Sent from pompano beach on 11/3/2008.

Elizabeth (Beth) Brorstrom Lynes - Student (1967)

Married for 36 years to a wonderful christian man, Bruce Lynes who is a general contractor. 2 adult daughters and 4 oh-so-sweet granbabies! Moved to H'ville 12 years ago, built a house on the side of a mountain, and both daughters married local guys, so we are never leaving. Didn't make the reunion but know you had fun.

Sent from Hendersonville, NC on 11/2/2008.

Sharonda Chery - Student (2004)

hi i graduateds in 04 i was a athelte and i enjoyed all of my years at pompano and i wouldn't trade them for the world. I recently finished at UF and now i am back her in south florida with hopes of going to FAU's masters program in social work. I have a son "jacob" he is 2years old and i recently married on april 14, 2008. thanks for all the love and support over the years. never let your past, dictate your future

Sent from pompano beach, fl on 10/27/2008.

Susan Huber Sullivan - Student (1985)

Hi everyone! How great to find this website and to see so many people from my 3 years at PBHS. I am married with 2 kids (ages 7 and 4)and working as a Licensed Counselor in North Carolina. We get back to Pompano every few years and it is nice to see the school remodeled and being used again. Wish they just could have kept it open for that 1986 senior year... :)

Sent from North Carolina on 10/27/2008.

Keith W. Kram - Student (1967)

Worked for FP&L for 27 years...ending at St. Lucie Nuclear Power Plant. Became disabled after moving to NV in 1996. Just enjoying life, wife of 32 years, 3 grand kids and riding around on my scooter.

Sent from Sandy Valley, NV on 10/25/2008.

Joe Mayer - Student (1968)

Pmpano was a very good school. Most of the teachers were great and really cared about the students.

Sent from Port Saint Lucie on 10/22/2008.

Chalene Stapleton (aka: Ellie Farmer) - Student (1985)

Divorced with 3 wonderful kids, two girls and a boy. Oldest is 18 and just graduated from high school. Made me think back to the old days. Had they not closed I would have graduated from Pompano in 1987. Glad they are back open.

Sent from Back in Florida on 10/18/2008.

Kevin Roy - Student (1978)

I would love to here from all my friends from Publix.

Sent from Cornelia Ga on 10/17/2008.

Christopher Graham - Student (1983)

Hi, I went to PBSH from 81 to 83. I sang in Tradewinds and wanted to be a famous singer and actor. After leaving PBSH I went to Shenandoah College and left after a year. I went back to London where I sang in bands until I got tired of that and got accepted to art college to study Sculpture. After that I fell in love and moved to Berlin where I now live with my partner and I survive teaching English as a foreign language. I hope to be at a reunion one day. It's great to read messages from nancy wolf (smith)and victor oates whe left a year earlier but whose mother drove me to school everyday. I wish all the best to the class of 83 Chris/Al jarreau.

Sent from Berlin, Germany on 10/12/2008.

Thomas G Jarjoura - Student (1965)

Thanks to Diana Spence we just enjoyed a wonderful 43rd mini reunion on Oct. 3-5, 2008. We do this every year (to see who is still alive). It was held in the Kissimmee/Orlando area. I am still searching for Susan Turner class of 67 ? and George Frank also class of 66 or 67 and Tom Hill and Bill Sedmack of the Class of 65. I hope to hear from anyone from PBSH. To answer Eric's question, yes the Tornado , which was built by my friend Ralph Decker's dad, is still displayed at the school I was told that it has been moved to another location, but it is still there. I also noticed that several of you have mentioned Coach Bubba Ware. He is still with us and lives in Pensicola, Fl.

Sent from Orlando, Fl. on 10/7/2008.

Roderick Sutton - Student (1979)

Would love to get in touch with member of that year

Sent from Plantation Fl on 10/5/2008.

Meredith Wynn - Student (2005)

Go Tornadoes!

Sent from Gainesville,FL on 10/1/2008.

Carol Davis Hout - Student (1961)

Would love to hear from some old friends who were "Beanpickers"

Sent from Pompano Beach, FL on 9/30/2008.

Joel Clarke - Student (2004)

Wow i cant believe its been 4 years since i left high school, I miss Pompano so much. From being in the old school then being the first class to graduate out of the new school. Fun times. Now its been 4 years and i just graudted from Johnson & Wales University with my associate in Culinary Arts and my bachelor in Foodservice Management. But high school was a blast and ill never forget the good times.

Sent from North Lauderdale on 9/28/2008.

Sandra Petillo - Student (1968)

Did not get to go to my reuion. Wonder if Randy Yoho is stll in area...

Sent from Sebastian, FL on 9/22/2008.

Karen Page - Student (1979)


Sent from West Palm Beach Florida on 9/19/2008.

Kelly Norris (Ayoub) - Student (1978)

Hi alum, had a great time in high school. moved pittsburgh area 11 yrs ago.married 17yrs, 4 sons, 16,13,12 and 4.great to hear the school is open.anyone hear about caroline grandy, brian mchugh, karen page. hi joe corace love to hear from anyone who knew me,wont make reunion, going back to college myself right now for nursing

Sent from Pittsburgh, Pa on 9/18/2008.

Marian Reh Huber - Student (1959)

I attended Pompano High for 3 years. It is so nice to have this Web site to see what and where our old classmates are doing. I have 2 children, one graduated from Pompano and one graduated from Ely.
Are plans being made for our 50th reunion?

Sent from Pompano Beach on 9/18/2008.

Chris Petersen - Student (1985)

Great to see a Pompano Beach High School alumni site up and running. I was part of the group that went to Northeast High School to graduate in 1987. Hello all.

Sent from Fort Lauderdale, Florida on 9/18/2008.

Bill Geroux - Student (1975)

Looking forward to our 35th reunion. I slept through the
Enjoying being a librarian at Clemson University now. Go figure!

Sent from Seneca, SC on 9/18/2008.

Christinia Reasbeck Huber - Student (1985)

Nice to see PBHS revived and thriving. Hubby, Karl and I, along with two daughters (12 & 8) reside in Baltimore. Karl is a Psychologist for Baltimore County Schools and I am HR Director for a govt contracting firm. Crazy times in the schools and the govt - but we love it! Will contact Marty Tedlock in CA about this site so he can chime in too!

Sent from Baltimore, MD on 9/18/2008.

Diane Stephanie Ryder - Student (1970)

I'd like to get a copy of my transcript, and my diploma.

Sent from Joshua Tree, CA on 9/14/2008.

Michele Stegura Kerrigan - Student (1978)

Looking forward to seeing everyone at the 30th reunion in November!

Sent from Pompano Beach on 9/14/2008.

Quincy L Osborne - Student (1975)

Attended Univ of South Florida from 1975 to 1979, received BA Degree in Psychology. Worked at a Mental Health Clinic in Gainesville, Fla from 1981 to 2006. Moved back to South Florida in 2007 where I reside in Boynton Beach. Currently working at home with Network Marketing. Enjoy writing and recording songs at my home recording studio.

Sent from Boynton Beach, Florida on 9/12/2008.

Tom Smith - Student (1980)

I miss high school man now i just chillen in alascka

Sent from Alaska, Ohio on 9/10/2008.

Bob Mei - Student (1979)

Not very many 79ers signing in, what happened to everyone, PBHS was a blast

Sent from Ponpano Beach on 9/4/2008.

Eydie Bolin - Student (1984)

Hey guys! There's alot of us registered on as well. There is talk of a luncheon sometime next year, I think. Since I graduated, I've gotten married (now I'm Eydie Bolin), have six kids, homeschool & volunteer in my local church. The school isn't the same. It's kind of weird to visit it again....but it does look great!

Sent from Florida on 8/28/2008.

Reva Jo Ennis Pierce - Student (1970)

Hello to all 1967-72 friends and members of the Golden Tornado Marching Band. Currently teaching 5th grade Special Education at the middle school. I have three children, Lindsey (teacher), Bryan (student at TX A&M), Laura (graduated high school). Lived in TX 25+ years, and am now enjoying being close to family again. Wishing you well and I would like to carry on the motto of a good friend to many of you.. 'The Best Is Yet To Come'

Sent from Thomasville, GA on 8/24/2008.

Elizabeth Ann Lassiter Camp - Student (1959)

It's been 49 years since my graduation. We were the last class to graduate from the old building. I'm sure much has changed. Hope to visit Pompano next year for our 50th reunion.

Sent from Copperhill, TN on 8/23/2008.

Eric Nemeth - Student (1968)

Last I had heard the school didn't exist. Great to see it is there. Does anyone know if the statue of the tornado is still in front of the gym? I miss Coach Ware catching me holding hands in front of it.

Sent from Tennessee on 8/21/2008.

Tony Valentino Bondi - Student (1997)

Not sure if I have the correct year on here but it's about right. I moved back to Canada with my 2 kids about 3 years ago and would like to contact some old friends again.

Sent from London, ON, canada on 8/21/2008.

Jill Hovnan Karpik - Student (1981)

Nice website and the school looks great. Moved to NC in 1992 and basically never looked back at Fl. My husband and I own a pet spa and resort and are enjoying the country life. We have 3 great kids, daughter that's 21, another daughter that's 16, and a boy that's 9. A big wave to all my old friends! If anyone knows where Patty Arce is let me know. She may go by the last name of Sparks or Zagury, is would love to hook up with her.

Sent from Boonville, NC on 8/11/2008.

Dave Keene - Student (1974)

Hi gang - I am now in coastal Georgia, and the resident engineer at large for General Electric in the Savannah area. My wife of 5 years, Alyson, enjoy the boating in this area, and we enjoy bareboat sailing around the world. I almost have 20 years in with GE, and am looking forward to retiring from the Company and doing more missions work with our church , and just vacationing more. If you get in the area, just stop by. Everybody's welcome.

Sent from Savannah, Georgia on 8/9/2008.

Jim Abbott - Student (1970)

I am married and have 6 children ( Jimmy 31, Sabrina 25, Kimberly 22, Paul 20, Steven 17 & Joshua 13 !!!) I moved to Raleigh with my wife, Lauren, in 1988 and run my own Ceramic Tile & Marble Installation Company. God has blessed me with a wonderful life and family! Would love to hear from any of my old friends & classmates.

Sent from Raleigh, NC on 8/7/2008.

Dolores King-St. George - Student (1973)

I had dear friends at PBHS and my best memories are of times spent at Youth Ranch. I've worked in media most of my adult life. I currently manage Christian radio station WAFG in Fort Lauderdale. I'm married with one beautiful daughter and still love South Florida.

Sent from Plantation, FL on 8/7/2008.

Bruce Paulson - Student (1973)

I would like to make contact with former classmates.

Sent from Wilmington, NC on 8/4/2008.

Lyn Mac Reynolds Parsons - Student (1960)

I would love to hear from other 1959 or 60 graduates.

Sent from Orlando, FL on 8/2/2008.

Don Rylander - Student (1969)

P.S. I lived in NC for a while. In Raleigh for 7 yrs and Mooresville for 6 yrs. I worked in Charlotte.

It looks as though I will be once again changing careers as I will be starting with Holiday Retirement managing a retirement community.

There are over 300 communities throughout the US and Canada with 10 - 15 new ones being built every year.

Sent from Ohio on 8/2/2008.

Joseph Emmańuel Adams - Student (2007)

It has not been that long since i left but i still miss it. Ill be back after my Iraq Deployment. =)

Sent from Cop Callahan, Iraq on 8/1/2008.

Robert Sumser - Student (1977)

Nice to see everyone is doing well, miss the 30th. Look forward to the next one. Any one heard from Ron Johnson?

Sent from Buford, Ga on 7/30/2008.

Carol Konat Durante - Student (1983)

Hey class of 83 and Saint Coleman Alumni.

Sent from Coconut Creek, FL on 7/29/2008.

Vernon Acosta Holloway - Student (1974)

Married for nearly 21 years to our classmate from the Creek, our history goes back to kindergarten when we first met, our parents even attended school together. We have 2 kids together a 20 year old daughter at UCF and a 18 year old son who attends Blanche Ely, he's senior. I also have a 33 year old son serving in the USAF with one grand daughter. Good to see a few Tornadoes trying to keep in touch, I really enjoyed the days at PBHS playing football and was in the Chorus. Anyone remember Roma Deli on Federal Hwy, the best Subs in town. hey how bout those Bonfires. Once Blue and Gold always Blue & Gold, go Tornadoes.

Sent from Pompano Beach on 7/29/2008.

Judith Ann Whitney Smith - Student (1968)

'68 Ever GREAT!
I'm a resident of Vero Beach, FL. Still in Education after some 25+ years. I have one son and a granddaughter.

Sent from Vero Beach, FL on 7/25/2008.

Camille Cheshire - Student (1965)

PBHS was everything schools are not today. The focus was on achieving a wonderful education as it is today, but the social part is missing today. I taught for almost 15 years, and I learned quickly to appreciate what we had at PBHS.

Sent from Kentucky on 7/25/2008.

Kaan Ucak - Student (1984)

Hi guys! After graduation from PBHS I attended BCC and FSU. Earned a BS in Geography. Bounced around from job to job until finally becoming a police officer with the NYPD. Been doing this for 8 yrs. now. Got married in 2007. (Oh by the way my name is Erik Cross now!)

Sent from Ronkonkoma, NY on 7/24/2008.

Tom Swanick - Student (1981)

Nice to see some familiar names on this site. A lot of good memories from this school. My Son also graduated from here, and my Daughter has one more year left. Have kept in touch with some from the Class of 81'.

Sent from Pompano Beach on 7/22/2008.

Jonathan Kunz - Student (2005)

I miss PBHS!!!!

Sent from Appalachian State University, Boone, NC on 7/19/2008.

Dan Faulkner - Student (1970)

To: Reva Jo Ennis,
The years have slipped by and I miss you-

Gray Ghost

Sent from Seattle on 7/18/2008.

Carl Smith - Faculty (2007)

Like know more about the school.

Sent from Florida on 7/17/2008.

David/Barbara Cribbs - Student (1964)

Great site and comments from the old and the not so old classmates. Married Barbara Lefler 1968 - we have 3 chillin's - and finally 1 grandaughter. We've been fortunate to attend all of our class reunions and stay in touch with a lot of our former classmates. Moved to Charlotte in '81 to work with NCNB - Barbara retired this year and I am employed with Bank of America.

Sent from Charlotte, NC on 7/12/2008.

Rob Bensko - Student (1978)

Great web site. It sure brings back some old memories. My wife Pat and I live in the Orlando area. My son Chris just graduated from high school and he'll be starting college soon.

Sent from Florida on 7/10/2008.

Donna Sandridge (Evans) - Student (1974)

Saw the school for the first time last year even tho I lived in the area for many years after graduation. Lost contact with everyone ( my fault I guess) Kept in contact with Nancy Spear for many years. I do know that Rick Maier is in the VA area. Would love to hear from Theresa Springer and Sue Hughy.

Sent from Easley SC on 7/10/2008.

Nicole D - Student (2005)

Where can I find the class picture for 05? If anyone knows please email me at Thanks

Sent from Pompano Beach on 7/9/2008.

Clara Eleanor Anderson Welch - Student (1953)

I graduated from Pompano High School in 1953, married Jackson Wayne Welch in 1957. We lived in Pompano Beach where I worked for Florida Coast and Barnett Banks. After Wayne retired from the City of Deefield Beach we moved to Lake County Florida in 1994. We have 2 sons and 3 grandchildren.

Sent from Fruitland Park, Florida on 7/8/2008.

Marcia Purdy - Student (1969)

I raised and showed quarter horses but now have retired from that. I love living in Colorado. I remember my days at Pompano fondly.

Sent from Longmont, CO. on 7/6/2008.

Harry S Murphy - Student (1968)

Looking for info on Reunion

Sent from West Palm Beach on 7/3/2008.

Sharon Felton Burks - Student (1967)

I've been in the Tampa / Clearwater area for over 20 years. Married w/ 2 grown sons. Job: HR manager for a financial(REIT)company. Does anyone remember Storyland?

Sent from Tampa, FL on 7/2/2008.

Diane Richards Gallagher - Student (1959)

Fifty years since graduation is coming up in 2009. Is there any class celebration being planned?

Sent from Signal Mountain, Tn. on 7/1/2008.

Gary Sands - Student (1981)

Still living in Pompano. Work for Palm Beach County Fire Rescue. Married and happy for 19 years. Have one son who attends PBHS (3rd generation tornado!) Graduates in 09. Looking forward to 30 year reunion!

Sent from Pompano Beach on 6/21/2008.

Jane Weide (MacBain) - Student (1967)

I am disabled due to radiation for cancer. I was a Respiratory Therapist. Have a daughter Jennifer and son in law Robert. A beautiful grandson Robert Jr. I am a widow of a wonderful man.

Sent from Avon Park, Florida on 6/14/2008.

Lorine Edwards - Student (2005)

Hey Everybody! Wow it has been 3 years since I've graduated and now I am about to graduate from the University of Central Florida on August 2nd with my Bachelor's in Psychology!! My sister just graduated from Coconut Creek High. Time flys so fast! What I miss the most about Pompano High is the SWIM TEAM..I met great people and stayed in awesome shape! Mr. Rivera and Mrs. Scott were my inspirations. Thank you to all my teachers who pushed me!! Funny to think at one point I was contemplating to drop out of high school AND NOW I am a COLLEGE graduate! I learned a lot at pompano high and really got a head start doing the DUAL enrollment at BCC. See everyone at the reunion!

-Lorine Edwards

Sent from Orlando, FL on 6/14/2008.

Gail Livor Glattli - Student (1963)

Have lived in Atlanta area for over 30 years. Currently employed in banking industry. Can't wait to retire!!!!

Sent from Norcross, GA on 6/12/2008.

charles mcClain - Student (1976)

Well its has been some very good years at PBSH payed football there when I Graduated I went college at shaw U IN Raleigh nc I made it too one year will after that will left have been good to me make a long story short I work on computer at home and would like to here from my high school friends email me go Tounadoes.

Sent from Raleigh nc on 6/12/2008.

Gary Redling - Student (1969)

So glad to see PBHS rose like a phoenix to something grand

Sent from Boynton Beach on 6/9/2008.

Bob Lefler - Student (1968)

Jen and I don't live at the end of the world, but you can see it from here.

Sent from Amery Wi on 6/8/2008.

Ed Rosner - Student (1968)

Hope there is a 40th reunion. 1974 UF - Aerospace Eng Tire Design Eng, General Tire and Rubber Akron, OH 1976-1979 Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, Chicago, IL - OT and Semitic Languages Then a small auto restoration shop with my dad in OH 1981 Married a southern bell from GA 1982 Finally settled at Robins AFB as an Electronics Engineer in Electronic Warfare. Been here ever since. Sure would like to retire in FL near the beach. Kids Edward Jr - 24, Elizabeth Joy -22. Both had good college soccer careers. Would love to reconnect with classmates - especialy any of the Tripps or fellow surfers.

Sent from Perry, GA on 6/7/2008.

Denise VanNus Wisniewski - Student (1981)

Great website. It's fun to read about everyone. My sister, Lori Carlson is now an Assistant Principal at PBHS. How cool is that!

Sent from Woodstock, GA on 6/6/2008.

Steve Jessop - Student (1960)

In a nutshell. still married some 39 years to my first wife, two kids, two grandchildren. Retired from a career in the USAF and the Mississippi Air National Guard; BS and MS degrees along the way. I often think of the positive influence of great PBSHS teachers, Mr Hale. Mrs Gross. Mrs Creech, Miss Wray. Mrs Caughlin etc... I would enjoy hearing from y'all!

Sent from Mississippi on 6/4/2008.

Julia Townsend - Student (1970)

I would like to get in touch with my classmates.

Sent from 205 N.E.10th Avenue Gainesville,Florida 32601 on 6/3/2008.

Dennis Bailey - Student (1974)

Greetings all. I have been elected the 2008-2009 Chair of the Broward County ESE Advisory Committee, presenting the needs of over 39,000 Special Ed students to the Broward County School Board. If you know of anyone who needs assitance, please have them contact me. Naturally, I'd love to hear from any fellow alums for any reason as well!

Sent from Ft. Lauderdale on 6/2/2008.

Barbara Peters-Handrahan - Student (1983)

I am married to Joe Handrahan for 18 years. We have two wonderful children 14 and 9. We work hard and play hard. We are looking forward to seeing everyone in July 2008. Email Rhonda at

Sent from Coral Springs, Florida on 5/28/2008.

Mike Dolan - Student (1977)

Seems like just yesterday. Amazing how time flies when your having fun. Why do all the girls have two and three last names?LOL!!! have four kids and live in lauderdale by the sea and dont look a day over 49?. hope all is well with all of you and maybe we can do bonfire! oh I meant lunch.

Sent from Fort Lauderdale, Fla. on 5/28/2008.

Baba K N'Diane - Student (2007)

Great years at PBHS. Love the faculty/staff. I miss PBHS and the faculty/staff already.

Sent from Coconut Creek, FL on 5/28/2008.

Shelley Hilson - Student (1980)

Every February I always think of Pompano Beach and wonder why did I ever move up to Canada? I miss the warm air and sunny days of Florida. It has been many years since I have been back - hope friends are doing well.

Sent from Mattawa, Ontario, Canada on 5/27/2008.

Ernie L Coney - Student (1976)

I left Pompano the summer of 1975 and grauated the next year in St. Petersburg, Fla. I missed the friends I had made over the yrs. I attended Pompano Jr. High also. The more times I visit the less familiar the faces become. God bless PBHS.

Sent from West Central Florida on 5/24/2008.

Dan Coleman - Student (1966)

Married one son 24 yrs old.

Sent from Tampa FL on 5/24/2008.

Chris Rabon - Student (1983)

I played soccer and ran cross country and track. I still run and now coach soccer.

Sent from Orange City, FL on 5/21/2008.

Curt Solomon - Student (1983)

Hey nice to see the site, PBHS looks great . Still hanging around in Pompano. Work for North Broward Medical Center for the last 11 years, Divorced with 3 children ages 16 Lives with me, and a set of twins 14 That live with their Mother all boys.. Miss The high school days. Lovin life still

Sent from Pompano Beach FL on 5/20/2008.

Paul Stradtner - Student (1983)

Cool site… I wish I spent more time in class and less time chasing waves. After serving my 4 years at “PBHS” I moved to Singer Island and attend “PBJC” A.K.A Peanut Butter and Jelly College. Severed my 2 years and moved to Maui for 2 years, met a Swedish girl and moved to Sweden, got Married 91’ and have a Beautiful 14 year old daughter “Keila” and now residing in Melbourne Beach. I’ve spent 14 years as a Fraud Investigator and 3 years in Real Estate. Well, that’s my life! I hope to see the class of 83’soon and maybe one day my good friend Ed Repass in heaven!!!


Sent from Melbourne, FL on 5/18/2008.

Whitley Bowen Jr - Student (2003)

I need to give you guys an update on my life.... After I graduated P-No, I went to UCF for my freshman year. After freshman year I came back to Ft. Lauderdale and continue my education with AIU. I graduate 6/23/07 with my Bachelors in Information Technology with concentration in Computer Forensic. I worked for BankAtlantic for a couple years as a Branch Supervisor then decided to enlist. Yep! Now I am an Information Technology Specialist for the U.S. Army. All is good though.. All my old high school peeps.... hit me up!

Sent from Military/Army on 5/16/2008.

Cynthia (Cindy) Harrelson Pait - Student (1968)

I am looking for Mary Cook, Marsia Fairchild and Cindy Robinson. I left in the 10th grade in 1968. Also went to Pompano Junior High. Any and all friends please contact me.

Sent from Ocklawaha Fl. on 5/12/2008.

Kenneth R, Pack - Student (1979)

Wow, looks great!!! A lot different than when I was there.

Sent from Mount Juliet, TN on 5/6/2008.

Paula Halko Washburn - Student (1978)

Is there going to be a 30th reunion?
I live in Coral Springs and have two children one 16 and one 19. My oldest is at Auburn University and the youngest will be applying this summer to Florida schools. Anyways, let me know if you have any get togethers or a reunion.

Sent from Coral Springs on 5/5/2008.

Betsy L. Fisher - Student (1984)

Miss Pompano..... Miss Florida....

Sent from Greensboro, NC on 5/1/2008.

Susan Bergeron Prunier - Student (1978)

I joined the Navy in 1979, moved to Virginia in 1982, two years ago moved to Western North Carolina. Have two wonderful children ages 25 and 20. Son in Air Force currently in Iraq. Daughter in college in Virginia.

Sent from North Carolina on 4/28/2008.

Coreen Touchette - Hoffman - Student (1981)

Hello everyone! It's been a while. My family and I moved to West Palm Beach about 6 years ago and love it. I've been happily married 20+ years and have a daughter and son. My husband is employed with CBS Broadcasting and I work for the Clerk & Comptroller's Office in Palm Beach Gardens. We also have our own advertising agency called Its All Good Media. I look forward to seeing everyone at the next reunion. Take care and GOD Bless!

Sent from Loxahatchee, FL on 4/27/2008.

Maria C. Escobar - Student (1984)

I am looking for the history teacher.(1984) at the time she helped me. and I stayed over her house for one week until I found a place to stay. I am Colombian and I did not speak english at the time. She was such special person and I just want to thank her.

If someone knows her please let me know.
I am now happily married with one child.

Sent from Fort Lauderdale, FL on 4/26/2008.

Patti Pellegrini Brown - Student (2007)

I have been married 14 years, have 21 year old step daughter.

Sent from Worthington, Ohio on 4/25/2008.

Kim Hart-Mastronardi - Student (1977)

Thank you to all who made this site and brought PBHS back to life! So many great memories, baseball, basketball, and of course the football games! To those of you who are current students.... you are so lucky to attend this school and all of those before you wish you well! I missed the reunions. Raemali, my heart is with you! Joy, Beth, Ronnie, Missy, Connie, Kim, Ron, Bruce, Barry, Ken, Jeff, and my best friend then and now Mike..... email me. So happy to see the school doing so well! Love you all!

Sent from North Shore, Massachusetts on 4/25/2008.

Debra McRae Scheurer - Student (1980)

Rob and I have been married for 23 years and have two daughters. I'm working as a software engineer at Harris Corp.

Would love to get in contact with Chris Grandy as well as others. If anyone has contact information or knowledge of what happened to Chris following graduation, please let me know.

Lots of great memories. Cheers!!

Sent from Melbourne, FL on 4/21/2008.

Monika Bennett Prestwood - Student (1983)

I moved to Tennessee in 1994, got married to Jay Prestwood in 1997. Im a graduate of Chattanooga State with an Associates degree in Dental Hygiene. We have 2 children, a daughter who was born in 2000 named Peri (who looks just like me!) and a son, Cole born in 2001. Oh yeah- 2 dogs as well....

I love Tennessee, we enjoy boating, camping and the outdoors.

Sent from Soddy Daisy, TN on 4/17/2008.

Nick Vellis - Student (1971)

Nick (Lanny) Vellis
I was at Pompano from 1968 - 1971. I was in the orchestra and had friends in band and drama club. After graduation I attended a couple Fl universities finally settling in Gainesville in 1979 where I still live. I have been married 28 and have one daughter. I spent 29 years in law enforcement retiring with the rank of Captain. I retired in 2005. I took a job in technology sales the same year. I am selling data analysis software primarily to law enforcement and love it.

I left Pompano the summer following graduation and rarely been back except to occasionally pass through.

I would enjoy hearing from anyone from the class and catching up with long lost HS friends.

Sent from Gainesville, FL on 4/17/2008.

Linda Konigsburg Shivers - Student (1971)

I have been a cantor at a synagogue in Oregon for 22 years. I am divorced and have a 17 year old son and a 22 year old daughter.

Sent from Portland, OR on 4/16/2008.

Mark R Scott - Student (1970)

Was at Pompano from 1967 - 1970, was in the band. Lived in S. Fla for almost 50 years. Spent 10 years in Law enforcement with Oakland Park & Coral Springs. IBM in Boca for 10 years and another 10 Years with Bell South. Forced to retire 5 years ago due to major back problems. Mairred to my wife Judy for 31 years, she also spent her senior year at Pompano. We have two boys 21 & 24. We now are living our dream 30 mintues from the entrance to the Smokey Mountain national park. As bib as our class was I may have seen a dozen people since graudation. Would enjoy hearing from anyone from the class, was glad to see that the school reopened.

Sent from Clyde NC on 4/10/2008.

Bob Heifner - Student (1968)

Lots of great memories, mostly surrounding band people and events. Spent 27 year career flying for the Navy and am now a general contractor. Five children, 26-39 and 8.6 grandchildren. Any info regarding a 40th reunion?

Sent from Orlando, Florida on 4/10/2008.

Malia Hoffstot (Scott) - Student (1970)

I lived in Arizona for 18 years before returning to Florida in 2001. I am married and have a 26 year old daughter who is expecting her first child in September.

Sent from Palm City, FL on 3/29/2008.

Amy Hazlett Auld - Student (1983)

Great site..was looking for people I might have known the 2 years I was there....I miss Florida and I miss being in high school! Damn!

Sent from McKinney Texas on 3/27/2008.

P.Kay Loretto McGill - Student (1963)

Still in Pompano, Married 41 yrs. 3 kids. Hope to renew friendship thru this web site.

Sent from Pompano on 3/27/2008.

Sharon Woodall - Student (1984)


Sent from Atlanta , GA on 3/25/2008.

Mary Golly Hannon - Student (2007)

Looking back, I've done quite a bit, living in many places, traveling the world, having children (2), now grandchildren (2)Difficult to get the Florida sand out of my shoes, live in Vero Beach, Florida working for National Home Builder, Centex Homes (ouch) Would definitly go to a reunion.

Sent from Vero Beach, Florida on 3/24/2008.

Joyce Wells-Mack - Student (1977)

Enjoyed High School, happy when it was over. Graduated from Barry University with a BS degree in Business Administration. Favorite schoolmates; my sisters: Janice and Doris.

Sent from Broward County, Florida on 3/24/2008.

Mike Conduris - Student (1983)

I once played soccer for Pompano. Left fullback position. I was ok. not great. Se Uk and Jeff deagen were much better than me. Mr. Hale was teh best teacher.

Sent from Pompano Beach on 3/22/2008.

Jack Tafoya - Student (1971)

Hello to everyone! It has been a "long strange trip" like Jerry said it would be and I have enjoyed every minute of it! As you might know there have been more than a few of our old friends that have passed away. Although this is very sad it remindes us to take some time and make some efforts to attend some reunions and see old friends. Next one is April 12, 2008 at the Pompano Golf Course restraunt. See you there! Here is the memo:


APRIL 12TH 2008






Sent from Boynton Beach on 3/22/2008.

Rhonda Massey Shaffer Culligan - Student (1983)

GREAT SITE! Looking forward to our upcoming 25th reunion.

Sent from Coral Springs on 3/22/2008.

LuAnn Demers Kaczmarek Overby - Student (1972)

I am looking for any other graduates of 1972. I missed the 30th year reunion and would like to attend the next one, whenever it is. Has anyone heard from Debbie Dimon? or Paula Rahn?

Sent from Englewood, Florida on 3/19/2008.

Becky Moore (Hill) - Student (1983)

Rhonda and Keith are starting plans for a 25th year reunion for class of '83. email PBHS CLASS OF

Sent from Atlantis, FL on 3/18/2008.

John Massey - Student (1963)

Had a great time my last year in Pompano and would love to make the next reunion

Sent from Boca Raton, Fl on 3/18/2008.

Dan VanNus - Student (1979)

Are we considered old yet ?

Sent from Jefferson, Ga. on 3/14/2008.

Darryl F Solomon - Student (1982)

Moving from New York City to Florida was the best decision in my life. Except when my mother died in 1991 that was hard for me she was my best friend misss her everyday now I am 43 years old growing up without her still in my memory 4 ever.

Sent from Savannah, GA on 3/14/2008.

Barbara Ramsey Volpitto - Student (1963)

I teach in a Christian school and have been married to Paul for 39 years. Our son is a pastor with 3 children in St. Louis, and our daughter is a homemaker here with 3 children.

Sent from Augusta, GA on 3/13/2008.

Bonnie Ginegaw Jones - Student (1970)

Would love to hear from anyone from the class of 70. I was in the band and played clarinet.

Sent from Texas on 3/12/2008.

Becky Moore (Hill) - Student (2007)

Rhonda and Keith are starting plans for a 25th year reunion for class of '83. email PBHS CLASS OF

Sent from Atlantis, FL on 3/9/2008.

Bonnie Ginegaw Jones - Student (1970)

This is a great site. Hope to hear from anyone that was in the world famous Golden Tornadoes Marching Band. I have fond memories of school and Florida. I have 2 girls and 2 grandsons. Both daughters are going to nursing school. Very proud mom!!
Still working and enjoying my life.

Sent from Longview, TX on 3/8/2008.

Jerry Geer - Student (1971)

Glad to see the school is back open. I have seen & experienced things beyond my wildest dreams since graduating. Retired, living on the mountain w/my wife and 2 dogs now, loving every minute of it. Being in the orchestra was great, even if i did drop out the last year.

Sent from Signal Mountain, TN. on 3/8/2008.

Dan VanNus - Student (1979)

Great memories at ole pompano

Sent from Jefferson, Ga. on 3/8/2008.

Albert Louis Teague - Student (1958)

Proud to be a "Golden Tornado".

Sent from Columbus N.C. on 3/5/2008.

Juli MacDonald - Student (1985)

It's great to see that Pompano High is back and thriving! I am currently a teacher in Broward County and have two sons, Kyle and Cody. My brother Jim (class of '84) is working in NYC as an architect. It'd be great to hear from old friends!

Sent from Pompano Beach on 3/5/2008.

William Lee Rosen [LEE] - Student (1968)

is a reunion coming?

