Pompano Beach High School
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Pompano Beach High School

Pompano Beach High School
Tornado Watch
Tornado Warnings
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2015-16 Magnet Application

  Deadline: February 11, 2015
 Click here to proceed
Registration Procedures for ONLINE Classes

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   Suggested Courses
Graduation Countdown May 29, 2015
Upcoming Forecast

03/03/15 Tennis AWAY 3:00PM
03/03/15 Senior Panaromic Picture
03/04/15 Track AWAY 4:00PM
03/04/15 Baseball AWAY 3:45PM
03/05/15 Baseball AWAY 6:30PM
03/05/15 Tennis AWAY 3:00PM
03/07/15 JV Baseball AWAY 10:00AM
03/07/15 Track AWAY 8:00AM
03/09/15 Boys Volleyball AWAY 4:30PM

News and Links

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School Public Accountability Report (SPAR)
Annual Notification of AHERA
Athletic's Booster Club
BCPS Legislative Education & Action Online Resource
Food Service Inspection Report for 2015
Online Payments and eStore
Parents, Teachers, and Students Association

Free College Readiness Courses
Pinnacle Internet Viewer
2012-2013 School Improvement Plan
The School Board Discriminatory Statement
The Broward County Public Schools District Website
The Broward County Public Schools Magnet Department
Virtual Counselor
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