Sent from Margate on 3/5/2008.

Jeff Jensen - Student (2006)

It seems like only yesterday since I graduated from Pompano, so many good memories. I'm currently at Florida Southern College in Lakeland where I write sports articles for The Southern newspaper. Hope everyone in my class is doing well!

Jeff Jensen
Class President 2006

Sent from Lakeland, Florida on 3/5/2008.

Edward Zaletta - Student (1966)

Enjoyed the years at "PBHS" and all the memories. always enjoy the reunions and running into past alumni.

Sent from Fruitland Park, Florida on 3/4/2008.

Jennifer Bensko Ha - Student (1983)

It's great to see the school open again, and to see the names here again. I just saw Laura Holland's post, and it's really true about old friends. I think we will all miss Eddie.

Sent from New York, NY on 2/28/2008.

Carlos Blanco - Student (1976)

I went to Pompano Beach elemtry middle and high school. Great times at bonfires and school functions.

Sent from Pompano beach on 2/28/2008.

Anzio Bouche - Student (2007)

Just came by to rep the greatest class: The class of 2007!!!!!

Sent from Daytona Beach, FL on 2/28/2008.

Laura Holland - Student (1983)

Hey everyone from the "Left Coast"! Very cool to see Pompano open again. I remember my brother John headed up the fight to keep it open way back in 81! Would love to hear from fellow classmates. We lost a dear friend this week - Eddie Repass - and it's making me realize life is short and old friends shouldn't just be memories.

Sent from Seattle, WA on 2/26/2008.

Nancy Molineux - Student (1964)

Moved back a few years ago from New England, things sure have changed. Wish I had taken Spanish in school. Thought I'd run into ol'friends NOPE! Am I the only one still in Pompano?

Sent from Pompano Beach on 2/25/2008.

Sean Schultze (Arnold) - Student (1984)

Hello to all, Glad to see Pompano still going. Seem's like all the years I spent ditching class and trying to get out of there, ended up being the day's I miss the most. Funny how that works. Go Blue and Gold!!!

Sent from Eliot, Maine on 2/25/2008.

Beth Suppes (Cowden) - Student (1982)

Beth's sister, Melody, is posting this because Beth has no e-mail.

Sent from Ft. Lauderdale, FL on 2/24/2008.

Melody Suppes - Student (1959)

Home base is Palos Verdes, CA, but back in Florida to look after elderly parents. Published mystery novel "WOMAN, DIVIDED" available on or; working on sequel while pitching screenplays.

Sent from Ft. Lauderdale, FL on 2/24/2008.

Harry Murphy - Student (1968)

A lot of water under the bridge in forty years. Is anyone out there? I'm just wondering; Is there going to be a reunion this summer? I think the last one I went to was 35 years ago. Call me crazy but I am curious as hell to see how many of us are still around.

Sent from West Palm Beach on 2/21/2008.

Sherryl Jones-Roberts - Student (1982)

Did we ever agree on a reunion date for the 25th??? I am almost done with Federal Service and am looking sooooo forward to retirement and travel. What better excuse to 'sneak' back in to Florida than to see you all!!! Keep me posted

Sent from El Paso, Texas on 2/21/2008.

Carol Shear (Sanders) - Student (1981)

Would love to hear from my friends that I've lost contact with. I'm a CPA and have been married 20 years to an Army Officer. We have 2 boys. Please let me know about any upcoming reunions!

Sent from Bristow, Virginia on 2/20/2008.

Jim McNulty - Student (1972)

Thanks for this site.

Sent from Cincinnati OH on 2/18/2008.

Kenneth R. Pack - Student (1979)

Hey Tornadoes,

Carry on.,

Veto Secunda where are you?

Sent from Mount Juliet, TN on 2/16/2008.

David C McGirr - Student (1985)

Like so many others I would of grad. from Pompano High in 87 but the school closed. I had some of the best times. I'd like to thank the class of 85 for guiding me through high school. and the girls soccer team. I'm still here in Pompano working for the city of Pompano Beach and coaching soccer. Married with 2 little girls. To all cheers.


Sent from Pompano on 2/15/2008.

Alan Burnett - Student (1968)

Married. Three grown kids. Moved to L.A. in '73. Producer and writer of animation - "Superfriends," "Smurfs," "Scooby Doo," "Ducktales," all the Warner Bros. Batman series, "Superman," "Static," "Krypto" and others. Four Emmys. Thank you, Mrs. Creech.

Sent from Burbank, CA on 2/15/2008.

Timothy Robert Baer - Student (1969)

Good to see that the school has been given a new life.

Sent from Birmingham, AL on 2/8/2008.

James Michael Davis - Student (1982)

Greetings to my friends from the Class of 82.

Sent from Sacramento, CA on 2/5/2008.

Judith Ann Weise (Witulski) - Student (1967)

I had great times and lots of Friends, those friends I miss and if any of them visit this site please email me.

Sent from Bell, Florida U.S.A on 2/5/2008.

Bruce Cardner - Student (1976)

I have seen and done a lot since high school. I spent over 16 years in the Navy and traveled a lot. I plan on re-locating to Costa Rica in the near future.

Sent from Orlando, Florida on 2/3/2008.

Betty Sutton Sharp Zehnder - Student (1963)

Hi to the class of 63! dorinda cope and i went to the 10th reunion but have not heard from anyone since. i attended pno from 5th thru 12th grades. what great years!!i married, had to boys, divorced, and remarried now for 23 years!i have 3 grandchildren who light up my world! i became a teacher (go figure) and taught in vocational school in broward county for 20 yrs. my husband gregg and i retired and followed my son and the grandchildren to mississippi. we live a quiet country life in a small reminds me of good old pompano!! i remember bonfires on the beach, football games, the state championship basketball game,dances at the armory, jerrys drivein, and of course crusin the strip! we invented that!!

Sent from Wesson, MS. on 2/2/2008.

Peter Dunn - Student (1958)

great memories

Sent from Boca Raton, Florida on 2/2/2008.

Karl Rohrbach - Student (1976)

I moved to winter haven FL after 11th grade graduated from winter haven high school in 1977 went on to fsu ..go noles...presently in South Carolina managing a toyota dealership (ballentine toyota) married 17 yrs 3 children girls 12..10 ..boy..7 life is good out in the country...see y'all

Sent from Greenwood, SC on 1/31/2008.

Sybil Fortner Zuccala - Student (1966)

I am excited to see some old names. Had the best years of my life a Pompano High. If there are any "class of '66" out there I would love to hear from you if you remember me. I also hung out with alot of class of '67. Sorry I miss reunion. Ddin't know about it. Give me a shout. Thanks Ed for sending me this site.

Sent from Cullman, Al. on 1/26/2008.

Joyce Hamel - Student (1964)

Surprised to hear that the school was closed for 12 years. I guess the area has changed a lot. I haven't been back for years.

Sent from Tennessee on 1/26/2008.

Dorinda Jane Cope - Student (1963)

Work for Northwest Airlines, living in the Memphis area for 20 years. I missed the 40 yr hope there will be a 45 year. My daughter and two grandsons live with me. Yes, I still have a horse. Where is Marlyn Fisher?

Sent from Hernando,Ms on 1/26/2008.

Angela Schack - Student (1962)

Graduated in '62. Living in Pompano Beach. Have one son who just got married. Still working as a paralegal in Fort Lauderdale. Feeling great. Life is good.

Sent from Pompano Beach, FL on 1/26/2008.

Cheris Morris Madison - Student (1975)

How great to find this site, and also to find out that PBHS is alive and well. It seems like seems like forever ago. What great memories!

Sent from Sevierville, TN on 1/25/2008.

Margaret BLANCH gORDON - Student (1961)

Would like to contact Karen Carter from class of 1961 and anyone else who remembers me.

Sent from Plainfield, Indiana on 1/25/2008.

John E. Gambles Jr. - Student (2006)

Reppin PBHS class of 2006

Sent from FSU on 1/25/2008.

Barbara Wang (Orris) - Student (1960)

Hi to all classmates from class of 60..this is a great web site.congrats to who ever set it up..A lot of wonderful memories of PBSH..would love to find Sandy Sefton.....Lynn Williams found this web site and she is my dearest wonderful friend forever..we would love to hear from everyone /shes out in the high sierra mts of Calif....

Sent from Delray Beach,Fl on 1/24/2008.

Jane - Student (1960)

Hi all: How come there is only a few alum from 1960?

Sent from Nevada City CA on 1/24/2008.

Katherine ( Kitty ) Williams Perrin - Student (1962)

What a great place to grow up and go to school. I enjoyed all my 12 years with friends that I am still in contact with. I have been blessed to have 3 children, 1 boy and 2 girls and have 3 grandchildren. I never went on to college but learned with life experiences. I began tennis in high school playing the 4th position and never left the sport. I now work for the USTA in the Middle States Section promoting tennis. I am also a USTA Tennis Official working with junior tournaments and college matches.

Sent from Feasterville, PA on 1/23/2008.

Lyn Crumley Wright - Student (1968)

Looking for information for a possible 40th anniversary reunion for the class of 1968

Sent from Murfreesboro, TN on 1/23/2008.

Nell Goodrich Stephens - Student (1962)

I began first grade in Pompano with Miss Gillis as my teacher and went thru 12th grade....then on to St. Petersburg Junior in a duplex with Karen Whigham, Beth Suppes, and Patti Shank.

  I met my husband while attending college, married in 1964; still married after 44 years. We have a daughter, a son and 4 grandchildren.

  We lived in Pompano for 10 years, 33 years in Lakeland, FL and the last year in Winter Haven, FL.

  I have many PBHS friends that I am still in contact with after almost 50 years. However, I have one good friend that I have lost contact with and would love to hear from....Diane Anderson. Please, Diane if you read me.

  I thank God for allowing me to grow up in a town like Pompano where I have made wonderful, life long friends.

Sent from 620 Shaman Court Winter Haven, FL 33880 on 1/22/2008.

Charles Edward Strickland - Student (1970)

Just thought I'd say hi. Recognized a couple of names, it would be nice to chat. Email me.

Sent from Coral Springs, FL on 1/21/2008.

Barbara Bishop - Student (1960)

It's been a long time. Would like to be able to contact Darlene Booth. Lost contact after I left Florida.

Sent from Clayton, NC on 1/17/2008.

Louis John Trudel Jr - Student (1970)

Good Luck

Sent from Lighthouse Point , Fl on 1/16/2008.

Dan VanNus - Student (2006)

Great memories. What ever happened to Donny Anderson ? By the way.......we're all old now.

Sent from Jefferson, Ga. on 1/13/2008.

Susan Doyle Muniz - Student (1974)

I have been married for 21 years and have 3 children. David, from a previous marriage is 28 and lives in San Diego selling real estate. Erik is 20 and attends UCF in Orlando and plays rugby. Michael is 18 and attends University of New Mexico on a full scholarship to play football. My mother at 81 still lives in the same house I grew up in.

Sent from Albuquerque, New Mexico on 1/5/2008.

Robert Brantley - Student (1974)


Sent from Pompano Beach on 1/3/2008.

Alan Holmes - Student (1963)

I've missed all of our reunions for one reason or another (none satisfactory); hope to make it to 45th. My wife, Carol, and I have two children and three grandchildren. We've been to Lauderdale and Pompano a couple of times over the past few years - threatening to move back to FLA.

Sent from Anaheim, CA on 1/3/2008.

Larry D Fischer - Student (1973)

I moved to the Atlanta area in 1981 to work for Delta Airlines. I'm married to Joanna (from Indiana) and we have 5 children and 1 granddaughter.

Sent from McDonough, GA on 1/1/2008.

Paul F Buffa - Student (1977)

No comment.

Sent from South Carolina on 12/31/2007.

Enith Lane Brandt - Student (1969)

Hi Guys, I now live in Rochester, NY and have been married to the same wonderful man for 34 years. We have two children 22 and 26 and I am a middle school science teacher. After retiring, we will be dividing our time between Florida and Southern California. Pompano was definitely a great place to grow up.

Sent from Rochester, NY on 12/31/2007.

Georges Remi - Student (2000)

I spend one year in this school. It was really great for me who came from France. Living in USA is a totally different world. I enjoy this website to stay in touch with this community.

Sent from Paris France on 12/31/2007.

Joel Stradtner - Student (1979)

Great site... nice to see some of the old names. Where are all the '79ers?

Sent from Loveland, CO on 12/29/2007.

Mark Schneider - Student (1966)

Retired from the Air Force in 1988 and retired from Flight Safety International in 2006

Sent from Vero Beach on 12/29/2007.

Erik Krauss - Student (1984)

Glad to see the school reopen and keep the name Pompano Beach H.S. Golden Tornadoes.

Sent from Pompano Beach on 12/27/2007.

Andy Santos - Student (2007)

I will always miss pompano all the people and the teachers too im not gonna lie. had a lot of fun times there just the last memory a little too much but you can't do anything except grow up and learn from your mistakes. Don't make dumb choices ppl.

Sent from Deerfield Beach, FL on 12/20/2007.

Kiara Smith - Student (2006)

I really left in 2007 but I still consider myself a Tornado 4 lyfe!!!! '10 reppin!!

Sent from Nova High on 12/11/2007.

Leslie Nelson (Silwanicz) - Student (1983)

PBHS looks very impressive these days. I pass by there ever time I am in town and it looks great. I'm glad they didn't do away with the school all together, the way they were thinking ALONG time ago. Good doing for keeping the "Tornadoes" spirit alive!! Keep in touch with me for reunions. Make sure you go to the for and sign in the schools main events. I happened across this page by chance, and it is very cool! Hope to see you all soon. That 30th is coming up! YIKES


Sent from Port Charlotte, FL on 12/9/2007.

Nancy LePage (Gregg) - Student (1970)

I have many wonderful memories of PBSHS, and have always been sorry not to have known of any reunions. I lost my yearbooks years ago, if anyone knows how I could obtain a 1970 yearbook I would be most appreciative. Thanks

Sent from Taunton Mass. on 12/8/2007.

Dave Huff - Student (1970)

Interested in knowing where former classmates are and what they are doing.

Sent from Naperville, IL on 12/7/2007.

Tim McEwen - Student (1966)

Enjoyed the 40th class reunion and look forward to the next. I would like an email out there from anyone from the class of '66 that still remembers the great times during a period when life was much simpler than it is now. Two more years to retirment with the Department of Defense.

Sent from St. Augustine, Florida on 12/6/2007.

Samuel Glenn Rivers - Student (1966)

Can hear my music and read my profile at

Sent from Mississippi on 12/6/2007.

Stan Hollowell - Student (1965)

Looking forward to the next class reunion.

Sent from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada on 12/4/2007.

Victor Reis - Student (2003)

Good as I feel lack of the PBHS. Almost one year intense of good moments in the school, and also curious because, when I arrived was all different one of where it had come, plus this school she is not wonderful, received me well super, it helped in that I needed me. Mr. Frey, Mr. Marchand, Mr. Facteau, Mrs. Hill, are as many people that everything would not fit here. I cannot forget them friends who I made, the soccer that I played for the school that provided excellent moments to me. Homesicknesses this is the word that is in my heart until today, of the good moments that I had in this school. I wait one day to come back in briefing to be able to review my great friends who I made for there. PBHS always will be in my heart.
I love u PBHS

Sent from Brazil on 11/21/2007.

Tobi Sperry - Student (1982)

I was for some time married to "Big Harv." We have a great son that is grown and in the Navy. Harvey lives in Pooler, GA; just outside of Savannah. Our time in Pompano was a lot of fun. Y'all give me a shout if you're feelin' neighborly. God bless.

Sent from Savannah, GA on 11/14/2007.

Vickie Messer Kellogg - Student (1980)

Hi I am searching for Cindy Culmone which was a 1980 graduate. If you have any information please e-mail me. I have been looking for her for over 20 years. Thank you

Sent from Washington on 11/8/2007.

Carl Colaizzi - Student (1979)

I Loved High School!

Sent from Coral Springs, FL on 11/8/2007.

Chuck Goggin - Student (1963)

It was really great to browse through the alumni. Hope we are planning a 45th. Please contact me with any info. Thanks.

Sent from Alexandria, Va. on 11/6/2007.

Elizabeth Bouffard - Student (1980)

I would like to hear from some people from the class of 80. We rock. Email me. Thanks

Sent from Michigan on 10/31/2007.

Aveah Marks - Student (2004)

PBHS! What can I say? The lessons I learned on the curriculum and off of it were amazing. Ms. Gortney!!! I love you forever! Ms. Scott thanks so much for making me look deeper into everything. Mr. Bell! What an amazing man! To all my fellow classmates, thanks! For everything even if it was nothing.


Sent from Orlando, FL on 10/28/2007.

Durinda Dollins Whitehead - Student (1971)

What a great web-site! Still live in Pompano and work as a Secretary for the School Board at Rickards Middle. My son is soon to be 29 !!! Still keep in touch with "little Cathy: (Cathy Mayerele) and a Diane Iannaccone. Some of "us" still around and work for the School Board. Would love to hear from any of you.

Sent from Pompano Beach, FL on 10/26/2007.

Karin Knowlton Diffenderffer - Student (1968)

Worked as a flight attendant with United Airlines from December of 1970 until January of 1984. Two daughters,ages 27 and 24.

Sent from Pennsylvania on 10/22/2007.

Patrick Nealley - Student (1983)

Good to see that the school is being used as a school again. Remember when we all thought it sucked to be in school and what we would now give to go back in time and do it all again. I have been married for 19 years and now live in Marion, North Carolina (just outside of Asheville). Drop me a line sometime and we can chat.
Take care of yourselves,

Sent from Marion, NC on 10/21/2007.

Cabot Knowlton - Student (1963)

I attended the last reunion in 2003 and hope to go to the next one.

Sent from Plainsboro, NJ on 10/20/2007.

Timothy Guest - Student (1981)

Go Tornadoes!!!

Sent from Hot Springs Village, Arkansas on 10/19/2007.

Sheila Fu - Student (1983)

Nice to see PBHS is open again.

Sent from Boynton Beach, FL on 10/18/2007.

Linda Toth Hunt - Student (1970)

I graduated in 1970, I loved PBHS alot of fun times and memories. learned alot at school. Hoping that we can have a 40th re-union. The last one that I went to was our 10th. Been in contact with a few school buddies. Just recently married for the 2nd time and have no children. Good career. I miss the old days and all the peeps. Hope to see a reunion. Go Tornadoes.

Sent from Ft. Lauderdale. FL on 10/18/2007.

Charles Hahn - Student (1963)

Made the 20th and 25th reunions but sadly missed the 40th. Hope I'm still around for the 50th. Have retired twice, once from IBM and once from Coca-Cola. Still put in a few hours a week for IBM. Married for the past 37 years to Tedra (Tedi) Lowry Hahn. One daughter, Erika Hahn Tuttle. Live in Jasper, GA about 90 minutes north of Atlanta.

Sent from Jasper, GA on 10/18/2007.

Tim Nealley - Student (1985)

I would love to hear from any/all 85 grads.

Sent from Marion, N.C. on 10/17/2007.

Michael Long - Student (1980)

The Golden Tornadoes live!

Sent from Lighthouse Point, FL on 10/17/2007.

Clarivel Blanco Corbett - Student (1983)

Great site. It was nice to read all the entries from so many generations! I still go back and visit since all my family is still there and I now have nieces & nephews attending Ole' PBHS! The town sure has changed though!

Sent from Jacksonville, FL on 10/14/2007.

Peggy Busch Palmer - Student (1958)

Can't believe next year will be a 50th graduation celebration! Looking forward to hearing about a reunion and hopefully attending. Feel free to contact me - I am in the Atlanta area.
Blessings, Peggy

Sent from Canton, GA on 10/13/2007.

Lawrence Mosher - Student (1967)

I am married to Janice Wohrley Mosher, my High School Sweet Heart, April 4th, 1970. We have two daughters, Melinda Mosher Williams, she and John are parents of two boys and a girl, Austin 6, Tyler 4 and Sydney 2; they call Las Vegas, NV home. John their father, is in the Air Force and stationed at Nellis AFB. Amy is single, a R N at Northside Hospital in Atlanta, Ga now. I am now "disabled" following an 'at home' accident in 2000. Janice is a Secretary with Cobb County Schools and has a part time job now with the Cobb County Police Department.

Sent from Kennesaw, GA on 10/13/2007.

Samantha Samuel - Student (2006)

2007 should be an option by now. TO ALL FRESHMAN... Mr. Mumtaz is the Best Teacher Ever!!

Sent from Ft. Lauderdale on 10/12/2007.

Judy Johnson - Student (1973)

I go past the old school many times in travel to see my family in old Pompano.Looks a little different but alot of memories still there.

Sent from Delray Beach, Fl. on 10/12/2007.

Andrea M. Dwyer - Student (2003)

I just want to say hi to all of my former classmates and give an update to PBHS. I recently graduated from the University of Miami with a degree in Microbiology & Immunology. I am now working for a Fortune 100 medical device company and I really do love what I do. I get the opportunity to travel alot to places such as LAs Vegas or even Japan and I am so happy that I listened to the PBHS faculty and decided to pursue my education. I wish everyone the best and i encourage all the present PBHS students to enjoy it and make the most of their high school days and friendships that will hopfully last a lifetime!

Sent from Mahwah, NJ on 10/11/2007.

Cheryl Norling Ettersq - Student (1972)

Go Golden Tornado Marching Band! Great memories of band. I was a junior when Dick Elliott committed suicide; we were devastated. My daughter is currently a Marching Chief (FSU) - am so glad the music rubbed off on her. I work in the Press Office for the state Department of Education.

Sent from Tallahassee, FL on 10/10/2007.

Michael Kelly - Student (1984)

"Class of 84"

Sent from Baltimore, Maryland on 10/8/2007.

Bill Venezia - Student (1965)

Thanks much to Diana Spence for all she is doing to keep up with the class whereabouts.

Sent from Boca Raton on 10/6/2007.

Susan Akrivos Capdeville - Student (1978)

Great memories - was always with my sister irene from class of 77 so we had a great group of friends to party with. Own Photography by IMAGINATIONS with my husband of 21 years. Have a 17 yr boy and a 11 yr girl attending NOVA.

Sent from Davie Florida on 10/4/2007.

James Curtis Kunkle - Student (1969)

Hi I loved the old high school and say hi to all my friends

Sent from Coral Springs, Florida on 10/4/2007.

Porsche Briggs - Student (2005)

Keep me posted on the reunion!!!!

Sent from fl on 10/4/2007.

Chuck Shelton - Student (1965)

Just heard that PBSHS had been reopened.

Sent from Princess Anne, Maryland on 10/1/2007.

Linda Greenwood - Student (1964)

Hi to everyone that was inclass of 1964. I also want to say love to my life long friend Linda benge and her brother Paul also. Love to all and God be with us all.

Sent from Ocala area on 9/30/2007.

Gary L. Wallman - Student (1973)

Really surprised that the old school has reopened. Silly, probably, but I didn't like that the place where all those great memories originated ceased to exist.
Live in Ohio now, tried moving back to FL twice in my life (both times I bought restaurant/bars) two in Pompano one in West Palm. Sold both and left (my Florida no longer existed way too many people and way too much crime). Now own 2 Independent car dealerships in Ohio. Married with 4 kids and a niece were raising. Hello to all grads from 1973. Feel free to email, would love to hear from you guys.

Sent from Beavercreek, Ohio on 9/29/2007.

Jonathan LoRay - Student (2004)

Was in Pompano recently. Even though I was there for three of my four high school years, it was good. I do miss it. I remember everyone in the c/o 2004 thought i was a freshmen when in truth I did that year at Coconut Creek HS.

Sent from Hollywood, FL on 9/29/2007.

Gayle Spadafora - Student (1977)

Hi, I wintered in Fla each year and went to PBHS for 5 months every winter. I tried to look up people and couldn't find them.

Sent from Sunapee, NH on 9/29/2007.

Glenda Stolwijk - Student (1979)

Looking to chat with fellow 1979 grads

Sent from Canada on 9/28/2007.

Linda Benge Benjamin - Student (1965)

Great memories of good times and good friends. Left Florida in 87 for Dallas, TX. Looking forward to seeing everyone at our reunion in 2010. A great BIG THANKS to those still in Pompano who make a great effort to keep us all connected.

Sent from Richardson, TX on 9/28/2007.

Sharon Rhoades - Faculty (2006)

Does anyone know how I can get ahold of JOHN NELSON?

Sent from PBHS on 9/28/2007.

David Brown - Student (1967)

Through this site, I found the class of 67 reunion website. Our 40th is in a few weeks and connie and I will be flying down for it. My first reunion, and anticipating a great time of renewing friendships and catching up on classmates lives.
Tornadoes forever
Class of 67'

Sent from Kemptville, Ontario, Canada on 9/27/2007.

Daniel N Blanco - Student (1977)

Own and operate Dan & Deans Carpet Cleaning INC. Married for 20 years, and have a son at PBHS and a daughter soon to be there!

Sent from Pompano beach, Fl on 9/26/2007.

Paul Benge - Student (1966)

I left Pompano Beach and Florida shortly after graduation and never returned. Those days were a great time in our lives.

May our sails stay dry and the winds be at our backs everyday.

Sent from Scottsdale Az. on 9/25/2007.

Lisa Mulliniks - Student (2002)

Hi everyone.

Sent from Lakeland, FL on 9/21/2007.

Milton S Colley Jr - Student (1967)

Entered the USAF April 8, 1969 & retired as a Master Sargent in January 31, 1993

Sent from Fort Walton Beach on 9/19/2007.

Jessica Vola - Student (2002)

Wow, I can't believe it has been 5 years! I want to thank you to the faculty and staff of PBHS for everything. I wouldn't be where I am today. I am a graduate of Florida State University with a B.A. in English. I moved to Atlanta last year and bought a house (gosh-- i feel old) and I am getting married May 2008 :) Big thank you's to Laurie Roberson, Ms. Cordosa, Mr. Pitts, Mr. Williams, Ms. Vasquez, Ms. Tschirret for teaching and helping me so much. Class of 2002!

Sent from Atlanta, Georgia on 9/18/2007.

John A. Minnnick - Student (1966)

Give a yell, if you know me, would enjoy hearing from classmates and friends.

Sent from Fort Wayne, Indiana on 9/17/2007.

Michelle Barkdoll - Student (1977)

I just found this site while looking for some 30 year reunion information. The last reunion I heard about (and attended) was in 1987. Not finding out until today that the 30 year reunion would be Oct. 6, I couldn't possibly attend. I would love to hear from old friends.

Sent from Tacoma, Washington on 9/14/2007.

Don Burroughs - Student (1975)

I had a great time at pompano, sometimes I wish I could do it over again.

Sent from South Shore, Massachusetts on 9/11/2007.

Larry D. Vinkemulder - Student (1969)

Just waving, Hi.

Sent from Pompano Beach, Florida on 9/10/2007.

David Denault - Student (1964)

I am married to Judy Johnson, class of 67. We have been married for 36 years with 2 sons and our first grandson to arrive in December. Have been in the Atlanta area since 1985.

Sent from Canton, Georgia on 9/5/2007.

Sandra Ulmer - Student (1978)

Would like to know about an up-coming 30th reunion in 2008?

Sent from Boynton Beach, Florida on 9/5/2007.

Hugh C. Avant (Kacky) - Student (1961)

Married to Joyce Johnson, Class of '63 for 42 years. We have four children and seven grands. Looking forward to retirement soon and enjoying some travelling.

Sent from Canton, Georgia on 9/4/2007.

Susan Brush Alvey - Student (1958)

50th Class Reunion Classes 58 & 59 September 4-7,2008 North Georgia Mountains Committe is actively looking for classmates. Contact us through Susan's e mail

Sent from Raleigh, NC on 9/4/2007.

Mary Schwarz Norment - Student (1981)

Love to hear from anyone out there that knew me.

Sent from Maine on 8/31/2007.

Chelsea Schmitt - Student (2003)

Hey guys, just a quick update. I graduated in May from UF (GOOO GATORS!) with a degree in Public Relations and am now working full time as a community relations coordinator for Keiser University. I love my job, especially going into local high schools to speak with seniors about finding scholarship money and choosing the right college for them. I plan on speaking at Pompano in the near future and checking in on my favorite teachers!

Sent from Ft.Lauderdale on 8/31/2007.

Eloise Stewart - Student (1967)

Would love to hear from other old timers!!!

Sent from Deerfield on 8/30/2007.

Judi Purdy Hamilton - Student (1969)

I currently work for Wachovia as a loan officer, have 3 children and 4 grandchildren with 1 on the way. My youngest daughter is going to college at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia

Sent from Deerfield Beach, Fl on 8/30/2007.

Eloise Stewart - Student (1967)

This is great--Would like to hear from old timers !!!

Sent from Deerfield on 8/23/2007.

Ollie Jerkins-Eason - Student (1977)

Please notify me of any class events.

Sent from Tamarac, Fl. on 8/23/2007.

Vickey Rodriguez Kiraly - Student (1985)

May the Golden Tornadoes be around forever.

Sent from Fort Hood, Texas on 8/23/2007.

Judith Hart - Student (2003)

WOW!!!! The school looks so cool!Hi to everyone out there and greetings from Germany ;-)
Love, Judith

Sent from Flensburg, Germany on 8/23/2007.

Anzio Bouche - Student (2007)

I graduated in the illustrious class of 2007. Just comin around to say I miss goin out there. I'll come by and visit sometime though.

Sent from Daytona Beach, FL on 8/22/2007.

Daniel Cogdill - Student (1967)

Go Tornadoes

Sent from Florida on 8/20/2007.

Barbara Bolk Cogdill - Student (1968)

Go Tornadoes

Sent from Pompano Beach, Fl on 8/20/2007.

Edna Horne Johnson - Student (1929)

OK Graduates! I am 96 years young and graduated in the second graduating class of Pompano Senior High. I was an "origional" BEANPICKER! I now reside in Canton, Ga. with my 2 daughters and family.

Sent from Canton, Georgia on 8/18/2007.

Barbara Miner Palat - Student (1970)

Hello to all. Would love to see a class reunion. I am working for the City of Pompano Athletic dept. and am the softball coach for Pompano High. My husband and I are proud to have 2 daughters, Jennifer and Stephanie and 1 beautiful granddaughter. Hope to hear from some old high school friends

Sent from Pompano Beach on 8/17/2007.

Rhonda L. Stanley-Simonds-Brewer - Student (1977)

Great to stumble onto this site and see so many familiar names. It looks as if many of us are looking forward to a reunion in October. I have lived in the Keys for 26 years; am on marriage number 2 (but hey, the first one lasted 18 years!) I have an 18 year old son, a freshman at UF, and a 15 year old son. I own and operate a real estate brokerage, Moorings Realty, Inc. and am President of our local Board. My husband is a fishing guide. If any of you ever slip away to the Keys for a visit, please look me up! Anyone know the whereabouts of our Spanish teacher Susan O'Connor? I would love to find her. See you all in Oct.!

Sent from Islamorada, Florida Keys on 8/16/2007.

Sue Gallegos Hubbard - Student (1981)

Glad I found this site. I left the school and moved to Arizona as a sophmore. I would like to know if anyone knows Becky Hill or Frank Hill. Please let me know how I might be able to contact them.

Sent from Michigan on 8/15/2007.

Glenn Listort - Student (1978)

Fooled you all...Am a chemistry teacher and football coach at WR Boone HS in Orlando. But Still working as a musician....playing shows at various locations around the state.

Sent from Orlando, FL on 8/14/2007.

Sharon Sweat Dyess - Student (1967)

Roger Dyess and I will have been married 40 years this coming January.We have 3 kids and 6 grankids. Roger just retired 8/8/07. We are going to buy a fifth wheel and travel.

Sent from Palm City, Florida on 8/13/2007.

Judy Johnson Denault - Student (1967)

What a fun site! Would love to hear from any of my fellow Tornados. Meanwhile, looking forward to our October reunion!

Sent from 1109 Fieldstone Dr. ,Canton, Ga. 30114 on 8/13/2007.

Teri Shahan Danser - Student (1978)

What a great site, so impressive. I visit here every once in a while looking for old friends. I am out here in the midwest where it's been over 100 degrees recently (personally I enjoy it). The majority of the time, though, it is milder and very pretty.

We've been considering having a Tradewinds Reunion for a few months now, and it is happening on October 6 at lunch time! For more info, please check the Announcements on this site.

John and Darla Spain will be there, and we will have a blast!

Hope to see you in October!

Teri Shahan Danser '78
Tony Buczek '77

Sent from Kansas City, MO on 8/13/2007.

Janet Bridges Rogalski - Student (1968)

Still in the wonderful state of Florida but in (Gainesville)Gator country the past 25 years. Have 2 daughters: Trish 37 and Jayme 33, and 4 fantastic grandchildren. I'm curious about a 40th reunion in '08 since I attended Pompano schools 1st thru 12th grade and want to connect with some old friends.

Sent from Gainesville, FL on 8/12/2007.

Sue Ballard Neff - Student (1963)

George and I have enjoyed the reunions we attended. Sorry to have missed the 40! We have 2 daughters and 3 grandkids. Retired and looking forward to some traveling. Nice to see some familiar names on here. email me ...

Sent from Pensacola, FL on 8/11/2007.

Joyce Johnson Avant - Student (1963)

I have many fond memories of my PBSHS days,a highlight being our band trip to march in the Cherry Blossom Parade in D.C. Married 42 years to Hugh (Kacky) Avant, Class of 61. We have four children, and seven grands. Would love to hear from classmates, especially any of you in the North Ga. area.

Sent from Canton, Georgia on 8/10/2007.

Theresa Stermer-Frost - Student (1977)

Glad to see so many names. Glad to see Chris finally found the site!!! Looking forward to the reunion in October!!!!

Sent from Boca Raton, Fl on 8/8/2007.

Joy Wallace-Sahakian - Student (1981)

Left Florida a couple times but came back.

Sent from Palm Beach Gardens, FL on 8/7/2007.

Fernando Salgado - Student (1976)

Great Site. I just want to say hello to all my friends in pompano when I was a exchange student living with the Clarak family

Sent from Bogot}a - Colombia on 8/6/2007.

Dr. Reid Alexander - Student (1967)

Please have the band/choral conductor email me at:

I need a copy of the piano/vocal version of the PBHS alma mater. Thank you.

Sent from Champaign, IL 61821 on 8/3/2007.

Christopher Stermer - Student (1979)

Left there in 1979 before I graduated (big mistake) and joined the US Navy. Retired from the Navy in 1999. Married several times and have three kids. A lot of great memories from PBHS marching band (how could I forget initiation) and the football games, Graphics Arts with Mr. Walters, and doing the school plays as a the spian (Night of January 16th and David and Lisa). Any of the old friends feel free to email me.

Sent from Port St. Lucie, FL on 8/3/2007.

Ricky Hugli Burgin - Student (1971)

Ricky Hugli Burgin
Tom and I got married in 73 and have 7 Children and 2 Grandchildren so youngest Child is only 12 so i have some time left=) We live in Plant City. would love to here from some of my old class mates=)


Sent from Tampa FL, on 8/2/2007.

Dorothy White - Student (1967)

I'm looking for the Reunion (40th) Website. Do you know what it is called?

Sent from Boca Raton, Florida on 8/2/2007.

Joy Robinson Saley - Student (1977)

These are some of the best days... Time for 30 year Reunion.. Oct. 6, 2007 at Galuppi's Restaurant-7 pm. in Pompano Bch.

Life is filled with blessings, two high school kids attending PBHS - great husband - Married 21 yrs. Wonderful job at Holy Cross Hospital.

Sent from Pompano Beach on 7/31/2007.

Jerry Lahr - Student (1961)

It was a great time then - Beanpickers to Golden Tornadoes - too bad the kids today don't get to have the things we had back then in Pompano. It was a great place to grow up in. I have had a phenomenal life and have two fantastic girls 19 and 16 - I calmed down later than most. It is great to see some of the posts of friends and acquaintances from the 'good ole days'. Be well.

Sent from Texas on 7/29/2007.

Euridice Barahona - Student (2006)

I miss Pompano! Im so far away... I`m having a good time in college, though. I´m currently attending the National Technical University of Athens - just in case someone wants to come visit me.

REUNION = ?...Dont forget about me!

Sent from Athens, Greece on 7/25/2007.

Al Forand - Student (1963)

Wow!! What a great site brings back the "good ole days" Pompano was a great small town with the best schools nice to read all the comments and reminisce about all the fun we had in the early 60's. Married 31 years to a special texas lady with two fabulous children lived in broward county until 2001 now enjoying small town life again.

Sent from Crystal River,FL on 7/25/2007.

Bob Heekin - Student (1966)

Guess I never left the stomping grounds. Married twice to Jane I and Jane II. Still working with no end in sight. I have fond memories of High School and I am glad that I am not from the class of 1945. Hope all is well with my class of 1966er's. Does anyone remember the Lost Continent?

Sent from Pompano Beach on 7/25/2007.

Bob Field - Student (1967)

I'm looking forward to a great reunion! Hope to see everyone there.

Sent from Oakland Park, Fl on 7/24/2007.

Donald May - Student (1980)

Life is Good!! God has changed my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sent from St. Petersbuurg Fl. on 7/23/2007.

Candace Bowen-Early - Student (1985)

I was so happy when P.B.H.S. opened again. It was a wonderful time in my life and look back only with the fondest of memories. I hope the Cross-Country team represents the old alumni well! Go Tornadoes!

Sent from Pompano Beach, FL on 7/19/2007.

Richard P. Horton - Student (1973)

It was the Best of Times and it was the Worst of Times. But I Still Have That Golden Tornado Pride in my School. [ Go Blue and Gold ].

Sent from Pompano Beach on 7/17/2007.

Steve Oxenhandler - Student (1973)

I would have graduated with the class of 1973 but had to move away to Cincinnati in my junior year. I had a great sophomore year at PBHS and have especially fond memories of the JV football team and driving class, where I met Sherry Basham. I would love to hear from anyone that remembers those times.

Sent from Alexandria, Louisiana on 7/15/2007.

Jim Polizzi - Student (1976)

I was involved in Band, Jazz Band, Orchestra and Chorus

Sent from Charlotte, NC on 7/10/2007.

Cherie Cogdill Anslow - Student (1983)

Great Site.

Sent from Pompano Beach, FL on 7/9/2007.

Patricia Allison Black - Student (1984)

I was wondering if there is any plan for a reunion? I would love to know how everyone is doing.

Greetings from Chicago, IL - I am here studying Improvisation. Up until last October, I lived in Nashville, TN - first working in the Music Industry and then later in IT and IT Project Management. I got a BA in Music at Eckerd College in St. Petersburg, FL.

Take care!!

Sent from Chicago, IL on 7/9/2007.

Bruce Cissell - Student (1978)

I only attended PBHS the first half of the year of 9th grade. So that would of been in 1974 for those of you who smoked too much weed back then. LOL

Man we're all going to be 50 years old pretty soon, doesn't time fly ??

Just thought I post in case some old friends from the neighborhood just happen to stumble across this guestbook. I won't be attending the 30 year reunion, doubt the old lady would let me. Maybe if I told her KISS was going to be there she would want to go with me. LOL

Hope everyone is doing good, if you know me, email me, if you don't, don't.


Sent from Orlando, FL on 7/7/2007.

Kay Cowen Minter - Student (1969)

I have been living in Virginia since 1974, right outside Wash. DC. I have been married 34 years, have three grown daughters and a grown son. Two are married, and I am now the proud grandmother of a baby girl 2 mos old.

My husband and I founded Reston Bible Church in '74, and it is now over 30 years old, going strong. We have a great life. ( Honestly, I wouldn't want to go back to high school)

Sent from Ashburn, Virginia on 7/7/2007.

John H. Jolinski - Student (1964)

Wow, where has the time gone. 43 years removed from some of my fondest memories. So many to list, but here's a few: the football games, Wolfie's afterwards, parking and snuggling on the beach at night, the Federal and Gold Coast Drive Ins. Now I'm a doting grandfather with 2 5 year old princesses who go into kindergarten next month. In my spare time, I run a public relations company and for fun play tennis and travel to great and exciting places. I do miss the gang from years back, especially my former baseball teammates. I've enjoyed our last 2 reunions. Hope more are on the horizon.

Sent from Orlando, FL on 7/6/2007.

Liz McNally Lovely - Student (1976)

I had the best times at PBHS and the best friends, Luckly I still live close to Patrice. Miss everyone else though, Terry Delmonico where are you, Dave Rubin, You missed a great 30th reunion. Dan I miss you the most.

Sent from Coconut Creek, FL on 7/6/2007.

Coni Stables Tabor-Gorman - Student (1973)

Recently had contact with classmate, would like to hear from others from Class of '73!

Sent from Fort Pierce, Florida on 6/30/2007.

Chuck Thomas - Student (1974)

Would love to hear from the old gang.

Sent from Coral Springs, FL on 6/29/2007.

Mary Branch (Morrissey) - Student (1977)

Nice website! Looking forward to a reunion soon.

Sent from Denver, Colorado on 6/28/2007.

Cindy Moore Castillo - Student (1973)

So great the website is here! I am thankful for all the great friends made while at PBHS. Youth Ranch was a highlight for me! Is there a reunion in 2008? I am looking for Bobbi Elwood. Are you out there?

Sent from Richmond, KY on 6/28/2007.

Diana Rosero - Student (2005)

I had a blast at PBHS it was the best years of my life i'm in the military right now and stationed in Baghdad, Iraq life is crazy and have 265 days left to go home. Hopefully when I get back i'll drop by to see the school and see my old teachers!!! Hope everything is going well!

Sent from Baghdad, Iraq on 6/28/2007.

Janice Wells-Jones - Student (1977)

Great times at Pompano High. I completed my high school years at this wonderful school. Favorite Subject: Business Education, D - Building. Please inform me and I will relay the message to my twin sister, Joyce Wells-Mack, regarding the 30th Class Reunion.

Sent from Lauderhill, FL on 6/26/2007.

Terrance Murray - Student (2003)

Yo What Dey Do? It's June 26th & I never thought Pompano High would have an oraganized website. I am taking care of my son Darien who was born December 19th, 2004 & now expecting another boy Tyree due in August. I am working for Bank Of America & playing Semi-Pro Football for the Broward Bears, we were the State Champs & lost the National Championship earlier this month. I am looking for coaching positions in football &/or baseball if you know of any openings. Feel free to contact me unless you were a teacher who failed me..... I know I know I failed myself, it's all love though I have matured into a good man people say.

Sent from Pompano on 6/26/2007.

Paul Kelley - Student (1985)

Its good to see the school is open again

Sent from Ocala fl on 6/23/2007.

Darlene Williams Miller - Student (1962)

I look forward to seeing my classmates from ALL those years ago.

Sent from Anthony, Florida on 6/19/2007.

William E Wagle, Jr. - Student (1964)

Would like to see more 64 grads

Sent from Winter Haven FL on 6/16/2007.

Gail Andrews - Student (1969)

I just want to say i had a great time at the school.

Sent from Pompano Beach FL on 6/16/2007.

Dirk Graves - Student (1980)

It's very interesting finding this site. After college I remaind in the midwest and currently run a division for a trucking company. I would be interested in any info on the next reunion. Let me know!

Sent from Omaha, NE on 6/13/2007.

Jenny Wake Hayes Templeton - Student (1967)

Are there plans for a 40 year class reunion?

Sent from Ashland, KY on 6/12/2007.

Cheryl Cass - Student (1982)

Some knew me as Cheryl, most close freinds knew me as Sherry. Nice looking at this site.

Sent from Brooksville, FL on 6/8/2007.

Alessandro Cantalupo - Student (1983)

Does anyone remember me?

Sent from Deerfield Beach on 6/8/2007.

Allen Angeletti - Student (1960)

Pompano was alot of fun enjoyed the bean&pepper jamb I would like to hear from anyone. I am retired and will b in fla 6-13 for 2 wks. See ya

Sent from Boise, Idaho on 6/8/2007.

Pamela Jean - Student (1981)

I am a true Pompano Beach native, still living in Broward County. Opened and managed several B Dalton Bookstores, Worked 17+ years for a Pompano Beach Roof Tile manufacturer. Currently enjoying my own antique business, love being my own boss! Also work a few days in a doctor's office. Engaged to a wonderful man! :)

Sent from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida on 6/7/2007.

Eddie Garner - Student (1964)

It was great to see the golden tornadoes tradition carried on.. THE TIME MOVES SWIFTLY BUT THE MEMORIES REMAIN STRONG AND STEADFAST.. he yells i pitched 2 years for the baseball team 63,64 back when players were players...swede hatfield memories remain, the most obvious chant of his was pay attention. u cunnythumper... took me years to figure that 1 few of the players from that time were my bro bill fauerbach, bill adelman larry sanders jesus garcia bobby mckinnon john jolinski chuck goggins ,who later played in the majors,,gary ashe rick milne rick wheeler, donnie huggins, just to name a few.. it would be great to hear from any of my old friends..

Sent from Dothan, AL on 6/7/2007.

Mark A. Pilon - Student (1970)

Glad to see that the school is re-opened.

Sent from Eden, North Carolina on 6/5/2007.

Robert Parks - Student (1985)

I was looking for someone that I knew, and any info that might lead me there.

Sent from Mt Dora, FL. on 6/5/2007.

George Reynolds - Student (2002)

Pompano high was a milestone in my life that prepared me for a successful future in the real world. To all present students, take what you learn and treasure it because someday it will become an intricate part of your lives.

Pompano was a good place to meet great people, to all my friends: Thurm digity, Big j, Jerome Bop Bostic and my lil cuz TED HUFF keep ya heads up and keep in touch. To all my favorite females: JOLEENA (who has a baby who i dont even have a picture of), Christina, Shanaisha,Princess, Tudy, Shaneda(my cracking buddy) and my girl mattadeen who never let you have a dull moment. and to anyone else who i forgot, i'll shout you out next time. Octavia & Rikkia i bet you thought that i forgot you. Michelle, courtney, (where is Michelle neverson? please forgive me if i mispelled your name. Much love and happiness to you all.

Sent from Boca Raton on 6/5/2007.

Jennie Hefelfinger - Student (1977)

Wow! You move away for 30 years and look at all that happens. The school closes, opens, closes again, then opens again. That's wonderful. Lots of great memories from high school. Has anyone heard from Connie (Chapman) Gillies? Any info on the 30th reunion? Thanks, Jennie (Obermayr) Hefelfinger

Sent from Tallahassee, FL on 6/3/2007.

Nancy Ann Hickey McCallum - Student (1977)

I would like to know if we are having a 30 year reunion?

Sent from Coconut Creek, FL 33073 on 6/3/2007.

Donna Kersten Wendland - Student (1974)

Hey out there! Anyone remember me or my sister Anita? Any info of a class reunion-past or future? We went to the 1975-it was great!!

Sent from South Carolina on 5/31/2007.

Chris Phillips - Student (1979)

Pompano beach high looks better than ever plus it's an A school keep up the good work Staff.

Sent from Lauderhill, Florida on 5/29/2007.

Anzia Chillon Armstrong - Student (1977)

Proud parent of Golden Tornado Marching Band member Anzio Bouche' PBHS Class of 2007

SAF Chair Pompano Beach High '06-'07

Sent from Pompano Beach Florida on 5/27/2007.

Cathleen Anderson - Student (1952)

I graduated fom broward business college n\k\a fort lauderdale school of business and finance, married robert anderson, retired from bank america and have served as vice mayor & commissioner for the past 32 consecutive years

Sent from Hollywood, FL on 5/27/2007.

Tom Ruiz - Student (1985)

Hey very nice site. Well since I graduated school in 85 (the year they closed)joined army saw the world came home, married I am a system admin at Spirit, Actually going to Kaan U's (class of 84)wedding next weekend. He is in NY and a police officer in police plaza one. Any one from the class of 85 send out an email. Last I saw Doug Hammwer he was in Pompano.

Sent from Plantation on 5/25/2007.

Gregory Baldwin - Student (1968)

I would be interested in speaking with band or orchestra members..

Sent from Delray Beach, Florida on 5/25/2007.

Bruce Barkdoll - Student (1976)

Outstanding 30th year class reunion, looking forward to the next.

Sent from West Palm Beach, Florida on 5/23/2007.

Karen Vetro Webster - Student (1963)

Really miss some of the old days! I can't believe my grandchild is trying to get into Pompano! Time goes so fast! Seems like yesterday Coach Hatfield was teaching us how to drive!

Sent from Pompano Beach, Fl. on 5/22/2007.

Genevieve Groesbeck - Student (1981)

Hey you guys. What's up? Best wishes. E-mail me. I'd love to hear from my classmates. Have a wonderful life! Peace.

Sent from Pompano Beach on 5/15/2007.

Kathleen Barnett - Student (2003)

It was the best of times here and the worst of times...

Sent from Portland, OR on 5/9/2007.

Darlene Robertson (now Swan) - Student (1978)

Great site. Just was looking for alumni info and reunion info. Emailed some old freinds. Still living here. Have 3 kids that go to school in Pompano. Mom and Dad still living by the middle school. Hi to all alumni. Love you! Darlene Class of 1978

Sent from Pompano Beach on 5/6/2007.

Larry Taylor - Student (1977)

Great to see some of the names that bring back memories. Hope to hear from some of you. Also great to see that a reunion is coming up soon.

Sent from Morganton, NC on 5/2/2007.

Ann Marie Hall Hunt - Student (1967)

Lived across the street would go home for lunch everyday, Mr. Elliott was the band director and our football team was the greatest. Glad to see this is a school again.

Sent from Papillion, Nebraska on 5/1/2007.

David Allen - Student (1971)

Glad to see the school brought back to life. Lot's of memories, good and bad.

Sent from FT. McCoy, FL on 5/1/2007.

Bill Esmann - Student (1962)

Went to college from PBHS, then enlisted in the USMC for two years then to West Point (ugh!) for four years, then back to the USMC. Found time to marry and have two daughters, and now four grandchildren. Spent 25 years as a Marine officer. Loved it and saw the world, starting with Vietnam and ending with Europe in the early 1990's. In between lived in Hong Kong, Manila and places East. I am now a consultant for the department of defense. Will retire shortly to coastal North Carolina near Wilmington.

Sent from Washington DC on 5/1/2007.

Judi Thomas - Student (1974)

Married for 20 years, 3 great kids, all living in New England. Would love to hear from old friends.

Sent from New England on 5/1/2007.

Keel Russell - Student (2004)

Man, I really miss Pompano, it was my home away from home. I really will keep pompano in my heart. I love the administration and all the teachers that I had. wish you all well and nice retirement.

Sent from Fort Lauderdale on 4/29/2007.

Rick Hamilton - Student (1981)

Loking for people I knew

Sent from Canton, Georgia on 4/28/2007.

Lisa LaFlamme - Student (1978)

Need an email contact for 30 year reunion - 1978.

Sent from Haines City Florida on 4/27/2007.

Bob Peck - Student (1967)

Kay we are having our 40th Oct 12-14. We have a website I tried to reply to the email address you posted but the email went to a Barbara Molyneux. You might want to verify that your email is correctly posted

Sent from Cheyenne, Wyoming on 4/23/2007.

Ron Martin - Student (1961)

I have a lot of great memories from PBHS. I attended both the old and new school. Have had a great and prosperous life, have a beautiful wife, four married kids and six grandkids. Would like to hear from old friends like Lee Parker and others. I've had a full, exciting life from the Cuban Crisis to Vietnam being the only big game outfitter in Canada. Presently live in N. Georgia mountains but plan on traveling endlessly when I leave Mayo Clinic soon. Send me an email.

Sent from Suches, Georgia on 4/22/2007.

David Blakeley - Student (1971)

I have noticed a lot of students moved north. Haven't communicated with any though.

Sent from Marcus Hook, Pa on 4/20/2007.

Jonathan De La Rosa - Student (2003)

Pompano!!! Wow, I loved PBHS! I transferred in the middle of my junior year and fell in love with the school and graduated in 03. Ten days after graduation I was off on to the military. Its crazy, times flies! I have many memories and I miss everyone dearly. For those currently attending PBHS, enjoy & cherish your stay because you can not stop time and you will look back to these years and dwell apon them many times. Good luck & God bless :)

Sent from South FL on 4/19/2007.

Sandra L. Worthington Mooser - Student (1964)

"ROCK ON" So, where is everybody? Look at your yearbooks, if you knew me, get in touch. I only had 2 years at Pompano, but they were the best years of my life. I also had friends in the class of 65, and my sister was in 66 - KAREN - Our time is ticking, would really like to hear about how everyone turned out!

Sent from Prospect, Ky. (Louisville) on 4/18/2007.

Kay Molyneux - Student (1967)

Are there any plans for a reunion for the 1967 class?

Sent from Morganton, NC on 4/14/2007.

Gary Wenk - Student (1985)

Nice to see the school up and running. Where the Dug Hammer?

Sent from Boca Raton on 4/13/2007.

Dennis Stricklin - Student (1968)

Military career then corporate flying movie stars and professional golfers. I am currently a pilot for jetBlue Airways. I have one ex wife and two children from that marriage. I married a girl I met in high school in Germany in my Sr. yr. After 29 years we ran into each other by accident on the internet. Now with her 3 children we have 5 kids and 5 grandchildren. Life is good. Come by and see us! 321-508-6922 cell phone. Call us for a reunion.

Sent from Cocoa, FL on 4/11/2007.

Belinda McLemore - Student (1977)

I am so please to know that my school has re-opened. During the time that the school was closed, I would vist on vacation,, and show my 4 children where I attend high school.

Sent from Duluth, Georgia on 4/2/2007.

Beth Anne Todd - Student (1979)

I graduated in 1979 the school still holds the name well. I have alot of memories there look at my year books alot. Show them to my children and grandchildren. They love it. I enjoy viewing the site and it brings back alot of memories and real glad they kept the school name it would not be the same if they had changed it. have alot of memories there and fun. Miss those days. Been trying to find most of the class of 79. If any hints please contact me. Go golden torandoes. And if anybody knows what happen to Lisa Stewert or Tawni Mcwhinney please let me know I would love to hear from them. Gold and blue will always be in my heart. To all those attend the new school. Keep it up and enjoy. School has alot to offer.

Sent from Ragland, Alabama on 3/31/2007.

Jolyn Miller Fitzsimmons - Student (1985)

Even though the school closed, I was what would have been the c/o 86. Would love to hear from any alumni that knew me. I am married and the mother of 2 boys, one in college and one in middle school.
My heart clings to GOLD & BLUE!!

Sent from Pompano Beach, Fl on 3/27/2007.

Dawn Spalding- Waters - Student (1985)

hay lining in S.C. I a art instructer at the Anderson Art Center, finally getting paid for what I once got in trouble for... Also a teacher at the local high school. Two kids:10 and 4 they both share my love of animals!! we have 2 horses 2 dogs I have been married for 6 yrs to my husband Tim Hay to DJ and Todd Stuart of any one has talked to them!!!

Sent from honea path s.c. on 3/27/2007.

Debbie Montouri - Student (1977)

Any info on a 30 (yikes!) year reunion for the class of 1977!?

Sent from Palm Harbor Fl on 3/22/2007.

Tommie J Bickford - Student (1976)

I would like to hear from fellow chorus members, especially those in the original Tradewinds in 1975 and 1976. I really miss you guys!

Sent from Olathe, KS on 3/20/2007.

Joey Greve - Student (1985)

This is so cool

Sent from Pompano on 3/17/2007.

Donald Survilas - Student (1959)

I graduated from the Old School and remember Pop Carlisle dean of boys. I am currently semi retired and dabble in real estate. I have 3 sons and 1 daughter who gave me 6 grandkids. I still keep in touch with Don Risatti who lives in Orange Mass. Coach Ward called us the Bobsey Twins as we hung around quite a bit. My career encompassed a stint in the Air Force, Manufacturing Manager at Scientific Atlanta up to now with my own real estate company. I still think about my time there - great memories

Sent from Cumming, Georgia on 3/16/2007.

Gregory Severson (giese) - Student (1971)

Just hoping to hear from someone that graduated in 1974 that went to school with me.

Sent from Port Sint John, FL on 3/15/2007.

Caroline Carvalho - Student (2005)

I love this school!!

Sent from Orlando on 3/14/2007.

Ashley Parrish - Student (2006)

Hey I really miss everyone in P-no it really sux that I couldn't stay and graduate with all my friends but we will always keep in touch. I miss you guys so much!

Sent from Fort Myers, Florida on 3/14/2007.

David R. Spence - Student (1965)

Proud to be from Pompano High 1965.

Sent from Pompano Beach Florida on 3/13/2007.

Dean Warren (Vaughan) - Student (1978)

Hey fellow alums. Don't know how I missed previous reunions but looking forward to this summer. Hope all is well out there. Drop me a line, love to chat.
Oh and in a nutshell: After high school got my BA, came back to Fort Lauderdale, then back to school, off to the west coast (CA), then traveled for a while, back to FL in the early 90's, and now enjoying life with my two sons and family.

Sent from Fort Lauderdale on 3/12/2007.

Virginia M. Wasser - Student (1967)

The big 40 is comming up ...can't wait to see everybody

Sent from Florida on 3/9/2007.

Theresa Frost (Stermer) - Student (1977)

It is March, would like to know info on the class reunion!!!

Sent from Boca Raton on 3/6/2007.

Linda Godsall Lindquist - Student (1967)

When I retired from teaching in Broward County after 32 years, we moved here to Tallahassee. I quilt and ride on my husband's Harley. Our son followed his father's footsteps and is working for BSO and is newly married. I plan on getting out my yearbook and remembering names!

Sent from Tallahassee.FL on 3/5/2007.

Furnie Walter - Student (1968)

Hello fellow Band geeks (although the word "geek" didn't exist in 1968)! I have great memories of the Golden Tornado Marching Band (as Drum Major in '68). After graduation I changed my name to James F. Walter. Settled here in NC after a 26-year Air Force career. Have 2 grown sons and 3 grandsons. Waiting to retire again in a couple of years and hit the road full time in a 5th wheel RV with Denyse, my loving wife of 37 years.

Sent from Cary, NC on 3/4/2007.

Louise E Lawrence-Spyros - Student (1978)

Teresa woodbury whats up girl friend?

Sent from Lighthouse Point FL/Blairsville GA on 2/27/2007.

April Gray-Harper - Student (2001)

what it do, P-NO!! nothing much just chilling doing my ususal. for my myspace peeps holla at ur girl. yo shout out to manoucheka, kia, michelle, nicole, kedisha we really need to hang.

Sent from ft. lauderdale on 2/27/2007.

Glenn Hall - Student (1965)

Like to hear from anyone still around from the class of 1965.

Sent from FT. Lauderdale on 2/25/2007.

Maria Marcoux - Student (1971)

Still in the area after all these years...

Sent from Coral Pprings, FL on 2/23/2007.

Robert Sumser - Student (1977)

Like to know when and where class of 77 reunion

Sent from Buford, GA on 2/22/2007.

Tiffany Stone-O'connor - Student (1983)

Hello Class of 1983. Hope everyone is happy and healthy. I hop to see you all at the next reunion. I've been married for 12 years and have 2 step-childern 21 and 18 years old. Oh I'm also a Grandmother. I hope to see you all soon. GOD BLESS YOU ALL. STAY SAFE

Sent from Lecanto, FL on 2/21/2007.

Joseph W. Corace - Student (1978)

Glad the school is making a come back. Good times at Pompano High

Sent from Coral Springs, Florida on 2/20/2007.

Tom Owen - Student (1969)

I just read through this alumni page and WOW! It really makes me proud to be part of the heritage that is PBSH. Those of you that know me, know that I had a great time there. 1969 was a great year and a great class. It was a special time. We are very fortunate that so many of us have kept in touch all these years.

Sent from Vero Beach,Fl. on 2/13/2007.

Raymond Keith Marshall - Student (1965)

Have not heard from or seen anyone since graduation. I had a great time at Pompano and would love to hear from anyone in the 65 class. Mike Sharman or Willie Nowak are you out there?

Sent from Stillwater, Oklahoma on 2/13/2007.

Richard Wagner - Student (1973)

Hello all

Sent from Lake Worth, Fl on 2/12/2007.

Jim Dickson - Student (1963)

I still remember all the great experiences

Sent from Cocoa Beach, FL on 2/10/2007.

Mugu Maga - Student (1998)

I just thank God for PBHS Alumni I am happy that one day I will meet old friends WOW!

Sent from Florida on 2/8/2007.

Lea Lavoie Davis - Student (1967)

It will be great to see all my friends at the reunion. Also, would love to know who lives in the Tampa Bay area.

Sent from Tampa, Florida on 2/7/2007.

Jason Lobel - Student (1982)

Website is working great. I guess they fixed the air conditioners finally, I hope they replaced the water fountains...Always good to reflect on a great education.

Sent from Deerfield Beach on 2/6/2007.

Deidre (Dee Dee) Buffington-Perez - Student (1981)

I somehow missed the 20 and 25 year reunion, I guess noone could find me but, please let me know of any upcoming events. It's so great to see PBHS open again !

Sent from Coral Springs, FL on 2/6/2007.

Asha Soogrim - Student (2001)

:-), Fun Times.

Sent from Bronx, NY on 1/24/2007.

curtis griffin - Student (1971)

Hoping the best is yet to come........

Sent from boca raton on 1/24/2007.

Elizabeth Bonnell McDonough - Student (1985)

I graduated from Deerfield in '87. It's still sad to think that we were split up and sent to 3 different High Schools. My husband and I love living and working in Denver, no kids, 1 Golden Retriever.

Sent from Denver, CO on 1/24/2007.

Connie White - Student (1969)

I was only in Pompano Beach Sr. High for 2 years. I graduated in 1969. I would like to locate Carol Roman. She was a good friend. Connie White

Sent from Fremont, Michigan on 1/23/2007.

Debi Smith - Student (1970)

Hi there, I am wondering if there might be a reunion in the works for the class of 1970- I am very happy to volunteer.............

Sent from Grant, Florida on 1/23/2007.

Tammy Ross - Student (1985)

Wow! I had no idea the school opened again! That is simply wonderful!

Sent from Goshen, Indiana on 1/22/2007.

Laurel Hook Heenan - Student (1964)

We are celebrating our 40th wedding anniversary this year. Settled down in Central Florida after military. Became grandparents of twins and are loving that role when we can get away from work! Glad to see that PBHS is a school again. Maybe we can attend the next reunion since a previous commitment prevented us attending the 40th.

Sent from Central Florida on 1/21/2007.

Diana Dills, M.D. - Student (1967)

Hi to all former Beanpickers

Sent from Denver, CO on 1/20/2007.

Eddie Accardi - Student (1964)

Thank You for my education, and now it is my turn to give back to the school and community, and it feels great.

Sent from 855 S Fed Hwy. Pompano Beach on 1/16/2007.

Gigi Madison - Student (1985)

I have fond memories of PBH. Unfortunately I didnt get a chance to graduate before the school closed, but I am happy to hear it is reopened. please send me any alumni info.

Sent from Royersford, PA on 1/13/2007.

Christopher M. Orrell - Student (1977)

Would like more information regarding 30 year reunion. Thanks.

Sent from Orlando, FL on 1/12/2007.

Craig Lee Durbin - Student (1970)

Would love to hear from some of my old classmates! Feel free to e-mail. Life is great! Married, living and working in Tennessee now.

Sent from Harriman, Tennessee on 1/12/2007.

Jan David Durbin - Student (1959)

I graduated from the old High School, and never have even visited the new site, but would like to someday soon. I'm a retired IBM-mainframe computer programmer-analyst, but still 'keep my hand in' by programming now in MS-ACCESS.

Sent from San Francisco, CA on 1/11/2007.

Jim Cowie - Student (1983)

Married a goog Tennessee girl 16 years ago, daughter 19, son 15, son 14. Working for the Federal bureau of prisons 10 years. Yes I said WORKING! Worked for State of TN. dept of corrections 10 years before transfering to the Feds. Some of you knew I'd go but not to work. Well god bless Pompano High and all that entered those doors.

Sent from Mount Carmel, Tennessee on 1/11/2007.

Patricia Simon Lynch - Student (1970)

Wish we had more reunions.

Sent from Clearwater, FL on 1/9/2007.

Ann Walton Harper - Student (1982)

How neat to see so many folks from Pompano Beach High spread across the country! What an awesome bunch of people! Hello to everyone from Pompano, & 1st UMC MYF, too! All the Walton's are doing fine, all in South Florida still, except I'm in TN & Mom & Dad (Babe Walton class of 54) in NC. I'm married with 1 very entertaining 6 year old son.

Sent from Knoxville, TN on 1/8/2007.

Cathy O'Toole - Student (1982)

Sure has changed alot since I was there!! Wow

Sent from Florida on 1/7/2007.

Terry Knight - Student (1967)

Great school and good friends.Does anyone know if Mr. Alderman (Tex) is still around. He is the best teacher I ever had. Good luck to you all in the new year.

Sent from Fort Lauderdale, Florida on 1/7/2007.

Steven Morella - Student (1977)

Great to see some names that I recognize still keeping in touch. I have three children, son Anthony 18 and two daughters Chere 17 and Victoria 8, Still married 25 year anniversary this August and still going strong. Talk to Chris Orell on occasion and will let him know about the reunion in July.

Sent from Jacksonville, FL on 1/4/2007.

Mandy Webb - Student (2006)

I graduated in 1975, would luve to hear from former classmates!!

Sent from Baltimore, Maryland on 1/1/2007.

Debbie Ward Hedges - Student (1972)

Met another PBSHS graduate who lives here in Cheyenne, Bob Peck, class of '67. Never knew him in Florida but it was fun figuring out we were acquainted with some of the same people. It truly is a small world! PBSHS holds fond memories for me. Have remained in contact with Sharon McCoy, Mona Parman, Bev Nord, and Sandy Wentworth. Hope to hear from other '72 graduates.

Sent from Cheyenne, Wyoming on 1/1/2007.

Jay Budd - Student (1982)

I would have graduated in 1982 but moved. I would love to hear from anyone from that class or before. wee You guys were the BEST!!!!!!!

Sent from Waterbury, CT on 12/26/2006.

James Martin - Student (1981)

Lots of great memories of those days..Looking for all who remember me or know how I can get a copy of the 1981 Year book!! Thanks for all the great times, and look for me....

Sent from Arcadia, Florida on 12/26/2006.

Jarvous C Freeman - Student (2002)

As one of the original two hundred students I am pleased to see pompano high fulfill it's potential as one of the top educational instutions in the state. The memories I have at the old pno are life long and so are the friends I made.

Sent from Broward on 12/25/2006.

Larry Briest - Student (1957)

I enjoyed my years in Pompano Beach and all the wonderful friends that I made during the many years there.
After school, I worked for Pompano Printing for 30 years plus. Left Pompano in 1990. I have 2 sons and 2 wonderful grandkids. Hope to make the 50th class reunion coming up soon.

Sent from Gastonia, North Carolina on 12/25/2006.

Jeannie Yontz Gallo - Student (1967)

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all. Glad to see our 40th is almost upon us. Really old memories of great times as a golden tornado who now lives even more exciting times on a Harley traveling this beautiful country of ours! Married for 33 years with three grown kids and its time to play! Peace to all

Sent from Coral Springs Fl. on 12/15/2006.

Maximilian Joselin - Student (2006)

Reppin Class of "06"!!!!!

Sent from North Lauderdale/Tallahassee, FL on 12/15/2006.

Daniel R. Rubino - Student (1982)

Please have someone keep in touch with me for alumni gatherings

Sent from Blairsville, Georgia on 12/15/2006.

Marcela Romano - Student (1984)

AKA. Marcela Springer

Sent from Coral Springs, FL on 12/14/2006.

Greg Bassett - Student (1968)

Married Barbara Moore out of the same class. Have lived in Birmingham for 26 years. We own a print shop. Would like to hear from old friends. We enjoyed our years at Pompano and have many good memories.

Sent from Birmingham, Alabama on 12/8/2006.

Mark Linville - Student (1975)

I think I set the record for absences due to skipping. Dean Orr finally called me in and invited me to leave. Went back to Deerfield the following year, but dropped out. Wound up with a GED and then, later, a Ph.D. in philosophy (Wisconsin-Madison).
Still married to Lynn (Calmes) Linville. Working on 32 years. Four grown kids and grandchild #6 on the way.
Prostate cancer survivor.
Still surfing when I can get to our oplace in Cocoa Beach. (Graduated to a longboard.)

Sent from Atlanta on 12/7/2006.

Mark Anderson - Student (1985)

Feel free to contact me for any alumni events.

Sent from Pompano Beach, FL on 12/5/2006.

Glen Walters - Student (1985)

Great to see the school open again. I graduated from Ely but have fond memories of my days as a Golden Tornado.

Sent from Hollywood, FL on 12/5/2006.

Darwin Michael Ireson - Student (1963)

I am looking to contact other members of the class of "64".

Sent from Colorado on 12/4/2006.

Betty Council Richardson - Student (1946)

Attended Pompano High School for 3 years. There were 22 students in my graduating class in 1946. Eleven boys and eleven girls. Attended Stetson Univ. Married and have three great kids....7 grandchildren and 2, soon to be 4 gr grandchildren. Am in touch with a lot of Beanpickers, mostly on the computer. Enjoy reading about all of the post Pompano graduates and what they are doing with their lives. If you remember me send me a note to say "hi". Love you all.

Sent from Suwannee Co., FL on 12/1/2006.

Rikkia C. Rellford - Student (2002)

I think I've signed this page before but I'm not sure. My memories at Pompano range from good to bad, but mostly good. I'm glad to see P-NO doing well and happy that I was apart of the start up process of getting it put back on the map. I am happy to see my brother now attending my high school and I wish his the best and I hope he has as much fun as I had at Pompano. To all of my friends and associates I hope everyone is doing well. To my favorite teachers which most have left I thank you. To the current students, keep up the good work and God Bless....Class of 2002 (2nd to none)

Sent from Tallahassee, FL on 12/1/2006.

G. MICHAEL HARRIS - Student (1970)

I'm Associate Professor/Chair of the Hospitality Department at DBCC; BS.FSU; MS,NOVA; EdS,UF; PhD,Barry I love teaching and vey happy to see PBSH open again. GMH

Sent from Daytona Beach, FL on 11/30/2006.

Chris Dreyer - Student (1962)

Great memories of PBH, would like to hear from Mike Kennedy or Henry Mendes, great web site.

Sent from Las Vegas, Nevada on 11/28/2006.

Sabrina S Samuels - Student (2002)

I enjoyed it while it last..."um...i think"...well good luck to all! Please enjoy where you are at until you get where you want to be..."yes that's it... ~smiles~

Sent from GAINESVILLE, FL on 11/27/2006.

Linda Cakich Symonette - Student (1982)

Hello everyone does anyone remember Kevin Schuett or Craig Ravignani? Where are they?

Sent from Indian Rocks Bch. Fl. on 11/25/2006.

Sharon Jane Knight Block - Student (1961)

So happy to find this site!
I was born in Key West, but grew up and attended public school in Pompano. Attended Broward C.C., got a B.A. at U. of S. FL, Tampa. I continued with my education and got a Master's in Romance Languages at UNC Chapel Hill in 1967.
My list of careers in chron order: college professor, social worker, business owner, and the last one - complex litigation paralegal. All of these careers began and ended in Seattle. I took a break from grad school (Ph.D.) at U. of Kentucky in '68 and went out to Seattle to teach for one year. I never left! Hooked on skiing, sailing, hiking, etc. Love the Pacific NW. Due to health reasons, I finally had to leave Seattle and come home.
Ft. Lauderdale is more pleasant than I thought it would be. I'm living with my widowed younger brother, Terry Knight. He also graduated from PBSH, in 1967. All of my uncles and aunts on my dad's side of the family (Cheshire and Banks) graduated from PBSH in the 1940's. Only one aunt remains, Bernice Banks Hayes. All my mother's people graduated from Ft. Lauderdale High. I would love to find Sandy Sigh Talbot (Reel Talbot), Eileen Floyd and other pals. Any other grads from Betty Johnson's World Literature class? One of the best classes I ever had anywhere.
Best to all of my fellow "Beanpickers",

Sent from Ft. Lauderdale, FL on 11/24/2006.

Allie Catherine Warren - Student (1966)

Loved the time at PBHS. Looking forward to the class reunion. Living in St. Augustine 30 years. 1 son and a grandson and granddaughter. Nurse at Shands Jax.Address: PO Box 4217 St Augustine, Fl 32085

Sent from St. Augustine, Fl on 11/23/2006.

E. Lynn CLARK Campopiano - Student (1959)

I only attended PBHS my senior year, but I loved it. I was in the DCT Program. Jim Winans was our teacher. I moved to Washington DC in January 1960 with Shirley Stephens, who remains my dearest friend to this day. We manage to see each other three or four times a year. I no longer have anyone living in Pompano, but my husband I still vacation there every couple of years. I have been married 45 years, and have two children and two grandchildren who are, of course, brilliant, accomplished, yada, yada, yada. I am retired from the Federal Govt. We travel a lot both in the US and Europe. I love to cook and I collect cookbooks (over 1,000 at last count), and love to entertain. If you check for my picture you will find me, along with a picture of Keith Cheshire, at the END of the class of 1959 -- why there I don't know. I didn't think the photo was THAT bad!
Would love to hear from other DCTrs.

Sent from Falls Church, Virginia on 11/18/2006.

Shirley Stephens Roos - Student (1959)

I have a lot of good memories and stay in touch with a few that were best friends. Love to hear from you.

Sent from Jacksonville, Florida on 11/18/2006.

Patricia Crisafulli - Student (1976)

The four years at PBHS were some of the best years of my life. I enjoyed Mr. Wilkner's History class and many friends. The new school is beautiful and the website is great!! Our 30th reunion was the best one yet. Thank you thank you Dianne Simmons!!!

Sent from Harvest, Alabama on 11/17/2006.

Lori Pinnock - Student (2001)

It feels odd typing in the alumni box when it feels like just yesterday I graduated. Class 2001

Sent from Tampa on 11/15/2006.

Merle Blount Turnage - Student (1939)

Even though Merle passed away on Nov.9,2006 she would want to be listed in this PBHS Alumini Guest Book for she was a true Beanpicker and proud of it.

Sent from Longwood, FL on 11/15/2006.

Liz Williams - Student (1977)

Looking forward to our 30th reunion next year! I've been in Chicago for 20 years, married and have an 11-year old daughter, Calleigh. Toni Maguire lives 2 blocks away from me! Still in touch with Lori Doyle, Sue Scalzetti, Marjie Hill, from our class!

Sent from Chicago on 11/13/2006.

Elizabeth Lee Dragon (Hemp) - Student (1980)

Stumbled upon this Alumni site by pure accident! Great to see a website for PBHS. Many memories of the old days would love to hear from and see my old high school friends. Married to a wonderful guy and have a daughter Valerie, 13. Together we have 4 girls. I am a Coast Guard civilian and pursing an RN degree. Glad the school made a comeback!

Sent from Miami, Florida on 11/8/2006.

Susan Taylor (susi) - Student (1965)

well, diana spense finally caught up with me. I married in '68 and moved to the west coast of florida. I divorced after 24 years. I have a 36 year old daughter and she has two children, a boy 14 and a girl 12. I also have a 34 year old son. I retired from the post office and moved to arizona 6 years ago. I feel I belong in the desert, it's beautiful and very spiritual. I'm an artist and writer.

Sent from arizona on 11/4/2006.

Nicolas Psomiadis - Student (1985)

I'm glad to see PBHS up and running again. I was forced to graduate from Deerfield Beach High School in 1986. Fortunately, they had an armed police officer there. I am an OB/GYN in the Atlanta burbs and doing great with my wife and 4 wonderful sons. I hope that everyone is doing well. Godspeed to all. Hey Woodruff, whatever happened to Dan Olson?

Sent from Atlanta, GA on 11/3/2006.

Diane Foisy - Student (1966)


Sent from Fort Lauderdale on 11/3/2006.

Josh Wutzler - Student (2002)

Thanks to the faculty and staff for the good times, and to all my friends I have lost touch with I hope to see you again in the near future.

Sent from Oakland Park on 10/30/2006.

Joseph A. Cote' - Student (1975)

I didn't go to PBHS, I went to Nova. But my brother and some really great friends went there. I've been out of touch for nearly 25 years now. If anybody can put me in touch with Laura Jean (Laurie) Kepheart, Jimmie Graham, Bruce Graham, Robert (Wayne), Donna or Allen Adkins I would sing your praises for all those in the Great Northwest to hear!! Can't beat that for a reward! Thank you PBHS Grads

Sent from Tacoma, WA on 10/28/2006.

Juan Sharrer - Student (1962)

I went to school in Pompano Bch from the fourth grade thru the tenth,I was in the class of '62 although I finished school in California I never forgot Pompano. I will always remember "Pizzio'z" and the "Deck" on Friday Nights

Sent from Northridge,CA on 10/27/2006.

Susan Gardner Engelman - Student (1970)

I had such awesome memories of high school... co-editor of newspaper, loved journalism and creative writing and Miss Cella was such a kind loving art teacher. I loved being a cheerleader one year. Trusted Christ as Savior at Pompano Youth Ranch(went to FLorida BIble College a year), met my husband Phil and we've been married 35 years and still ministering..he's a pastor and we still sing. We were secretly engaged in my senior year! I wrote a book called 'Born Too Soon' in 1986 about losing tripletts. Appeared in an Avon ad in 1976- i bet no one recognized me though- had so much makeup on! eek! I'm still madly in love with my husband, and have four grown children and two grandchildren. God is still the strength of my life and He's been there for me.

So glad the school is back in action..and always love to hear from old friends...those were such fun days! thanks for all the memories!

Sent from Clearwater , FL on 10/26/2006.

Gail Ann Christie-Kolcz - Student (1976)

I have been married since Sept 1979.
We have 3 childen. Ages 22,21,&13.
I work at Quiet Waters Elementary in Deerfield Beach. Just attended my 30th class reunion.

Sent from Deerfield Beach, Florida on 10/23/2006.

Judy Cates-Vastardis - Student (1976)

Thank you to all on the PBHS 1976 Reunion committee for their hardwork and commitment to having a good time. It was good to see old friends and catch up.

Sent from Dania Beach, Florida on 10/23/2006.

Johnny F. Larkin - Student (1981)

This site is awesome. So drop me a line why don't you.

Sent from Pompano Beach, FL on 10/22/2006.

Craig Smith - Student (2006)

Wonderful memories. Glad the school is still around and has produced so much good for the world.

Sent from Birmingham, Alabama on 10/21/2006.

Edward Jones - Student (1997)

Wow..the population really increased.

Sent from Ohio on 10/19/2006.

Angelo Pinnock - Student (2004)

Just saying whats up to all yall out ay pbhs.

Sent from Tallahassee on 10/18/2006.

Cheri Lynn Johnson Standish - Student (1967)

Reading these messages takes me back! Such fun! Seemed like a kinder, gentler time back then. My husband and I live in Durham, NC - 4 kids and 5 grandkids between us. Would love to see everyone at a reunion!

Sent from Durham, NC on 10/16/2006.

Don Burroughs - Student (1975)

It is rare to realize at the time what great opportunities you have when you are living them! Pompano Beach High was one of those times!

Go Golden Tornados!!!

Sent from Rockland, MA on 10/16/2006.

Judith Whitney Smith - Student (1968)

Please notify me of any alumni events and reunions.

Sent from Hypoluxo, Florida on 10/15/2006.

Alan E Willis - Student (1972)

Married to Janet, two children - boys - in college now (UF, UCF). Graduated FSU in 1975, MBA 197c at FSU.....Involved in real estate dev. Formerly with Price Waterhouse, Arthur Andersen & Co, Arvida Corp.

Sent from Sarasota, FL on 10/10/2006.

Diana Myers Spence - Student (1965)

It's so good to see so many alumni signing in here. We especially invite the class of '65 to check out our webpage at and sign on our new bb. The reunion committee needs your help in trying to locate classmates that are listed on our lost list. Thank you!

Sent from Pompano Beach on 10/6/2006.

Adell Chmielewski Livingston - Student (1975)

Hoping to make it to Homecoming this year.

Sent from Coral Springs on 10/4/2006.

Theresa A Stermer - Student (1977)

My new name is Frost, I currently live in boca Raton, went all four years to Pompano High. It's great to see it open again. the first 5 Stermer's went to Pompano High. I have 4 children, the youngest is 16 now. This is a great website.

Sent from Boca Raton, Fl. on 10/3/2006.

Marlene Gingras - Student (1982)

A 25th would be great and does anyone know where I can get a year book from graduation year I lost mine in a fire and would love to have one or a copy.

Sent from Quebec City on 10/3/2006.

Michael Larry Walker - Student (2001)

PBHS was a great school, & I was proud to be part of the First Graduating Class since it had reopened. Class OF 2001

Sent from Ocala, FL on 9/30/2006.

Tommy Clelland - Student (1963)

This is great! I hope others find it. I had some of the best times of my life there. The 40th reunion was great and I hope there is another. I see Bill Bieberbach has posted. Where is George? My brothers, Gordy and, Teddy and sister Carol all grew up and graduated from PBHS and are doing well. If you want to know how to contact them or me, feel free. I can't believe I made this long.

Sent from Dalton, GA on 9/30/2006.

Desair Rowe - Student (2001)

The Good Years baby!

Sent from North Lauderdale on 9/28/2006.

John Claney - Student (1963)

Been married 30 years to my loving wife Cheryl (Needham, MA). Two Children, Meghan (27) and James(25). We became grandparents this summer.
Charlotte Marie Claney
Does anyone know where Pete McKinnon is? Lost touch with him. I still keep in touch with Tommy Clelland and talk with him weekly. Had a great time at the 40th reunion. Looking forward to the 50th. Why don't we let Pete Zent set up the whole weekend........

Sent from Northbrook, IL on 9/27/2006.

Teresa Woodbury - Student (1978)

I now go by the last name Hampton. I have two adult sons Larry II and Christopher. I currently work for the Broward County School system at Dave Thomas Education Center, which started out at Pompano High when it was closed down.

Sent from Pompano Beach, Florida on 9/27/2006.

Rochelle Galbraith - Student (2002)

Just wanted to say hello to all my fellow classmates and teachers.

Sent from Pensacola, FL on 9/26/2006.

Diane Watts Wilson - Student (1978)

Great website! After graduation I attended college and graduated with a BA in Communications. I have 25 years of experience in directing the marketing departments for public, private, government and non-profit firms. I tried my hand at being a stockbroker also. I am raising two great kids (now ages 14 and 11) as a single-mom. I am looking forward to the 30th re-union get-together in the summer of 2007!

Sent from Fort Pierce, Florida on 9/26/2006.

Richard Woodruff - Student (1985)

The memories this brings back. Left and moved off and Graduated HS in Wisconsin. Joined the Military the year after and here I still am, 17 years later. Great memories and Great people!

Sent from Ft Polk, Louisiana on 9/26/2006.

Maria Cashman - Student (1938)

I can't believe I graduated alomst 80 years ago. My high school experience was so great, my sons and daughters went to this school too and now my great grand children live in florida and are planning to go there too, I just wanted to know if anyone who graduated in 1938 is still alive

Sent from New York, New York on 9/25/2006.

Georgia Larkin - Student (1979)

Want to know of next class reunion?

Sent from Charlotte, North Carolina on 9/23/2006.

Barbara Smith Roberts - Student (1967)

Marina found me this past August--something about a missing English assignment?!!!

Sent from West Palm Beach, FL on 9/23/2006.

Peta-Gaye Thompson - Student (2002)

Love the new school building.

Sent from New York on 9/22/2006.

Trudy Farrier - Student (2002)

Oh my goodness!!! Why am I like the last person to find out about this page. Man I miss PNO. I cannot begin to tell you how much fun I had, how much things I learned(academically & socially). I mean yeah people moan and groan about school while there in it, but I loved every bit of it. Everyone played such a crucial role I love all you guys. I was about to start listing but if I do I wont be finished. PNo was so unique what school can you go to now that you can be yourself and people accept you for that. Whether they like it or not does not matter but your accepted. It was like a big family and I dont think anyone was just alone at PNO. High school was the best years of my life so far. I started a group on facebook for a reunion. I would really like to see everyone soon, so join facebook if you have not already so we can set this thing up. I cant believe I am like the last person to find about this page. GREAT job PNO on your thriving success.

Class president'02
Love, Peace, and Happiness

Sent from Naples, Florida on 9/21/2006.

Amir Mustapha - Student (2004)

Hello to all of the class of 2004. I miss you all. Pompano was so much fun. Email me. Let me know how you guys are.

Sent from Pembroke Pines, FL on 9/17/2006.

Desiree Sortino - Student (2006)

High School was awesome. I loved the Teachers!!!

Sent from University of South Florida on 9/13/2006.

Todd Scott - Student (1982)

25th Reunion?

Sent from CA on 9/13/2006.

Patricia Thomas Martin - Student (1968)

Can it really be 40 years since I started at PBSHS? My Junior & Senior years were wonderful with friendships being made that are still intact thanks to the Pompano Youth Ranch. I've been married 36 years to a great Miami guy and working/teaching at Florida Christian School in Miami since 1975. My daughter just graduated from high school. Wish I could have replicated the wonderful times we had for her!

Sent from Miami, FL on 9/8/2006.

Cheryl Oakley Villalon - Student (1985)

Hi, everyone from PBHS. I will always have many memories from the 3 years I went there. I did end up at NEHS. I'm glad to see the school reopened and with a fresh new look. Happy to hear from some old friends so please contact me. Cheryl

Sent from Pompano Beach, FL on 9/1/2006.

Rick Kellogg - Student (1974)

Married to Toni for 23 years with one son Chris. Living in Lake Worth Florida work in Fort Lauderdale.
The older we get the more we appreciate those years at PBHS even though at the time we couldn't wait for them to end. Oh how wrong we were. I'm sure we would all love to walk those halls again as students.
Thanks to those who created this website.

Sent from Lake Worth on 9/1/2006.

Bob peck - Student (1967)

We are starting to finalize plans for our 40th. If you might be interested in attending, please register on the Classmates Page of our website

Sent from Cheyenne, Wyoming on 9/1/2006.

Jean Ziegeler Sakowski - Student (1967)

Left Pompano in "79", moved north to Port St. Lucie, and have been there ever since. I married someone I met at work 31 yrs ago. Have 4 children and 6 grandchildren. I look forward to seeing everyone at our 40th reunion. Unfortunately I never heard of our past reunions, so this one will be very special.

Sent from Port St. Lucie, FL on 8/30/2006.

David Armstrong - Student (1967)

I am interested in the class of 67 reunions and other events.

Sent from Las Vegas, NV on 8/29/2006.

Arianna Cicchinelli - Student (2006)

Let me be the first one to comment for our class: we are finally high school alumni!!!
PBHS offered me the best 4 years!

Now, we better plan reunions!

Sent from UF, Gainesville on 8/27/2006.

Tiffany E Dicker - Student (2006)

I left as a sophomore, im now in Atlanta....the COUNTRY part! But anyhow, i really miss PBHS. It's a great school, you kin of disslike it when your there but once your gone you miss it alot. i was always told "stick to the evil you know"! So i should of stayed at PBHS i miss it!

Sent from Atlanta, Georgia on 8/27/2006.

Doug Robson - Student (1969)

Married Karen DeBusschere in 1972.
Have three sons, Alex, Ian, and Sean - all married now.
No grandchildren yet.
Moved to Tennessee in 1980 as a Computer Field Service Engineer.

Sent from Friendsville, TN on 8/27/2006.

Allan L. Case - Student (1962)

Add to my previous comment. I left in Aug 1962 to join the Army. I spent 21years on active duty, retiring in 1984. I served in Alaska then 3 tours in Vietnam and two in Germany along with various stateside tours including nearly 10 years at Ft Lewis, WA. I miss the old school and the band. Remembering Dr. Drake was truly fitting but don't forget the memory of Dick Elliott.

Sent from Cecil County, Maryland on 8/27/2006.

Julie Ehrensperger - Student (1967)

Left Pompano in 1974, moved to Marietta, Ga. Now live in Woodstock, Ga., want that small town feeling!! Can't wait for the 40th Reunion...looking forward to seeing everyone!! Have 3 grown sons, divorced and enjoying life.

Sent from Woodstock, GA. on 8/26/2006.

Liz Hughes Finger - Student (1967)

I live on a barrier Is off the coast of Beaufort S.C. My husband and I moved here 9 yrs ago from Charlotte N.C. I have 2 children and one grandchild, Reagan Elizabeth, 7 months. I have a home and garden store in Port Royal S.C. (45 min. from Hilton Head) So looking forward to the 40th (ouch!) class reunion. All of you from the class of '67 please contact me.

Sent from Beaufort S.C. on 8/25/2006.

Leisa Ford Pertesis - Student (1977)

To all the members of Band under the direction of Bernie Switzer.... just read in the paper this morning that Maynard Ferguson passed away at the age of 78..... I remember the times that Mr. Ferguson came to Pompano..... to his memory, please remember "Gospel John".....

Sent from Melbourne, FL on 8/25/2006.

R. Michael Williams - Student (1982)

The Shade Brigade Lives

Sent from Jacksonville, Fl. on 8/24/2006.

Nancy Allen Schwaderer - Student (1967)

I have great memories of Pompano High - I'd love to see our old cheerleading squad again at the reunion, as long as we don't have to look silly trying to remember how to do those darn jumps that I wasn't very good at 40 years ago!!

Sent from Boca Raton, Florida on 8/23/2006.

Dominic Amoroso - Student (1962)

I left in my junior year and did not graduate from PBHS, due to family matters, but did finish school in another state. I had some good times at Pompano High but have only been in contact with one other classmate since I left, looking for anyone who might remember me, please feel free to e-mail me with any information, I'm hoping someone will be able to jumpstart the memory bank

Sent from Rotonda West Florida on 8/22/2006.

Cynthia Nadeau - Student (1971)

I am glad that PBSH has reopened!
I live on a farm just south of Atlanta. Still have horses, dogs etc. Retired from AT&T in 2001 after 30 years. Now I work as a manager of a Loan/Tax office in Griffin. Never had children always had plenty of company from all the critters! Hope to see more of us sign here. Its nice to remember the days before arthritis set in!

Sent from Griffin, Georgia on 8/21/2006.

Elizabeth S Bouffard - Student (1980)

Wow the school I know was run down and it was hot in the rooms but I love that school. The teacher Mrs Dowdy and Mr Freeman and cant forget the history teacher Mr Smith and I use to get paddle everyday cause I was later. Yea sweeet memories. I knew tico and angie blonco and jen outbridge. Love pep rallys.........good memories........... thanks Pompano High....

Sent from Michigan on 8/19/2006.

Cheryl Owens - Student (1963)

Was pleased to find out my old school had re-opened. What great facilities the students have now!

Sent from Birmingham, AL on 8/19/2006.

Jo Ann Pollard (Walsh) - Student (1977)

Looking at our site

Sent from Rockledge, Florida on 8/16/2006.

Sandra Reilly Turner - Student (1970)

I did not realize the school reopened! I was Sandra C. Reilly then. My only year there was my Senior Year so it was hard to get to know people. I never made the yearbook because of the school change except for pics with Jouna Jarvio, our Rotary exchange student and my boyfriend. I own a small business in Oviedo, Florida called Retirement Plan Specialists, Inc. The web address is Jouna is managing director of DELTAFIT a Finnish company from what I can find on the internet. If we have had any reunions, I am unaware of them.

Sent from Oviedo, Florida on 8/14/2006.

Leisa Ford Pertesis - Student (1977)

Wow, what a great website... thanks to those that got it up and running. Looking forward to the "77-78" combined reunion and also to the "tradewinds" reunion. Thanks, teri for contacting me via It was great to hear from you! Miss all you band and choir folks.... Would love to hear from any and all.... Just email me, maybe we could start our own chat room....

Sent from Melbourne, Florida on 8/12/2006.

Jim Hood - Student (1960)

Wow! It is really hard to believe that I am old enough now to have a g-child who could graduate from High School. Years have flown by and so have the Hoods. We have lived all over the map. I spent my career years helping Xerox Corporation get started from the 60s through the late 80s; when I retired. We set branches from coast-to-coast. My area of responsibility was primarily North America; including Hawaii and Alaska.

As I traveled I always considerec my children's education first - before I made any move. Though we moved from Florida, to DC, California, to Virginia, then Texas, we never found a place as dynamic as Pompano; Plano, was a very close second!

For years now we have traveled from Georgia (winter quarters), to Texas (legal residence), and the Northwest; like Wyoming and Montana.

Many times we have found old school chums and laughed a lot about the 'good old days'; never to be same.

Married for 44 years now, two great kids, and five outstanding grandkids. It's a great life - I continually thank Pompano for the for the best of educations. It has allowed me into three of the best graduate schools.

Warmest regards to all . . . .

Sent from MHS YNP, Wyoming on 8/11/2006.

Matthew P Davis - Student (2004)

Wow...So many comments and i'm just finding out whats up? lol...Congrats to all the alumni out there. 1 time for the class of 04!!!

Sent from Coconut Creek on 8/9/2006.

Cathey Kopenski Thomas - Student (1981)

Married Scott in Jan 82. We are married almost 25 years. Two great kids, our daughther graduated PBHS May 2006, going to college. Our son starting 9th grade at PBHS next week. Pompano is a great school, we are glad to still be part of it!!! GO TORNADOS!!!

Sent from Coconut Creek on 8/8/2006.

Scott Thomas - Student (1978)

Going on 25 yrs of marriage to my high school sweetheart, my oldest child is starting college (she graduated from Pompano) and my boy is a freshman at Pompano. Looking forward to the next reunion. Feel free to email me

Sent from Coconut Creek on 8/8/2006.

Jan Benkert McLane - Student (1967)

Keep watching, a reunion is in the future!

Sent from Ft. Lauderdale, FL on 8/7/2006.

Bob Peck - Student (1967)

Visit our 40th reunion web site @ and register if you are interested in attending.

Sent from Cheyenne, Wyoming on 8/7/2006.

Janice Wohrley Mosher - Student (1967)

Live in Kennesaw, Georgia a northern suburb of Atlanta. I married my high school sweetheart, Larry Mosher, 36 years ago. We have two grown daughters and three grandchildren.

Very excited we are planning our 40th reunion. It seems just like yesterday. Many great memories.

Sent from Kennesaw, Georgia on 8/7/2006.

Marina Genova Garrison - Student (1967)

Nice website

Sent from South Florida on 8/6/2006.

Donna Whittier Boling - Student (1967)

I went to the 10th year reunion, but then lost touch. Only SIX people registered on this year/site!! Boo!!

I'm a media specialist in Gwinnett County (outside Atlanta). I'm up for a 40th reunion. What can I do to help??

Sent from Atlanta, Georgia on 8/6/2006.

Robert F Alexander - Student (1967)

Through the years the some of the most memorable were my years at Pompano High. It was where friends were friends not just aquaintances like most are today. I miss that.

Sent from Pompano Beach on 8/5/2006.

Dan DeGiovine - Student (1972)

Really miss those years in the Marching Band. Cindy Herceg, Pam Kartub, Robert Brantly or anyone else who remembers me (tater) please send me a message.

Sent from Coral Springs on 8/4/2006.

Richard Turner - Student (1964)

Many great memories from the old school. Would love to hear from anyone I graduated with. Looking forward to retireing soon will be moving to Melbourne, Fl.

Sent from Berkley, Ma on 8/4/2006.

Gary L Noe - Student (1966)

Started at PBSRH when we were known as the "BeanPickers"

Sent from Margate, FL on 8/2/2006.

Bob Page - Student (1978)

This site is great! I've stayed in touch with a few clasmates over the years and went to UF with a couple tornados! Still live in Gainesville. Go Gators! Looking forward to the next reunion.

Sent from Gainesville, Florida on 8/1/2006.

Leon Biegalski - Student (1985)

Will always be a Golden Tornado, even though we graduated from NE. Happy the school reopened.

Sent from Tallahassee, Florida on 7/31/2006.

Jonathan Murphy - Student (1980)

Pompano High School was a FANTASTIC experience for me. Following High School, I joined the Army, served for 20 years and retired. I now work with the Broward Sheriff's Office as a Deputy Sheriff.

Sent from Wellington, FL on 7/29/2006.

Teri Shahan Danser - Student (1978)


We are trying to put together a reunion for Tradewinds Members during the years '74-'75 to '76-'77 when John Spain taught at PBHS. Interested? Please email me!

Also, if you are in contact with any other members from those years, have them contact me. I've compiled a list of nearly 50 students, and am trying to locate them. So let's get the word out! Write to me!

If you would like to email John and Darla, you can contact them at They would love to hear from you!

Sent from Kansas City, MO on 7/28/2006.

Janice Salisbury Krauss - Student (1970)

I was a proud member of the Pompano Beach Golden Tornado Marching Band. Have great memories of all the trips we took. Wish we could get together for a Band reunion.

Love to cruise, getting ready to cruise the Greek Isles in August, 2006.

Would love to hear from my fellow classmates.

Sent from Lawrenceville, GA on 7/28/2006.

Lori Schonborn - Student (1976)

Lookind forward to going to our 30th reuion. Missed the 10th and 20th

Sent from Chiefland, Florida on 7/27/2006.

Terri Beth BALLARD Hogue - Student (1983)

Hello fellow folks of Pompano High!

Sent from Winchester, Virginia on 7/27/2006.

Susan Silwanicz-Page - Student (1978)

WOW! Now I have a daughter who has been accepted into PBHS. The campus is sooooooo nice and she is looking forward to going there. I hope she has as good a time as I did. For some reason I was never updated on any reunion in te past but am looking forward to (EEK!) the 30th. Hope to see old friends.

Sent from Deerfield Bch, Fl on 7/21/2006.

Laraine Ann Hoeg - Student (1977)

Boy has time moved on since my days there, many of which I will cherish always.

Sent from El Granada, CA on 7/19/2006.

Susan Taylor - Student (1965)

Have a 35 year old daughter, 33 year old son and two grandkids. Spent most of my years in Sarasota, Florida, then retired to Arizona in 2001. I'm an artist, writer and involved in the Cherokee community.

Sent from Arizona on 7/15/2006.

Donald H. Payne - Student (1960)

Currently enjoying retired life (20 years USAF, 20 years Christian Education ministry). Was married to Judy Hanna, also Class of '60, until her death in 2002. Currently married to Jo, who was also a '60 graduate, but from Durant, Oklahoma. We have a total of five children and twelve grandchildren, who live from California to Alaska to Nashville, Tennessee. We, obviously, LOVE to travel! And play golf . . . and fish!!

Sent from Derby, Kansas on 7/13/2006.

Gale Parsons West - Student (1966)

The class of '66 just celebrated their 40th reunion. Great time had by all!

Sent from Plantation, FL on 7/13/2006.

Dr. Stephen J. D'Surney - Student (1973)

I am quite surprised. I did not know the school still existed. Looks like you have a new campus in Pompano. I went on to earn a B.S. in Biology at FAU, a M.S. in Biology at FSU, and a Ph.D. at The University of Tennessee/Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Today I am a Professor of Biology at the University of Mississippi and have a consulting firm. Happily married with three children and three grandchildren in Collierville Tennessee (about 20 miles East of Memphis). GO GOLDEN TORNADOES

Sent from 1828 Wakehurst Drive Collierville, TN 38017 on 7/12/2006.

Diane Foisy (now Strait) - Student (1965)

All we did was surf. What a time!

Sent from Fort Lauderdale on 7/10/2006.

Eric Nystrom - Student (1978)

Hello Fellow Golden Tornadoes. What a great website for our old alma mater. I've visited Pompano Beach throughout the years and have always taken a tour through the old campus even when the school was closed.

After graduating in 1978, I attended the University of Florida (Go Gators!) and received a BS in Psychology. It didn't take long to find out that my degree and $0.50 got me a cup of coffee, so I immediately ended up in the business field.

I started in healthcare industry and eventually moved into the financial field where I was CEO of several credit unions. In 1990, I moved to Greensboro, NC and learned what it was like to have neighbors that actually spoke to you and waved using all five fingers.

After 12 years in Greensboro, I married Trish and moved to a suburb of Charlotte, NC. I have two wonderful Bonus (not Step) daughters. Olivia is 19 and a sophomore in college and Laura is 15 and going into her junior year of high school. I have been truly blessed to have become part of this great family.

I am working now as an executive recruiter. My specialty is the mortgage industry and I've enjoyed some good successes in this field.

I hear that the Class of '78 is combining their reunion with the Class of '77, so I hope to see you all next year.

If anyone wants to say hello, I'd love to catch up with you. Any Tradewinds members out there??

Bye for now,

Sent from Mooresville, NC on 7/10/2006.

Adrienne J. Dwyer - Student (2001)

Hey, c/o 2001. I know we were small, but where's the support for the new website. Does anybody know, what ever happened to Tom & Manucheka? Hollar at me!

Sent from Florida on 7/7/2006.

Christine Brown Smith - Student (1985)

I had mixed emotions when I found out that they reopened Pompano. I was a member of the Pompano Beach Golden Tornado Marching Band Color Guard. PGKA!!! Wow, I miss that!!
I am married with 4 children, 3 girls and one boy.. ages 9-16. I went back to college after my baby started kindergarten and got a degree in Health Information Management. I currently work as a Cancer Registrar in a teaching hospital and hope to finally travel when the youngest leaves for college.

Sent from Shallotte, North Carolina on 7/5/2006.

Steve Zimmerman - Student (2005)

Hey everybody: Class of 77 and 78 are doing a COMBINED reunion next summer. Contact me for info:

Sent from Popano on 7/3/2006.

Dianne Hutchinson Lutfy - Student (1968)

My memories of Pompano High School are seems I remember Pompano Youth Ranch and some of my dear friends the most. I do remember football games, hanging out with friends....being in HARVEY...but most of all I remember the friends I made in those halls of Pompano High. I went to Florida Bible College after graduating...moved to North Carolina, met my husband and have two wonderful children...I now am a realtor after teaching for several years.

Sent from Charlotte, North Carolina on 6/26/2006.

Steven A. Boylan - Student (1980)

Left Pompano and went to Mercer Univ in Ga, then via ROTC went into the Army and still there. Just returned from Iraq at the beginning of the year. Have been stationed all over to include Central America, Japan, Korea, Iraq and many locations in the states. Hope all are well and always have fond memories of the times at school.

Sent from Ft. Leavenworth, KS on 6/26/2006.

Jeffrey Scharps - Student (1981)

Class of 1981

Sent from Palm Beach County on 6/25/2006.

Judy Tucker - Student (1967)

Hi Everyone! I moved Gainesville from Broward County in 03/2003, when I retired after 30 years from the Broward Sheriff's Office. Loving it here in Gainesville! I went to the 10th & 20th class reunions, but none since then. Are we having a 40th in 2007? Please let me know...

The only classmates I've been in touch with are my best friend, Carole Beede Hill, and on occassion, Jan Benkert McLane. I sure would like to know what happened to my good friends Kathy Kohl and Suzanne Ives - WHERE ARE YOU TWO??? E-mail me!

Hope to see you all in 2007!

Sent from Gainesville, FL on 6/25/2006.

debbie hutchinson jolly - Student (1972)

I actually graduated from deerfield but went to pompano until we had to move we were the first class to graduate from deerfield. would love to talk to anyone who remembers me

Sent from North Carolina on 6/22/2006.

Margaret Colwell (Coyne) - Student (1960)

I went to PBHS in the 10th, 11th, and 12 grades. Loved going to the football and basketball games. We were the first class to graduate from the new school, but most of my memories were of the school that had 1916 written on the front of it. Loved going to both the junior and senior proms. The best years of my life were at Pompano.

Sent from Spartanburg, S.C. on 6/21/2006.

Tony Buczek - Student (1977)

Great memories at Pompano Beach Senior High School. It was there that music became a life-long passion and pursuit. Marching band, jazz band, and Tradewinds. John Spain and Bernie Switzer were the best!

Sent from Donalsonville, GA on 6/19/2006.

John Spain - Student (1977)

We enjoyed our 3 years at Pompano Beach High. Darla and I are parents of 5 children. We now have and additional daughter-in-law and grandson, Mason almost 2. The years with Tradewinds at Pompano were incredible and we often talk about all our kids.

Today I was talking to Tony Buczek and he told me how much he would love to see a reunion of the Tradewinds. Well if anybody else feels that way maybe it would be worth getting together. Maybe even sing a few old songs, that is if we can get Cassie and Steve along with the rest of the band together.

Give us a shout, we are presently back to teaching K-8 in Glendale, AZ and we are teaching music together. So Darla and I are looking for your e-mails. See ya!

Sent from Phoenix, AZ on 6/16/2006.

Patricia Larkin - Hunt - Student (1985)

After the closing, I graduated from Northeast. I'm married now to my husband Derrick for 161/2 yrs with a son Eric 11 and daughter Victoria 9. Had sooo much fun at Pompano. Hey class of 1986!!!!!

Sent from Pompano Beach on 6/15/2006.

Timothy Alan Bell - Student (1972)

What a blessed life to have lived. Hello to all you whom I used to know. I miss each of you dearly. To you still in class; stay in touch with your friends no matter what. Let other's really get to know you. Never be an Island cut off from those you love and grow away from. My prayer to all is that God blesses you with the truth of life. With love and care T Bell. Hello Joe , John all all the football baseball and track teams, A special hello to all the girls I grew up with, you were all great ladies. Sorry if I ever hurt any of you.

Sent from Buena Park, Ca. on 6/10/2006.

William Tim Luecke - Student (1962)

Hello to all...

Sent from Allen, Texas on 6/9/2006.

Adrienne Joyce Dwyer - Student (2001)

Hey, I know there was not very many of us c/o 2001, but where is everyone??? Manucheka???

Sent from Ft. Lauderdale on 6/9/2006.

Andrea Caruso Webb - Student (1985)

I am so happy to have stumbled upon this site! Hello Class of 85!!!

Sent from Vero Beach, FL on 6/6/2006.

Annette Blacketer Lampel - Student (1985)

It is great to see PBHS doing so well. I always knew it was a great school.

Sent from Winter Springs, FL on 6/1/2006.

Teri Shahan Danser - Student (1978) website. Very impressive comeback for a school that was closed for 12 years! My niece and nephews attend PBHS now, (Go, Shahan kids!) AND my niece teaches there. (Way to go, Autumn Williams!) My sister told me about this website tonight, so I thought I would check it out.

I moved around alot for some years, and then settled in northern NY (snowtown USA) for 19 years, raised my two kids. My kids are grown, living in the east. I've been in Kansas City for 18 months.

What a time PBHS was. Wow...that's a lot of years ago. Anybody out there from class of '76 to '78? Give me a shout. Is there going to be a reunion for Class of '78 anytime soon? Anybody know anything about John and Darla Spain?

Sent from Kansas City, MO on 5/31/2006.

Candy Russell - Student (1984)

Go Tornadoes!

Sent from Plantation, Florida on 5/24/2006.

Steve Berman - Student (1980)

Its been a long journey. I live in Denver but work between Chicago, Seattle and NY.
I have many great memories of Pompano. The nights hagin out in Keiths room to 16th street or 2nd street. Then again the boat ramps.
The soccer team and the fight we got into with the guys from Creek.
The iranian hostage crisis and Jimmy writing bomb Iran all over the school.

We had alot of fun!

Sent from Denver, Colorado on 5/23/2006.

Dawn Kelliher Guthrie - Student (1982)

I was so surprised to see the school was back! I lost touch with everyone from our class. Love to hear from anyone. Been married 15 yrs. Have a 4 yr old daughter and work for ADEQ as lawyer (yes, I have heard all the jokes).

Sent from North Little Rock, Arkansas on 5/22/2006.

Buddy Borger - Student (1962)

Have great memories of Pompano High School. Coaches Bubba ware and Charlie Ward were the best. I think as a Junior I got whacked by Mr Carlile!! Is that possible? It would be grear to hear from anyone who remembers the "good old days"

Sent from Port Saint Lucie, FlaHave great memories on 5/17/2006.

Nancy R Green - Student (1978)

I was a student at Pompano Beach High School for a brief time after returning from a year in Europe, I graduated in January 1978. My daughter, Victoria, is now a student at Pompano and hopefully her brothers will be future students.

Sent from Fort Lauderdale, Florida on 5/17/2006.

Debbie Rogers Nall - Student (1978)

Go Golden Tornadoes. I'm so happy you didn't change the name. I miss high school and all the fun we had before we had to grow up. Anyone out there from the class of 76, 77,78, or 79 give a holler. Would love to hear from you.

Sent from Coral Springs on 5/12/2006.

Brenda K. Scott - Student (1978)

I have been a teacher in Leon County (Tallahassee) for 23 years. I am happy to see Pompano High doing so well. Keep up the good work. Go Tornadoes! !

Sent from Tallahassee, Florida on 5/12/2006.

Andres Castaneda - Student (2005)

Wow....its almost been a year since graduation....and sometimes i is everyone doing?...itll be nice to see everyone in the 10-year reunion i think...idk....well im just glad i spent 4 great years at was a great experience....lots of things happened in those 4 years, but in the end it was fun...., high school is a one-in-a-lifetime experience...and im glad mine was so great...well if any of you wanna contact me u got my e-mail...thats my sidekick...always with me....l8ter!!


Sent from Deerfield Beach on 5/10/2006.

William R.(Bill) Ward - Student (1960)

Would love to do it over again!

Sent from Cocoa, Florida on 5/10/2006.

David Bargas - Student (1976)

I have great memories of my high school years was a lot of fun. Still live in Florida married with 3 boys

Sent from Boca Raton, FL on 5/1/2006.

Patsy Dugan Couch - Student (1963)

I waw a member of the band through high school, playing percussion and was the 1st female drummer in the band. Went to Indiana University for violin, then to Florida Bible College. Have been married for 35 years and have a daughter and 3 grandchildren.

Sent from Virginia Beach, VA on 4/29/2006.

Danny Dugan - Student (1965)

I started in 3rd grade after moving to Pompano and graduated in 1965. I was in the ministry for years and my wife and I live in Roanoke, Va. We have been married 36 years and have 3 children and our first grandbaby in March of 2006.Great times there, and working at Publix supermarket at lighthouse point.

Sent from Roanoke, Virginia on 4/29/2006.

Michele Gale - Student (1969)

Gald to see the new 'Old" high school is back. I moved to NC in 1975. I received an A.A.S. in radiologic science from AB Tech in Asheville, NC and a BS in Allied Health in Mars Hill, NC. I have lived in UT for 6 years. I miss my school days and the ocean.

Sent from Salem, UT on 4/18/2006.

Diane Wittlinger - Student (1969)

Stan and I moved from Pompano in October 1985. Would like to hear from some of my old friends.

Sent from Wellborn, Florida on 4/16/2006.

Jason A. Steele - Student (2004)

I miss that BLUE and GOLD

Sent from Pompano on 4/14/2006.

Haydee/Heidi Gelpi - Student (1976)

I was a student from 72-76. Still living in Ft Lauderdale area. Missed our 10th, 20th, but would love to make it to our 30th.

Sent from Ft Lauderdale, FL on 4/12/2006.

Rikkia C. Rellford - Student (2002)

I am very happy to see that Pompano is still striving towards better things.

Sent from Tallahassee, Florida on 4/5/2006.

Dianne Simmons Hahamovitch - Student (1976)

Interested in attending a 30th reunion? Contact me ASAP via e-mail. We need to locate as many classmates as possible. If you have other contacts please forward them to me. Other than Hurricane season, what date best suits you for our reunion?

Sent from Boca Raton, FL on 4/2/2006.

Kendra Stephen - Student (1998)

I was part of the first class when they reopened the doors in 1997.
It is funny how time flies by!
I was so young and silly ... now I have moved on from that stage but I can still recall those days.
I haven't gotten married or had any kids yet but I did start my own business so that's a start!

Sent from Pembroke Pines, FL on 4/1/2006.

Ashton Samaroo - Student (2002)

My experience at Pompano was great. I played on the golf team and now I've turned pro. I also met some great people there along with some great teachers. I'm so happy I attended pompano just wish if I we had the new building it looks great. The site looks amazing.

Sent from Pompano Beach on 3/31/2006.

Ray Drummond - Student (1971)

Glad to see the school is open once again. Wondering if someone is organizing a 40th? I'll be in Palm Beach first weekend in April 2006, any classmates still living in the area?

Sent from Atlanta, GA on 3/25/2006.

Jim Cowie - Student (2005)

Married 16 years, oldest graduated this year. time sure flies dosent it. Currently working for the Bureau of Prisons for 18 years now.YES I said working.Some of you knew I'd go but not to work Huh.God bless PBHS and all who entered her doors.

Sent from Mount Carmel, Tennessee on 3/23/2006.

Axel Rodriguez - Student (2002)

***TROY FRYER*** May he rest in peace and be charished in mememory by all who new him and loved him. To his proud father, may you find peace and comfort with family and friends. A gifted man was taken from the world.

Sent from Puerto Rico on 3/22/2006.

Heidi Klier - Student (1970)

Glad to see PBHS alive and well after all these years. I have lived in S.E Boca Raton for 20 years. My daughter was borne the year following the class of ’70, 20th reunion.

I have pretty much lost touch with all my school chums. I became a commercial illustrator after leaving junior college. As time went on, I realized how little I learned about grammar, spelling, and math while zoning out @ PBHS wishing I had paid attention!

Somehow I’m still getting by. My most interesting job since graduation was being the in-house artist for the National Enquires and the Palm Beach Post. Prentice Hall also hired me to illustrate a Psychology 101 text book, “Choice and Change”. For the last 10 years, I have been the lead graphic artist for Motorola’s Mobile Media Group (dry but pays the bills).

I hope to attend another class reunion and hear how others turned out. Some day, I would like to thank my art teachers, Mrs. Cella and Ms. Hayes for guiding my rebellious soul with art and understanding.

Sent from Boca Raton, FL on 3/9/2006.

Laura Ann Howe - Student (1974)

Wow!! What a cool website! I was an active flute/piccolo player during high school..and would love to find others in the area who are still involved in music (or might want to be)!
I belong to a wonderful Church and play all the time now! I have started a small ensemble group of all ages. Lately, I've been encouraged to do a bit more improv' with a country-gospel group that's open to the public on Sat. evenings.
One person I would definitely like to find out about is Valerie Kester. She was a great encouragement to me in those crazy high school years.
God Bless - Laura Putman

Sent from North Palm Beach, Florida on 3/4/2006.

Gina Louise Collier - Student (1998)

I was part of the Pompano Beach High 'charter class' in 1997. I left after a year and a half to return the UK. I wondered if anyone else attended around that time?

Sent from Manchester, UK on 3/3/2006.

Ayanai Mitidieri - Student (2002)

Going through this book has brought back so many memories. I will always keep P-no in my heart.


Sent from Sunrise, FL on 3/2/2006.

Patrick Reynolds - Student (1972)

From Long Hair to short hair I loved Pompano. I had the 57 Chevy Wagon. Myself and Badour, Harper, Jarbo, Honeycutt,the Michaels brothers Mikey and Jimmy, K. Briggs and so on.
Love to hear from anyone in those times. Would love to see yearbooks from 69 - 73 too.
Hope life has been good to all. I know those who remember me would be surprised how I turned out :)

Sent from N. of Tampa on 2/26/2006.

Larry Alderman - Student (1967)

I'm retired with my wife of 33 years in East Tennessee in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains (we left Pompano about 1 year ago). We have two children and 3 grandkids. I'm glad PBHS has finally reopened.

Sent from Friendsville, TN on 2/21/2006.

Chris Maloni - Student (1969)

Like to here from some of my old friends

Sent from Marianni FL. on 2/19/2006.

Cheryl Glasco Fanton - Student (1969)

My years at PBHS were the best years of my life! But, of course, I didn't know it at the time. I have the fondest memories of the football games as State Champs,the pep rallies and homecoming bonefires, chorus with Mrs. 'Mac', 'Brigadoon' and 'The Miracle Worker', 'Butch' on the basketball court, and forever on my mind and in my heart, my first love. SO glad to see PBHS back in swing. I wish I could live those years again!

Sent from Wilson, NC on 2/18/2006.

Nancy Green Beach - Student (1969)

I have great memories of high school. We really had a great bunch of classmates and I think that a lot of us had a good time as well as learned a lot. We lived in a much simpler time and a safer time and we had a lot of freedom that the young people don't have today. I remember just hanging out with my friends. We laughed and kidded around. I miss seeing everybody. I had a great time at the reunion and I hope to attend the next one.
Take care,

Sent from Tallahassee, FL on 2/16/2006.

Christopher A Malonj - Student (1969)

I would like to here from some alumni

Sent from Marianna, FL on 2/16/2006.

Allan L. Case - Student (1962)

When the School closed in 84-85 I never thought I'd see it open again. I just got on this website by accident and I ever glad that I did.

Sent from Cecilton, MD 21913 on 2/15/2006.

Dianne Markham Warren - Student (1969)

So Pleased that our high school has reopened. I have many fond memories of Pompano High!

Sent from Pompano Beach, Fl. on 2/15/2006.

William (Sandy) Muir - Student (1969)

My experience at PBSHS and all the Pompano schools (elementary and jr. high) were the best. It was a great school to attend with excellent academics and athletics.

Sent from Deerfield Beach on 2/15/2006.

Brian Kimball - Student (1969)

What memories I have of Pompano We moved to Coconut Creek in 1965 from St Petersburg Fl The first person I met was Danny Rowland he lived down the street. Dan was my best friend thru High School I still keep in touch with him to this day.
As a teen I worked on farms,the farmers market and everyone worked at a gas station once in there life. I worked for Earl Johns and one of the pastures was where the Broward Jr College is in Coconut Creek. I remember Hauling Produce to the farmers market also loading trucks at the market. Later went to work for Greenstein Trucking.
Pompano Beach High was the best, I remember The football games, Mr Board in metals shop (why he ever put up with us) and many trips to the Deans Office. Living in Pompano at that time of my life was like magic. I still Keep in touch with some of my friends like Donn Weldon, Buddy Thompson. Sometimes I think of friend that I didn't keep in touch with and hope that there life is going well.

Sent from Homestead,Florida on 2/15/2006.

Ron Shulby - Student (1969)

Hope all 69 classmates are well. Life is good in the mountains of western NC.

Sent from Asheville, NC on 2/15/2006.

Glenn S. Forbes - Student (1969)

From Kendall Green to Salt Springs. Have not gone that far but much water has gone under the bridge since then.
Great memories.

Sent from Salt Springs, Florida on 2/14/2006.

Kayan Ansby Wright - Student (2002)

I never thought those days would end, but when they did I missed them. I will always love pompano for giving me the one gift that I love so much. Good luck to everyone!

Sent from LasVegas, NV on 2/14/2006.

Donna Wright Thompson - Student (1969)

My years at PBHS were wonderful! I graduated in 1969.

Sent from Live Oak, Florida on 2/14/2006.

Cathy Noland Blankenship - Student (1969)

Attended PBHS 3 years - soph., Jr. and Sr. Great school, staff and students.

Sent from Deerfield Beach, FL on 2/14/2006.

Olivia ? - Student (1969)

Can you believe it...I am still here in sunny Fort Lauderdale with all of my, dad, sisters, in-laws, daughters (2), son and daughter in-law, and (1) grandaughter!
Livie Class of '69

Sent from Fort Lauderdale, Florida on 2/14/2006.

Bonnie Mandell-Rice - Student (1969)

I loved PBHS! High school was a great experience for me, and I have many wonderful memories of the students, faculty and administration. I hope all of you are enjoying it!

Sent from Broomfield, Colorado on 2/14/2006.

Robert James Mickel - Student (1969)

I hope to be able to come to our next reunion.

Sent from Concord, Mi. on 2/13/2006.

Jennifer Boorman Genter - Student (1968)

Its amazing how the years have flown by...I was interested in finding my art teacher there-I hear she may have retired in the last year or so.-She was a little blond and I cannot remember her name at this time. I had her in 1967 and 68. I just lost my gallery due to Katrina, but still have my web site and would love to have her see it. I would also like to Thank her for her support- she was a great teacher!!! If you can give me any info., it would be appreciated
Thank you
Jeni Genter

Sent from New Orleans, La. on 2/13/2006.

Priscillya Castro Honorio - Student (2005)

I miss dat skoool soo much it was so fun being there especially that prank it was so cool.

Sent from Pompano Beach on 2/13/2006.

Thomas A. Dorsey - Student (1969)

Go, Tornadoes!

Sent from Charlotte, NC on 2/13/2006.

Georgia Kathleen Coleman Tagliaferri - Student (1969)

What great memories I have of Pompano High...a wonderful school, wonderful friends and teachers..and easy access to the beach.

Sent from Petaluma, California on 2/13/2006.

Billy DeBusk - Student (1969)

Still here in the same area after all these years. Glad to see the school open again, had some great times there.

Sent from Coral Springs on 2/13/2006.

Robert Lamar Bridges - Student (1969)

Believe it or not, I liked English! Then again I did have an "A" in that subject.

Sent from San Antonio, TX 78216-2523 on 2/13/2006.

john mccutcheon - Student (1961)

Missing jerry's drive-in

Sent from Ocala, FL. on 2/8/2006.

Kevin Morris - Student (2001)

Good luck to the first graduating class of the reopening. If you want to contact me you know where I'm at.

Sent from Atlanta, Georgia on 2/8/2006.

Jackie (Hines) Thomas - Student (1976)

When's the reunion??

Sent from Palm Bay, FL on 2/8/2006.

Reid Alexander - Student (1967)

I am so pleased that Pompano Beach HS is open again. I have many fond memories of my years in high school. Go Tornadoes.

Dr. Reid Alexander, Professor of Music
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Sent from Champaign, IL 61821 on 2/1/2006.

Jeff Auman - Student (1985)

Gradutated from Northeast but always a Golden Tornado!
Are we having a 20 year reunion?

Sent from Overland Park, KS on 1/27/2006.

De'Moyia Hunt - Student (2001)

I attended pompano High my freshmen year and regret not graduating from there. So I just want to say to those that know me that I graduated from deerfield high and am now in the us army as a mental health specialist and work in a corrections facility and i am doing great if u wan give me a holla it will be nice to hear from old friends.

Sent from Fort Lewis washington on 1/27/2006.

Michelle Liliana Quinones ~*Mychi*~ - Student (2002)

Congratulations to all of the alumni of 2002. I'm proud to see everyone is doing well; getting married, making babies, finishing college, simply progessing...
Faculty and staff should feel very proud of their work.
Take care and keep repin' PNO!!!
xoxo *Mychi*

Sent from Boca Raton, Florida on 1/27/2006.

judy harris - Student (1966)

looking forward to the reunion in march. have sure enjoyed other two i attended. hope you all show up. email if you like.

Sent from kauai, hawaii on 1/25/2006.

Jennifer Zambrana - Student (2001)

Reading through this guestbook suddenly made me feel old! I cant believe so many of my former classmates have gotten married and have children. CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL OF YOU!! What a blessing! As for me, I graduated in April from FSU, went backpacking through Central America for 6 months and now I'm back figuring out my next move...keep in touch everyone!

Sent from Tallahassee, FL on 1/24/2006.

Robert R. Spear - Student (1978)

I was a student at Pompano Beach Senior High School from 1978 to 1982. One reality that will stay with me forever is that myself and my mother before me were members in the Golden Tornado Marching Band. I played (and still play) the same "Olds" trumpet she played back in the 50's. It is worth noting that the PBSH Golden Tornado Marching Band achieved 24 consecutive years of straight superior ratings in marching band contests in South Florida. This streak ended in 1979 when Mr. Switzer (Music teacher at the time) left Pompano High for another teaching job at one of the universities in South Florida. Pompano High was a very popular school in the area. It met it's demise in 1985 due to pressures to populate the newly renovated Blanch Ely High School in the Western part of the city. I'm glad to see that the city has put the effort and money back into rebuilding a school so rich in tradition and excellence. Those new to the Pompano area may be suprised to know that this high school's moniker was originally "Bean Pickers" before "Golden Tornados." This name came into being primarily because Pompano was heavily populated with farmers from Alabama and Georga. Green beans were a staple crop for many years before urbanization consumed most farmlands in South Florida. It would be nice to see a historical section on the "" web site.

Sent from Raleigh, NC on 1/24/2006.

April Gray-Harper - Student (2001)

It is really something to see how P-No has changed. Looking back on it all, being the first class after reopening, those were the best years of my life. With the birth of my by daughter and son, also being married it can be very challenging. I just want to give a shout out to the class of '01 - keep in touch with your girl.

Sent from Lauderdale Lakes on 1/23/2006.

Morine Pierre - Student (2005)

Hey PNO. I decided to stop by and figure out what's going on with everyone. I still got love for everyone even the ones that hated me for nothing at all. Thanx to all the staff at PNO although I started off on the wrong foot with many. I miss you guys so much. I am much more quieter now and my attitude has improve alot. Hope to see everybody soon.

Sent from Ft.Laud, FL on 1/23/2006.

Judith Weise Witulski - Student (1967)

The GOLDEN TORNADOS once had the number one football team, and the states number one band.

Sent from Bell, Florida on 1/23/2006.

Lois Kemper Wrye - Student (1984)

Wow. It sure has been a long time. There are so many people that I miss from this time in my life. I hope everyone is doing well.

Sent from Perry, Georgia on 1/21/2006.

Britney Wyche - Student (2005)

Im gonna miss the halls of pompano high. I will always have special memories there!

Sent from Florida A&M University on 1/21/2006.

Pete Broockman - Student (1983)

Glad to see PBHS back up and running. After graduation I moved to San Diego and went to school and "Surfed"! And got my degree. I married in 89 and I have a 13 yr old daughter "Ashley". My wife is an Artist and has a web site " ". I have been in the Environmental field since 87. I currently am Manager of the Environmental Facility at Alcoa Aluminum in Alcoa, Tn. I work for Veolia Water and have since 91. Hope to see you at the next reunion. Call me and let me know when and where!! 865-977-2455. " Surf's Up Dude"!!

Sent from Maryville, TN on 1/21/2006.

Barry L. Ellenberger - Student (1962)

Graduated class of 1962. USMC 62 to 66. Currently work for PA Dept. of Labor & Industry. Had really great times at PBHS. Friends John Bennett, Iris Rothermel, Bonnie Diamond.Would like to hear from Maryann Hambrook class 1961.

Sent from Hershey, PA on 1/12/2006.

Carol Ann Courson Mott - Student (1956)

Born and raised in good ole Pompano as was my brother and father, what a wonderful place to have grown up..Sure miss it like it was back then, but nothing stays the same, which I suppose is good for most.

Sent from Lorida, Florida on 1/12/2006.

Michelle Adams Winter - Student (1970)

Would like to see if there is any interest for band alumni between 1967 through 73 to have an "informal" reunion somewhere, such as Disney World over a weekend?

Sent from Ambler, PA on 1/11/2006.

Sen. Eric Travis - Student (2004)

Greetings from the next step in education. I've come back to give thanks to the teachers and administrators who challenged me enough to make me want to go to college. Thanks to Mrs. Scott, without who I would not have the vocabulary needed to get the 1270 on the SAT and qualify for the 100% bright future scholarship, the only reason I'm still in college. Also, for having the boldness to tell a student what their weaknesses are. Thank you Mr. Mumtaz, you gave me the patience and understanding which allows me to coup with the nonsensical teachings of College professors. I've since learned that teaching is a compromise I have to give some to get some. Finally Thanks to the administration (especially Mr. Bell).

Sent from Florida Atlantic University on 1/10/2006.

Sidney Goodrich Waby - Student (1955)

Went grades 1-12 in good old Pompano. Have MANY fond memories of PHS and classmates through the years.

Sent from Winter Haven, FL on 1/10/2006.

Diane Evans - Student (1980)

I was part of the class of 1980 but actually left in '78 (middle of 10th grade) since we moved just outside of the school district. I was part of the Orchestra since sixth grade at Pompano Middle School and was fortunate enough to participate in FL Allstate in 1977. There are a few names that I recognized on here but would like to find some of the other orchestra folks if possible.
Since graduation, I have been all over the country and have only 12 states left that I haven't been to. I have been married, been single, served in the military, been to college, worked hard... all of the usual things and life is good. Hope it's good for all of you as well.

Sent from Colorado on 1/8/2006.

Gerald W. Gaddy - Student (1958)

I enjoyed many good times and made many lifelong friends at PBHS.

Sent from Maggie Valley, NC on 1/4/2006.

Jill Prosser - Student (1960)

Hi to all. I'm living on top of a mountain and loving it. Drop me a line. Jill

Sent from Highlands, NC on 12/30/2005.

Thomas Hilborn - Student (1963)

Moved to the Atlanta area in 1981 and am still married to Mary Murrish, we now have three grandchildren that are the center of our universe.

Sent from Lilburn, GA on 12/26/2005.

LeRoy H. Brown - Student (1942)

Started learning to fly in 1936 at local cropdusting field. Went on to be a cropdusting pilot. After which I was a pilot (Captain) for National Airlines and Pan American World Airways. Always enjoyed living in Pompano. In the 10th grade, I was the projectionest at the old Pompano theatre for 2 years. I would probably be still living in Pompano except it has gotten too big for me. I am a Beanpicker from Pompano and married to an honorary Beanpicker.

Sent from Zellwood, FL on 12/26/2005.

Paul Gonnelli - Student (1970)

Spent my junior and senior year at PBHS. Enjoyed the beach ,used to be able to walk down Atlantic Blvd. and no cars get in your way. Would like to here from any old (are we?) classmates.

Sent from Tarpon Springs, Florida on 12/26/2005.

Phyllis (Lawrence) Callahan - Student (1959)

I had registered for 1956 but would have been in the 1959 class if I gaduated in Pompano. I remember many of you and the good times I had in Pompano. My favorite teacher was Ms.Creech. I loved being on the swim team and all the hours Coach Ousley spent with us. I wish there was a way to go back and visit the good ole 50's, the beaches, drive in movies, the farmers market and Halloween...I have been back many times, but the first time back in 1976 I wanted to see the school..I couldn't find it...It was GONE. I was so diappointed. It was beautiful. Remember when the air port and swimming pool were in the woods ?? hahaha.....

Sent from Plaquemine(Bayou Pigeon),Louisiana on 12/23/2005.

Wanda Huber - Student (1959)

was in pompano for the 6th thru 12th grade...joined united airlines in 62, as a flight attendant and retired july 1st, 03...spent most of the time in san francisco but moved back to pompano in 92, when united reopened the Miami base. Have so many wonderful memories of growing up here, we were so blessed.

Sent from Pompano Beach, Florida on 12/23/2005.

Scott De Di - Student (1954)

After PHS (PBHS just doesn't sound right) I travelled the world courtesy of the United States Navy for 20 plus years. Although a rolling stone, I gathered lots of moss...five children, 12 grandkids and 2 great grandkids. The Beanpicker reunions are always a highlight! Hail, hail to thee Beanpickers!!

Sent from Wellington, Fl. on 12/21/2005.

Jennibel Raines Price - Student (1941)

I was born in Pompano so I am a true Beanpicker!!! and really enjoy keeping in touch with my friends via email. However, I don't see many of my classmates of 1941 who have email addresses listed. Therefore, I'm going to take the liberty of listing all my classmates even though some are no longer with us for we are:

True Beanpickers Class of 1941
Kathleen Alexander Griffin
Arlene Andress
Douglas Allen
Frank Austin
Bernice Banks Hayes
Lorraine Banks Blair
Bill Blount
Catherine Brown Mitchell
Mary Jane
Cheshire Stuckey
Mary Clyatt Daniels
Edith Courson Stokell
Ruth Katherine
Hardy Jaques
Ruth Isler Hedden
Wallace Hooten
John Bill Johnson
Mary Virginia
Johnson Blythe
Carolyn Lyons Callum
Edith Miller Heath
Steven Williams
Rowena Preston Sokoloskie

Sent from Longwood, Fl on 12/20/2005.

Henrique Ikeda - Student (2003)

Hey 2003 graduates! It's been a while and for some reason I kinda miss high school. I am now married to a wonderful woman named Jamie and have the cutest daughter named Brianna, they are the joy in my life! I'll never forget the talent show that me and my buddy Tedric Huff put together for our senior year, mocking Mr. Pitts was the best part for me. Good to see some familiar names on the book. Ok thats it

Sent from Margate, FL on 12/20/2005.

Murph Slaw - Student (1978)

Looking forward to seeing everyone at the 30 year reunion.

Man, Where's the time gone????

Sent from Deerfield Beach, Fl. on 12/19/2005.

Jody Connor - Student (1976)

Hi, everyone. Moved to Pittsburgh in 1985 after getting hired with U.S. Airways. I Am so looking forward to our 30 year reunion. Diane where are you. I'll help any way I can. Many good times at P.B.H.S. Hey Ronnie, Spooner, Stricker, Springer, Gerhart, Heuser, miss you guys so much. Lets get this reunion together. Anyone who Knows how to locate Diane Simmons e-mail me and I'll do anything I can to help make this thing happen. I have 2 girls, 12yrs. and 15 yrs. My husband is also employed with U.S. Airways. Sure do miss the beach. We still have my parents house in Garden Isles where we visit often. Would love to hear from anyone. Please get in touch.

Sent from Pittsburgh, Pa. on 12/19/2005.

Robert J:Busch - Student (1956)

just taking days as they come down here in paradise, lots of things remind me of old Pompano, white sand, palm trees, rivers with overhanging trees.
I am currently available again(single)but, like riding a bike, I am going to keep trying until I get it right(joke ?)I remember the old casino down on the beach, driving under the sea grape trees with my girlfriend to neck. Water skiing off the beach and campfires and barbaques on the beach(bet you cant do that now ?) I was probably the only person at P:B:H:S that got his car suppended( I spun sand all up POPS torso with the rear wheels, I enjoyed my days in Pompano and Pompano on the beach, oh I used to sell watermellons on the deck of the railway express station to the passing trains( with Paul Barwick) hay, tootie averal, remember the time we let the ducks go ??

Sent from Iquitos, Peru on 12/19/2005.

John Richard Haddick - Student (1956)

North Broward in the "comfort years" when spit balls were the greatest risk. Band trips and ocean view parking rehearsals, a fantastic life.

Sent from Vienna, Virginia on 12/19/2005.

Bobby Walton - Student (1957)

I have attended the past two "Beanpicker" reunions and had a great time visiting with some of my class mates. We discussed having our 50 year reunion in 2007 at Ed Myricks home. Just seeing Ed at the last reunion reminded me of just how munch I miss Ed, Bill, and Bruce as well as all my other class mates. We had a great class and I love every one of you. I would like to give a special "hug" and thanks to Susan McGuire for all the hard work she has put in.

Sent from Merritt Island, FL 32952 on 12/19/2005.

Alice Garner Mainguy - Student (1948)

I was born in Pompano (not Pompano Beach)and went to Pompano grammer, junior and high school graduating in 1948. What wonderful times I remember having growing up in a small community where every one know each other. After graduating I married Layton Mainguy from Oakland Park and moved there where I lived until 2001. Layton passed away in 1998. I enjoyed my life there as wife of the Mayor of Oakland Park, (for 24 years), having 4 children and now have grandchildren and great grandchildren. I am in good health and attend First Baptist Church of Pompano Beach where I worship with a lot of Beanpickers. Having been here all of my life I am truly a Beanpicker and love it. Hello to all who knew me and maybe we can see each other again if we have another reunion. God Bless. Alice

Sent from Ft. Lauderdale, Fl. on 12/17/2005.

Lowell Lloyd White - Student (1957)

Since I lived on the beach, I had few friends which turned out to be a blessing. My parents stressed discipline and hard work. As a pre-teen, I had a paper route and when the Broward News folks told me that I was selling too many papers for someone on foot, I quit and went to work elsewhere and did one heck of a lot better, netting and selling finger mullet, repairing rods and reels. When I was drafted out of my senior year of college I had no intention of remaining in the Army but I did the best I could. Went from PVT to LTC in 22 years and retired with 2 master's degrees - hard work will reap rewards, while sitting on your butt and hoping someone will take care of your stinks. All 4 of our kids have college degrees - 2 have Master's degrees- they helped to pay for their degrees. There might be a lesson here for Democrats. Be well.

Sent from Augusta, GA on 12/17/2005.

Zella Williams Baxter - Student (1958)

I started the first grade at Pompano all the grades were at the one location. Those were the best years of my life. In the 50's there was no where like PBHS or the Beanpickers. I think they should let us be in the Beanpicker club also. I don't even remember the Golden Toranados myself. I really like the site who ever put it together did a realy good job.

Sent from Pompano Beach, Fla on 12/16/2005.

Earl Alexander - Student (1955)

Joined USMC, month after graduation, retired 1976. Proud to be a Beanpicker, were some of the best years of my life.

Sent from Bunker Hill, WV. on 12/15/2005.

Kimball Conrad - Student (1955)

I just receintly attended our 50th reunion at Denny and Betty Jean McNab's in Pompano. It was a wonderful time and the highlight of the year. I would urge all to get involved with any reunions.
I am proud to be a Beanpicker and have spent the last 30 years in south Florida as a high school teacher. I am now searching for the old 50's type of town that Pompano was. I may have to look outside of Florida to find it.

Sent from Stuart, FL on 12/15/2005.

Cranston G. Vincent,Jr - Student (1955)

After graduation I joined the Pompano Beach Fire Department. I quit to join the United States Marine Corps. Got out got married. Had 2 boys got divorced. Got married and moved to NC. Joined the RGSO Sheriff Office Retired 2000. Still work running Grand Jury which I've done for 20 yrs. I am a Deeply Commited Christian. Active in Church Most of my life. Born Again and "GOING HOME" one day. Soon I Pray.

Sent from Ramseur, NC 27316 on 12/15/2005.

Juanita Hijlkema-Coursey - Student (1959)

I went to PBHS from the 1st grade until the 12th and graduated in 1959. I remember when the name of the Beanpickers changed, I thought that Golden Tornados was kind of a fake name. I liked the Beanpickers, it fit because it was a farming community. I played in the band and when the new school was built, I towed Earlene Dafler on the bike from the new school to the old school (we were in the 6th grade) for band practice. I think that we were the youngest members of the band. Poor Mr. Drake! I had an interesting life and have lived in the Netherlands for almost 22 years and feel at home. I have come to the US for a visit 4 times in so many years.


Sent from Hilversum, The Netherlands on 12/15/2005.

Linda Cook Johnson - Student (1959)

Pompano High School on 4th Avenue has a lot of fun memories for me. I also remember the good times at the ball games at the old park on 4th Avenue. I was in the band so I spent a lot of time there. I also loved the Jamboree at the Farmer's Market where we had a Jamboree King and Queen from our school. The barbeque was delicious, too. My favorite teacher was Mrs. Creech and she really made English interesting. I have been married almost 45 years, have 3 children and three grandchildren. Life has been good. Would love to hear from fellow '59 graduates.

Sent from Houston, Texas on 12/14/2005.

Betty Anne Greene Spear - Student (1955)

What a wonderful idea this is! Will be good for keeping up with our many friends and classmates. I went all through school in Pompano - 1st grade until graduation in 1955. Lived there until 1977 when we moved to the panhandle of Florida. I married Neil Spear in 1957 and we have 2 children and 4 grandchildren. The town we live in reminds me of Pompano during the 1950's as it is small and everyone knows everyone here. Glad to be called a Beanpicker!

Sent from Bonifay, Florida on 12/14/2005.

Carol Twitty - Student (1965)

Greetings PBHS!
I graduated in 1965, stayed around the So. Fla. area for many years working with old mainframe computers, then moved in '84 to Cary, NC. Currently employed with NC state gov't Dept. of Revenue..still working on old mainframe computers! I miss Pompano at lot, but not the So. Fla. humidity!

Sent from Cary, NC on 12/14/2005.

Ronald Riley - Student (1954)

I joined the class of 54 in 1953. As a new comer PBHS welcomed me to the community and made me part of the family. I married Barb Caldwell class of '57 and we are retired in St Augustine, Florida. We look forward to class reunions as they are still our extended family.

Sent from St Augustine, Florida on 12/14/2005.

Dianna McMullen Graves - Student (1959)

What a great site. Would love to see everyone again. I get to Florida often but never back to Pompano Beach.

Sent from Nokesville, Virginia on 12/14/2005.

Donna Mangum Bump - Student (1957)

Hi everyone,
I'm so pleased with this website! I started first grade at Pompano Elementary (Miss Gillis), went to school in S.C. for junior high and then back to Pompano for the rest of the years. Carol Ann Courson and I were "majoretts" for the first band (Mr. Canfield dir.) Our mothers made all the first uniforms for the girls sitting at sewing machines on our front porch, across the street from the school on 6th street. I'll never forget the yards and yards of gold satin!! My brother Tom graduated in '50 and played football. Some real good times durig those years AND we respected our parents, teachers and God was awesome!!!
Good luck to all who have walked those "hallowed halls".

Sent from Richmond, Texas on 12/14/2005.

Floyd V. Hull, Jr. - Student (1945)

I started in the 2nd grade at PHS and graduated in 1945. There was 18 in my graducating class as some classmates departed for the service before graduating. Pompano was all farming with only 2,000 whites. Our 45 football team and basketball team were some of the highlights of my entire life. Our football team went undefeated I felt I received a great education and later graduated from law at U. Of Fla. Was in army JAG for 3 years and was stationed in Pentagon and Germany doing General Court Martial cases. Upon discharge I practiced law in Ft. Lauderdale until semi retirement in 2000. Moved to Davie in 2001 where I practice a limited degree in law from my home. I really cherish my relationships with the ol' timers.

Sent from 3230 Hidden Hollow Lane, Davie, Fl 33328 on 12/14/2005.

W. H. (bill) Blount,Jr - Student (1941)

Glad to read about you young people giploma class 1941 see a few names I knew Bud G. lets us know what goes on---blount evans kin folk--- town only pop. of 2,400 in the 1930.
You should read Bud's tales of Pompano he is too young to talk about us old folks and what we did

Sent from Chapinj, s. c. on 12/14/2005.

Earlene Gutermuth Williams Madray - Student (1959)

I too have fond memories of PBHS. I used to live in one of the Kester Cottages for a while. George Heflin was my neighbor and the closest thing I ever had to a brother. I enjoyed being a member of the band for 4 years. Mr. Drake was an awesome director and Helen Creech was a wonderful English teacher. Who could forget "Poppa Carlisle?" I still have tears when I hear our Alma Mater being sung. We have class reunions about every 5 years. I am a proud mother of 2 kids who gave me 8 grandkids. I do feel sorry for the kids now growing up. They will never experience the good ole days of school like we did.

Sent from Wauchula, FL. on 12/14/2005.

Mary Morrison (Ott) Nordberg - Student (1934)

I'm thrilled to be a part of this website. In spite of the many years since 1934, I still remember Pompano High on 4th St., backed up to the Robinson's home, my relatives. I came down for my senior year to spend the time with Aunt, Uncle and cousin. Marian was a junior, and had lots of friends, who became mine. I got sand in my shoes and moonstruck that year, have been back several times. I hope to see someone else from around my time. I surely can't be the only one still living! We were really bean pickers at that time, we had only a basketball team. Some of us would travel around with the team as cheer leaders! It was a wonderful year. I do remember the hand cranked bridge and the Kester Cottages on A1A. There were 13 in our class, and Orion Mann was the principal. Pompano Beach is lovely, but it is not the cozy little town it was in my day! It was a wonderful year.

Sent from Maynard, Ma. 01754 on 12/14/2005.

Marian Blount Evans - Student (1961)

Pompano holds alot of great memories. Both as a Beanpicker and Tornado. I cheered for both, but in my heart I'm a Beanpicker. The older I get, the more I appreciate the great education I received. Back then, it was "when is that bell going to ring?" Does anyone know where, Martha Parkinson "Parky", is?  She was our 9th grade English teacher.

Sent from Palm Harbor, FL on 12/14/2005.

Herbie Davis - Student (1952)

Attended Pompano school 1941 (Ms. Gillis) to 1952. Joined the Navy, retired to Jonesboro, Arkansas. When visiting Pompano, I still visit the site of the old school campus. What a beautiful building that old school was.

Sent from Jonesboro, Arkansas on 12/14/2005.

Helen Gartin Ridlehoover - Student (1955)

I came to Pompano in the middle of my junior year and made some very good friends and have enjoyed our many class reunions. I have been married 49 years to Calvin Ridlehoover and have 3 daughters, 6 grandchildren and 1 great-grandchild. Life is good!!

Sent from Starke, Florida on 12/14/2005.

Phyllis Lawrance Callahan - Student (1956)

1952 thru 1956 were very happy years in Pompano. I was on swim team and really enjoyed it and the team members. Wonder where you all are now?? I wish we could bring back OLD Pompano not the modern times. Miss the sand in my shoes and my friends..Zella, Arlene, Mary, Sue, Wanda, Steve, and so many more .. Wish we could have one big reunion just one more time .please would like to hear from any of you who remember me.

Sent from Plaquemine(Bayou Pigeon) Louisiana on 12/14/2005.

Alyce Ann Lee Villa - Student (1954)

Growing up in Pompano Beach and graduating from PHS was a wonderful experience!  Miss Gillis was my first grade teacher....I still have a picture of our First Grade Victory Garden!  My mother, Clara Richardson Lee, graduated from PHS in 1929, my youngest daughter, Nancy, attended 9th grade the last year PBHS was open before being closed for about 15 years and my granddaughter, Kellen, is a senior at the new PBHS....four generations! I married Harvey Villa in 1956.  We lived in Clark, N.J. until 1977 when we returned to Pompano Beach.  We have three children and five grandchildren. 

Sent from Pompano Beach, Florida on 12/14/2005.

E.L. (Bud) Garner - Student (1948)

Started first grade in Pompano, 1933. Graduated in 1948, after spending three years in the US Navy from 1943-1946. I should have graduated in 1946. I am the PBHS Alumni rep for the Beanpickers (1928-1957).

Sent from Pompano Beach, FL. on 12/14/2005.

Dorothy O.(cheney) Himes - Student (1957)

Thanks for all the memories of PBHS, and I appreciate the e-mail so much!!
Dorothy Cheney

Sent from Live Oak, Florida on 12/14/2005.

Keith Cheshire - Student (1959)

1st-12th at old 4th/6th St. campus less one semester (6th grade) at what is now the campus! After 40 years in the telephone industry (surprise) I am now again a full time telephony hobbyist! GO BEANPICKERS! (yes I know, but never accepted the change) after all, beans and peppers raised me! :>)

BTW My email is phonefeline at (this is to avoid email harvesters)

Sent from East Palatka, FL on 12/14/2005.

Larry Briest - Student (1957)

Coming from Chicago, my years at Good Old "Pompano High" were some of the "Greatest Memories" that I have.

Sent from Gastonia, North Carolina on 12/14/2005.

Marcia Duggan Ellington - Student (1957)

I've come full circle...graduating from PBHS and now live at John Knox! Where have the years gone?

Sent from John Knox Village, Pompano Beach on 12/14/2005.

Penny Martin Litt - Student (1957)

Pompano was a great school to be attending in those days...a much more innocent time in life. The "Beanpicker" legacy is such an honor to be a part of. I appreciate the hard work of all the people who worked on the Beanpicker Reunions. I guess my most vivid memories of high school are of F.H.A. activities. Now as a retired R.N. involved in Therapy Dog work, it is so nice to bring back memories of Pompano High School, and the great little city of Pompano as it was then!!!

Sent from Sebring, Florida on 12/14/2005.

Arlene Wills Lain - Student (1957)

I started my first grade in pompano elementry I was a beanpicker and golden tornado, I left in 1957 and married that marriage lasted for 14 years that gave me 3 wonderful sons then I met my soul mate Terry Lain we have been married for 32 years. My grandmother had the old bailey hotel in Pompano on first street. Was wonderful then and I have wonderful memories of Pompano.

Sent from Orange Park, FL on 12/14/2005.

William Law - Student (1943)

I did not graduate. Like Lucky Strike Green, I went to war. (US Navy) Subsequently graduated from Embry Riddle. Served three years on the Florida Highway Patrol before going to Eastern Airlines. Retired as a Manager in Technical Services after 29 years service.

Sent from Pembroke Pines, Florida on 12/14/2005.

JoAnne Richards Anderson - Student (1952)

This is a proud Beanpicker now actively engaged in real estate in Tampa, Florida.

Sent from Tampa, Florida on 12/14/2005.

Carlos F. Robertson - Student (1952)

I played trombone in the band from 1950 to 1952. Married Faye Sutton - we were married for 47 years when she died in 1999. I am now 72 years old, but remember the good ole Beanpicker days. I am retired from the Air Force as a Senior Master Sergeant.

Sent from Carrollton, GA on 12/14/2005.

Lowell Lloyd White - Student (1957)

Anyone else remember the hand-cranked bridge over the intracoastal and the Kester Cottages on A1A?

Sent from Augusta, GA on 12/14/2005.

Susan Montgomery Maguire - Student (1957)

What a great site this is! I see my daughters & sons friends as well as some of my classmates. I was one of the old Beanpickers (classes of 1926 - 1957,before the Golden Tornedos came into being) I hope this list continues to grow.

Sent from Pompano Beach on 12/13/2005.

Jon Michael Gelfand - Student (2003)

Well hello Pompano. My name is Jon Gelfand and I graduated last year. Like omg I had so much flippin fun being the water boy for football..The guys were so so cute hehe.. Well just stopping by to say hello and that I miss all of you.

Sent from Coconut Creek on 12/9/2005.

Gail Carroll - Student (1966)

I am now either retired or unemployed, whichever way you want to look at it. For the last few years I have traveled extensively, enjoying Europe and the Caribbean.
I have not connected with any old PBSH friends in years and would like to find some I think about often: Carol Fogel, Sandra Cromer, Sarah Aldridge, etc. Would love to hear from any classmates.

Sent from Valdosta, Ga on 12/7/2005.

Monet Woodruff - Student (2005)

Hello..once everyone at Pompano Beach High School. I hate to admit it but I miss high school sometimes. Pompano had its ups and downs. College and work can be a heavy load but you have to get through it. I hope that all the students are preparing for FCAT so Pompano can be an "A" school once again. Its amazing that it remained an "A" school throughout my entire high school career. Best of luck to all of you. Mr. Rivera, Mr. Hazell, Mrs. Phillips, and Mr. Bell..I was highly upset that I didnt get an opportunity to see you all because each of you were attending at that time. I will be back to visit one of the days.

Sent from Coconut Creek, Florida on 12/2/2005.

Tom Carpenter - Student (1962)

Played trumpet in the band. There is a band reunion planned in may, 2006 to honor and welcome back dr. Alan Drake (former band director at pbhs). I was wondering if the school still has any band memorabilia in the trophy case or bandroom. We are trying to locate any history we can for the reunion.
Please advise if you can help.

Sent from Lighthouse Point, FL on 12/1/2005.

Mona Pica - Student (1976)

Anyone know anything about the 30 year reunion? Geesh, that seems like such a long time ago. I was the shy one who partied a lot. Not shy anymore? If anyone remembers me, feel free to write to me via email.
Take care, Mona

Sent from Lighthouse Point, Florida on 11/24/2005.

Tim McEwen - Student (1966)

Looking forward to the 40th class reunion March 24 and 25. Contact Dondi (Smith) Fleischhacker at 561 333-8867 for information. I am still working for the Department Of Defense and am responsible for the eight Naval bases in the Southeast Region from Charleston SC to Guantanamo Bay Cuba. Looking forward to retirement in a couple of years. I often recall fond memories of PBHS, my basketball team mates, Jan Gies, Jack Wheeler, Doug Kennedy, etc. My old girlfriend and ex-wife, Dot Haislip. The Prom at Pier 66. Please send me an email. I would love to hear from anyone from the class of '66.

Sent from Jacksonville, Florida on 11/21/2005.

Chris Zamora - Student (2005)

Hey whats up P-no?? I had so much fun at pompano, having more fun in college though :P !!!! I'll try and visit pompano one day when I have the time, I'd like to visit teachers and what not, heard you guys had some trouble as well with this last hurricane?


Sent from UCF-Orlando on 11/16/2005.

Merrilee Hansen - Student (1970)

Graduate of 1970, but left Pompano in 1968. Would like to hear from old friends I can't find.

Sent from Atlanta, Ga on 11/15/2005.

Sabine Janelle Duplessy - Student (2002)

Hello everyone, it was nice 2 see the website up and running. I miss PBHS.

Sent from CoconutCreek on 11/14/2005.

Keel Russell - Student (2004)

To all my Former classmates and teachers, I wish you all well and hope to hear from you guys either by email or my number 954-599-8854. I won't have my cell much longer because I have been activated to go to Kuwait and Iraq in the month of december for a year to a year and a half. Hopefully this is not the last time I will be writing on this message board. Pray for me please and god bless to all.
An Army of ONE.

Sent from Fort Lauderdale on 11/11/2005.

Krystal Hunt Rogers - Student (1985)

I was part of the last gratuating class of Pompano High School, we recently went on a tour of the new and improved Pompano High and we had our 20 yr high school reunion, and it was wonderful! Thank you, PBHS. Thanks for the Memories!

Sent from Margate, FL on 11/8/2005.

Michelle Miller - Student (1944)

Looking for someone

Sent from Georgia on 10/24/2005.

Bob Hart - Student (1966)

Seems like just yesterday: PBSH 62-66, USMC 67-71, Vietnam 69-70, OSU 71-75, Several Businesses, One Wife, Married 34 Yrs., Two Fine Sons, I'm Kinda Retired Now, Good Health, Very Thankful.

Sent from Islamorada, FL on 10/17/2005.

Eric Hancock - Student (1980)

Chet you out there. Let me here from you.

Sent from Monticello on 10/11/2005.

Oliver Haucke - Student (1984)

Hi, I visited your school in 83/84. I played for the tennis-team with my friend Brett Beattie. I want to contact him now, but it`s hard to find him. Do you have any adress of him? Or can you tell me how I can find him?
Thank you for any reply-mails.
I hope, this mail reaches you!
Oliver Haucke

Sent from on 10/9/2005.

Beth Heuser-Aseere - Student (1981)

Class of 1980 & 1981 are planning a dual reunion next summer, July of 2006. Please email me your address. Thank you

Sent from Pompano Beach on 10/6/2005.

Diane Barlow Dodich - Student (1980)

Hi Fellow Tornadoes!
We are scheduling a 25th Year Reunion for Summer 2006, along with the Class of 1981. Please email me your current contact info!

Sent from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida on 10/6/2005.

Austin Hardy - Student (2005)

I love PBHS!

Sent from Florida State University on 10/6/2005.

Kevin Brumbaugh - Student (2005)

Hey everyone i miss ya im stuck up here in Georgia without you all. i will see you guys soon.

Sent from Georgia on 10/6/2005.

Alan Willis - Student (1972)

Glad to see the school doing so well!

Sent from Sarasota, FL on 9/30/2005.

Gwendolyn Desravines - Student (2003)

This was a great school to go to and I have so many memories that I will never forget. I hope it grows and becomes the best school in broward county.

Sent from Tallahassee on 9/29/2005.

gina corallo - Student (2003)

Good luck to all upcoming seniors!

Sent from Tallahassee, FL on 9/29/2005.

Krystal Gordon - Student (2005)

Thanks alot Rivera for everything. You are the best. For all others i wish you the best !

Sent from Dobbs Ferry, NY on 9/29/2005.

Erin Perry Schwarb - Student (1980)

Great to see a website for PBHS!! Many fond memories and I still stay in touch with a lot of my old high school friends. I am still married to Mark, going on 20 years, and together we have 2 great daughters-Mackenzie(13) and Delaney (6). We are now in the process of looking at high schools and Pompano High is top on our list. Glad to see it making such a great comeback. We are working on a combined 25th reunion with the class of 1981, summer of 2006. Watch for information. Good luck to all alumni!!

Sent from Pompano Beach on 9/28/2005.

Jim Justus - Student (1972)

Join the Air Force in 1972. Served overseas for several years. Living in Texas now for the past 25 years. Would like to hear from the anyone who knew me.

Sent from San Antonio, Texas on 9/26/2005.

Stephanie Perrin - Student (2002)

Hi everyone, it is so nice to see how much P.B.H.S. has improved over the years. It seems just like yesterday when I was a freshmen there. I really enjoyed my high school years at P.B.H.S. I wish everyone the best !!!!

Sent from Lauderdale Lakes, FL on 9/22/2005.

Renato Rodzko De Souza - Student (2005)

I wanted to thank PBHS for eveything that I learned! I feel more than prepared in college and also feel like I am two steps ahead of my peers with all the knowledge that I have. I am currently at FAU but am going to transfer to FSU next fall. Once again thank you for the best education one can expect! You guys were great and I am eternally greatful for having you prepare me for college and life!

Sent from Deerfield Beach on 9/22/2005.

Kenneth Pack - Student (1979)

Good to see the old place back open. GO GOLDEN TORNADOES!!

Sent from Nashville on 9/21/2005.

Jessica Beadles Spence - Student (1971)

I am glad to see the Golden Tornadoes revitalized. I had some great times at PBHS!

Sent from Stuart on 9/20/2005.

Jorge Toro - Student (2005)

Hey Pompano Beach High
I start college about five weeks ago and I couldn't be any happier. A huge thanks to the entire Pompano staff; the staff is the best in the state. All my teachers that I had, thank you so much for helping me work to my potential

Sent from Univesity of North Florida( Jacksonville) on 9/17/2005.

Robyn Spalding Vines - Student (1985)

Congrats on the re-opening!

Sent from Fort Lauderdale on 9/16/2005.

Monet Woodruff - Student (2005)

Wuz up y'all? Dis ya girl, Mo (a.k.a. Moet). U know I had to come drop a line. I can't believe my time at Pompano is over. Sometimes it seemed like it would never end. I have a lot of good memories (and bad memories) from high school. I've met a lot of that I'm glad that I met while others I wish I had never made. I cherish the friends that I made and have forgotten about the ones I lost. Over all I will never forget the people and events that touched my heart. My freshman and sophomore years were the best especially during homecoming week. Those were the best. The CLASS OF 2005 will always be the best no matter what the rest of you have to say. Shout-out to Mr. Bell, Mrs. Phillips, Ms. Cardoso, Mr. Pitts, Mrs. Mackey, my dawg Ms. Culina and the rest of the staff. I'll come and visit one of these days when I get a chance (especially since I need to get my yrbook). Much love to everyone. For those of y'all signed onto facebook, holla at ya girl.

Sent from Florida Atlantic University on 9/14/2005.

Richard Johnsen - Student (1970)

I was a sophmore at pbhs but had to move to the bay area in california after only a year. I made some good friends and sorely missed them when I had to leave. Still got my "beanpicker" which I look at from time to time. Anyone out there who remembers me or even doesn't but still wants to reminisce, please drop me a line. I've been far too long out of touch with my past and need to touch bases, if only as comfort and solace for some nostalgic remembrances.

Sent from Oceanside, CA on 9/13/2005.

Beja A. De Berry - Student (1976)

Just wondering about a reunion. For the Class of 1976. Pompano Beach High was the best four years, I love that school and I miss all my friends.

Sent from Lorida, Florida on 9/13/2005.

Elizabeth DeSimone - Student (2001)

How the time has past. I can't believe I'm graduating from college in a few months from FIU. Even though our school was so small I still had the best time. I became friends with so many people. I especially want to thank Sally, my best friend, thank you for making my life unforgetable. And to all the teachers that were so amazing. I learned so much from you all when I wasn't sleeping in class. hehehe. I especially want to thank Mr. Hazel, Mr. Williams, and Dr. Shipe. You made me a better student and for that, I thank u. Ms. Cardosa, you are the best of the best. If it wasnt for u, I dont know how I'd get through high school. I am proud to be a tornado.

Sent from Pompano Beach, FL on 9/13/2005.

Paula Dominguez - Student (2001)

Hey guys, hope that everyone is doing okay. It is so nice to go back and see how much the school has grown. When I think of Pompano, I realize that those years were some of the bests years that I had. Especially with C/2001. It was small and everybody new each other, and I think that that is what made it so special.
Paula NKA "la gata"

Sent from Lauderdale Lakes on 9/13/2005.

Bill Bieberbach - Student (1962)

Go Moochie !!!!!! Greg Mirabile, Class of 62.5 is in the senior US Ameteur this weekend!

Sent from Orlando, Florida on 9/12/2005.

Ricardo Cano - Student (2005)

Hey everyone down at Pompano. High school was a great experience and I feel Pompano prepared me well for what's to come.

I tip my hat to Dr. Shipe, Mr. Marchand, Mr. Lamarca, Mr. Gates, Ms. Sesti and Mr. Mumtaz

Sent from North Lauderdale, FL on 9/8/2005.

Eva Gabriela Romero - Student (2004)

I Miss Pompano High so much!!! Go class of 2006!!!

Sent from Boca Raton on 9/7/2005.

justin holmes - Student (2005)

wats happenen, its ya boy Jay Slim just stop by to drop my alma mater a line. Shouts out to my little bro keep donig what you do, shouts shout to Rick P the one coach on you side at all times, shout to Mr King give me a call mr king 318 487 7881 and shout out to the rest of my boy and gurls ya'll hold it down i''l be back one to check up on ya so keep looking to the sky
Peace Out

Sent from Pineville,LA on 9/6/2005.

George Padron - Student (1978)

I would like to hear from any one from '78 grad class. Any one that attended during 74-78. I think the school looks great.

Sent from Yuma, Arizona on 9/2/2005.

Gail Andrews - Student (1969)

I enjoyed going to school there and was the first black to attend this school. Thing was really hard there trying to adjust to a new school and new ppeople but I made it through and made a lot of new friends.

Sent from Light house point Pompano on 8/31/2005.

James ( Jim ) Tucker - Student (1976)

Hi everyone or anyone who remembers me. I was voted most likely to skip 20% of the senior class days, including yearbook photo day. Wasn't much into school spirit... it interfered with surfing & partying. I did manage to graduate with good grades and moved to Gainesville where I've been for most of the past 29 years. Didn't make any reunions but I'm interested in coming to a 30th if there is one. I do have some nice memories of high school friends and would love to here from any of you.

Sent from Gainesville, Fla. on 8/31/2005.

Claudia Rodgers McCulloch - Student (1971)

Pompano Senior High was, and apparently is again, a great school. I directed the senior class play (nice job, John Jolly and Lucy), was in the band and particpated in a great many activities to distract myself from adolescence. Once I graduated, I went on to Palm Beach Junior College, the University of Florida, Flordia Atlantic University and finished with a Ph.D. from Temple University. Many teachers at Pompano High taught me wonderful lessons. Thank you. My closest friends, Chris Michelson, Viki Zorn, Anne Balistreri and Dolores Del-Zio continue to be part of my life.
Thanks, ladies!
I live south of Los Angeles on the Palos Verdes Peninsula and I am in private practice as an educational psychologist.  See my website at 
Our 17-year old son is going to be a senior this year.  What a great kid.  We are so blessed!  Where did the time go..he was a baby just 10 minutes ago!?  Hope to hear from my classmates.

Sent from Los Angeles, California on 8/31/2005.

Tara Hancock Harmon - Student (1975)

Yea - nice to see familiar names and faces? Pompano was certainly a trip, but most of my memories center around the PYF's and the YOuth Group. I just sent my only child off to college so I now I get to figure out what else to be when I grow up. . . look me up and Vaya con Dios!

Sent from Tallahassee, FL on 8/30/2005.

John Neff - Student (2004)

Hey everyone, imma be coming back down end of october for a few weeks, hope to catch the comecoming football game. From Florida im off to Germany after leave. Peace out all, hope to see my old pals

Sent from Fort Huachuca, AZ on 8/30/2005.

Steve Zimmerman - Student (1977)

Started the PBHS Alumni Association for the "Tornadoes" back when the school re-opened. Band Captian in 1977.

Sent from Pompano on 8/30/2005.

Marcia Duggan Ellington - Student (1957)

What a great time...Pompano was still a small farming town. We had a class of about 110. Now Pompano is a city of over 100,000!

Sent from Pompano Beach on 8/28/2005.

Keylee Carey - Student (1997)

<3 what ever happens at pompano.... stays at pompano <3

Sent from Calafornia on 8/24/2005.

JoeLenna Fahie - Student (2002)

It's so funny how time will sure pass you by. I cannot believe that I am a senior in college! I remember being a student in High School. It is so true: TIME WAITS FOR NO ONE! I was just looking at my yearbooks and I said to myself, I miss high school. I called my friends and we had a long session thinking about the past. Of all the things in life I would not have changed my 3 years at PBHS. I want to thank a few people because without them, I doubt if I would be the person I am today: Ms.Zarello, Ms. Vazquez- thank you for all the papers you made me re-do I did not know it then but it made me such a better writer. I can write an essay without using the word "I" , Ms. Stephenson, Dr. Shipe- I swear was the coolest teacher I had! Ms. Sesti, Mr. Hazell- for makin me smile when I thought I had nothing to smile for! Ms. McFadden- thank you for listening, the talks really helped. Mr. Harris- thank you and Ms. McFadden for the trip to FAMU I know you all risked alot taking a bunch of high school students 8 hours away from home but I will never forget that trip. Mr. Bell for the pats on the back. Mr. Lamarca, Ms. Jacobson-for not letting me be a slacker in her class. Ms. Sagae-Fisher for showing me my first dose of reality! Mr. Julian u were an awesome guy. Mr. Taylor, Coach Gillis-I never had you as a teacher but I've learned so much from talking to and knowing you. And last but definetley not least in my heart MR. WEAVER Thank You sooooo much for keeping me in check. I swear in high school you hated me because it seemed like you were always yelling at me. I now KNOW and can appreciate all of that yelling for LOVE! I know it was for my best interest and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I also would like to say hello to all of my friends especially Heather Mattadeen, ShaNeda Simon, Princess Shumake, George Reynolds, Mary and Michelle,Glynn Bostic, Javon Powell, Marshall Colbert, the rest of the jocks, and the list can go on for days. If I did not specifically write your name blame it on my laziness of not wanting to type and definetley not my heart. I am entering my senior year at Florida A&M University my major is History and I have 2 minors; Education and Criminal Justice. Once I graduate I am going to grad school for Educational Leadership. Who would have thought this would be the end product of someone who had detention EVERY Friday their senior year. I was just a "diamond in the rough"

Sent from FAMU...Tallahassee, FL on 8/22/2005.

Rebecca O'Donnell - Student (2005)

Man do i miss P-No. I miss everyone out there but its ok imma come visit to all the underclassmen, make sure u keep pompano the BEST school in Broward. To all the faculty and staff, thank u for making my years at pompano the best. <3 becca

Sent from Tamarac, FL on 8/20/2005.

James 'Jamie' Lininger - Student (1978)

The old place looks great and this site does too. Many great memories of my days at PBHS. You know it has been a long time when you are watching your daughter cheerleading at a high school football game and the visiting team is the Golden Tornadoes of 2004. Once a Tornado always a Tornado so even at the home field I had to root for the old alma mater.

Sent from South Florida Broward County on 8/18/2005.

Cornelia Richards - Student (2001)

I was one of the first students to go to Pompano the year it reopened in 1997. I am very proud of how much the school has grown and that I was able to be one of the pioneers.

Sent from Lauderdale Lakes on 8/17/2005.

Denise Pridemore Watson - Student (1972)

Great school then, Great school now!

Sent from Pompano Beach on 8/16/2005.

Susan Lynn Bailey - Student (1978)

Great Website!

Sent from Roanoke, Virginia on 8/16/2005.

Andrew Stradtner - Student (2002)

What's good 02 Pompano grads? It's already been 3 years and feels like we just walked at BCC Haha.

Sent from Pompano Beach on 8/15/2005.

Michele Di Noia - Student (1978)

Wow, I guess the old saying is true, "With age comes beauty", the old school looks awesome. I just wonder if they left the writing on the sidewalk in front of the gym??? What an adventure that was for those who participated, NO NAMES MENTIONED!! Looking foward to our 30th.

Sent from Gainesville, FL on 8/15/2005.

Cindi Jaskolka Gabella - Student (1978)

GO TORNADOES...........

Sent from Deltona, Florida on 8/15/2005.

Maria Gutierrez Ruetz - Student (1972)

It is really great to see PBHS back as a top notch high school! Thanks to all who worked hard to bring back the Golden Tornadoes. My daughter just graduated high school and I have relived the high school memories (both good and bad) through her experiences. I've enjoyed seeing my friends at the reunions and can't wait for the next one!

Sent from Libertyville, Illinois on 8/13/2005.

Betsy Bingler - Student (1974)

I wish I knew then what I know now. I loved PBHS.

Sent from St. Augustine, FL on 8/12/2005.

fredessa watson - Student (2005)

p'no will always be p'no

Sent from bayshore high on 8/12/2005.

David C. Hodges - Student (1970)

Glad that Pompano Beach High School is open again and glad for the Web page. I retired from the Air Force in 1992 (Non Commissioned Officer In Charge of Police Investigations). Provided close in Security for three Presidents, Princess Diana, and several other foreign and domestic dignitaries. Was also Hostage Negotiations Team Leader for Air Force Spaace Command world wide. Was also big into entertainment. Have several records/cd's out, newspaper articles and TV appearances, and appeared on several episodes with Tom Selleck on Magnum PI. I also headlined in concerts with Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Tom Jones, 3-Dog Night, Moody Blues, Dion, Frankie Vally and the Four Seasons and numerous other stars. Currently promoting my original gospel CD and another CD for Cancer victims. Also currently recording a new original gospel CD. Planning on touring again next year with wife. Would love to hear from other classmates.

Sent from 2117 Downing Drive, Colorado Springs, Co. 80909 on 8/10/2005.

Senetra Kouvaras - Student (2003)

Just wanna say hi.

Sent from Bahamas on 8/9/2005.

Pierre Simonvil - Student (2001)

I just passed by this school but for all the friends i did make, I hope you're doing well. If anybody remembers me and we haven't kept in touch, hit me up on my email and let me know how ya doin. Peace

Oh and i'd also like to apologize to Mr. Weaver and Ms. Cardosa for bein such a pain in the neck. Looking back now you guys were right and thanks for whatever influence you could get through my hard head.

Sent from Las Vegas NV on 8/9/2005.

V Tap - Student (2005)

Wat up PBHS. i just wanted to give my shoutouts to my alma mater. i m just here in cali doing my thing playing w/ i love(football) and hustling these jokers out they money. i just wanted to thank the staff and students for turning this young boy into a man dat he is today,especially mr. hazell's sociology class i see the world in a different view. but anywayz i hope 2 come back and visit 4 the new year. shoutouts 2 the boyz i used 2 roll w/ and still do yall kno who yall b. 4 the football team yall boyz get up on the game and take broward by storm. This message has been brought 2 u by sweets entertainment and 4 all u who said i wouldnt amount 2 nothing kick rocks. im out i got football practice.( i got 2 get paid)

Sent from California on 8/8/2005.

Louise Heinich Wallace - Student (1978)

I had a GREAT time at PBHS! I am looking forward to our 30th reunion and Homecoming 2005! Go Tornadoes!

Sent from Plantation, Florida on 8/8/2005.

Edwin G. Hernandez - Student (2001)

HEY!!! Still standing, still strong.. married with child, still Ballaz for life.

Sent from GEORGIA!!!!! on 8/7/2005.

LaShanda Moore - Student (2001)

The Pompano Cutie Formally known as LaShanda Moore, now known as LaShanda Hernandez A.K.A. first lady of the Ballaz. Just wanna say to all former classmates What is up!!!! Holla at me if you wanna. And im so proud of pompano. Went from a hallway to one of the best looking schools in florida. Tornado 4 life!!

Sent from ATL Shawty!!!! on 8/7/2005.

Walter Taylor - Student (1978)

What a great four years with many good times! All the best to the past and present Tornadoes!

Sent from Altamonte Springs, FL on 8/5/2005.

Rod Caborn - Student (1961)

Rod Caborn
EVP, Public Relations
Yesawich, Pepperdine, Brown & Russell (Ypartnership)
423 S. Keller Road
Orlando, FL 32810
Tel: 407-838-1799
I have fond memories of all my fellow students at PBHS. Great times and great people. I live in Winter Park, Fla., head PR division of Ypartnership, one of Florida’s largest advertising/PR firms. Retiring in 2008 to spend more time with my spouse, put in more time on the golf course and travel to places I would actually like to visit (instead of business trips where the destination is mandated).

Sent from Orlando, Florida on 8/5/2005.

Jim Musselman - Student (1976)

After Pompano, I went to UF and have lived in Gainesville ever since! Great web site... Go Tornadoes!!!

Sent from Gainesville, Florida on 8/3/2005.

Bob Schultz - Student (1962)

I am looking forward to the next reunion!

Sent from Boca Raton, Florida on 8/3/2005.

ALFRED THURSTON - Student (1975)

life is full OF the unexpected ,good ,bad or indifferent, how we react, respond or deal with these challenges determine our health, appearance and our atittude, good, bad or indifferent.

Sent from 385 NW th CT. Deerfield bch on 7/28/2005.

Samantha M - Student (2005)

PBHS was awesome. I'm going to miss it so much. I hope that everyone enjoys thier time while they are there because they will miss it when they leave. I just wanted to say thank you to Jeff Williams. He was such an amazing teacher and taught life lessons that I will use and keep with me for the rest of my life. God Bless.

Sent from Merrit Island on 7/28/2005.

Richard P. Horton - Student (1973)

" Go Gold and Blue "
Pompano Beach Sr. Hi.
" Golden Tornadoes "
The following Family Members also Graduated From Pompano;
- 1969 Linda K. Horton
- 1970 Joyce A. Horton

Sent from Pompano Beach, Florida on 7/27/2005.

David R. Taylor - Student (1980)

I am currently an AFJROTC Instructor at East Fairmont HS. I am glad to see PBHS doing well.

Sent from Fairmont, WV on 7/25/2005.

Howard Cole - Student (1976)

Wow, I am so proud of POMPANO BEACH HIGH and the new look! What a great batch of memories and wonderful people met along the way. Hope there will be a 30th for the class of '76!!! Living in Tampa. Hope to hear from anyone!! If you don't remember me I was the nucklehead who dressed up in those goofy bow ties and colorful outfits while managing the Varsity basketball team. Played during my senior year for Coach Linville. Proud to be a TORNADO once again!!!

Sent from Tampa Bay on 7/18/2005.

Vernon Dorsey - Student (1976)

I was extremely excited to have found this website. I truly enjoyed my years in school, and playing in the band. I was pleased when they reopened the school. I look forward to hearing from my fellow students. I hope that we have a 30th reunion next year.

Sent from Saint Cloud, Florida on 7/18/2005.

Clyde Thompson Dorsey - Student (1976)

Grew up in Pompano Beach and worked at Kraeer funeral Home until 1998. Movwed To St. Cloud, Fl. in 1998. (In Central Fl. Area). I was interested in any upcoming class reunion. Please email with any information.

Sent from St. Cloud, Florida on 7/18/2005.

Katie Spaeder - Student (2003)

no comment

Sent from Pennsylvania on 7/17/2005.

Brandon Fleming - Student (2005)

I did my time: (4) years, and I would like to thank all the teachers who helped push me such as Mr. Hazell, Mrs. Dix, and of course the infamous "Firestone". Also I would like to thank the lovely Ms. Mcfadden and for all her help in getting me to college. Well thats all for now, I'll drop another line in about two years.
P.S. To the 2005-2006 football team hold it down. And to Verl, Myron, Poopy, Ted, good luck ya'll boys

Sent from Tallahasse, Fl (FAMU) on 7/14/2005.

Gregg V. Allen - Student (1971)

We moved to the area in 1971 and I attended PBSHS for one year. In a short time I developed some wonderful friendships that I would like to renew. Does any one from that era have any idea where Dan Monatti or Jeff Whitehead could be located? Any help would be appreciated.

Sent from Cincinnati, OH on 7/10/2005.

Herb Larsen - Student (1975)

Hello to all my PBHS Alum friends - looking forward to our 30th reunion tonight and tomorrow....see you there!

Sent from Atlanta, GA on 7/8/2005.

David Reyes - Student (2004)

Yo what happened to Mr. Elias?

Sent from Pompano Beach on 7/7/2005.

Sherryl Jones-Roberts - Student (1982)

Never knew the old place had a website!!
However, I am looking for a way to get my official transcripts sent to me.


Sent from El Paso, Texas on 7/7/2005.

Croslin (Mike) - Student (2004)

wow its only been a year and it feels like forever. I never thought with all the drama and all the days i didnt show up for school that i would miss it this much i had alot of teachers but i must say ms. hill you will always be my favorite you taught me so much and gave me reason to want to learn and to everone out there who really didnt care for me to much trust that i got mine, and what goes around trully comes around but as for that life goes on aight well im gonna be out mad love to all yall that showed me mad love and to those of you who didnt i love yall too.

Sent from BCC on 7/3/2005.

Antonella Velez - Student (2005)

It's weird to know that when summer is over I'm not going back to PBHS! I think I'm going to be upset, not waking up early in the morning, getting by on two hours sleep, working late at your computer, cramming till your brain cells hate you, being quizzed with little warning, buying food for cheap, trying to figure out which classmate's cuter, meeting plastics, nerds and jerks; complaining about my teachers, not looking at the clock every 2 minutes to see when it's time for lunch, making sure your grades aren't down, and not walking through the hall-ways really scares me... But I'm happy in a very special way, after all I dont recieve diplomas every day! I will miss all the students, staff and faculty at MY PBHS.... Good luck to MY class of 2005 and to 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, wow if I keep going it would go forever and I'm done.... so just good luck to everyone and for the ones who know me, dont be strangers and write me at from La colombianita #1

Sent from Ft. Lauderdale, FL on 7/7/2005.

Jim Hughes - Student (1965)

Great site. I hope my classmates find this place.

Best regards.

Sent from Windham, NH on 6/30/2005.

Julie Nesbitt Davis - Student (1964)

Went to 20th reunion and haven't heard anything about the class since. Does anyone have any info?

Sent from Pompano Bch Florida on 6/30/2005.

Libby (Peck) Back - Student (1969)

The great Class of 1969 finally met together in April, 2005 for their 35th reunion. No hurricanes could stop us Golden Tornadoes again!!! Mr Bell (a former Flying L, but we forgave him for that) graciously gave us a tour of the new PBSH. There are still parts of what we knew of the old PBSH.....A building and part of the small auditorium, but the memories really came flooding back when we revisited the GYM......assemblies, our homeroom assigned seats, choral concerts.....Mrs. Wager's dumb soft ball drills......Jim Delaney eating a roach.....YUCK!! and graduation and many many more memories!!

For those of you from the class of 1969 that missed the reunion, we had a great time. Your next chance will be in 2009, so mark your calendars and contact me, so that you will be sure to be included on the class roster.

Go Tornadoes!!!!

Sent from Pisgah Forest, NC on 6/28/2005.

Mary Pickerill - Student (1975)

After leaving Pompano High I attending college in Nashville, TN  where I met my husband of 28 years. I have three wonderful children. I have recently retired from 20 years of youth ministry in our church. I am now the co-director of a camp for abused & neglected children call “Royal Family Kid’s Camp” in Georgia. I have very fond memories of Pompano High.
Go Tornadoes!!!

Sent from Fayetteville, Georgia on 6/27/2005.

Ann Elizabeth Campbell - Student (1981)

Hello everyone. Glad to see PBHS back in business. Looks like a great school! I've been married for nine years and have two beautiful daughters (I'm now "Ann E. Bustamante"). Went to 20th reunion. Is there a 25th? I'd love to catch up with my old friends.

Sent from Mt. Lebanon, PA on 6/26/2005.

Terry Walker - Student (1978)

I went to PBHS 76 & 78, then went to Coconut Creek until 1980. My first love PBHS. Hello Tom Ferris.

Sent from Jacksonville, Florida on 6/25/2005.

Douglas Jones - Student (1985)

I am glad to see that my alma mater has been re-opened after all these years.

Sent from Raleigh, North Carolina on 6/24/2005.

James Green - Student (1998)

What's up I just want to congratulate the first class of Pompano Beach Institue on what should be there last semester or so in college. I attended the school the first year it reopened and it was a great experience. We only had one hallway but it was a great one. To all of you who remember me hit me up sometime

Sent from Deerfield Beach on 6/23/2005.

Juan Vasquez - Student (2003)

Hey homies! 03!!!! Just wanted to drop a line to all ya'll Pompano Alumni! We all know class of 03 was the best!

Sent from Ft. Lauderdale, FL on 6/22/2005.

Samantha Orgain - Student (1985)

Hey everyone just wanted to say hi. was just wondering when the class-reunion was

Sent from Pompano Beach, FL on 6/21/2005.

Waine Weeks - Student (2001)

I love being a Tornado

Sent from Fort Lauderdale on 6/20/2005.

Jessika B - Student (2004)

This school was very excelled. I loved every moment I spent at PBHS and wish I could have spent more time and pushed myself a little more because I knew I could have done better but the teachers are excellent and I am proud of all the new coming students and hope they keep the good name that previous students have made for this wonderful school. Thanks Mr.Bell

Sent from *Navy* on 6/17/2005.

Dave Harvey - Student (1970)

Proud member of The Golden Tornado Marching Band 1968-1970. Straight Superiors. Dick (Its Smells but It Sells)Elliot- Director )(deceased). Drum Major and Student conductor, Boys State, French Horn Band & Orchestra (Dr. Canfield rummaging thru his drawers) Director

Greatest bunch of people I have ever known. Best Wishes to Del D, Ross W, Kevin M, Jim D (deceased), Sam M (deceased), Mike V, (oh!) Lew,Phil S, Rose H, Pat A, Kathy J (1st love), Janice S, dave B, Michelle A. (co-drum major), Holly W, Barb M (majorette), Dr. Paul P, "The Ginos", Peter L, Rick C., Bob K. Sure I have forgotten a bunch. Hope we have a reunion some day.

Married, 3 girls, living my dream on the water in Boca. Hope to hear from some of you folks I remember you all fondly.


Sent from Boca Raton, Fl on 6/16/2005.

Cheryl Lovett Wilkerson - Student (1962)

I started at PBHS during my junior year as a shy 15 year old and was accepted into a group of girls who had know each other for many years - Lynn LaCasse, Vicki Johnson, Sandy Hogan, and Phyllis Green to name but a few. My husband & I live in a suburb of Nashville, TN and I dearly love it here but do return to So. Florida from time to time. We have one child - a son, Shawn. Would love to hear from any of my old classmates.

Sent from Mt. Juliet, TN on 6/16/2005.

Judi Thomas Broderick - Student (1974)

It's been quite a while. Any other old timers out there?

Sent from New England on 6/9/2005.

Jigme Dukpa - Student (2005)

Apparently I'm the first of the 2005 alumni to post here. I guess I should win something... I accept checks.

So anyway... I've been putting my Pompano Beach High School education to good use with my World of Warcraft playing; then again, no I'm not. Actually I'm going to be pretty much brain dead, playing WoW, for the summer until I go to UCF.

Anyway, it doesn't seem like school being over has quite sunk in. I don't really feel any different; it doesn't even really feel like summer. It kinda feels like it happened ages ago, but it's only been less than a week. Time seems to be going slowly; kinda wierd. It's probably because I don't exactly have a 'weekend' to look forward to, so everything's just like.. I'm not sure. Maybe I've been sleeping too much.

Sent from Home, Davie, FL on 6/7/2005.

Suzie Fiske Gordon - Student (1968)

Hi guys. I'm still here in beautiful Pompano Beach! After PBHS I went to FSU in Tallahassee and became a nurse at Holy Cross Hospital in Fort Lauderdale for 15 years. I have a great husband and two wonderful children. Danny is 23 and just graduated from UF. Blair is 19 and studying to be a nurse also. Hope to see all of you at the next reunion!

Sent from Pompano Beach, Fl. on 6/4/2005.

Khris Pereira - Student (2002)

I can’t believe it has been 3 years since I walked the stage for Pompano High. Wow how time flies! I loved my years at Pompano I learned a lot about myself it helped me become who I am today. I want to give a special thank you to Mr. Weaver for almost being a second father to me. I couldn’t do anything it seemed in school like he had a camera on me 24/7 but in the long run I appreciate it so much. I never will forget how Mr. Weaver went out of his way to put me on “lockdown”! I hope he continues on doing that to his other students at the other school he’s at now. I also want to give a special thank you to Ms. Gortney who was the drama teacher. I will always remember the whole Grease play I did in that class. The outcome of taking that class could be my future. I now work at the same insurance company I did when I was in high school and I also do acting/modeling jobs on the side as well. I’m hoping to make acting my full-time career. The memories made in Pompano will always be in my heart, never forgotten. To the classmates in Pompano e-mail me; it would be nice to hear from you.

Sent from Fort Lauderdale on 6/3/2005.

Edwin Starbird - Student (1980)

Loved the school atmosphere, it diversity of people, and especially the time period in which we lived. Wished it could have lasted longer... Looking forward to getting back to Pompano soon (It's still an Annual Event, at least!!!)

Sent from Birmingham, AL on 5/31/2005.

Maelle Jayet - Student (2002)

Oh my goodness oh my GOODNESS. Every once in a while I would check up on the site but I had never seen THIS. I saw a lot of people that I knew, (caple, mary, michelle, axel etc...) and was SO excited. I miss those days SOOO much, and now that Im here in Mexico (cant sit still in one place im tellin u!) its so excited to have a piece of "home". Theres my email for anyone that has MSN or just wants to try to write. I would, but Im too chicken to do it! lol. I LOVE PBHS and all the people there, MISS IT SO MUCH. See you again soon, I hope.

Sent from MEXICO (what???) on 5/29/2005.

Caren (Dickstein) Bedsworth - Student (1974)

It's great to see Pompano Sr. High has made a comeback! Greetings to all you former Tornadoes. After graduation I headed to Univ. of FL (Go Gators!), then a career in publishing, advertising, public relations. Changed careers a couple of times, now in Disaster Services for the American Red Cross. I recognize a few names in the Guest Book from "way back when." What a trip down memory lane!

Sent from Nevada on 5/29/2005.

David Richard Hurtgen (Richie) - Student (2002)

I cant believe that its been this long since I have been out of high school. Pompano High was a different kind of school. There wasn't a whole lot of people there but the friends I made there have stuck around even today...Now that I'm all grown up (I guess) I have an awesome job with Florida Power and Light (FPL) as a Line Specialist. And on the side My buddy Nick Garnsey and I started a lil business making surfboards...Well damn I kinda miss the whole high school thing, it was fun and I'd do it again.

Sent from Pompano Beach, FL on 5/25/2005.

Melissa Andrea Anderson - Student (2002)

The best high school ever! I'm very proud of the way things have been progressing. The new school and new website are well put together and very upscale. I look forward to being able to come back for a reunion to meet new faculty and see some old ones. Best wishes.

Sent from University of Florida on 5/24/2005.

Debbie(Riley)Thomas - Student (1976)

I would love to hear from anyone who I knew at Pompano High.

Sent from Branson, Mo. on 5/24/2005.

Chelsea Schmitt - Student (2003)

I can't believe it has been 2 years since I left Pompano! I miss everyone so much, especially all my Bout Count Girls.. we had some crazy times. To all the incredible teachers at Pompano..THANK YOU for everything, especially..Mrs. Scott, Dr. Shipe, Mr. Hazel, Mr. Gillis, Mrs. Mir, and Mr. Allstaedt (R.I.P), you guys taught me so much and I am so thankful for that! As far as the future goes...going into my 3rd year as a Communications student and possibly law school :)

Sent from University of Florida (heck yea!) on 5/23/2005.

John Neff - Student (2004)

Hey what up everyone, its Neff. Im in the Army, its a pretty easy laid back life, well so far. Glad to see everyone is doing great. Good Luck Everyone.

Sent from Fort Huachuca, AZ on 5/22/2005.

Colleen Spence - Student (1980)

I was surprised to find this site, last I heard, the school was an adult education center. Good news to know it made a comeback. Sentimental mood made me do a search, my daughter graduated high school this afternoon!! Brought back wonderful memories of high school. Now working for JPMChase doing desktop support and raising two kids, one which leaves for Jacksonville in the Fall, the other entering middle school come August.
Life is good!

Sent from Tampa, FL on 5/20/2005.

Nicole Richardson - Student (2004)

I just wanted to drop a line and gradulate the graduates! Finally a sophmore in college, and still here, I hope they all enjoy their first year! It's great just stay focused. It's kinda hard. Congrats for Condola for her SK Honorable Mention. Fellow SK nominee c/o '04!
FSU C/O '07!

Sent from Tallahassee, FL SEMINOLES! on 5/20/2005.

Lynnette Bowman Camino - Student (1985)

Organizing plans for 20 year reunion. Oct. 7-9, 2005. Contact me @

Sent from Parkland, FL on 5/16/2005.

Richard M. Bame - Student (1980)

I retired from the US Navy as a Chief Petty officer in April 2004, and am currently working with the Florida department Of Transportation

Sent from Jacksonville, FL on 5/12/2005.

~*MR. CAPLE CHRISTIE JR.*~ - Student (2002)

I cant say I hated Pompano because I got away with more than I could have ever at any other high school (I jumped out of a window in Mr. Quilens class and to Mr. Weaver... I SPRAYED THE STINKY SPRAY!!!). Where else can one run for homecoming, NOT CARE ABOUT WINNING and actually win?! (sorry vinny!). Although I am upset that I never got to have classes in the new building. But I did enjoy certain classes/teachers... Mir, Coach Covey, Vazquez and of course QUILEN!! and to the hotheads, Mr. Weaver and Mr. Gillis, I hope you two are busting the students heads like you did to us.

Sent from Orlando on 5/12/2005.

Nicole Case - Student (2000)

When I moved away, I didn't realize how much I'd miss Pompano, not just the school, but everything. I visit my Grandma every year, usually during the summer and I've stopped by the school. I can't believe what they've done, it's not Pompano High anymore. I visited in March and there's only a few old buildings left. I shead a few tears for what it used to be and how much it meant to me. I'll always have me yearbook I guess.

I miss everyone I was close to, Lisa, Becky, Sally, Ashton, Martin Nothing but the best to those I haven't talked to in a while.

Sent from Amherst, New Hampshire on 5/9/2005.

Victor Oatts - Student (1982)

Does anyone have any recordings or photos of the band between 1978-1982? I would love to hear and see.

Sent from Fort Lauderdale, FL on 5/8/2005.

Nancy Wolfe-Smith - Student (1983)

Life has been good to me since leaving PSHS. I have been married for 10 years to my husband Heath and I have a wonderful 7 year old daughter, Mikayla. I own a State Farm Insurance Agency in Pembroke Pines FL.

Sent from Coral Springs FL on 5/8/2005.

Steve Shallberg - Student (1976)

I will be darned! Pompano High rises again. I went to Pompano Jr. High and Pompano High and lived, initially, down by the inlet, and then moved to a house just north of Atlantic and east of Federal. I remember Pompano Pier, the mall, warehouse parties, Mr. Wilkner (the best teacher), the Odyssey, the Seed(!), Roma's hoagies for lunch, Lindsley Lumber, and long hair and ridiculous clothing. I fondly remember Marianne Genaro, Lita Hardin, Brian Konigsburg, Steve Fehr, Traci Ball, Ken and Sandi Kalilich, and Ed Bradley (hi Ed! I saw your post). After I graduated I had a great time being a beach bum, but I finally got bored and joined the Navy in 1988. I've been all over the world and am lucky enough to be a Chief Petty Officer stationed on a submarine tender in Sardinia. I look forward to our 30 year reunion in 2006!

Sent from LaMaddalena, Sardinia on 5/7/2005.

Ann Jackson - Student (2002)

I miss Pompano High very much and I look forward to visiting.

Sent from Fort Lauderdale, FL on 5/6/2005.

Tracy Wolfe Harrison - Student (1970)

Recently moved to Crossville, Tennessee after 50 years in Florida.  Love the area, but wish the Class of 1970 would plan a 40th reunion.  Even though I'm out of state, would be willing to work on the committee.  Last one that I knew about was the 20th. Really enjoyed PBSH and the Golden Tornadoes. Been married almost 28 years, with three kids, four grandchildren and 1 great granddaughter.

Sent from Crossville, TN on 5/4/2005.

Bruce Nall - Student (1976)

Hello grads. Just found this website and I must say, it is very impressive. Been living in Milwaukee for the past 25 years and love it. (Are there any other grads living in the area? Wisconsin or Chicago area or other parts of the Midwest?) Grew up in the Lyons Park area of Pompano. Went to McNab Elementary, Pompano Beach Jr. High, then to Pompano Beach High. Hope the graduating class of '76 has a 30 year reunion in 2006. I am a diehard Wisconsin Badger and Milwaukee Brewer fan. Would love to receive emails.

Sent from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on 4/27/2005.

Daniel E Blevins - Student (1965)

Im very pleased to see pbhs still alive and well!

Sent from The Woodlands, Texas on 4/24/2005.

ShaNeda Simon - Student (2002)

I just wanna give some shot outs to faculty - Ms. Fisher, Ms. Mir, Ms. Mcfadden, Mr. Hazel, Mrs. Vasquez, Mr. Lamarca - people that made a difference.

To my fellow classmates students - Trudy, Ann, Shanaysha, Deolin, Jerome, Dr. Yaz, Shari, Oswald, Glynn, Thurman, Mary and Michelle, Ashton and Martin, Marc, Cavel, Richard B., Dorian, George, and the rest of the jocks, the moroso clique, the ballaz, Joelenna, Heather, Princess, Ola aka POLO

Special shot out to underclassmen - Rochelle, Brittany, Ashley G., Chris Goldson, Kendia, Jennifer Dove, Aveah, Allie W., Alicia, Nick, Sam (from japanese class)

Sent from Fort Lauderdale, FL on 4/22/2005.

Joelenna Fahie - Student (2002)


Sent from Tallahassee, FL on 4/20/2005.

Leslie Wolfe Johnson - Student (1968)

Glad to see the school in use, again.

Sent from Thomasville, Georgia on 4/19/2005.

Dana Benson Shumate - Student (1982)

Great website

Sent from Ft. Lauderdale, FL on 4/19/2005.

Harry E Heath - Student (1960)

I had great years in PBHS. Started with 1st grade in Pompano Beach Elementary when we were all in the same building. Try to stay in touch with all the classmates especially the swim team. Tough times but great time. Would do it again if I could. Always stay in touch with your classmates. They are the most valuable gift you can have.

Sent from Lawrenceville, Georgia on 4/17/2005.

Stephanie Ann Rosicci - Student (1975)

If you ever need a haircut come to Wellington Barbers Town Square 11924 W. Forest Hill Blvd. Wellington, Florida 561-791-9180 ask for Stephanie! I have been in hairstyling for twelve years and love it. I also attend Real Estate School in the evenings. Come See Me!

Sent from West Palm Beach on 4/16/2005.

Thomas G. Murphy - Student (1980)

Instrumental in organizing the first soccer team at the high school.

Sent from Deerfield Beach on 4/15/2005.

QUE - Student (2004)

**Ummm** Many days have come and many raindrops have fallen, but through it all I've survived! To the staff of PBHS my hat's off to you all. Mr. Pitts(sighs), you are the best! I was once told that you can't enjoy the rainbow until you endure the storm, and you've been there every moment with me on both sides. My storm was those last days of high school and the rainbow lit up bright at graduation. Thank You. To those who feel like they have any input to my outcome, Thank You. To Coach Hazell, we went through our times of struggles. my senior year was hard especially when basketball season came around. I took total control of your try-outs and made your stars work hard, and you cut me! The last year I had to play ball for high school, you took my goal and stepped on it like a roach in your living room. And because you have done this to me, I've learned the one who makes me suffer, just makes me stronger and makes me tougher. So to clear up the reecord, THANKS!

Sent from Florida Memorial on 4/14/2005.

Tamsie McClure Litzinger - Student (1960)

I graduated in 1960 -- first class to graduate in the new high school. This is my first visit to the Website and I think it's great! I also enjoyed reading the history of PBHS -- I have fond memories of the "Beanpickers" -- we had a tough time embracing the name change to Golden Tornadoes. My recollection of why it was changed was that it was hard to take a football team called the "Beanpickers" seriously, hence the name change. I have fond memories of my years at Pompano and have enjoyed the mini reunions we've had at Kathy Whiteside's home in Madison, GA. Looking forward to our next "big" reunion and visiting South Florida -- where have the years gone?

Sent from Hanahan, SC on 4/7/2005.

Brian Kosko - Student (1975)

Hello to all, I will miss the reunion due to obligations to work.
Have a great time!!!

Sent from Lake City Florida on 4/6/2005.

Shannee Gillialand - Student (2004)

I am reali a freshman but I swear I left in 2004 lol! wats up pompano?!

Sent from Pompano Beach! on 4/5/2005.

Sharon Smith Knerr - Student (1978)

Happy to see all the changes at PBHS. Hope to show the school to my family one day!

Sent from Norman, OK on 4/2/2005.

Simone Nadine Spates Katona - Student (1981)

Glad to see it's coming around.If anyone sees/hears of my brother Joey spates/richard please e-mail me. Can't wait for the next reunion!

Sent from Georgia on 4/2/2005.

Jessica Vola - Student (2002)

I started out in Pompano my junior year when it was "little" Pompano, with only 15 people in a class. It was a great experience coming from a big school like Deerfield. Despite the drama, my best moments were at "P-No". From the Fridays off to planning Homecoming, Prom, and SGA. Thank you to the staff who helped me become who I am today at Florida State University: Mrs. Cordoso, Laurie Roberson, Mr. Williams, Mrs. Vasquez, Mr. Allstaedt, Mr. Bell, Mr. Pitts, Mrs. Miller.
Treasure your high school years they go by fast!

Sent from Tallahassee, FL Home of the SEMINOLES :) on 4/1/2005.

Rachel Silva - Student (2003)

Em homenagens a tds os estudei nesta escola no ano d 2003,so q infelizmente so fikei 2 meses,+gostei muito da experiencia q eu passei,q foi entrar numa escola americana,e n saber falar ingles,maior comedia,+fiz muitas amizades c/a Anna, c/a Rafa,c/aLuana,etc...e tbm n vou deixar d agradecer aos professores,pela paciencia q tem conosco,os imigrantes,um grande bjo p/professora Miss Singkornrat, q eu gostava bjo p/tds aí...diretamente do Rio d Janeiro-BRASIL.

In honor to all brazilians.. in 2003 I went (studied) to that school, but unfortunately I only got to stay for 2 months, but (plus) I really enjoyed the experience that I passed, which was get into an american school not knowing how to speak english, biggest comedy, plus I made friends with Anna, Rafa, Luciana, etc.. but I'm not going to forget to thank the teachers for their patience with us, the immigrants, one big kiss to Miss Singkornrat, who I like a lot.. a kiss for all.. directly from Rio de Janeiro-BRASIL.

Sent from Brazil on 3/28/2005.

Ms. Jennifer Lara - Student (2004)

Hey you! What's up you guys? It's that sweet Colombian girl you all miss soo much! :) Nah but for reals, I can't believe how much I miss everyone!! I thought I wouldn't miss the ones who I didn't care about.. but I do. I do have to say madd THANK YOUS to all of my old teachers..

-Ms. Culina: Thanks for always having an open heart when I needed it the most -Mr. Hazell: Thanks for molding me into the lovely lady I am today :) And thank you for making me believe in myself. -Mrs. Mir: Heey Tia!! I miss you!! -Ms. Sesti: You are the greatest person I ever know who is down to earth and who I know I can talk to about stuff -Ms. Stephenson: I loved your anatomy class.. -Mrs. Miller: Now, we ALL know you were the best administrator!! -Mr. Pitts: Thanks for all the wonderful "chats" we had during 2nd block! -Mrs. Robertson: Thank you for everything!! -Ms. Ramos: lol Yeah.. I KNEW I was going to pass your class.. thanks for the little "attitudes" you had.. -MME Pellegrino: Merci pour le francais! (I think ;)

I know I'm missing more people and please forgive me for not giving you a shout out, but do remember this.. I love you guys! And I miss you guys..

..Yeah Kareen.. I also agree about our Senior year in soccer.. Dr. Shipe you were the BEST soccer coach I had.. Yeah, I miss you too Dr. Shipe..

..Ok, I think I wrote more than enough.. All you guys, take care, keep in touch, send me an email! *muahz..

Sent from South Florida on 3/26/2005.

Susan Ritsema Jensen - Student (1979)

Saw some names I recognize. My son is a Junior at Pompano now and plays in the band. Going to football games is not the same, but brings back a lot of memories. So glad you kept the Golden Tornado name.

Sent from Deerfield Beach, FL on 3/22/2005.

Jerry Desvernine - Student (1980)

Go Tornadoes

Sent from Richmond Va on 3/22/2005.

Jennifer Carlton / Zabala - Student (2004)

Wow! Thinking back to my first day freshman year and being so upset that I wasn't at deerfield with all my friends, and how quickly all that changed. I wouldn't have traded my 4 years at p-no for anything, the memories that I have and the people I met will never be forgotten. I had too much fun in those four years and if given the chance would do it all over again the exact same way! To all of my friends you know who you are thanks for helping me out along the way. I miss you all and can't wait to see you again!

Sent from Pompano Beach, FL on 3/17/2005.

Don - Student (1975)

I remember skipping football practice one time to go surfing and the next day Coach Vanover yells to me "Bring your board to practice maybe you won't screw up so much"!!! What a motivator!!!!

Hey Joel you still surfing????

Sent from Rockland, MA on 3/16/2005.

Suzanne Baughman Gardiner - Student (1975)

I am glad to see the old Pompano Beach Senior High returned to being a School. After great times at PBHS, I moved to Gainesville (Home of the FLORIDA GATORS) and haven't left. Looking forward to the 30th reunion this summer. I hope that all of you PBHS students are enjoying your new school!

Sent from Gainesville, Florida on 3/16/2005.

Debortah (Schroeder) Olsson - Student (1975)

Things sure have changed ... so many for the better.

Sent from Pompano Beach, FL on 3/15/2005.

Rob Weber - Student (1975)

Pompano Pier, the mall, movies.

Sent from Vero Beach, FL on 3/15/2005.

Marsha Leah Patten - Student (2004)

Greeting from Tally!!
College life has been wonderful so far. I just have to say that there is not going to be another experience like the one I had at P-NO. Pompano not only prepared me for college but left me with memories that I will always cherish. From the lunch jam sessions, roaming the halls during forth block and the gossip that the whole school knows about, Pompano High is a one of a kind and the memories will always be close to my heart.

Sent from Florida State University, Tallahassee FL on 3/14/2005.

Melodee Leven Currier - Student (1964)

Had a GREAT time at PBHS!!!

Sent from Columbus, Ohio on 3/12/2005.

Candy Russell - Student (1984)

Go Tornadoes!!!!!

Sent from Plantation, FL on 3/9/2005.

Leonard R. Carter - Student (1976)

I played Basketball in 1976 and was MVP. Does anybody remember me?

Sent from Oakland Park, FL on 3/9/2005.

Mark DeBenedictis - Student (1981)

I graduated in 1980 and went on to USF and then the US Navy. At 25 I found my self married with a daughter and working full time as a combination gas and electric utility designer for Consumers Energy and evenings as an electronics instructor for Lansing Community College. Now at 42 I have three wonderful kids and a great ex-wife , and still two careers. I enjoyed my time at PBHS and I am pleased to see that technology is a big part of the curriculum.

Sent from Flint , Michigan on 3/7/2005.

Kathy Costa - Student (1980)

Kathy Blyth now.

Sent from Tallahassee, FL on 3/3/2005.

Volrick Higgs - Student (2004)

Pompano was the greatest and really prepared me for the real world; I hope to teach Spanish there one day.

Sent from Broward Community College on 2/28/2005.

Jill Cowie - Student (1981)

I am so glad to see that Pompano High is back open.

Sent from Still in Pompano on 2/10/2005.

Donna Harter-Hoxie - Student (1982)

Oh Pompano Hats off to you of valiant colors gold and blue. Of all the schools throughout the land there's none we think is quite so grand!

Sent from Florida on 2/10/2005.

Glen Burton - Student (1971)

Curious to see who, from 1969-1972 is out there. Feeling a little nostalgic.

Sent from Phoenix, Arizona on 2/17/2005.

Jukka Sihvo - Student (1976)

class of 76! anyone remember?

Sent from Finland on 2/7/2005.

Mary Kimball Wilson - Student (1965)

Looking forward to our 40th reunion.

Sent from Miamisburg, Ohio on 1/31/2005.

Jennifer Zambrana - Student (2001)

So close to graduating college has made me nostalgic for my last graduation. I hear everything is going wonderful for Pompano and I feel proud to say that the class of '01 had something to do with that. To my fellow peers, I hope you're all doing well. Feel free to keep in touch! Peace :)

Sent from Tallahassee, FL - *FSU* Class of '05 - on 11/15/2004.

Miki Dezaki - Student (2001)

I actually went to Pompano the first two years it reopened. Its really amazing when I go back and see how much better the school looks now that they have renovated it. Anyway, I'm leaving my email for people who want to contact me from the class of 01

Sent from University of Minnesota on 11/15/2004.

Gary Noe - Student (1966)

Anybody left alive from the Class of 1966?

Sent from Margate, FL on 11/10/2004.

Angel Polk - Student (2004)

Hey All,
What can I not say about P-NO High? I don't think any other school could have prepared me more for what was to come in my future. I owe almost every ounce of new found confidence, endurance, and tenacity to the great teachers (Mr. Hazell), cool staff, and crazy beings that i now call my friends. I miss everything about that place and I'll never forget a thing good or bad. The best of luck to all of you see you on the flip side!
Angel P.

Sent from Nova Southeastern University- Davie, FL on 11/6/2004.

Jenny Numa - Student (2004)

Hello fellow tornadoes. This is Jenny Numa, a former tornado (c/o '06). Unfortunately at the moment, I am attending Palm Beach Central High (ew)in Wellington and I hate it here, but I'm forcing myself to adapt to this awkward environment. I just want the chance to say hello to my teachers from 1st quarter: Ms. Singkornrat, Ms. Culina, Ms. Zambrano, and Ms. Grant. Also helloes to Mr. Pitts, Ms. Porter, Mr. Hazell and Mrs. Phillips and anyone I forgot in the midst. Tata for now: I'll be back to visit in February when I get my license.
P.S. to all my teachers who reads this--- tell everyone in class I said hi.

Sent from Palm Beach Central High School on 11/5/2004.

Ms. Kareen Currey - Student (2004)

Man I spent such a long time at p-no. Leaving my house at 5am and being home until 6:30pm and running off of 5 hours of sleep. Is alot more different than what is up now. All I will remember is 4th block and everybody be roaming in C-Building. What memories have taken place their. And the one fight that went partially done. And all the fake drama that I swore every administrator knew about. And the worse year of soccer my senior I need not say more. I miss Dr. Shipe and Ms. Scott sarcastic humor. And poor Ms. Tshirret having to deal with them awful children. And I remember everything Eli taught me. I appreciate for P-no and I seriously dont think I can forget it. Shout out to ZJPACKD.

Sent from UF on 10/29/2004.

Ron Johnson - Student (1976)

Hello: I finished high school in Ohio but had a very good time the 2 1/2 years at PBHS...still hold some very good memories!

Sent from Orlando, FL on 10/28/2004.

Alan Williams - Student (1973)

Being a student at Pompano Beach High School was one of the best times of my life.. My fellow students and the faculty were outstanding.

Sent from Knoxville, Tennessee on 2/16/2005.

Brandon White - Student (2003)

Its been almost 2 years since I left P-No. Four years there was enough but I'm glad I went there. I'm currently attending Southern University in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. And if anyone from c/o 2003 reads this I would like to say whats up to all of yall and e-mail me sometimes. Theres not much to do in Baton Rouge so hearing from you all would give me soemthing different.

Sent from Baton Rouge, LA on 1/27/2005.

Michael Long - Student (1980)

I am the Vice Mayor of Lighthouse Point and run the Broward Education Foundation, The fundraising arm of the Nation's 6th largest school system.

Sent from Lighthouse Point, FL on 1/24/2005.

Kristopher Hammes - Student (2002)

Hello PBHS! How I miss you all, the great faculty students and staff! special thanks to the following people that made a difference in my life:
Mr. Bell, Lauriston, Stephens, Bankowski, Cardoso, Mcfadden, Pitts, the cool crew at the office (Roberson, Spitareli, Waldo)
The great teachers: Hill, Lamarca, Marchand, Mir (how's the baby girl?), Pellegrino, Scott (I'm an English stuff!), Sesti(Led Zeppelin Rocks, thanks for the lyrics!) Stephenson (Bio Class),and Mr. Williams! If any of the following people read this and remember me, shoot me an email so we can get in touch! Renzo Torrenga, Amy Zolna, Mike (gosh if I remember last names... You had a green s-10 though), Paul Werner, Josh (had a red Truck), Neo (the big russian fella), Herman Kramer! Cassiane, and Simon, Mike and all of the Swim team Crew, including coach!

You all made my high school life very enjoyable. I will never forget the fun times at PBHS. Go Tornadoes!

Kristopher Hammes (class of 2003)

Sent from Winona, Minnesota on 1/19/2005.

Gary Anderson - Student (1964)

The school looks like it really changed for the better. Now they even tell ya how ya will be punished for being late, online! I can't even remember how to get to the school! Hope everyone is well.

Sent from Seattle, WA on 1/16/2005.

Keel Russell - Student (2004)

If anyone is interested in contuning their dreams in computer Science, this school is where you want to be. It is a new school that has joined IBM and Microsoft in one group which will produce a new breed of developers, which have never been done before. Checkout email me at or or or

Sent from NorthFace University in SLC, Utah on 1/13/2005.

Mark Howell - Student (1975)

It would be good to make contact

Sent from Clewiston on 1/7/2005.

Jessica - Student (2000)

Yes I wuz a student there so good luck to all of the other students.

Sent from Brunswack on 1/7/2005.

Andrea L. Smith - Student (1979)

I graduated in 1979. I was a member of the Marching band and other musical activities. I saw the picture of the band, You look sharp! Keep up the hard work it will pay off.

Sent from Alvin, Texas on 1/5/2005.

Jeff Railsback - Student (1975)

Wow...and I thought the place was terminated.
To whom it may concern; Thanks for the ressurection of this high school and this website.
(This is way more fun than

Sent from Deerfield Beach, FL on 1/2/2005.

Lynda Mac Reynolds Parsons - Student (1960)

There are so many people I would love to get in contact with. One person is Tam Tuppen, class of '59.' I teach middle school here in Orlando and am a riding instructor on the side. I had a horse when I was in Pompano, and Tam, Lynn Lewis, and several other PBHS kids all rode together. I have two grown children and two grandchildren. Would love to hear anything from the good old days. 'Lyn" Mac Reynolds

Sent from Orlando, Florida on 12/29/2004.

Doug Massey - Student (1975)

looking for ole(d) gal friends

Sent from North Carolina on 12/26/2004.

Nathalie Punales - Student (2003)

Despite all the Drama that we all went through at PBHS there are many great memories. I wish everyone all the best. Happy Holidays and a HAPPY NEW YEAR. (this just means we are getting older...GREAT *SIGH*) Good luck to all the students currently at PBHS.
K.I.T everyone. MUAH

Sent from Pompano Beach on 12/20/2004.

Jose Carlos Gomes Jr. - Student (2002)

Going to PBHS my 9th grade year, shy and very intimidated, I'm glad I had the chance to experience those wondeful years, and had the oppurtunity to make the special friends I still have around to this day. Unfortunetly I left PBHS in my 11th grade year and went off to graduate from Coconut Creek High School, PBHS helped me learn so many valuable lessons like how to make better decisions in life. I thank all the faculty and staff that assisted me through all my tough times. Good Luck to everyone!!!!! Hope to see you soon....

Sent from Coconut Creek, FL on 12/19/2004.

Melissa Holland - Student (2000)

Hey this is goin out to the real pompano beach high students that were ther from the start when we had only had 9th and 10th grade. Love to Beanie and the Ballaz and Pimp Mode Squad. A speacial hey to buckwheat and dorian and to jerome.
hey Stumpy

Sent from Atlanta, GA on 12/14/2004.

Victor Reis - Student (2004)

Hey what´s up P.B.H.S.?
I want the e-mail coach frey because I wanted to talk with him. I am an ex-student of P.B.H.S who went back to Brazil and I want know what happend to soccer boys of P.B.H.S.
Thanks for everyhing you did for me Coach Frey, Dalianna Ramos, Mr. Bell, The students Daniel, Ricardo, Arthur, Carlos ,Even, Ryan, Antonio, Joe Chamy, Megan Bealen, Fabio. Man, I love this school and I want to be back in there, because I love this school. I love everything in P.B.H.S.
Bye bye my best school and please, write me the e-mail of coach Frey and my friends Carlos Garro, Daniel Silva....

Sent from Brazil on 12/9/2004.

Sandra Najera - Student (2002)

Miss everybody out there in P-NO. Most of the ppl I knew already graduted or don't even go 2 P-NO anymore but I still wanna say wats up 2 all the ppl that still remember me and I still remember you guys!!!!!!!!!!

Sent from Lake Worth, FL on 12/8/2004.

Heather Wagner - Student (1969)

Oh Pompano hats off to you of valiant colors GOLD & BLUE !!!! WOW.... I remember the Flying Tornadoes... and the rumbles we had withStrnahan.... what fun we had... Those were the good times... I loved that school... still remember walking down the halls and some senior called "the Animal" made me drop my books..... H DID pick them up TOO! then we dated for a time... but I'm all grown up now and still in Deerfield... I am a success because I had a great education there.
Take care all.

Sent from Deerfield Beach, FL on 12/8/2004.

Mark Howell - Student (1969)

Hello to all of my fellow Golden Tornadoes. I have been busy since school. I have three children, the oldest graduated from the Citadel, the next from James Madison and, the third from UF. I live in Florida and would love to here from classmates.

Sent from Clewiston, FL on 12/4/2004.

Jennifer Montouri - Student (1981)

Still the Golden Tornades after all these years

Sent from Scottsdale, Arizona on 12/1/2004.

Hector Lopez - Student (2002)

I left P-NO sophmore year to go to bcc but my home was this awsome school. remebrin how laid back it was and how understanding people where. i tried to join sports but i never was cut out for that stuff. i had much more chillin wit fun people at lunch time and livin the good life. pno staff is one of a kind specially mrs.cardosa, the ol'mr.felser and the new peeps they came. and to mrs.vasquez.. well one of the most memorable people i met. to all those who remebr me. THINKIN BOUT ALL Yall all teh time. God bless

Sent from FAU on 11/29/2004.

joel donner - Student (1975)

trying to find year book pics

Sent from Pompano Beach on 11/26/2004.

David Brown - Student (1967)

1967 was a memorable year. Graduation, moving north to Canada. What a contrast!!!!!
Many wonderful memories of Pompano, the Golden Tornadoes and friends. I Was back last year, and what a change to our school.
Very happy to see Pompano open again, and wish the Tornadoes many victories as we enjoyed from 65-67

Sent from Kemptville, Ontario, Canada on 11/26/2004.

Kenneth Brister - Student (1955)

great times at the old high school on 4th street...graduated with 35 boys and 35 or two traffic lights in town...great basketball teams, nice looking cheerleaders, teachers that we respected and very conservative lifestyle

Sent from Deerfield Beach, Fl on 11/23/2004.

Depriest Ivey - Student (2004)

Whats up everybody I miss ya'll. I'll try to come through and see some people.

Sent from American Heritage Plantation on 11/22/2004.

Stanley Loomis - Student (1967)

Met my wife (Diane Wittlinger - Class of 1969) back stage during the production of the Sophomore Class Play "A DATE WITH JUDY". Gil Livingston and I did the lighting and sound effects with Mr Alderman supervising.
So many great memories. Would like to hear from you.

Sent from Wellborn, Florida on 11/19/2004.

David Tharp - Student (2004)

I had so much fun out here in Pompano Beach High.

Sent from Deerfield Beach, FL on 11/18/2004.

Wendy B - Student (2003)

I left after only one year but pbhs is one of my favorite high schools. I miss all the people I befriended who accepted me even though I was only there a year. I had some great teachers and loved the opportunity to take japanese. Live life and prosper or whatever that saying says.

Sent from Boca Raton, FL on 10/24/2004.

Barry Krauss - Student (1975)

I am looking forward to coming back to Pompano to our 30th yr reunion next year.
Please feel free to contact me with any information on my ole' high school.

Sent from Carmel, IN on 10/21/2004.

Sandy Costa Johnson - Student (1983)

I have found memories of PBH. Glad to see the school back!! Missed the last reuion. Can't wait for the next.

Sent from Tallahassee, Florida on 10/19/2004.

Evan T McClain - Student (2004)

First off, I'd like to thank all the staff that took me under there wing and made me into the man I am today. People like Mr. Weaver, Mr. Hazell, Mr. Frey, and Coach Stephens should be at every school but I'm glad they were at mine. It was a lond road and I survived only by their guidance. Mr. Bell you pushed us hard at Pompano, many of the things we did, I never understood why we did them until now. I'd like to send special shoutouts to Joele Theagene, Sharonda Chery, Angel McCullough,Shanae Geter, and to Jean Cherizol. My love for you all will always be there. And to all the people that were able to survive all the drama, I take my hats off to ya, cause I know it was task.
C/O 2004

Sent from USF on 10/16/2004.

Pat Polen Tomlinson - Student (1969)

Anyone out there graduate in '69? It was a very good year! (VietNam War no withstanding.) Haven't been able to make any of the reunions, but remember PBHS fondly. Thanks to Helen Creech, I learned that theatre is one of the most rewarding things you can do with your time and that's what I've been doing ever since. After one husband and two kids (beautiful daughters, now 24 and 28!!!!) I received a BFA in Directing in '89 and an MFA in Directing in '92, been teaching at the college level and directing ever since. Recently was Director of Creative Arts for the Sloan Museum in Flint, Michigan, heading up a 3-yr., grant funded Living History Project. Grant has expired so now I have time for things this.

Sent from Flint, Michigan on 10/11/2004.

Pat Reynolds - Student (1971)

Anyone know of any place to contact old friends from PBHS. Would be nice to hook up after so many years.

Sent from West Central Florida on 10/11/2004.

Ray Marshall - Student (1965)

Glad to see the old school is back

Sent from Oklahoma on 10/10/2004.

Tony DiMatteo - Student (1972)

It seems the older we get the more we back at high school, especially when our children are that age. I have occasion to go by the school and brings back great memories, all good. Whether it was the school, the fact that Pompano was still growing as a city, but it just seemed we had so much to do, whether in school or out, and all enjoyed it much. If anyone who reads this went on our keys trip we concocted for the ecology club, they know what I mean! If any current students read this page, all I can say is enjoy these years, be responsible, learn all you can and have fun, they are the best.

Sent from West Palm Beach, FL on 10/8/2004.

John Simek - Student (1973)

Went to school.. went to war (more than one or two.. ) now live just south of charlotte.. Own my own small computer firm..

Sent from Lancaster, SC on 10/7/2004.

Terence T. Williams - Student (2004)

The greatest to ever leave pompano. Do what u have to do and u will get out of Pompano. As for the younger ones think to do beter than (grease)LOL

Sent from MN on 10/6/2004.

Mary Favata - Student (2002)

Thank you to all faculty and staff for helping me become the person i am today. i miss my days at PBHS, but all good things must come to an end. that is why we need to appreciate our most precious moments. love to all-Mary :)

Sent from FAU on 10/1/2004.

Kathleen Reus - Student (1978)

So many great memories of friends and school staff.............hello to all especially to those who graduated in 1977. Would like to hear from you!

Sent from Orlando, FL on 9/30/2004.

Schreibs - Student (2004)

Just wanted to leave something behind. I moved up here to Missouri to finish school I guess u could say I’m a late bloomer. I guess I had some good memories at Pno but for some reason I was always in a hurry to get out. I got a lot more credits then I would’ve if I graduated with my class so everything’s gravy baby. Wanna say hi to everyone that remembers me, chances are I don’t remember you. If Jeff Slayton reads this and still goes here and knows where that Big Boris Afremov lives now gimme a call at 954 783 1319 cuz he ran off with my bass, peace.

Sent from Good OL' Missouri on 9/30/2004.

Andreas Koch - Student (2001)

I had the best 3 months of my life at pbhs. Too bad I had to leave so early and it's even worse that i broke up like all the connections....I miss a bunch of people there does any one know Isis or Mayte (sp?)...if so get at me and send me their email address or something I’d really appreciate that.. I remember those guys Danny and Christopher as well, they were hilarious...ahh good old times

Sent from Düsseldorf, Germany on 9/30/2004.

Rikkilee Kuschel - Student (2001)


Sent from UCF Orlando on 9/28/2004.

Brianna - Student (2004)

Hey everyone at pompano just wanted to say hi and I miss everyone love you guys bye.

Sent from Australia on 9/28/2004.

Michelle Quinones "MyChi" - Student (2002)

Hello Pompano!!! I can't believe the school's grown so much!!! I remember just seeing and hearing the future plans for P.B.H.S. and now it's amazing. (Even the web-site is impresive) not that it wasn't when we (class 02') were there. I miss all my major influences, Mrs. Pelegrino, Mrs. Hill, Mrs. Vasquez, Dr. Shipe, Mr. Rivera and last but not least Mr. Weaver!!! Mr. Weaver was a huge part of my high school days, always tryin' to keep everyone in check, and looking out for all his "kids". thanks! you did good. hope all the future classes appreciate the valuable lessons P.B.H.S. teaches, don't take it for granted!!! it'll all be over way too soon.... Thanks again P.B.H.S!!! I love you.

Sent from Miami, Florida on 9/28/2004.

Axel Rodriguez - Student (2002)

Well I did not get a chance to graduate with my class because I moved to PR. but I still consider myself one of the originals. I was there from 99-02. I would like to say hello to Mr. Weaver, he got me my first job that provided me with valuable lessons, and excellent recomendations. (he also kept me in check).

Thank you Mr. Weaver!

Sent from Puerto Rico on 9/26/2004.

Elliott Harris - Student (2004)

Whats Up Pompano Beach!!!! The last two years at PBHS have been... interesting. I had a lot of fun at P-No, even though I probably spent more time in Mr. Pitts and Mr. Weaver's office than I did in class. I also learned a lot, not only history and math, but also how to be a better person. One teacher, in particular, taught me that you shouldn't let your past cloud up your judgement or your future. I will never forget that.

Anyways, "Big Up" to Mr. Williams, Dr. Shipe, Mr. Lamarca, Mrs. Scott, and my favorite teacher, Mrs. Culina. Also shoutouts to all my friends, and special shotouts to all the good looking ladies that I was fourtunate to meet there. I'm looking forward to comming back asap.

Sent from Florida International University on 9/17/2004.

Mz. Joele Theagene - Student (2004)

*sighs* They say high school are the best four years of you life, but I doubt that because college is even better. Pompano has (in a way) prepared me for THE BEST university in the world.... There's nothing like it, and no other school can compare. To all my fellow classmates, I miss [most of] you, and can't wait for our reunion. Thank you to all of you who were part of my life.
Till then...

Sent from University of MIAMI on 9/16/2004.

Arcman Lamy (Durosier) - Student (2004)

I must say the time I spent at PBHS was truly grand. It shaped who I am today and showed the real side to life, friends, and the world. Thanx goes to Pompano for making me feel comfortable in my own skin. I loved the attention and opportunity to be on the front line in the name of PBHS. I would like to give special thanx to the faculty that encouraged, enlightened, and believed in me. Mr. Bell, Ms. Miller, Mr. Weaver, Ms. Phillips, Ms. Betty, Ms. Kinghorn (special thanx to you for bringing out the real Arcman), Ms.Cardoso (contact me for senior symposium), Mr. Pitts, Ms. Roberson (I wouldn't be in college if it wasn't for those transcripts), Ms. Porter (Miss u), Ms. Braddy-Lockhart (miss u much), Mr.Hazell (best example of positive black man, hats off to you sir!), Mr. Williams, Ms. Culina (my boo forever), The Lunch Ladies, Julian, Ms. Scott (thanx for the tuff love), Mr. Elias (Thanx for just being around), Dr.Shipe (thanx for more tuff love), Mr.Lamarca (you are the greatest no matter what they say), Ms. Tshirett (I love you, u brought the art of teaching to life, it is because of you I question all and keep on pushing until I say I’m done, thanx), Ms. Dix, Ms. Debbie, Mr. Firestone, and everyone else I may have forgotten-plz don't take it personal. To all of my fellow class of '04 alumni I wish you all the best and hope to see you soon. To those that I grew apart from pray that we can at least say "hey" someday. And to all the haters, I’m stirring up some more stuff for ya'll to hate me for.....stay tuned!

Sent from University of Central Florida in Orlando, FL on 9/15/2004.

Pakisha Johnson - Student (2004)

Who would've thought a person so ready to graduate would be so ready to go back to high school? Sign me up, I'm coming back! Naw, only joking. I wouldn't trade UF for the world. Can't wait to come back and visit though!

And oh yeah, It's great to be a Florida Gator!

Sent from University of Florida (The Harvard of the South) on 9/10/2004.

Alexandra *Allie* Wolfing - Student (2003)


Sent from Home of the FL GATORS (Gainesville) on 9/10/2004.

John Rodriguez - Student (1983)

I enjoyed and miss my years at PBHS. I wish I could have spent more time at last years reunion, but I am looking forward to the next one!

Sent from Coconut Creek, FL on 9/9/2004.

Nicole Richardson - Student (2004)

Hey you guys! Wow - I've been away from home since June and I'm glad I got the chance to be here in Tallahassee beacause it made me realize that college is so simple now. The last four years of my life was an adventure academically and athletically. I won't change anything for the world! I love all the teachers & staff especially Mr. Bell & Ms. Miller for all the wonderful support during our times of trouble and the enthusiasm during the best times of our lives. Also I want to thank Mr. Elias, Mr. Allsteadt, Ms. Stephenson, Mrs. Kinghorn, Mrs. Scott, Ms. Cardoso, Mr. Marchand & everyone else who were wonderful over the years.

I could go on & on about my wonderful memories. Now that I'm gone I truely miss everything but I'm off to save the world. See you guys soon!

Sent from Florida State University on 9/7/2004.

Jerry Desvernine - Student (1980)

I miss South Florida and Pompano bch.

Sent from Richmond, VA on 9/3/2004.

Zenovia Johnson - Student (2004)

Aw man... reading this almost made me cry! I miss all of you!EVERYONE!! College is soooo hard! Don't go! (j/'s getting better...) Although I had a FEW bad days at P-no... the great days overshadow them! I look back at PBHS with sweet nostalgia: from roaming the halls for no particular reason, to staying after school for no particular reason.LOL. I'll never forget my first and last homecomings! Those were the good ole' days.
I can't even list all the people I want to thank (for fear I may forget someone).

How about this...
Dear (Your Name Here),
Thanks a million! :o)
Love, Zenovia
KIT--drop me a line one of these days...See you at Homecoming '04! Join SGA.

Sent from Florida State University on 9/1/2004.

Ashley L. Gillis - Student (2004)

HELLO EVERYBODY!!! I send you all greetings from Tallahassee, Florida. I would like to take the time out of my busy schedule and thank Ms. McFadden and Mrs.Braddy/Lockhart for always lending an ear to listen in a time of need. I would also like to give a special thanks Taunya Dix, William Bell, Mrs. Phillips, Mr. Weaver, Mrs. Culina, Mr. Hazell, Mrs. Miller, Mr. Frey, and Ms. Sesti because without all of your support, encouragment, and words of wisdom I dont know how I would've made it out of PBHS alive. The class of 2004 was the last piece of the puzzle we were "the last of the old and the first of the new, and also tha Crunkest Crew."

I miss you all and I can't wait to see you again. Love Pno High's Pride and Joy.
Miss. Ashley Gillis.

Sent from Florida A & M University on 8/31/2004.

Annye "Angel" McCullough - Student (2004)

Where to begin with a place that has grown so near and dear to my heart. I haven't been gone for a while but seems as if an eternity has gone by. I will never ever find a place quite like "Da Institute" and the memories that linger in my heart I will always cherish. Thank you so much for pushing me to better myself in all aspects. Special thanks to Mr. Bell, Mrs. Miller, Ms. Culina, Ms. McFadden, Mrs. Phillips, and Mrs. Sesti for always having an open door and an ear to listen.

I LOVE PBHS!!! Dont get me wrong there was DRAMA, but I loved every minute of it and wouldn't exchange it for the world.

Sent from Florida A&M University on 8/31/2004.

Deana Carlson - Student (1982)

Great website! I am so happy to see PBHS open again. We have some other Alumni links pages up with some old (1982)PBHS yearbook images and hopefull soon some of our reunion photos.

Sent from Pompano Beach, FL on 8/30/2004.

Teresa Valletta - Student (2004)

Thank you to the teachers and staff that had made a amazing differnce in my life. My success is due to them.

Sent from Deerfield Beach, FL on 8/30/2004.

Ryan Roseboom - Student (2004)

Pompano is the coolest high school with the best tech teachers. I know Mr. Mumtaz is going to have his hands full without Mrs.Rudnick and Mr Elias. Good luck to everyone who graduated.

Sent from Las Vegas, Nevada on 8/28/2004.

Priscillia - Student (2004)

So glad to be free. Miss everyone at Pompano High. Can't wait to see everyone again!

Sent from Boynton Beach, FL on 8/28/2004.

Joanndith Metellus - Student (2004)

Wow. Where to begin? Mr. Pitts, Ms. Cardoso, Ms. Miller, Mrs. Owens (*smile*), Mr. Bell, Ms. Boudinet, Mr. Chehadi (Put the two monkeys in the microwave. lol), Ms. "Coolina", Ms. Betty, Mrs. Mir, Mr. Firestone, Mr. Hazell, Ms. Rhoades, Ms. Sesti, Madame Pellegrino, Mrs. Ketty Hill, Mrs. Kinghorn (to me you'll always be Ms. Gortney, THREE years of English, lol)Mrs. Braddy-Lockhart the list goes on and on and on.

If I am who I am today, it's because of you! I loved every single year at PBHS. The class of 2004 was undoubtedly unique! Irreplaceable. But only because of the staff. Patience, guidances, laughs, cries, schedule changes, As, Fs, "golden" C+s in Trig with Mr. Allstaedt, C/O 2001's Varisty Football team. It's unbelievable that it's really over. PBHS faculty and staff, hats off to you! I'll be BACK!

Sent from FAU on 8/26/2004.

Mark Hahn - Student (1966)

Retired from H.Q. FAA. Air Traffic, Washington D.C. on 9/2001. Married my highschool sweetheart, Linda Hall and we've been together ever since. Two wonderful kids, and 9 beautiful grandkids.

Sent from Daytona Beach, FL on 8/25/2004.

Sharonda Chery - Student (2004)

I learned my years at Pompano there is nothing that i regret. I loved being not only an athlete, but a student and i will never forgot the teachers and administrators that help mold me into the person i am today. A special thanks to Mr. Bell for being so patient and supportive.
God Bless You all,

Sent from University of Florida on 8/25/2004.

Alexis Newman - Student (2004)

Thank you to the teachers and staff for giving me a great future!!!

Sent from Deerfield Beach, FL on 8/25/2004.

Leighanne Smith - Student (1980)

I miss pompano beach high school and I miss going to school there and I miss my high school friends and I miss faculty and I miss the peb really and I miss the old school and I miss everything about the school and I love the school to and I like the new buldings to. thank god for pompano beach high school and I am thankful for the memories that I have about the good times at pompano beach high school and the my friends and the staff . I wish that I was the kid again and I can go to school and have fun. do you have the 1980 yearbook of pompano beach high school. I will close for now.

Sent from Pompano Beach, FL. on 8/24/2004.

Rusty Summer - Student (1963)

I am looking for Mary Jo Draffin, may have graduated around 1967.
WebMaster's Comment: I hope this site will help you find Mary, and if you do find her please let us know.

Sent from Eastern Kentucky on 8/24/2004.

Charles Bradley - Student (1979)

Glad to see your great site. I'll never forget my 4 years at Pompano and the Golden Tornado Band.

Sent from Ferdinand, Indiana on 8/24/2004.

Julie Rudnick - Staff (2004)

PBHS will always be my HOME school. I will truly miss the staff and especially the students. I want to wish all the students who have graduated GOOD LUCK in life. I expect great things from ALL of you! Thanks for making my job so much fun!

Sent from Coral Springs Charter School on 8/24/2004.

Michael Kimmick - Student (2004)

I'd like to thank Mr. Elias, Mrs. Rudnick, Mr. Firestone, Mr. Mumtaz, Mrs. Mir, Mr. Stephens, Mr. Ward, And Mr. Lauriston for making my time at pompano enjoyable. I know I wasn't the Smartest and Brightest of pompano but I made it through four years. I dont know what the future holds for me, but i hope theres some hackey sack and paintball in between. Kimmick HiT97

Sent from Florida on 8/23/2004.

Scott Elias - Faculty (2004)

Greetings PBHS! Three of my most memorable years were spent with the amazing faculty, staff, and students at Pompano! I'm proud to be a Bengal now, but I'll always be a Tornado at heart!

Sent from Piper HS on 8/23/2004.

Thomas Wehrmeyer - Student (2004)

I enjoyed p-no as much as a school goes. But I'm glad it's behind me. I tip my hat to Mumtaz, Owens and Marchand.

Sent from Lakeland, FL on 8/22/2004.

Lyle Gallin - Student (2004)

I'll never forget those days playing hacky sack during lunch, and of course getting ridiculed by the wonderful Mr. Weaver. There was never a dull moment at Pompano, especially since it was so small and everyone knew everyone elses business. Too many good times at school to even list 1% of them, but all in all, I am very thankful to attend, and be alumni, of Pompano Bech High School. Thank you very much teachers and faculty; you did a great job.

Sent from Boca Raton, FL on 8/22/2004.

Alec James O'Shea - Student (2004)

PBHS is the only school that offers the best teachers and the best course's. Such as Web I & II and etc. If you ever get a tech class, make sure you get Mumtaz, he's one of PBHS's best teachers.

Sent from In a Chair, Coral Springs, FL on 8/21/2004.

Ashley Ragan - Student (2004)

Well I am so glad I got to go to Pompano my last year of high school. Pompano changed my whole look on life and made me totally rethink my plan for life. I have never experienced such acceptance as I did at Pompano. To all of you seniors that graduated with me this year my life is proof that miracles can happen. I love you guys and have terrific lives.

Sent from Burscheid, Germany on 8/21/2004.

Steve Shubin - Student (2003)

Hello! I love PBHS and Mr. Mumtaz! Greatest teacher in the world, will not find better! I'll be back in PNO in 11th! Peace!

Sent from Hollywood, FL on 8/21/2004.

Tom Hibert - Student (2004)

I had a mess of good times in pompano most of them were out side of class but so was most of my senior year. But no matter what for the most part the teachers were nice with a few exceptions and I'm gonna miss Our Fair Pompano.

Sent from South Florida on 8/21/2004.